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Texas Traveler


It's the middle of nowhere in West Texas that Interstate 10 separates from Interstate 20. Nothing but highway heading in different directions and no sign of anything else manmade for miles around. that's where I saw one forlorn looking young man hitch hiking my way. I was traveling from L.A. to Houston on I-10, it was early evening and I still had about 6 hours before getting to San Antonio.

I pulled over, looked in the mirror, and saw him running for the car, noticeably relieved at being rescued before nightfall. His shirt was open, flapping at his sides as he ran clutching his backpack slung over one shoulder. His chest was pale with slightly curved pecs and a flat abdomen. Typically the lean build of late teens or early twenties.

"Where you goin'?" I said as he slid into the seat.

"New Orleans" he replied, a little breathless.

"I'm going as far as Houston, but plan to get a room for the night in San Antonio. You're welcome to stay and head out with me in the morning."

He said thanks and told me that he's been on the road for three days since San Francisco, and that he was really worried about spending the night in the desert after being let off back there by some people going to Dallas. As he settled into the car he apologized for the B.O. that surrounded him as he hadn't showered since leaving San Francisco. I said it didn't bother me.

Over the miles and hours of talking, he told me his name is Brad and he's touring the U.S. during summer break from college and has been staying with family and friends around the country. He's heading now to visit a chick in New Orleans that he met at school, and who always liked to share her bed with him.

I told him his trip was very much like the one I took in the '70s, but I usually shared sleeping arrangements with guys I met on the way. Although he mentioned he'd never gotten intimate with a guy, he seemed intrigued by the thought, and not the least bit uptight about it.

By midnight I pulled into EconoMotel just outside the city and got a single room, knowing they had a double bed. Both of us were road weary when we entered the room. I plopped on top of the bed, he sat in the chair. We'd been riding and talking all evening but this is the first time I got a real look at the young man, outside of the quick gas and piss stops.

He had a three day growth of reddish blond beard, blue eyes and dirty blond hair. It was actually blond, and dirty with the grime that blows up off the highway and sticks to sweaty skin and hair. His shirt was open at the top, just enough to see the curve of his chest and the few scraggly, light brown hairs in the middle.

He pulled off his running shoes, releasing a pungent acrid foot odor into the room. "Sorry, dude! I haven't had a bath for a while you know."

I reassured him that it didn't bother me, and told him to come sit on the bed and relax, while I go get us a couple of beers. When I got back with the beers he was leaning against the headboard, shirt open, long legs stretched out on the bed, and large white feet enjoying some needed air. I handed him the beer, kicked off my shoes, and sat next to him, close enough to smell his armpit odor over the feet.

To my delighted surprise, he brought up the subject again about making it with a man. Seems he had given it some thought once with a friend at the dorm, but just didn't have the nerve to go through with it. I was about to reassure him of how normal that was, when he said, "you know, I haven't done any kind of sex in three days and I'm so horny I could probably try anything right now."

I put my hand on his upper leg, fingers curving inside his thigh. He said, "Maybe after I take a shower ... " I slid my hand up his thigh, to the hard bulge straining against his jeans and said, "Don't bother."

Putting my beer down and unbuttoning my shirt I turned to him and gently pulled his shirt off of his shoulders. The armpit smell wafted up on the warm air from his bare chest as I leaned my mouth toward his. When our lips touched, I felt his tongue push against my mouth, parting my lips and teeth and thrusting inside me. If he'd never done this with a guy before, he certainly didn't seem too shy about it. I pressed my mouth tightly to him and wrapped my tongue around his, both entwining and darting inside the other's mouth. My hand was on the back of his head, fingers running through the oily, dirty, thick hair, holding his head to mine. He slid my shirt from my shoulders and I pulled my arms back long enough to throw it aside.

I broke from his mouth, slid my face down his stubbled cheek and onto his chest, searching one smooth mound with my lips for the lone bump of a stiffened nipple. Finding it, kissing it softly, then caressing it with my tongue, I felt a slight shiver run through the young man. The smell from his pits was intoxicating at this closeness, and I threw up his arm and buried my face in the moist, warm hair. Overpowering delight, as I licked the salty hairs, inhaling his personal intimate fragrance.

Nealy shaking with excitement, I unfastened his jeans. He was frantically unfastening mine. I grabbed his pants by the cuffs and pulled them off, as I stood up and got rid of my own. He was wearing white briefs, his muscular white legs stretching toward me. I kneeled on the edge of the bed and lifted his leg, rubbing the sole of his foot against my face. The strong acrid smell lost any unpleasantness and was actually exciting me at this time. In my excitement I actually licked the little orbs of the underside of his toes.

I moved my mouth up his hairy legs to the white cotton briefs. There was a large wet spot where the end of his bulging cock pushed against them, and as I nipped at this bulge through the cloth I could smell the faint ammonia of old piss in the yellowed fabric. I pulled the briefs off, and his cock sprang up. He was uncut, the tip of his dripping wet head was just pushing out of the skin. I slid it back, releasing the smell of three days of accumulated smegma, but it blended into a symphony of personal odors that were now in the air or smeared on my mustache and face. In an out of control frenzy I buried my face in his sweet, yeasty smelling crotch, licking his balls and sucking them into my mouth. My lips and tongue worked back up the thick shaft of his cock where I licked at the cheesy ring of smegma.

Brad pushed around in bed and now had his face in my crotch. I felt him slide his mouth over my cock, his exploring tongue stroking it on all sides. I thought how quickly one gets into a new sexuality. He started sucking. I said, "Wait!" as I jumped up and went to my bag and got a couple of condoms. While rolling one on my dripping cock, Brad said he always wondered how a girl felt having someone inside her. If he was game, I was willing to oblige.

He laid on his back, knees in the air. I spread some lube on my cock, then spread it on the bumpy wrinkles of his ass, slipping the tip of my finger inside - teasing. He tightened, and I told him to relax, as I worked a slippery finger in circles. I pushed his legs back and his butt came up revealing the shiny little circle with the halo of light brown hairs surrounding it. Putting the head of my cock on the circle, it parted slightly as I pushed forward but tightened inside. "Relax," I said, "pretend you're taking a shit." The inner ring loosened and I was inside, sliding in and out as Brad whispered a slight "oomph" with each thrust. As I humped faster, he wrapped his legs around my waist and clutched my shoulders just like a woman, and even cried out a little as I shot off inside him.

We laid there awhile, exhausted - sweat dripping from both of us. When I pulled out and rolled over I could smell Brads abundant cum that was smeared all over our abs and chests. My head was resting on his upper arm, my nose above his armpit. The room smelled of sweat, cum, dirty feet and armpits. I leaned toward Brad's ear and whispered, "You really need to take a shower."

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