tagLetters & TranscriptsTexting Threeway

Texting Threeway


Jason sat next to his phone as he waited for Sarah's first text message. He watched the clock, mentally calculating how long the drive would take. It was just across town, not too far away. Even adding traffic, it shouldn't take her longer than half an hour. Thirty-three minutes later, his phone chirped with her first message.

I'm here, Sarah wrote.

Is he? Jason replied.

Haven't seen him yet, but I'm early.

Still nervous?

Crazy nervous. What if he

What if he what? he wrote back when Sarah didn't finish her message. He waited, impatient and tapping his finger against the top of his phone as if he could coax her into replying. Another couple minutes passed before her reply.

He's here. He's nice.


Hold on, she wrote back.

Jason waited. It wasn't easy as every fiber of his being cried out for information. He paced the living room, walking back and forth in front of the sofa.

We're getting a drink, Sarah finally wrote. He's funny.

Is he cute?

Said he was nervous, too, she wrote. A moment later, she answered his question, Yes.

Jason smiled. He was glad Will was cute and funny, those were good signs. Doable? he wrote back.


He waited, watching the clock while trying to give them time. He trusted Sarah. He watched as one minute turned into two and then two more. If five minutes passed without another message, he would text her again. What should he say?

We're talking about you. Sarah wrote. He thinks it's cool that you're willing to let me do this.

He's right. :-)

:-) L U! she wrote back, her personal shorthand for "Love you!" Seeing that text made waiting easier. He sat back down silently hoping things were going well.

Ready for a picture? Sarah asked.


His phone chirped even though he had never left the texting screen. He clicked "download" for the picture and a moment later, he was staring at the face of the man who was going to fuck his wife. Without a way to measure Will's appearance, Jason decided this other guy was attractive enough. Will had a strong jawline, dark eyebrows, and he was smiling. As he stared, his phone chirped with another download notice. He clicked it and saw a picture of his lovely Sarah.

You look so hot, he immediately wrote, glad to see her smiling. He thought her pretty, blonde hair looked good with curls. He took a moment longer to appreciate her bright red lipstick. "That lipstick says 'Blowjob Queen,'" he had told her before she left.

You're hot, she wrote back.

What about Will? Is he hot?


Jason stared at her reply, smiling and feeling the first tingle of excitement growing inside of him.

Oh shit, he wants to get another drink!

Go for it!

But I have to drive home later!

One more drink won't hurt, he wrote, knowing his wife was an easy drunk. While two drinks would make her head spin, she wouldn't be driving home right away either.

K, but if I get drunk you'll have to come pick me up.

Will do!

He waited a five more minutes before writing, Send me another pic!


His phone chirped and he downloaded a selfie that included both of them. Sarah's smile looked even bigger than before.

Was that okay?


He's so funny!

Are you going to do it?

Yes, she wrote and Jason fist pumped the air of their living room.

Is he okay with you texting me?

Yes, he knows that's the deal.


Two more minutes passed. Jason was ready to wait another five, so when his phone chirped again, he was surprised.

He already got a room. This hotel is nice.

Are you in the room yet?

No, he's paying the bar bill, waiting on change. U sure U ok with this?


I'm really wet, is that bad?


:-) L U!

L U 2! he wrote back.

Walking to elevator.


How r u?

Good. Hard.

Really? Send me a pic!

Jason wasn't expecting that. He quickly pushed down his pants and underwear and took a picture of his mostly hard cock. He sent it to her with a question, R U showing that 2 him?

No, that's for me. :-)

As he waited for more, he took off his pants and underwear. Deciding it didn't make sense to stay dressed, he pulled off his shirt, too. He sat naked on their couch and waited for another text. He checked the timestamp of Sarah's last message and waited it out. Patience never came easy to him and this required more than he felt like he had.

Will wants to know it's okay for us to do things.

Of course it is!

He wants to see you say it. Can I show him a text?

Dear Will, have as much fun with my wife as you would like, just please make sure she keeps sending me texts and pictures.

He said thank you.

Send me a pic of you two kissing. Jason wrote, feeling his cock beginning to throb. It only took a moment before the selfie showed up. Will held her phone for a picture where their lips were touching while they were both trying to see the camera. Seeing the picture sent a guilty, excited stab through Jason and charged his excited cock. Thanks!

How many pictures do you want?

All of them!

Ok. Pictures are easier than texts.

K. Send more!

Hold on.

Once more, Jason was plunged into silence as his imagination kicked into overdrive. Were they kissing some more? It made sense that they were. Was Will a good kisser? He hoped so. In the back of his mind, Jason wondered if Will was a better kisser. Maybe, but so what? Will wasn't married to Sarah, Jason was. A few more minutes passed before his phone chirped. He opened another picture. This one showed his pretty Sarah smiling at the camera while holding her fingers at the top of her blouse. A moment later, another picture showing her halfway done unbuttoning her blouse. Another moment later, she was wearing only her lacy pink bra while holding her blouse out to the camera.

Jason knew she wasn't getting naked for him. Knowing another man had taken and sent each of those pictures thrilled him. He eagerly waited for another, but received a text instead. Show me you, Sarah wrote. Jason held out his phone and took a selfie that showed him naked and hard. Hot! she wrote back. A second later, she added, Will is topless.

Is he well built?

Not bad, ;-)

Another moment passed before a picture arrived. It was the two of them pressed together, kissing again. Sarah still wore her bra while Will was shirtless. He looked in good shape. Hot, Jason wrote, unsure what else to say.

It took another minute before a reply came in the form of one more picture. This time, Sarah was holding her bra out to her camera phone. She had one arm across her chest, hiding her breasts from him. Jason wondered if she was trying to tease him or Will? A moment later, a second picture arrived that showed Sarah with her hands on her hips, sticking her tongue out at the camera with a delighted look in her eyes. Jason could guess Will had called her out on teasing them even as he stared at his wife's pretty breasts. Sarah's tits still defied gravity, riding high on her chest. He zoomed in on the picture, checking to see if her nipples were hard. It looked as if they were.

I'm not ignoring you, Sarah wrote. I'm making Will strip for me and he's being a butthead.

How so?

He's being bashful about letting me take his picture.


I keep telling him they are just for me.

Tell him I only want to see his parts if you're attached to them.

K, that made him laugh.

Is he naked yet?



And he's really hard!

Jason felt that conflicting stab of jealousy and excitement surging through him.

Is he big?


bigger than me?

Yes she wrote and sent. A moment later, she added the question, Is that ok to say?

YES! he wrote. I hope he's really big for u!

He's not freakishly big, LOL.

Just bigger than me?



Really? she asked.

YES! Jason wrote, wondering if there was a way to make it clearer to her. He wasn't ashamed of his length or girth. Jason knew he was around average for most men. Before they had agreed to this, he had told Sarah he wanted her to find someone big. Really big. The idea of her impaling her tiny, tight, little pussy around a monster sized cock thrilled him, but that was an idea that felt too raunchy to share. You should suck him.

And send you a pic, right?


I'm not even naked yet. I'm still wearing my jeans.

Even better!

It only took a couple moments before his phone chirped with another picture to download. He eagerly opened it and gasped. Once more, Will held Sarah's phone. The photograph looked like a still from a POV porno movie, except Jason knew the topless girl on her knees with the big cock between her lips. She was looking up at the camera and he swore he could see a smile twinkling in her pretty, blue eyes. He was still admiring that picture when another one showed up. He quickly downloaded that one, too.

Sarah was topless, on her knees, and had her ruby red lips wrapped around this stranger's hard cock. In the second picture, she had her hand wrapped around him, too and Jason could see how her fingers didn't quite touch her thumb as she held him. He couldn't tell how much of Will was buried inside her mouth. He hoped a lot.

So wet, she wrote before another long moment passed and he was treated to another picture of Sarah getting naked. She was undoing the front of her jeans. In the next picture, she had her back turned to the camera and was poking her ass at it. In the third picture, she stood naked with her hands on her hips as she struck a pose for Will and Jason.

Fuck I want you! Jason wrote, unsure when she might see it. As it turned out, it was nearly immediately.

He wants me to suck him some more.

Do it.

Do u want more pictures?


The next series of pictures showed his wife again on her knees. This time, she was naked and Will was clearly having fun taking pictures. He took one from his angle, pointed down and showing her with his big cock between her lips. For the next picture, he must have held his arm out because Jason could see the back of Sarah's head, down her back, and got to see her perky little ass poking outwards while she knelt. Then there was a slight pause before a third picture showed up that was even better. They had moved in front of a mirror and Will had taken a side shot that really showed the action. Jason chuckled when he saw the thumbs-up sign Will was offering. "That's my girl," he whispered as his cock throbbed with all the lust he felt.

He made me stop. :-( Sarah wrote. Said I was too good and would make him come.

Should have kept going!

I wanted to except he wanted to go down on me.

Is that what he's doing right now?

Yes. Feels good!



Sarah sent two pictures that weren't as creative as Will's pictures. The first one was from her point-of-view and Jason found it interesting to see the curves of her breasts, her flat stomach, and the face of another man pressed against her pussy. The next picture was better. Sarah held her phone over her head and the picture showed more of what was happening. Jason like the second picture better because it was easier to tell it was Sarah getting her pussy eaten by another man.

He's not as good as you.


He can't find my clit.


Still feels good.

I'll find it when you come home.

Feels funny texting while he's doing it.

You can stop.

No, he told me to keep texting. I think he likes it.

I like it.

UR making me horny! Send me another pic of you!

Jason snapped another picture of himself, making sure the picture showed his hard, aching cock before he sent it.

I want you!

I want you, too! he wrote back.

I want to suck you!

While Will eats you?

Stop it! U R making him feel good!


I L U!

I L U 2! Jason wrote. He waited a moment longer and then added, Tell him to fuck you.

Now? I think he wants to eat me some more.

Do it :-)


Oh fuck! Sarah wrote a moment later. He's fucking me right now and told me to tell you.

So hot!

A chirp and a picture that didn't show much, just a vague shot of two naked bodies pressed together. That didn't change Jason's response: I L U!

A moment later, another chirp and picture. A shot between their bodies followed by a text message. Can you see?


Another long moment passed before a new picture showed up. This one was a close up and from the angle change, Jason could tell Will had taken that picture. Better?


He's so big!

Jason's cock throbbed and threatened to leak pre-cum.

So big! Hard to type!

Do it, baby!

Big, she wrote. Deep! she wrote a moment later. Fuck!

Cum for him!

LOL, I just did!

I L U!

Jason eagerly waited for a reply that didn't come at first. He was about to send another message when Sarah did reply. U 2 she wrote before there was another long pause. He just rolled me over. she wrote before beginning a long chain of text messages.

He said to text you.

He's doing me doggie style.

He said my pussy is tight.

He said my pussy feels good.

He told me he wants to make me cum again.

He said he's going to cum inside of me!

Do you want more pictures?

YES! Jason wrote, suffering with delight as his hard cock throbbed and leaked pre-cum.

The next series of pictures were close-ups taken by Will. He wasn't shy about showing his hard cock buried deep inside the pussy of Jason's wife. He sent several pictures, one showing him barely inside of her, the next showing himself halfway inside and the final one showing him pressed tight against her ass. There was another pause after that last shot.

Fuck, I just came again! Sarah wrote.

I'm still coming! He feels so good!

She sent a picture from between her legs showing her pussy being stretched by that fat cock inside of her.

He just came! He just came inside of me!

Jason groaned with desire. Show me, he wrote, unsure what he would get as a reply. He was surprised when the picture was of Will's spent cock. Feeling odd, he stared at it, seeing how this other man's cock glisten wet with his wife's juices. He groaned again. A moment later, another picture arrived. This one showed Sarah licking him clean.

I LOVE YOU! Jason wrote, surprised when Sarah wrote back a moment later.

I love u 2. I'm getting dressed and coming home, okay?


Filled with him.


I'll see you soon!

Jason went back to pacing the room as he waited. Sarah sent a text saying she was in her car. I feel so filled with him!

Drive safe!


It felt like the longest half an hour of Jason's life as he paced the floor, naked, hard, and reviewing their pictures. His cock throbbed with a need deeper than any he had ever known. Finally, he heard her car door. He swung open the front door, uncaring if the neighbors saw him.

"Fuck, I love you!" Sarah said, rushing into his arms. She looked like a hot mess. Her primped and curled hair was a mess. She hadn't bothered with her bra and her firm nipples stuck out from her thin blouse. She grabbed his hard cock as they kissed. "I want this!"

"I want this first," he said, already undoing her jeans. She had put her panties back on and he saw why. Her panties were soaked from her lovemaking. He pulled them off of her and nearly threw her on the couch before dropping between her knees.

Sarah held up her cell phone and snapped a pic. "For Will," she said before tossing aside her phone. The rest of the night belonged to just the two of them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Personally, I think it's a fun idea! Big kudos go out to my editor Patientlee for her help. Any errors that remain belong completely to me, not her.

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