tagLetters & TranscriptsTexts to My Love: Picnic Love

Texts to My Love: Picnic Love


It's a warm summer day with the sun shining down on us as we walk through the park. The birds sing as a cool breeze washes over us, a perfect day for us to explore the city.

Hand in hand we enter the giant park, a forest within a city with dozens of trails running through it. No matter the time of day they always seem deserted. Today I'm wearing a blue fedora with a white brim and white button-down shirt with straight fitted pants that make you grab me when I look away. By my side you wear a red shirt with a white collar, unbuttoned to just above your bosom. Below a white skirt flows just past your knees. In your free hand you carry a picnic basket packed with our lunch. In mine I carry a blanket for us to rest upon, a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. You've been here for 4 months but everyday I wake up and see you it's like the first time, my heart skips and happiness floods my mind when I look at you.

We choose a trail and walk along it, talking and giggling enjoying every moment we have together. As we walk uphill I spot a picnic spot, it's just off the trail obscured by several blackberry bushes with a thin trail running through them, I lead us in. From here we can see the inlet. I step carefully avoiding the berry bushes, you follow close behind eying the bushes. I step through as you walk behind, your skirt catches on a branch. You stumble as your skirt pulls you back, I turn and catch you before you fall, carefully undoing the snag in your skirt. As I pull it free I slide my hands along your legs, giving your bottom a quick squeeze as I get up. You squeal in response giving me a naughty look. I laugh as you pout at me and grab you.

Pulling you I head to the clearing and lay out the blanket, you set the basket down and unpack the sandwiches, snacks, and drinks you had carefully prepared. We feast upon our meal, all the more delicious having been crafted by your hands. With each bite I savor the taste, smiling all the while. As we finish our lunch I look around us, the blackberry bushes hide us from the trail. I stand to check around us, you would have to be looking to find this spot. I settle back down next to you and wrap an arm around you pulling you close. You sigh as you lean into me, enjoying the warm sun with me. Looking out to the inlet we watch the ferries go by. I whisper I love you and wish this day never ended, it's so perfect with you here.

You hum to me and squeeze my arms, loving every moment with me. I tenderly kiss your neck and let out a sigh, I relax into you as we sit in the clearing. Laying upon the blanket, my arms wrapped around you holding tight we chat about our plans for the day. As we talk you glance around to confirm our privacy. Secure in the knowledge we can't be seen, you slowly reach up to undo a button to see if I'll notice. I'm watching the ferries while I talk, unable to see your movement. Sensing my inattention you undo another button, your heart beating faster as you slowly undo your shirt. A few minutes later you undo one more.

I feel you breathing heavier and look down stopping mid-sentence. You've undone your shirt to completely expose your cleavage, breasts pressed up by my arms wrapped beneath. You feel my sex grow and harden, pressing against your bottom. The feeling fuels your fire, burning quietly within. I slip a hand in your shirt, running my fingers along the top, tracing small circles along the way. You undo another button, opening your shirt farther for me. Beneath your shirt you wear a matching sheer red bra that covers your breasts but holds them in a most provocative manner. fondling your breasts, I slide my hand inside your bra; I feel your nipple harden and press against my palm as I massage your breast, squeezing and stroking. Gently I stroke your breast, sliding a hand further into your bra to fondle it. Just the feel of your breast in my hand as I stroke and squeeze it makes my fire grow.

My other hand slides to your belly gently tracing patterns along the way. It slips farther down until I feel the warmth of your skin. You scoot yourself up and spread your legs. The feeling of my hands on your body stroking and squeezing, caressing and touching is making you hotter. You want me to keep going and adjust your body to give me access to your sex. I let out an approving moan and whisper how incredibly sexy you are. You whimper in response as I squeeze your nipple. Slowly I slide my hand farther down, pressing against the band of your skirt then slipping beneath. I feel the soft fabric of your matching panties and slip in.

I feel the hair of your sex and grow so hot knowing how close I am, you softly whimper and moan as I play with you. Gently my fingers run through your hair as I fondle and tease your breast. I pull your breast free of your bra to gain better access and roll your nipple between my fingers, squeezing and pulling it, you moan in response as each pull makes you hotter and each squeeze lends fuel to your fire. I feel your hot sex and feel your lust, my fire begins to burn hotter as I slide a finger along your sex, pressing and touching every which way. You squirm as you feel me approach, feeling yourself get hotter and wetter. I press a finger between your lips and feel them part. Feeling the wetness within my sex jumps, straining against my pants and pressing into you. I begin to stroke you up and down, to your tunnel gently pressing against it then slowly up to your button and circling around it. You move your hips as I stroke you, desperately trying to press my finger against your button. You feel how close I am to it making your desire run high. With each stroke I linger around your entry, pressing a bit harder each time, slowly and slowly I play with you.

You moan as I stroke you feeling the pleasure run through your body. Warm at first but now burning hotter and hotter, your sounds lend fuel to my fire. I feel your sex get wetter as I play, honey leaking out of it. My mouth waters as I think about tasting it and licking you, making me even hotter. My finger lingers at your entry and begin to press in to you, you're so wet that it slides in and you moan out loud as I finally enter you. Slowly I stroke you, sliding my finger in and out while my thumb presses your button, you moan and squirm pushing me deeper with your hips. I whisper to stay quiet, we're hidden but in the open, you bite your lip.

I slip another finger into you and begin to stroke even harder, my thumb placed on your button and moving with each stroke. You're hips are writhing in place. You feel yourself getting hotter and hotter as I stroke, each press of your button causes your fire to flare up making you arch your body and shake. Feeling you move this way makes me even hotter, I fondle and squeeze your breast, rolling your nipple between my fingers. I lean in and kiss your neck, licking and sucking it making you moan even more. You hands grip the blanket beneath us as I make you fire grow hotter.

I stroke my fingers into you harder, slow deliberate strokes as my thumb rolls along your button. You're shirt clings to you as you sweat, legs bent in and spread giving me access with your skirt bunched around the waist as they move with me. Your fire is burning so hot now as you feel your edge approach. I feel your edge approaching and stroke even faster, my thumb pressing harder and my hand squeezing and pulling at your breast. You grip the blanket tighter, knuckles turning white.

Your fire is so hot, your lust is too much, its burning so hot you can barely stand it. You release the blanket with one hand and slid it beneath your shirt and bra, playing with your breast as I play with the other. I release your breast and pull your bra up, giving us both free access to your breasts. Your fire is pressing against you, hitting your edge. You can't stand the heat, you moan and writhe in pleasure as your fire bursts from within you and flows into me. You bend your head back and kiss me furiously, moaning into my mouth. I stroke you faster and faster as your orgasm rolls along your body.

Your body shakes and quivers as the fire pours over your body and into me, kissing me all the while, your lust running high as you kiss me. As your orgasm subsides you kiss me softer, you feel how hot I still am with my sex pressing against you. You stand up for a moment to remove your bra, my hand sliding out of your sex. I suck your honey off my fingers, closing my eyes as I taste you. Settling back down, you sit on my lap and kiss me. I kiss you back with lust, love, and passion. My fire still burns so hot from having given you pleasure. You grind your hot wet sex into mine as we kiss. You break away and push me down by my shoulders, I lay down as you kiss me again. I feel your hot breasts against me and relish in the sensation as you kiss my neck, slowly unbuttoning my shirt as you kiss your way down, pausing to lick and kiss my nipples; I moan as you play with them. Continuing down you kiss your way along my chest, and pause as you undo my pants. I raise my hips as you slide them off with my briefs, my sex pops free.

You look up at me with a devilish smile as you grip my sex and slowly stroke it causing me to moan. You lick me up and down slowly along the ridge causing my legs to shake. Feeling me shake with each touch, you stroke and lick me from the head all the way down to the base of my sex. As your tongue reaches the top you pause and lick around the tip slowly until you place it in your mouth and suck upon it. I gasp as I feel your hot mouth cover my sex, loving the sensation. You slowly suck my sex, your head bobbing up and down taking me in your mouth, your tongue licking me as you pull me in. Gently up and down you play with me. Your mouth feels absolutely incredible as you pleasure me, sending electricity through my body. I moan as you lick and suck causing my fire to burn even hotter.

I feel my edge approaching as you play with me, each lick, each stroke, each pull of your mouth making me burn hotter and hotter by the second. My shirt clings to me as I sweat from the fire. You feel my edge approaching and increase your pace, moving your head faster along my sex, your tongue pressing harder against me as you pull me in and out harder. I haltingly tell you I want to play with you and you break away to allow me access to your sex, adjusting so your bottom sticks up in the air towards me. You continue to suck me enthusiastically as my hand slides up your leg. I grip your panties and slide them down to your knees, enjoying the feel of your leg against my hand. I move my hand up to feel your hot sex wet with desire, pressing two fingers in I begin to stroke your sex, matching the pace of your mouth upon mine. We both moan as we pleasure each other. My fire burns hot. Each stroke of my fingers in you makes you move even faster, you moan into my sex making me moan even more. My fire is burning so very hot within me.

My hips shake as you suck me, your hips move as I stroke you pressing my fingers deeper into you. I feel your honey flowing out of you, running down my arm. I'm burning so very hot now, too much to contain as my lust runs high. I cannot hold it back any longer, My fire explodes from within me and flows into you as I moan and buck my hips. My orgasm is so strong from our combined sensations as you suck on my sex even harder, feeling it throb and twitch. My seed flows out of me and pours into your mouth, you taste it and drink it in, catching what you can as it spills out of your mouth.

My body shakes and quivers, my hips buck. You grip your hand tightly around my sex as you stroke and suck, drinking me in. The taste of me is delicious and you want it all, pulling harder on me, sucking me in catching what you can. I groan and moan as you play with me, my orgasm riding along my body. Slowly my orgasm subsides, my sex throbbing and twitching. You continue to suck upon it, licking me clean and catching every spilled drop.

You move back up me and kiss me strongly. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you back loving the taste of my seed upon your lips. We continue to kiss for what seems like hours, each kiss full of love and passion. Your hot sex pressed against mine as you slowly grind against me. Our display is absolutely erotic, you're half-naked sitting on my lap, hard nipples grazing against my naked chest, and your naked sex pressed against mine concealed by your skirt. My hands slide up to stroke your hanging breast, clutching it in my hand and teasing the nipple.

My sex grows harder as it recovers, feeling it you grind against me sliding your sex along soaking it with your honey. I moan as I feel you sliding along me, making me harder and hotter. Our fire still burns hot within us as we kiss and grind. You slow your gyrations as you slide your sex farther up my sex with long steady strokes. I move my hips in response, sliding mine along yours. Carefully you slide to my tip and press your sex against me, pressing it into your sex. As you slide back down my sex slides into you; we moan loudly into each others mouth.

We slowly make love on the blanket as you ride my sex, leaned down to kiss me as you slide me in and out of you. I move my hips in rhythm pressing my self deep into you with each thrust. I break our kiss to tell you I love you and how truly amazing you are, you fix me with a look of love and passion as you smile. You kiss me again then tell me that you too love me and are so very happy with me.

With our fresh orgasms having warmed our bodies and left us hot, we slowly make sweet love as we kiss, running our hands along our bodies stroking all the spots that make us shake. Our fire still flows freely between us as we kiss. Deep within me I feel you covering me in warm love. As you ride me and kiss me you too deep within feel my love for you, warming your body. The feeling of this shared emotion is absolutely beautiful as I slide in and out of you on this warm summer day.

We feel our orgasm building, slowly and slowly it grows. We move slower, kissing softly, stroking softly, and softly making sweet love. I press deep into you as you feel my sex swell preparing for orgasm. I feel your sex tighten around mine as you near yours. Slowly our orgasm pushes past the edge and we moan softly as we pull each other close. I press my sex deep into yours as you tightly squeeze it while my seed flows into you. Feeling my hot seed fill you pushes your orgasm even higher and you push your sex down on mine.

Gently and gently we make love as our orgasm washes over us lifting our body and soul higher and higher. You raise yourself up, pressing your sex down on me, sliding me deeper as pleasure floods our bodies. You stroke your taught breasts, tugging on your nipples as you ride me. I slide my hands up to join yours, stroking and playing with your breasts while I thrust into you. As your orgasm takes over your body you collapse on to me, kissing me passionately as we caress our bodies. Our orgasm slowly subsides, not quite fading away as it leaves us basking in a warm glow of love. You open your eyes and look to me, telling me how incredible that felt as we shared our bodies. I look to you and whisper nothing has felt better then this, especially with you. Sliding off me you lean down to pull my sex in your mouth, licking and gently sucking me clean. My seed leaks out of you and you scoop it up with a finger licking it off, loving the taste of my seed mixed with your honey. Grabbing your panties you press it against your sex, soaking up the rest as it flows out of you. you roll it up and place it in the picnic basket.

You lay down by my side and I pull you in to me, we look out into the inlet, watching the ferries go by. The day has just started and we have many things to do but for the moment we only wish to enjoy our time together.

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