tagGay MaleThai Travels Ch. 03

Thai Travels Ch. 03


Hello again. In the first chapter, I detailed a fairly straight up sexual encounter with a young woman. It exposed a dormant desire for exhibitionism, but, other than that, was pretty standard heterosexual young lust. In chapter two, I pushed things further by having an encounter with an Asian woman, a mature woman at that, and it was part of a different service. In this part, I go even further, past a line I never imagined crossing. It involves gay sex, although from my perspective I was always the man... the other guy was an effeminate bottom with a womanly ass and a natural submissive respect for my cock in his holes. If gay stuff isn't your thing, this chapter isn't for you. If, like me, you retain an open mind to new experiences, read on...


'Hi! Mind if I join?'

I was sat at breakfast, eating and drinking coffee alone. I gestured to the young guy to sit.

'Mine name is Stefan.'

'You new here?'

'Yes, I've been travelling for a few weeks.'

'That's cool. Where are you from? Europe?'

'Yes!' he said. 'Sweden.'

He was blonde and slim. I could tell immediately he was gay. It didn't bother me, I'm mentioning because it was so obvious. I wondered if gay guys got much action in hostels. When two men are involved, there's bound to be.

I'd left Bangkok and the massages and headed to Chiang Mai. My first night had been quiet, as I'd got in late, and gone straight to bed. So I was looking forward to exploring this northern city and seeing if there would be as much to offer as Bangkok, with its loose Australians and erotic masseuses.

We chatted for a while. He was open about being gay, mentioning coming here after breaking up with a boyfriend. I noted how feminine he seemed. He had a floral aroma, like he'd been showering in vanilla body scrub, and smooth, hairless skin.

We had a good chat about things and I got on with him.

After we'd finished breakfast we headed up to our rooms. Coincidentally, we were in the same one. He must have checked in when I was already in breakfast.

'OK, Stefan, nice meeting you. I'm heading out today to see some museums. Do you have plans?'

'I'm just going to chill for a while, maybe go out in the afternoon. I'll see you later!'

'OK cool... enjoy your day man!'

I left, not really thinking much more about Stefan. He was a nice guy and I'd enjoyed his company. I had a pleasant day seeing the sites. Chiang Mai was much smaller than Bangkok so I was adjusting to the quieter atmosphere. It felt funny after the hustle and bustle of the capital


Later than day I returned to the hostel. My room was empty, the air con off. It was quite humid that day so I was exhausted. I sat on my bed and drifted off in the heat...

I opened my eyes. Much like I had done with Megan, there was just one other person in the room who thought I was asleep. They were changing, unaware that I'd just woken.

Well, this time it was Stefan.

He was standing in tight white boxers. He had a slim body, with curvy thighs, and it reminded me of a woman. He was facing away from me so I could see his ass. It looked like a woman's, I thought, and plenty of chicks would kill to have a behind like his. His skin was smooth and soft looking.

Then I saw him put his hand in his waistband and push his boxers slowly down. Suddenly his buttocks were exposed. They were round, muscular yet soft, and hairless. It was a real bubble butt, and no different to a really attractive, slim European woman. I realized that I was attracted to what I was seeing, with a slight start. I'd never been into guys or at all tempted. In fact, the thought of being sexual with a guy was actually repulsive to me personally. Yet he wasn't like a guy... he was feminine. Could that be where the arousal lay? That he was feminine enough to be like a hot chick, but the fact he was a guy added a forbidden frisson?

Soon, I noted, I was erect, no doubt slightly thrilled by the illicit nature of this. Probably, I was reminded of a similar time with Megan, and that had led to several days of furious fucking.

That ass was so close I could see the smooth skin clearly. I wondered what it would feel like. God, what was happening, man? Would I fuck that ass if I could?

He bent over.

'Fuck it!' I heard him plead. I could see that smooth hole. It looked so tight and hot. I was hard...

I snapped out of the daydream. He was by now moving about, still naked, still facing away with that thick ass in front of me, but he was of course unaware I was awake. He took out a new pair of boxers and put them on, bending over to do so and allowing me to see him exposed. This was followed by shorts and a t shirt. He grabbed his bag and headed out as I quickly shut my eyes.

God, what had gotten into me? Was I seriously thinking about fucking another guy? My heart started to beat faster as I realized it was a distinct possibility, a realistic scenario. I mean this guy's gay, single, travelling around. I was a straight guy, which must be some kind of fantasy? Turning a straight hunk. If I just came out and asked to fuck him he'd probably say yes right?

Oh but come on, what was I thinking. I wouldn't actually do that. I wondered, though, how far I would go. For example, if we were alone, I was drunk, and he started to suck my cock. Would I stop him?

Man, I needed to get up. I had such a hard on that I was considering going to a massage parlor again to get fixed. I'd have a shower just to cool down. Maybe jerk off, see what popped into my head as I was rubbing one out.

I grabbed my stuff and went to the men's shower room. All of the cubicles had just been cleaned and were temporarily out of order. There was an open plan bit so I thought I would use that. By the sound of it there was someone else in there. I considered waiting but I'd come this way. Hell, there'd be some guy there I would never see again who likely wouldn't be paying any attention.

I stripped, slowly, and sauntered to the open shower heads. I had a bit of a start as I realized the other guy was Stefan. Well, that was a surprise! I wasn't sure whether to be happy or concerned.

He was facing the wall when I walked in, that round ass on display, wet and dripping. Oh no, I could feel a twitch in my cock as the inevitable image of slipping myself into his tight, wet, dark, warm hole between those plump buttocks popped into my head.

Get a grip, I told myself, and walked over to a shower head. Trouble was there were only three, and it was a small, enclosed area, so I was maybe two metres away from the naked, soaking gay guy who I'd randomly starting thinking about fucking on an uncontrollable level five minutes earlier.

He turned around when he heard the running of water from my shower.

'Oh!' he said with a startled smile. 'You scared me there! I didn't hear you come in.'

'I'm sorry man, didn't mean to!'

When he turned I registered immediately his cock. It was a respectable size, not too large and manly to be off putting, but still there. It was slightly firm, and I guessed that he'd been idly playing with himself. He was completely shaved around his private area. The rest of him was hairless. This only added to the feminine edge of his body.

I turned to shower myself, but before I did that, just as I moved, I noticed his eyes drop and check out my cock. Of course he did. If he'd been a girl I'd have been checking out her tits as surreptitiously as I could manage.

We showered in silence for a minute. There was a tension in the air and I knew that he was stealing quick glances as my body. I decided to give him a bit of a show. It was the recently unleashed exhibitionist in me. I turned around, bent over, then turned around again and very visibly cleaned my cock in a provocative, masturbatory fashion.

'Do you have any spare conditioner?' I heard him ask.

'Yeah, sure, have some.' I handed my bottle over and he took it. In the process, his hand grazed mine. A bolt of electricity went through us. When he finished he handed it back. Our eyes caught each other's.

'Oh man, my shower is so cold. Is yours?'

'No,' I replied. 'Mine is warm.'

'Let me feel.' He came over and stood under my shower head. We were almost touching, both naked, and the situation just struck me. He was a little shorter than me, and much slimmer. He looked into my eyes. I felt our cocks touch. Looking down, I could see both were twitching, rapidly reacting to the situation and firming up.

I look back at him, but just as I did his hand reached and out and touched my penis, gently. I said nothing. He said nothing. Initially, his fingers were only lightly touching my cock. He then started to massage the fingers across my growing head. He traced up and down the penis. When it was hard, he finally wrapped his delicate fingers around mine and shuffled closer so his cock was against mine. It was warm and firm.

He had both our cocks in his hand. He gently rubbed them. The sensation of his hand and penis against mine was electrifying. We were both rock solid by this point, the only sound being the water. Our eyes were both on the action below. His hands were indeed as soft as I imagined they would be. It felt just like a woman was touching me, yet the fact it was a man in a public shower made this even more erotic.

I don't know how long we were there. I was lost in enjoyment. At some point, Stefan dropped to his knees. He engulfed my cock in his mouth. Oh boy was he good! Now that was a feeling. He was an expert, sliding his tight lips over mine cock. I watched as the whole thing disappeared down his throat. He didn't gag once.

The tension in my loins increased. He moved faster up and down my hard length, pumping with his tight lips. Then he touched my balls with those hands, gently squeezing, and I let go. After a couple of dry days I couldn't hold on any longer. I came all over his face, covering it. It was an incredible orgasm. I hadn't told him I'd do that, which kinda turned me on. I think it did him too because he looked up and grinned lustily.

Stefan stood up, washed the semen of his face and kissed me. His mouth was soft and womanly. His hand moved to his own penis while his spare went around and gripped my ass. I reached round and squeezed his. It was every bit as nice as it looked. He clearly enjoyed it as I heard him moan. I sucked his soft neck. Very soon, he finished, jerking himself all over my body and my cock.

He washed me and we turned off the showers in silence. We dried off, standing proudly naked in the middle of the room and watching each other touch themselves with the towel. We and returned to our room. Once there, we both stripped again and finished drying. Looking at his ass, suddenly I felt myself hardening again.

I had to fuck him. I was making the decision this time. I was crossing a line, and actively, not just failing to stop a blowjob in the shower. I wanted to fuck this effeminate gay guy, enter his hole, cum inside him, make him mine. What happens here, stays here, I reasoned. Even if I never repeated it I could say I'd tried gay sex once as an experiment. His blowjob had been amazing so why shouldn't fucking that tight little ass?

I went over. He spun around and I kissed him hungrily. His hands were all over my body, touching my cock, but mine were solely on his bubble butt, squeezing it.

'Turn over!' I ordered. He knew what was coming and I suspect he had been hoping I'd come around to the idea.

'Yes!' he croaked. On the bed in the hot room, his asshole was exposed and waiting. I grabbed some sunscreen that was there and lathered my cock. I fingered him with one then two fingers, opening him up. I couldn't wait long though - my penis was literally pulsating, jumping up eager to enter that insanely tight hole. I moved forward, positioned the swollen head at the puckered entrance, and pushed in.

What. A. Tight. Hole. It was phenomenal. Every bit as good as pussy. I was glad I'd just cum because otherwise I wouldn't have lasted at all long. I marvelled at the fact I was doing this as I gripped his fat ass, that fleshy wonder which any girl who seduce men with easily. I thought about how anyone could walk in and see us engaged in gay sex. I went harder and harder, his moans encouraging me.

'Yes, straight boy, fuck me with that hard cock!'

'You like this big cock inside you don't you?'


'You like being made into a girl don't you?'

'Ohhhh! Yesss! Fuck me, sir!'

I spanked him on each cheek twice.

'It turns you on to think you turned a straight guy doesn't it?'

'Yes, especially a big hunky alpha male like you. You're such a hot beefcake stud. And I'm your willing little gay boy. Fuck me!'

I pumped him good and hard, showing what a muscular American male could do to him.

Then he moved around. He lay on his back and I put myself back in, holding his legs up as I fucked him. I fucked him good, for 15 solid minutes. When I was ready to cum I popped out and jerked myself. His hand went down to his own penis and he masturbated. We started at each other as we moved in unison. I lost control and came over him, buckets of cum. He did the same thing and we both covered him in semen.

Panting, I sat on my bed. We cleaned up eventually and laughed.

'I knew you'd be up for fun.'

'It was that ass, man, just fucking amazing.'

We got dressed and chatted about random stuff, lying naked on our own beds and gently stroking ourselves, before parting ways for the evening. I was hungry and went to look for food. He said he'd have a nap, worn out by the fucking I gave him.


That night, I went out and partied. I didn't stay too late, as it had been a long day. I went back to my room at two in the morning and thought about the gay sex I'd had earlier. It was a very erotic reminiscence.

I was woken a while later by someone entering the room. No big deal, it happens all the time. Everyone else was asleep.

Suddenly, though, I felt the person on my bed. I looked down and realized Stefan was under my sheet! He was naked, obviously having removed his clothes quickly after shutting the door, and pulled down my boxers.

Before I could protest his mouth was on my cock. It felt incredible... warm, wet and tight. He deep throated me, he sucked with an amazing suction, he licked all over. Probably the best blowjob I'd received. I just closed my eyes and tried to be quiet. When I realized that the room was filled with other people I could feel my cock twitch with excitement. There was my exhibitionist streak again. Even if I'd wanted to stop this, once Stefan has starting sucking my cock I was powerless to stop. It really was incredible.

Well, thanks to blowing my load earlier, I lasted about 15 minutes. It was a longish time, but every second it felt incredible. He licked my balls, kissed my thighs, sucked my cock deeply and trailed his tongue across the head. His hands, those soft hands, joined, and at one point he was pumping me firmly with both.

I could feel myself cumming, but decided not to tell him. Instead, I just came. And despite my earlier ejaculation I came a lot. He spluttered a little but swallowed like a champ.

Slowing to a stop, he eventually let my semi erect penis flop out of his mouth. I was quietly panting when I felt his soft legs slide up my body. I saw his hand got to his middle and worked out that he was jacking himself off. Was I OK with this? Why not...

I reached out and took his penis in my hand. It was warm, and soft. I jerked it. I did the best I could, which was pretty good I reckoned after years of practice on myself. He must have been pretty horned up because after maybe two minutes I felt him shudder and then ropes of semen shot out onto my torso. Some even went up my cheek. I emptied him and then though how on earth would I clean this up.

No matter, for I felt Stefan lean down and run his tongue up my body. He was licking every last drop of his own cum from my body, neck and cheeks. God he was kinky.

As someone in the room snored, Stefan slipped off of me and got into his bed.

When I awoke in the morning, Stefan was gone. I'd miss his blowjobs and his ass. But it was an educative experience. I was glad I'd experimented and let myself go. It had been fun and opened a new world to me. What more surprises did Thailand have to offer?

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