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Thai Wife does Stranger in Hotel


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Dear Reader: Some people are not comfortable with their own sexuality and they object to lady-boy, cuckold and bi-sexual stories. That is okay - to those people I would suggest not to read the story. All others please read on and enjoy.

Synopsis: Thai slut wife prostitutes herself in order to fuck a business man in a hotel.


The idea of fucking a businessman has always been a big turn on for my Thai wife, Bambi. Her ideal sex partner is an older, polite gentleman, well-groomed, neat in appearance, and dressed in a tailored business suit. This has always been one of her fantasies.

"I can't see why I shouldn't," she had argued one day. "Besides, most of them are married to white, frigid and moody farang women and they need a good fuck with a sexy Thai girl."

However, the main challenge for Bambi was that those visitors rarely turned up in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Most of the western tourists coming here were young backpackers or regular sex tourists more interested in the bars and drink, or activities and sightseeing. Don't get me wrong: Bambi loves to fuck those sex tourists and she often does, but there was something about business men that seemed to turn her on more.

My sexy Thai wife and I had been enjoying the adult scene for some time now as swingers. She had run a beer bar for a while and short-timed some of the delighted customers and frankly, she really enjoys fucking most farang visitors in front of me, much to my pleasure. Just as long as another little Thai hooker is also participating. With her sexy tight body dressed in slutty clothes, her longing eyes and voluptuous red -lips so good for kissing and sucking, God has undoubtedly created the perfect fucking machine. Bambi certainly knows it.

"The problem is finding them," I mused aloud.

"Teelak, you are my husband. It is your duty to look after your wife and keep me happy. You must get me one to fuck," she declared.

I scratched my head:

"Well, I guess we could try a four-star hotel bar. There are bound to be some business men there. Perhaps, one of them is lonely and would appreciate a sexy Thai whore... What do you think?"

"I think that is a very good suggestion, Teelak. Why don't we go Saturday night and take a look? I can dress as a hooker," she replied, delighted. "You do understand that you will need to sit somewhere else so that I can appear alone? And wait for me patiently in the bar when I short time my customer?"

I swallowed hard. What a turn on!

"Okay, but I'm going to plant a camera in your purse so that I can watch all the action later. And leave your cellphone on so that I can listen in," I added, excited at the thought.

She looked at me, and then slowly nodded:

"Just as long as you leave me space. Teelak. I need to be able to concentrate on seducing my lover without you bothering me."

+ + +

I was sitting at the far end of the hotel bar, an ear piece stuck in my right ear, listening in on my wife and trying to appear normal. I surveyed the large carpeted space. The hotel pianist was playing an 80s pop song, and the large chandeliers gave the bar that feeling of luxury that is always sought by these s establishments. I had ordered a screwdriver and I was now sipping at the glass distractedly, fiddling with a copy of Time magazine, but all my attention was focused exclusively on my wife seated at the other end of the bar. I tried to appear disinterested, normal. I don't think I did too well at it, though.

Bambi was seated alone at one of the tables. She was leaning forward on the edge of her seat, a luxurious renaissance sofa chair, her Samsung Galaxy in her hand. She looked ravishingly sexy and in need of male company. I could see her eyes surveying the patrons, searching for a handsome mark to screw. She wore a smart yet slutty black cocktail dress. It had a cut out back and faux diamond laces flowing over her shoulders. As she sat on the edge of her seat, the hem of the very short dress rode up her smooth thighs, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of her pantiless pussy in the shadow below. This was sheer provocation to any real man there. She preferred not to wear any panties when she went out in the evening; it got in the way of a dirty quick fuck. In her black hold-up stocking and black high heels, she looked like a high-end escort waiting for her john.

Earlier, she had spent over an hour carefully applying her make-up to appear pretty and desirable. I had watched her applying powder, rouge, mascara, blush, eye liner, etcetera. The full works. Not to mention her thick red Christian Dior lipstick. Dressed to kill and made up like that, she looked totally stunning. When we had reached the hotel, the doorman had shown us in. We had walked in to the impressive foyer, taking in the large luxuriously decorated space and pausing for a moment. We had decided to separate before heading to the bar to avoid the appearance of being together. Bambi had made her way towards the marble bathrooms while I had entered the bar alone and taken a seat. After she had brushed her hair and reapplied some lipstick, my wife had looked at herself in the mirror, satisfied. Her cheeks were flushed and she was trembling with eager anticipation. She was going to fuck a stranger, she thought with excitement.

Her entrance into the bar had not gone unnoticed. At least four men had examined her with ill-disguised appreciation, their eyes lingering over her sexy curves. The head waiter had noted her presence, too, but his reaction had been somewhat different. He had immediately come over to her table when she had sat down. He had looked her up and down briefly and said with a certain disdain:

"I have not seen you here before. You know the rules, right? One thousand baht for the hotel. I will add it to your bill."

She looked up at him in surprise. The waiter had obviously mistaken her for an escort. She felt offended, yet at the same time excited. She could not blame him, really. After all, she looked identical to many of the hookers that worked the hotel.

"Of course," she had replied. "Now bring me a glass of your house red, please."

He looked at her quizzically, then nodded and left. Now she would have to find a man to fuck short time or she would be out of pocket. The thought was both thrilling and frightening.

Much to my surprise, she had been sitting there alone with her drink for a good ten minutes before one of the men seated at the bar decided to make his move. Luckily for him, he wore a suit! The stranger was tall, blonde and handsome. His shoulders appeared surprisingly broad, and his suit was tight fitting. It was obvious that he worked out regularly. He had been relaxing at the bar, stealing sideways glances at Bambi every now and again. At one point, she had noticed him and I had seen her cross and uncross her legs provocatively. He had stood up, holding his glass of wine, and walked up to my wife, smiling.

"Hello. Is this seat taken?" he said, pointing to the seat right next to her.

"No," she said smiling and shaking her head.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" he asked directly.

"Yes, sure..." she replied, her voice trembling a little.

He sat down, still holding his glass of wine and looking at Bambi in the eyes.

"I'm Joe. Nice to meet you," he said with a smile.

"Bambi. Nice to meet you, too," she responded politely.

"So, you work here?" he said, cheekily.

"Hmm, yes and no," she said smiling at him challengingly. "I come her for special time."

"I must say, you are very beautiful," said the guy.

"Thank you," replied my wife, flattered.

"Are all Thai hookers sexy like you?" he insisted, looking at her up and down.

"No, I am a very special luxury escort," my wife replied.

I swallowed hard and my heart raced when I heard her utter those words. She was playing the game flawlessly.

"You must have a lot of customers..." he declared.

"Yes, I like have many horny customers fuck me. Farang come here to Thailand to fuck me. I like to feel their hard cock in my tight pussy. I think maybe tonight you like would buy my pussy too, darling?

"Yes, I would like that a lot," he replied with a grin.

She put her hand on his knee and looked at him with a studied, seductive expression.

"I love to fuck little Thai whores. How much is this going to cost me?" he added.

"I can come up to your room and fuck you for 5000 baht," my wife shockingly declared.

"What do I get for 5000 baht?" he asked.

"I'm feeling very horny for you, darling. I want fuck you all night. You want?" she said, stroking his arm.

"I do. That is perfect. Shall we go?" he proposed.

"Yes," she said, staring at him. "perhaps we can finish our drink."

"Sure, I will get the tab," said the businessman, making a sign to the waiter.

He put his hands on her stockinged legs and rubbed them up and down and squeezed them as they laughed and talked a couple more minutes. With the deal closed, and the bill taken care of, he took her hand and led her away. I watched them disappear with mixed feelings, but my cock was hard. I knew that for the next hour or so, my wife Bambi was no longer mine. She had sold her body and pussy to this man and now she belonged to him for a while. She was his sex toy to fuck and do with as he pleased. I knew that she would soon be screwing him and sucking his cock like a good little whore. This thought left me incredibly horny. I waited with anticipation, frustration and excitement for her to return.

Later, my wife had fetched me from the bar. Her face was flushed and she appeared tired. Her make-up was spoilt, but she appeared happy.

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked her, my voice trembling.

"Yes, I'm happy. Just a little tired and sore. He has a big cock and he gave me a good fuck. He paid me five thousand baht," she replied with a provocative smile.

+ + +

The following day. I watched the recording of what had transpired, wanking myself off to the incredible sight of my wife selling herself to this stranger.

In the room, they had sat down on the sofa at first, touching, flirting and chatting. I had watched as she had rubbed his cock provocatively in a whorish gesture. The idea of the money and the big hard farang cock in her small tight Thai pussy had her salivating. Her body appeared to quiver with lust and excitement. Her face was flushed and her pupils dilated. He stroked her naked breasts under her dress, playing with her hard nipples. Aroused, she kneaded his cock through his pants, so he reached over and lifting up the hem of her skirt, stuck a finger inside her cunt. Bambi squirmed with pleasure, staring at him with hunger, desire and lust. There was no doubt in my mind that she wanted to fuck him hard, scream and cum on his hard cock. As if reading my mind, she pulled down his pants, revealing a huge hard cock ready to fuck this randy bitch.

I watched as she leaned over to him and her head plunged down between his legs. Scooping up his impressive erection with one hand while touching his balls with the other, Bambi forced the tool between her lovely lips, stretching them to the limit in a taut red circle around the huge girth of the stranger's erection. It was a big mouthful for any girl to swallow, never mind my petite Thai slut of a wife. Those lips that I had been kissing so tenderly a mere hour before, were now sucking avidly on another man's tool as he pumped his hips and fucked my wife in the mouth. She looked so beautiful yet indecent with another man's thick cock stuck down her throat, her cheeks puffing and hollowing, her head sliding up and down the pole as he fucked her whore mouth like a pussy. With one hand, he took hold of her head, forcing it down into his crotch, making her take more and more of his big cock into her mouth. He slowly fed his nine-incher deeper into her throat. She sucked, swallowed, gagged and gasped. With the other hand, he reached between her legs and thrust a finger under her tight black Lycra dress and into her lubricated pussy.

She moaned, a muffled bestial cry of extreme pleasure and ecstasy. His forefinger dug deeper into her oozing snatch, and her shameless lubrication sent juices running over his fingers and dripping down over the floor. Spurred on and horny beyond belief, Bambi's head pumped up and down his shaft quickly, her hand wrapped around his stem, her fingers squeezing and twisting up and down the sticky cock as they followed her head. Her tongue swiveled around the helmet as she sucked, making her john groan with pleasure.

I was proud of her. This hot bitch always appreciated a big hard white cock. She sure knew how to give a good blow job. She was a well-trained dirty whore of a wife.

"I'm going to fuck your tight whore cunt now and make you cum hard like a bitch on my thick cock," said Joe.

She sat up smiling, her eyes shining with lewd lust and excitement. Taking him by the hand, she led him over to the bed. As she passed by, she lingered a moment. Casually, she reached over to give me a brief kiss on the mouth. Instead of the expected tenderness, her sticky, white, sperm-coated tongue darted between my lips, fucking my mouth, to purposefully exchange her filthy saliva in an aggressive and shameless act. I tasted the nasty poignant mixture of her bull's seed combined with my wife's saliva, and jerked back horrified. Her eyes shone with malice and amusement. She seemed delighted to have humiliated me further with this obscene gesture. She liked to degrade me and make me a party to her wanton debauchery.

She giggled and pulled the handsome and athletic man down on top of her on the bed. She raised up her knees, spreading her legs wide open in an indecent invitation for the man to fuck her hungry cunt. She was staring at him in the eyes and smiling. Her eyes shone bright with lust, anticipation and provocation; her cheeks were ruddy and flushed, her lips were quivering and her light brown pointy nipples were stiff and erect with desire. He grinned at her and holding his thick heavy manhood, positioned the chunky head up against her warm vaginal lips. He moved forward and thrust his hips. I watched with shocked awe and arousal as the man sheathed his magnificent tool into my wife's intimate flesh. He had decided to fuck this hot little hooker bareback, and my wife had no intention of stopping her suitor. He pushed his thick shaft in deeper into her lusty womanhood. She threw her head back, winced in painful ecstasy and sighed as he stretched her little pussy to the limits. She loved to feel an admirer's hard flesh buried deep inside her belly.

"Oh yeah..." said Joe.

He began to move in and out of her tight sleeve, working his cock deeper with each purposeful thrust. Her hands reached around his muscled back and she pulled him into her, burying every inch of his horny thick cock inside her welcoming snatch.

"Fuck me, darling!" She groaned. "Fuck your hot bitch. Fuck me hard and use my little pussy."

Staring into her eyes, their gaze locked together, he began to thrust his big cock at her tight pussy. Each time he sank into her, she groaned with mounting pleasure. Holding her knees, she pulled her legs apart to allow him to fuck her deeper, all the way inside her womb.

I saw him pick up the pace, pumping at her faster now, copulating like animals. The smell of sex and perspiration filled the room; his cock and the lustful lubrications of her dirty slut pussy.

She could feel his balls smacking against her crotch and her ass as he thrust at her soft wet pussy in a series of hard continuous strokes. The john looked down at her from above, fixing her straight in the eyes as he fucked her. Her mouth was open and she was letting out a series of groans as he mated with her. It felt so good. Suddenly, she let out an animal like cry. I watched as she threw her head back in a first orgasm. She wanted him to continue fucking her forever, for him to unload his balls in her deep hungry throat and her whore pussy.

As he continued to fuck her, she felt her pussy grow wider to accommodate her lover's larger caliber. His cock was so deep inside her womb that she could feel it all the way in her stomach, impaling her repeatedly. Bambi clutched at him wildly as she squirmed with exquisite pleasure, biting her lips and rubbing his flesh with her little hands.

The heavy thuds of his body pounding into her shook the bed and had her groaning loudly with ecstasy. Her tone grew higher and more desperate. I could hear him panting with the effort. Suddenly, she clenched her teeth, threw her head back and let out a wounded groan, echoed by her lover.

"Oh my God!" she cried out in pure carnal enjoyment as she felt his hot cum squirting inside her creamed snatch, filling her belly with his seed.

Her small hands rubbed at his chest like a cat doing its claws. She tossed her head sideways and licked her lips in lewd adulterous pleasure.

He remained there on top of her for a moment, his cock planted inside her cunt, staring down at her in lust as she tenderly stroked his arms and chest. Her body had been used for immoral and perverse fornication and she had enjoyed every moment of it. She was grateful to this stranger who had bought her pussy and screwed her well with his big cock.

I watched him pull out of her cum filled cunt. As he moved back, the sticky spunk ran down her leg. His cock was still hard! How impressive. He smiled with satisfaction, happy at having filled my wife with his seed. She looked down at her gaping pussy with awe, then smiled with salacious satisfaction.

She wiped herself carefully, and then disappeared into the bathroom to quickly get dressed. From the way she moved, I guessed that her legs were weak from the good pounding she had received. Bambi told me afterwards that she could feel her pussy so wet and full of cum that it was running down her legs. She had felt so lucky, thrilled and elated.

When she came back in view, she walked up to the punter, took his arm, looked up at him and said:

"How are you?"

"That was great," he replied with a grin.

"Thank you so much. That was very nice for me, too," she responded.

"Yes, I hope that I can see you again next time I come back to Thailand," he had told her.

"Sure, I will leave you my number," she has replied coyly.

He paid her, carefully counting out five thousand baht. She waited, picked up her purse and put the money away. The camera was blurry at that point as she made her way to the door. I wiped the perspiration from my forehead and switched off the recording. Alone, I continued slowly wanking myself thinking about how my wife had just fucked a complete stranger for cash.

The End

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