tagRomanceThank You For Coming

Thank You For Coming


It was noon. He's my best friend and had called me to come hang out. He's an amazing man, inside and out. He works construction and has the body to prove it. He just said he needed me. I wasn't sure when I left my house if he needed me as a friend or maybe something more this time. We've known each other over ten years... had met in high school and kept in close touch afterwards. I was there as his friend through his marriage, the birth of his child and his divorce.

When he met me at the door in a towel, I knew it was actually going to happen. We had talked about it for years... if we should act on the attraction that was always between us? If we should worry about the possible consequences to our friendship? He has made the decision for me this time.. and I'm going to follow through.

He lost the towel after he walked me through his home to his room. His daughter is in school.. as is mine. He's really a beautiful specimen of man. Smooth skin, long beautiful blonde hair, green eyes, well endowed. He's not shy. His hand was on my right breast within moments of dropping the towel. I was nervous.. and all this heat instantly went through me at his touch.

He complained because I was wearing too many clothes. I lost my zip up hoodie as his hand snuck down between my legs. I was wet from the moment I saw him open the door. He gets my jeans open as I remove my shirt and then my bra. My pants and panties soon hit the floor as well. His hands are huge... and his middle finger hits my clit with amazing accuracy. I wrap my hand around his cock and he gasps... and then groans.

Then, our first kiss. He's forceful, the way I like. Has his hand wrapped in the back of my hair and tugs my head back for better access. He's taller than me by a considerable margin and I love that his chest is eye level. He's still tan from summer, though it was months ago and he has a beautiful tribal tattoo that decorates most of his back and sides.. and wraps around to his chest. I lean forward and touch the very tip of my tongue to his nipple. Again, he groans. My hand moves up and down along the heat of his shaft... and I love the feel beneath my fingers. He keeps circling my clit with his fingers... spreading the wetness of my desire to ease the friction. I moan and he laughs and shoves me towards his bed.

I lay down and he lays down next to me.. on his back with his dick erect and proud and begging for attention. I leaned down and licked around the rim of his cock. I slowly take him into my mouth. He tastes so good to me. Bobbing my head up and down and taking another inch or so each time I go back down on him. His hips lift... almost involuntarily. I can tell he is trying to control his reactions to what I am doing by the way his muscles quiver as he grip the sheets. I can't take him all... the head of his cock hits the back of my throat, almost making me gag. Instead I swallow and allow the muscles of my mouth and throat to tighten around him. He almost loses it. His hand is back in my hair now... not pushing me.. but just hanging on. He pulls it back from my face so he can watch what I am doing to him. I pull off him... and give him one long lick from the base to the tip before cupping his balls in my tiny hand. I roll them. Squeezing just a little and use my middle finger to rub the soft space just behind them that is so full of nerve endings.

That does it. He pulls me off him by my hair and rolls to his side to put his heavy, twitching cock between my ample breasts. I have never understood why this is such a turn on for men... but it is. I squeeze my tits around him... giving him the pressure that I know he wants. He thrusts several times... and when I lick him at the top of each thrust, he catches his breath. He rolls me over so that I am on my back and looking up at him. He leans down and bites the tip of my left breast. A sharp pain and then more pleasure as he sucks the nipple against the roof of his mouth to soothe. He does this again as he pinches the right nipple at the same time. My eyes roll and he asks if I'm ok... I can't form coherent speech.. and instead grab his hair to pull him down for a kiss. God, the man can kiss. I wrap my legs around his waist and he slips the head of his cock inside my hot, wet, cunt. Mmm... feels so good. I am so close to cumming. I have never orgasmed with a man without his mouth on my clit so I'm a little shocked by the urge to cum with him barely inside of me. It takes a moment for my body to adjust to his.. He's large.. and it has been a very long time for me. He tells me I'm tight.. and reaches a hand between us to roll my clit from side to side. How does he know? That's exactly the way I do it when I think of him at night when I'm alone. The reality is so much better than the fantasy. My hips start to jerk and I take him in a little more each time. He finally thrusts hard and seats himself deep inside me. I hear a moan and I'm not sure if it was him, or me or both of us. How he holds himself so still, I will never understand. He starts to move and the first orgasm hit me hard. I can feel myself clench around him as my back arches completely off the bed. I dig my fingers into his biceps... unable to control the dig of my fingernails into his skin. He tells me to open my eyes because he wants me to remember how he looks when he comes inside me.

He fills me completely. I've never been with a man his size.. and when he lifts my legs over his shoulders and angles his hips just right... I feel the pressure in the mysterious g-spot that I never believed I had. He hits it every time he enters me... and I can't control the gasps and moans that are coming from my mouth. He kisses me again.. thrusting with his tongue like he thrusts with his cock... and we go over the edge. My eyes roll back and I get lightheaded. He thrusts again and again and I can feel his hot essence hit my cervix. I experience another small orgasm from the feeling, my internal muscles gripping and releasing his cock as if to make sure that I get every drop of him. He smooths his hands over my breasts... and lowers his head to rest between them as he catches his breath. He kisses one breast softly and then the other... and thanks me for being there with him. He says he needed me and that he is so glad that we are friends.

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