tagGay MaleThankful For What?

Thankful For What?


Thanksgiving dinner, we had made all the classic dishes: turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie. Of course, I'm sure you have the same at your house or close to it. My parents were in to traditional holiday feasts and it had been delicious. And, of course we were left with the clean-up, me, and my friend Dwayne. I didn't know how we could clean up after eating so much. All I wanted to do was curl up and take a nap or watch football.

I hated doing dishes and putting away the leftovers but everyone else had left for the big open house party at the neighbor's house down the street. We trudged in to the kitchen, staring at the mess that had been left for us. Greasy dishes, half-empty plates of food and of course all the dishes with food remaining that needed to be put away.

Then I noticed the 2 opened bottles of wine still on the counter. We had all had a glass earlier, it was tradition. It looked more tempting than doing work, so we grabbed the bottles and a couple of glasses and drank what was left. I must admit I felt much better and a little giggly and silly. Dwayne and I played high school football together and had recently moved to the college dorm. We had been lucky to get athletic scholarships to the same college and remained best friends.

Wanting to have some fun, I dipped my hand in the mashed potatoes and threw a small handful at Dwayne, hearing him laugh as he tried to dodge the flying glob that hit his chest. He retaliated by grabbing another handful and stuffing it down my shirt. I laughed and pulled my shirt off. The creamy mashed potatoes smearing my masculine chest. I dipped my hand in to the gravy this time and chased him around the table until I got close enough to push my gravy covered hand down the back of his jeans, smearing it on his ass. He laughed more, dipping his hand in the gravy and sliding his arm around my waist to shove his own gravy-covered hand down the front of my pants. My cock hardened immediately as I felt his greasy wet hand smearing the gravy on me.

I had no sexual experience even though I was a I was now a freshman in college. I had been too busy with studying and football practice. When Dwayne grabbed the can of whipped cream and pushed the nozzle in my mouth, I opened my lips wide as I felt the creamy whip filling my mouth and dripping on my lips. When Dwayne started licking the cream off my lips, I pushed my tongue, covered with the gooey mess, into his mouth. I was surprised when his arms came around me, licking and caressing my tongue with his own.

My cock was so hard and throbbing, I grabbed his ass and pulled him tight against me, his hard cock pressing against my own. He pulled off his shirt exposing his dark chest, rippling with muscles. Still in a playful moved I smeared the sticky apple pie goo over his nipples and started to lick it off. He whispered in my ear, encouraging me to suck his hard nipples as he reached between us and unfastened my pants.

I was hot with sexual desire. It felt so good, sucking his hard nipples, biting them, tasting the sweet spiciness of apple pie on my tongue. He reached for more gravy, spreading it between my thighs, massaging my balls, running his slick hand up and down my stiff dick. He kicked off his shoes, pulled off his pants as I stared at his hot black body. His cock was huge and, even though I had no experience, I reached to grab his cock as he moved his hands up and down the crack of my ass.

He reached into the cranberry sauce, bending me over the side of the table pushing dishes and food out of the way. He rubbed the cranberry sauce in the crack of my ass and into my tight asshole with his finger, pushing in and wiggling his finger in my asshole. My senses exploded when I felt his tongue licking up the sauce, pulling the cheeks of my ass apart as his tongue plunged n to my tight asshole. I pushed back against him hard. feeling his tongue stabbing rhythmically into my ass. When I felt his hard-throbbing cock pushing in to my ass my knees went weak. The pleasure was overwhelming as I welcomed his hard thrusts tinged with the pain of having anal sex for the first time. He pounded my ass, shoving harder until he moaned, and I felt his hot cum shooting in to my ass.

I turned grabbing him and shoving him on his back on the table. I sucked the cum from his cock and his balls wanting to lick his ass as he had mine. I put his legs on my shoulders as I started to lick his asshole, amazed by how much it made my desire spiral out of control. I could wait no longer as I grabbed my dick and shoved it into his asshole. Kissing him, stabbing my tongue into his mouth I fucked him hard, no longer able to control my raging desire. I felt his cum dripping from my ass as I fucked him harder until I felt the cum explode from my stiff throbbing dick into his ass. Creamy and hot, dripping from his ass as he kept kissing me.

We knew it was getting late and we had to get out of there before my parents returned. I grabbed the clothes and shoes from the floor and we ran upstairs to the shower to wash of the remains of what had started as a fun food fight and had ended in an incredible sexual adventure. In the shower we soaped and rubbed each other as the fires of passion were ignited again. We started kissing, holding each other tight until I thought of the mess we had left in the kitchen. When I told Dwayne we still had a mess to clean up, we dried off quickly, dressed and headed to the kitchen. As we cleaned I was glad I had asked him to spend the Thanksgiving weekend at my house, eager to get my lips and hands on him again later that night.

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Me the biggest hardon I’ve had in a long time. A short playful first time adventure. Good read.

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