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Thanks, Giving, Love


What a day! After running here and there, Jay is glad to leave the kids at his mom's and go home alone. Being a single dad isn't easy. He needs this 2-day break. On his way home, he decides to give Nicki a call.

The phone rings and, answering with a "Happy Thanksgiving", Nicki is thrilled to hear the deep, sultry voice of Jay. She is alone for the holiday, far from family, and missing everyone. After saying hello, Jay asks if he could stop by. Of course Nicki says yes! When Jay arrives, Nicki is dressed beautifully. In a form-fitting, skin-colored halter top, a pair of black stretch pants and heels, her thick, brown hair with it's red and gold hi-lights, and hazel eyes stood out amazingly. She greets him with a kiss. "This is a great surprise, Baby!"

Jay surprises Nicki further by asking her to come spend the weekend with him. "I need to work tomorrow, but we'll have tonight and tomorrow night and I'll bring you back when I go to pick up the kids on Saturday." Nicki is thrilled! She and Jay haven't been able to be alone together since they met. Between work, and the kids, there was always something. As she goes to pack her bag, Nicki tells Jay to make himself comfortable, fix himself a drink.

Nicki's small apartment is cozy, homey. Her kitchen is warm and inviting. Jay can see she had fixed a small Thanksgiving meal for herself. Some stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and a small turkey had been recently put away in the fridge, along with Nicki's favorite...custard pie. Alone with no family nearby, holidays were always rough for Nicki. Jay tries to make every day wonderful for her, but he still has his work and family obligations.

Besides, neither he nor Nicki are quite ready to announce their relationship to either his kids or his family just yet. It has only been 6 months since they began seeing each other, if you could call it that. Meeting for a few stolen moments here and there isn't much, but they take what they can get. They've never had a real date, never had the time. His life is filled with kids, work, kids' afterschool activities, shopping, cooking, cleaning...it is never ending. Nicki has a full life as well. Working full-time and going to school full-time. Making time for each other is important to them, though, so they do.

Nicki wastes no time packing. She grabs a package that contains a recent purchase. She had no idea it would become useful so soon. Packing 2 days of clothes, and her necessities, she is soon done. Making sure everything is turned off, they step outside as Nicki locks up. At the car, Jay, always the gentleman, opens Nicki's door for her and closes it after she is in. Smiling to himself as he thinks of the nights ahead, he walks quickly to his door and gets in. Once on their way Nicki asks about his day. Jay regales her with the antics of his own kids as well as that of his sisters'. Laughing so hard she has tears in her eyes, Nicki cherishes the stories. The youngest is a doll, Daddy's little girl, the middle boy is a charmer, and the teenager is pure angst.

The long ride is shortened by the flowing conversation and comeraderie. When they arrive at Jay's home, Nicki is suddenly shy. As Jay gets out of the car, Nicki opens her door and gathers her things. Taking a deep, calming breath, she steps out of the car just as Jay comes around to her side. As she stands, they are practically nose to nose. They stand for a moment, just looking at each other, then Jay reaches for Nicki's bag, breaking the spell. Nicki steps aside as Jay shuts the car door.

Following Jay to the house, Nicki tries to breathe normally. It isn't easy! What is her problem? I mean, it isn't like she's never had sex before! After all, they are both in their 30's. OK, so she's never had sex with Jay, or even been in a position to. Butterflies begin to gather in her belly! As she tries to calm herself, Jay enters the code to disable the alarm, then unlocks and opens the door, stepping aside so Nicki can enter ahead of him. As Jay shuts the door behind them, the butterflies in Nicki's belly begin to swarm! If they don't slow down she's going to be sick!

Jay asks Nicki if she'd like something to drink. Smiling weakly, she asks for one of the special drinks she knows Jay always has in his fridge. Thinking that alcohol will kill off some of these butterflies, or at least slow them down, Nicki calms a little. As they stand in the kitchen and just talk, Nicki surprises both Jay and herself by finishing off the drink in record time...not even 10 minutes! Feeling a little calmer, Nicki asks for another drink. Jay raises a brow but says nothing. They go and sit on the sofa and chat more about the day. Once again, Nicki downs the drink quickly.

This time Jay does make a comment. "Uh, Nicki, you aren't nervous, are you?"

Nicki looks up in surprise. "No. Why would you ask that?"

"Uh, you're not exactly a drinker, it usually takes you at least 20 minutes to finish one of those and you just finished 2 in less than 20! So, are ya nervous?" Jay has a big grin on his face, hoping Nicki'll smile in return.

Nicki looks down at the now empty bottle. Shock, embarassment, and more butterflies, course through her. Reddening she looks up and smiles shyly. "Oops?! Sorry, I guess I am nervous, a little. We've never been alone like this."

His grin becoming a soft smile, Jay touches her hand. "Hey, we won't do anything you aren't comfortable with. We can just be together. OK?"

Nicki's face grows hotter as she flushes a deeper red. His touch sends a charge of heat flowing through her. She wants Jay SO much she can taste it. So why is she so nervous? "Thanks," is all she can get out. Making a conscious effort to stop drinking, Nicki gets up and wanders around.

Jay offers to show her the house. Nicki agrees. They start in the kitchen, move to the dining room where they can see the huge backyard. The family room is large, but cozy and has a fireplace. Thoughts of laying with Jay in front of a glowing fire tickle Nicki's thoughts and she blushes again. They walk through to the living room then the guest bath. Upstairs, she gets to see each of the kids' rooms. The teen is much messier than the pre-teen, and the little girl is the messiest. Nicki remembers her own room and smiles. Her room was always an eye-sore. Next was the kids' bath.

Finally, Nicki is lead into a huge room, Jay's room. It is gorgeous! There is a huge bed right in the center of the room, his desk to one side and some boxes to another. There is a big walk in closet and a large bath on the opposite end of the room. Nicki peeks in the bath and sees it too is large. As Jay walks up behind Nicki, she smiles at him in the bathroom mirror. Moving her hair aside, Jay begins to place soft kisses along Nicki's neck. Being one of her most sensitive erogenous zones, Nicki is unable to prevent a soft, sigh of a moan from escaping her lips. She loves the feel of his mustach and beard, which he always keeps trimmed, against her skin. Eyes closed, she leans into Jay, who wraps his arms around her waist. He lifts his head and smiles at her. "Still nervous?"

Opening her eyes, shyly returning his smile, blushing, Nicki replies, "No." They stand there a minute or two longer, just looking at each other in the mirror. Nicki is sure Jay can see the hunger, and the fear, in her eyes.

Jay takes Nicki's hand and leads her back to the bedroom. They stand at the foot of the bed. Jay places his hands on Nicki's arms. As his hands slide to her elbows, Nicki shivers. Smiling, Jay softly says, "How about we take our showers and then head to bed?" Sensing Nicki's returning apprehensiveness, Jay continues. "No pressure. I work tomorrow and I need to get to bed soon. OK?"

Nicki visibly relaxes. They take separate showers, Jay going first. When it is Nicki's turn, she is half way through with her shower when she realises she forgot to ask for a towel. Calling for Jay, Nicki's apprehension returns yet again. She feels her heart pounding in her chest. Jay brings her a towel and places it on the towel bar nearest the shower. He can see Nicki's body through the frosted glass doors. Her breasts, nipples pointing up, as the water cascades over them. He feels his erection begin. Knowing how much he wants her makes him harder. Knowing just how unsure she is, that makes him cautious. His erection grows anyway. He knows she is just standing there, unmoving. "Nicki, you ok in there?" Jay can't stop staring.

Nicki can't stop shaking. She wants to answer him. Wants to call to him. Her voice seems to have left her.

"Nicki?" Again Jay calls to her, hoping she'll answer, praying she invites him in.

"I'm f-fine Jay." Nicki finally says. She can feel the heat between her legs. She wants him. She can see through the frosted glass that he wants her. His towel seems to have come alive between his legs. But her fear keeps her from voicing her wants. Keeps her from moving. "Uh, I'll be out in a few minutes."

"OK. I'm headed to bed." Jay waits a heartbeat, then turns and walks away. How he is going to sleep tonight he has no idea, but he'll do it if it kills him!

Nicki is out of the shower a few minutes later. Dried and wrapped in a towel, her anxiety, and those damned butterflies, return full force when she sees what she packed as "sleepwear". The sexiest lingerie she owns, purchased recently just for Jay, is all that is there! Holding up the little nightie, she cringes! It covers everything, barely, but she knows it is also form fitting. Pulling it on she takes a look in the mirror. The red silk against her fair skin looks and feels amazing! The shape of the top emphasises her full breasts. And as her nerves flit through her on butterfly wings, her nipples very visibly harden. The little skirt ended just below her tush, a hint of the matching undies showing. Taking a deep breath, Nicki decides she is going to wear it to bed, and whatever happens, happens! After all, she knew they both expected this when he invited her to stay for the weekend. A new confidence racing through her, she quietly, but quickly, opens the door, before the fear has a chance to return.

Jay is awake and at the computer as Nicki emerges from the bathroom. He has put on his pyjama pants, but his chest is bare. She walks up behind him, places her hands on his shoulders and lets them lead her arms down his chest as she bends to give him a kiss on the cheek. Jay turns his face and kisses her lips softly. As Nicki stands up, Jay turns toward her in his chair. When he sees what she is wearing, his just-begining-to-die hard-on revives with a vengence!

"Nicki! You...look...amazing!" Jay can't breathe for a few seconds. He has to calm himself or he is going to embarass them both!

Nicki smiles shyly. She takes a step back and says, "You really like it?"

Jay just nods his approval. Standing and coming to her, Jay wraps his arms around Nicki's soft, supple body and, as he inhales her scent, he kisses her deeply. Nervous, at first Nicki doesn't return the kiss. But in seconds, nerves replaced by want and need, she is drawn into it. Jay's scent, his lips, the feel of him holding her. She is lost. Lost in knowing this is where she belongs!

Deepening the kiss, Nicki wraps her arms around Jay, placing one so that she can run her hand through his hair. Nicki loves Jay's hair. Not too long, down to his shoulders in the back, but short everywhere else. Brown, soft, some gold hi-lights from working in the sun. Playing with Jay's hair is a weakness for her. She runs her fingers through it every chance she gets. As their tongues dance, her fingers twist in Jay's hair. Her other hand splay across Jay's back, raking her nails up and down, pulling moans from him.

Nicki can feel Jay's arousal pressing into her. She moves in closer, pressing harder, making Jay moan. She slides her leg to wrap it around him. Jay's hands begin an exploration of Nicki's silk clad body. One hand in her long auburn hair, the other on her back, his fingers begin to over-sensitise every part of Nicki's body that they touch! Nicki is moaning into their shared kiss. Her body "dances" as Jay's touch controlls her. Her nipples harden, and she knows Jay can feel them press against him.

Jay feels the hardened nubs strain through the silk and rub against him. He moans into their kiss. Their tongues twist, turn, dance with and around each other, drawing them deeper into a passion that has up till now evaded them. Finally, they break the kiss, breathing heavily, look into each others' eyes, and dive in again, drowning in a flood of lust, desire and passion as they let it consume them.

Still locked in their kiss, Jay slowly leads Nicki back to the bed where he sits her down. Breaking their kiss, he sits next to her and begins nuzzling and kissing her neck and shoulders, unknowingly sending pulses of heat through Nicki's body. Lost in the flood of emotions, high off her slight buzz and the feel of Jay, Nicki moans audibly. As she lay back on the bed, Jay follows, continuing his trail of kisses down her collarbone, headed right for her breasts. Licking her hardened nipples through the silk, Jay sends Nicki into a wave of sheer pleasure. Each lick sending a shot of pure heat down to her very moist, and now very hot, point of pleasure. Moaning, Nicki places her hands on Jay's head, pulling him to her, encouraging and demanding all at once.

Jay slides the straps of Nicki's nightie down her shoulders so he can slip the silk off her breasts. Once they are free, the cool air across her nipples makes Nicki shiver and moan in ecstacy, arching her back. As her breasts are lifted closer to Jay, he takes advantage of the moment to take one into his mouth and suckle on it, massaging the other with his hand. Pinching one nipple while nipping on the other sends Nicki into a writhing mass of moans.

"J-ay Ple-e-ase! Hhmm-mmm, yeah baby." Whispers and moans fill the room.

Nicki can feel pulses, charges of heat that explode between her legs, each one making her wetter as Jay continues his assault. As Jay lifts to switch sides, Nicki wraps her legs around him. When Jay playfully nips at Nicki's now exposed nipples, she yelps, jumping a little. Smiling down at her, Jay takes the second breast into his mouth and begins to pleasure Nicki further. Moaning, Nicki grinds her pelvic area into Jay, who moans in return.

Mere minutes later, Jay stops and gets up off of Nicki. Standing, he pulls her off the bed and gazes at her skin, now flushed to a lovely pink. Slowly, tenderly, he removes Nicki's nightie and undies. Then he removes his pyjama pants in one swift motion. As they climb back into the bed, they snuggle under the covers. Nicki asks Jay to lay on her and kiss her. Always willing to please, Jay obliges Nicki. As he lay atop her, Nicki can feel Jay's erection pressing into her. Wrapping her arms and legs around him, she pulls him closer.

Jay is so close! He's wanted Nicki for so long! It's not easy being this close to her, wanting her, and knowing that this time, finally, he can have her!

"Nicki,(inhale) stop! (exhale) If we don't(she kisses his neck) mmm...slow (she licks an ear)down (pause) oohhhh...I'll be finished before we even start!"

"Jay, (softly whispering) please! (she kisses his neck again) I just want to feel you in me! (pause) Please?!(another kiss, and suck, on his pulse) I can't wait! I want you so much!"

Jay's breathing quickens as he hears her wanton whispers, feels the increasing speed of his heart as each of her kisses push him closer to the edge. Making a quick decision, Jay quiet's Nicki with a deep kiss. Next he begins to slowly work his way down her body, licking and kissing here and there. As he reaches the apex of her legs, Jay uses his hands to caress her. Hearing her moaning response, Jay is encouraged to continue. Using one hand to spread open her shaven labia, Jay unveils Nicki's well hidden clit. Leaning in, he lays his tongue flat against it and slowly licks up towards Nicki's belly.

"OH! YEAH, Yeah!" No longer whispering, Nicki is unable to control herself. She squirms and writhes beneath Jay.

Enjoying her reaction, Jay repeats his action, eliciting more moans, more writhing. Dipping his tongue into her slit, Jay feels and hears Nicki's gasp and following moan as her insides begin to convulse. He can taste her juices. Deciding to help her along, Jay uses his fingers to pump into Nicki as he massages her hardened clit with his tongue.

"JA-AY!" Nicki all but screams his name as she feels herself hit a wall of pleasure! That wall becomes a wave that rises, unending, taking Nicki with it for the ride of her life! As Jay stops licking her, he continues using his fingers.

"Cum for me Nicki! You know you want it! Let go! CUM!" Hearing Jay's words, feeling his fingers pump her as her juices spill forth, aching with desire, it's all too much. Crying out, "OH GOD! JA-AY, I'M CUM-M-MING!" Nicki's body erupts in an explosion of heat and wet as Jay returns his tongue to her clit and licks her for all he's worth, pushing her deeper and deeper into orgasm after orgasm. His fingers, his whole hand, is quickly drenched with Nicki's juices.

Knowing she's more than ready, Jay rises and pulls himself up Nicki's writhing body. His fingers still pulling more pleasure from her, Jay waits till he's in position before removing them. Slowly sliding them out, Jay takes hold of his engorged cock and places the head against Nicki's opening. The heat and wet make him pulse. Looking at Nicki's face, seeing the joy, the absolute pleasure in her eyes, Jay slowly slides into her.

Nicki moans in ecstacy as Jay finally, slowly fills her with his cock! She's waited 6 long months for this, and it's even better than her imagination and all her dreams combined! She raises her hips to meet Jay's half way. She feels complete as he reaches deeply into her, his sac up against her, his manhood practically in her womb. She lowers her hips to the bed as Jay lay atop her. For a minute or two, they just lay there, adjusting to the feel, embracing it and each other. Nicki traces her fingers along Jay's back, gently scratching with her nails from time to time. Moaning, Jay leans in to kiss Nicki's neck. As he sucks and licks at her sensitive spot, Jay slowly begins to move, sliding nearly all the way out and then all the way back in. He knows he won't be able to hold out for much longer if he keeps this up, but he wants to please Nicki, he wants her to enjoy their first time as much as possible.

Nicki is blown away at the feel of Jay. And at his amazing control! She breaks their kiss, and looks at him. She knows he is trying so hard to hold back. All she wants is to please him. They have all weekend to make it perfect. Whispering into his ear, moaning softly, Nicki pushes Jay over the edge with her words, and her nails across his back.

"Jay! Hmmmmyeah, please, cum for me baby! Cum in me! (a pause, a gasp) JAY! oh god! baby! I'm.. gon-na cu-u-mmmmm!" A surprise orgasm hits Nicki and, arching her back, she moans into Jay's ears as wave after wave pushes her deeper and deeper into a pleasure filled abyss!

Hearing and feeling Nicki orgasm, Jay quickens his pace and a few strokes later erupts deeply into her. "OH, HHOOHH! Yeah, AUGH!" Jay roars as he explodes, throbbing and pulsing as Nicki's walls convulse around him, milking him, draining him!

Minutes later... They lay there, their energy spent, their joy overflowing. Gently feathering kisses upon each other, they stay like this and soon fall asleep with Jay still atop and "plugged in" to Nicki.

An hour later they awake, "unplug" and snuggle next to each other, embracing. Thankful for their time together, thankful for their new-found, passion-filled love, ...

Thankful. Isn't that what this holiday is for? To give, and receive, thanks, with family, friends and loved ones?

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