tagLetters & TranscriptsThanks to my Beloved

Thanks to my Beloved


My lover, my best friend, my owner,

No one but you will know who sent this letter to whom, but they will all know that somewhere there is a man who is worshiped by his woman, bitch, slut, cock-sucking anal whore. I love and need you with a desperateness I have never before felt and never have I been so sexually active. In my 37 years I had not imagined being fucked several times a day, but over the last year and a half, my days are no longer complete if I don't feel your hardness somewhere inside of me. The few days that we weren't intimate left me sad and irritable, because I don't seem quite complete if I don't wake to you filling me with your hardness and falling asleep to your sweet cum oozing from one of my hot holes or lingering on my hungry lips. But it isn't just the sex that I crave. Depending on my mood and how long you play with me, getting me wet for you, sometimes I want to linger in your arms while we stroke each other's bodies, teasing and kissing one another for the rest of my life, yet other times... I want my body savagely raped and abused, beaten and choked, fisted and whipped, my hair pulled, my face slapped, my pussy spanked, my tits clamped, pulled, twisted, smacked, hurt. I love when you hurt me, but when lost in passion and bursting with desire, it goes beyond that. I need you to hurt me, to use me.

You fucking my wet pussy always feels like heaven, your cock stroking my insides pulls me achingly towards an orgasm, deep and so sweetly satisfying, but this is not a surprise, my pussy has loved you from the first. I never would have thought my ass would have craved stretching around your cock as you pound it hard and fast, pushing me past normalcy into something new. But you push me farther and farther fingering my tight hole and using toys on me, tying me up so that I can't escape while you abuse my body and take me to places I have never been. I will never forget the first time you worked your hand almost all the way into my pussy or the first time you stretched out my ass over your hand. I fear being ruined for you, but couldn't deny the intense strange feelings that being filled so full create inside of me. And the naughtiness of knowing my beloved's whole fist is inside of me, filling me, twisting and pumping me with his big strong arm is an amazing turn on. Thank you for working my body up to taking your whole huge hand. Knowing it is you doing it to me, that it is your body that is relentless force that draws me to my release. My body locking down in orgasm over your wet clenched fist sends me whirling in orgasmic bliss as I lose myself to the intense sensations.

I love lying on your lap licking your cock and balls, feeling you get hard and tight from my attention. Love pushing my tongue into your piss hole tasting you. Oh how I love to suck your cock. Slow, fast, shallow, with my hand, without, deep, when you stroke my hair, when you grab it and fuck my throat deep and hard, love gagging on you and when you make me puke, love it more that you don't care and keep skull fucking me. It doesn't matter how long my mouth is wrapped around your cock but there is always a part of me that feels abandoned when it leaves my mouth. Even when my mouth is torn and bleeding, my lips swollen and bruised, I love the way your fat muscle feels sliding in and out of my face. I could lick and slurp and suck on you forever. I could sleep peacefully with my face nestled between your legs inhaling your scent.

Other unexpected pleasures and new desires are a bit on the off colored side and most people would raise an eyebrow for sure at our perversions. Yet I won't try to hide my pleasure at slipping my tongue into your asshole, licking and sucking on your puckered hole. Sliding my finger or a toy into your tight hole is a beautiful erotic sight that makes my pussy gush. Loved a few nights ago when I finger fucked your ass, licking your balls while you jerked off. You are so fucking hot stroking your hard cock for me.

I love cleaning you after you cum inside of me. Tasting your cum off your cock with my pussy or ass juice mixed in is so fucking yummy and so nasty that it really turns me on. Thank you for making me a cum-slut for you. Love when you cum all over my face and help scoop your delicious juice into my mouth. Love when you pick up your cum and kiss me after my tongues been in your ass. You are so sexy. Or when you cum on my big tits and I get to suck your cum off my hard nipples sending ripples of pleasure through my body while getting to eat your sweet treat.

I should be embarrassed to admit this, but I love your piss. Sometimes it tastes so strong it's hard to swallow, but it still sends waves of pleasure through my body. It's crazy but sucking your piss from your cock soothes me. I can't explain it, because I don't understand why this would be, but I know my body relaxes and fills with desire and completeness that I only get from sucking your piss from its source. I feel a little disappointment when I hear you using the bathroom lately as I know it could have been for me, but I suppose I can't always drink from you. But I sometimes think how sweet it would be if I could always be your urinal, being pushed to my knees whenever you needed to piss. In the car and in public would be so delicious. When you piss in my open upturned mouth and I swallow mouthful after mouthful of warm pee and it splashes and spills on me and the bed and floor my pussy throbs. The day you got your piss all over the sheets I was amazed you didn't want them washed right away, but you let me lay in your waste and go to sleep in it with piss and cum all over my body and in my hair. I slept on a cloud that night inhaling your urine and cum with the taste and smell of your ass on my face. Thank you my love. And let me tell you a secret, sometimes your piss tastes so good I wish there was so much more. Someday, I want to drink your piss from a bowl like a dog on my knees. You quench my thirsty need better than anything ever could.

Oh this was supposed to be short my love, but it seems there is so much about us I love. I love when you degrade me, call me names, I LOVE when you spit on me, call me a whore, put a collar on me, cane me, make me dress or act like your slave in public, how open we communicate, when you put me under your desk and use me while you do bills, how deeply you love me and never give me reason to doubt.

I want to feel you spit on me more, I want to fuck myself on toys while you fuck my throat, I want you to stretch my asshole out with your clenched fist and piss into my gaping hole, I want you to abuse my tits until they are bruised and sore to the touch, I want to watch you suck a natural looking toy cock and get it all wet and fuck me with it, I want to fuck your asshole, I want you to take me four-wheeling and tie me to the hood of the jeep and beat me in the middle of nowhere so no one hears me scream, I want you to pierce the skin on my tits and labia with little needles, I want you to take me somewhere public and treat me like a whore and make all the decisions and treat me like a piece of shit ( I want to be completely submissive to you, I love when my Master takes control of me ) I want you to use me, to surprise me with nasty, hard, rough, new things, I want to fuck you with our bodies oiled from head to toe, want to fuck everywhere we can in public, spoon feed me your cum, to replace our porn with hot fetish/bdsm porn, want to lick your dirty asshole, to 69 as often as possible, and so much more.

I love you. I love you with a passion I have never felt before; I need you with every fiber of my body and can't imagine not having you in my life. You are kind and loving and my protector. You shove me to my knees and call me a whore in the bedroom, but you treat me like an angel when we leave the house and let the world know you treasure me and that you love me with your whole heart. You tell them you need no one else, and it makes me feel special and cherished. You know how to care for my heart and my slutty nympho sex drive, only matched by yours. You protection and love is what allows me to be everything I am with you. I am thankful every single day that we found each other. A chance happening that has been one of the most important things that have ever happened in my life, and every day we are together and in love is a gift of a beautiful love and wanton abandon of self-gratification. Thank you for loving me so completely and thank you for being open to new sexual pleasures, I pray that our journey together never ends.


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