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Thanksgiving 5k


It was the morning of the annual Thanksgiving Day 5k, a tradition we have been doing for several years now. In my typical know-it-all fashion, I thought I would be able to face the morning chill with just shorts, unable to do so I said "Honey, I'm going to run home quick to get some more clothing, you were right its colder than hell out here" My wife always ready to deal out the proverbial "I told you so" did just that! "I'll be back in fifteen minutes" I said.

As I kissed my wife good-bye, her friend Leigh said, "Wait, are you heading back to the house? I need to use the bathroom, mind if I hitch a ride?" "Sure" I replied. Leigh has been a long time friend of my wife; they have been friends since high school and were close through college. They will on the other side of the state, but she and her family were home for the holidays.

Leigh was very beautiful, long brunette hair, great set of tits and a perfect ass. She had always had a history of promiscuity, but to be honest I loved that about her and only made her attraction seem greater. Her husband Kevin was smart to lock her down when he did, even after three kids together, Leigh looked as good as always. Deep down I knew that Kevin could never satisfy her, sometimes you can just tell.

The ride back home only lasted a few minutes. "I just have to grab some sweat pants and gloves, I'll meet you in the kitchen" I said. "Sounds good, I think I'm going to change into warmer clothes too, just give me a few minutes and then we can get back in time for the start of the race"

I quickly ran upstairs, changed from my mesh shorts into my sweat pants and returned to the kitchen. Minutes later Leigh returned too, with warmer attire on "Do you think you could help me with this zipper on my sweatshirt, I was rushing to change and it's stuck, do you think you can undo it? "No problem" I replied.

As Leigh drew near, we were face to face, I could easily smell the strawberry scented lotion she was wearing, I reached out to grab her zipper, I could only notice how close we really were, her tits only inches from my fingers, I could begin to feel the stir in my pants.

As I struggled with the zipper, I gave it one last tug and it came undone, while doing so I had pulled her almost right into my arms, with her tits pressed against my chest, we made eye contact at the same time, she leaned in and we kissed on the lips, after the kiss we stayed close, there was no question in my mind she could feel the bulge in my pants pressing against her spandex running attire.

I reached down and lifted her chin, going for a second kiss, "We shouldn't be doing this, we are both married, have kids, you are my best friend's husband..." I interrupted her speech with a long kiss, at this moment I didn't care about any of the things aforementioned, I had wanted to fuck her for the longest time, I was not about to let the opportunity pass me by. Leigh gave no resistance and we were almost past the point of no return.

She reached down and began to stroke my dick through my pants, we worked our way over to the couch, she said "We only have a few minutes, they are expecting us back" Before she had even finished her talk, she had taken her shirt off and was beginning to kiss the base of my shaft working her way to the tip of my dick. I by no means had the biggest dick in town but at 7 inches I could hold my own. Just the sight of her tits bouncing as she eagerly sucked on my dick almost made me cum.

She increased the pace and I was about to erupt any second. "Wait I don't want to come yet" I said as I stood up and took her into my arms, "Let me return the favor" I began to work down those spandex pants, she had wonderful thighs, I began by kissing every square inch of her skin, relishing the moment. As I worked my way to her pussy I could smell her excitement. I began to work one, then two and three fingers into her cunt, she was soaking wet and ready to cum herself.

"Eat my cunt" she begged. I had no problem obliging, I worked my tongue around her clit, and she was on the brink of orgasm, her pelvis was thrusting into my face, fucking my mouth feverishly.

"Fuck me!, Fuck me now, we have to get back to the race" I pulled my dick right up to the entrance of her pussy, not wearing a condom, I was nervous about getting her pregnant, but since she didn't say anything I assumed that she was taking birth control.

I began to work my cock in and out of her pussy slowly; we shared a long kiss and fucked at a slow pace, she didn't seem to mind the taste of her own juices on my lips, so I didn't let it bother me either. "I want to be on top" she whispered into my ear, lifting herself off of me, she climbed onto my lap and began to ride my cock gently. Never before had I experienced a woman who knew what she wanted and new exactly how to get it. I felt her tits and kissed her nipples as she fucked me like I have never experienced; it was only a matter of seconds before I blew my wad all over the inside of my wife's best friend's pussy. I erupted like a volcano and she too cummed at the same time. We laid there naked for just a few seconds and shared one last long kiss. We then quickly remembered that we had to get back to the race.

"This never happened" she said "our secret" I replied. We both got dressed and made it back for the event.

"What took so long?" Said my wife "I got stuck chatting with the neighbor right when we were ready to leave, I'm sorry honey"

That evening we all shared our Thanksgiving dinner like friends and family would do. I could not help but think about what Kevin and my wife would think if they knew the events that transpired earlier today. I watched as Kevin sat on the same very cushion that I had fucked his wife on earlier today. The incident was never mentioned again, and to this day we remain close friends with Leigh and Kevin.

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