tagFirst TimeThanksgiving, Came on Thursday

Thanksgiving, Came on Thursday


Along the lower reaches of the Snohomish River lies a cluster of homes. Not even enough to call a village.

The people living there are poor. Mostly they rely on what they can earn from the forest or the river; Salmon (in season), shell fish (in season) kelp (in season), The forest yields mushrooms and florist greens (in season).

Although not Indian, their children went to the nearby reservation as the nearest non-Indian school was fifteen miles away. When the boys were old enough, they joined the military, usually the Army.

Tom Goodnight joined the Army in 2003, right out of High School. He was sent to basic, then on to a Stryker Brigade at Fort Lewis. A year later, they deployed to Iraq. He was inside a vehicle hit by an explosive hidden in the road, suffering a concussion. Nothing more.

Three weeks later, on foot patrol, he was blown into a drainage ditch by another explosion. This time, he had more than a concussion.

He was flown to Germany, then on to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. The doctors repaired the torn arm, removed the damaged fingers.

During rehabilitation at Fort Lewis, he met Shirley. Willowy, long brown hair, delicate features. A volunteer in the ReHab unit.

She became his guide, leading him through the exercises to re-establish equilibrium. Nearby when Rehab Specialists helped him relearn the use of arm and fingers, she became his focus. She became his reason to continue.

The exercise was hard. Much worse than any PT the Army had put him through. Not physically, mentally. Every time he slacked, she leaned in,"When you're healthy, I'm going to Fuck your brains out."

Day after day, he worked, feeling strength return to his arm, dexterity to the remaining fingers.

Finally, he was told his discharge was near. When he returned to the Rehab unit the next day, there was no sign of Shirley. He asked what had happened with her, no one knew.

Sadly, he waited for the papers to be completed. Took forms where told, stood in lines as directed.

The day of his discharge, he stood at the Main Gate, waiting for the first of several buses to take him home.

"Hey Soldier, want a ride?"

He barely lifted his head, slightly nodded as he bent to pick up his single bag.

"No, I'll get that for you. Are you ready, I promised to Fuck your brains out, remember?

With a start, his head came up. He was looking into the deepest pair of green eyes. How had he not seen them before?

"Come with me, we're going home."

Standing in her bedroom, she removed all his clothes, kissing the scars on his chest. When he was completely unclothed, she began to strip. First her blouse, button by button until the lace bra beneath was revealed. Dropping the silky material to the floor, she released the clasp at the side of her skirt. The room was silent except for their breathing and the rustle of material sliding down her legs. She stood before him, filmy lilac bra encasing conical tits, nipples hardening against the thin material, and lilac panties, wrapping over her hips, sweeping down between her legs, damply enclosing prominent lips.

She released the clasp between her breasts. Holding the cups in her hands, she slowly opened her arms. Lightly tanned, a few freckles, brown nipples standing firm to his gaze, he took her in.

"Do you like what you see? Should I continue?"

All he could do was nod.

She moved her hands to her hips, slid fingers under waistband, "Are you paying attention? You'll have to do this soon."

Her hands slid slowly down, the panties sticking to her wet lips, then finally dropping free.

She took him by the hand, led him to the bed, laid him in the center. "Have you ever been with a woman?"

He could only shake his head.

"Then leave everything to me."

She bent to his groin, inhaling his cock, taking one, then two, then three inches of him. She rose, took a breath, then went down again, three, four, four and a half. Back up for air, then down, until her nose nestled in his pubic hair, his cock in her throat. She held him there, her tongue swabbing the underside of his cock.

She rose once again for air, then drove down, laving his cock, then pulled up sucking the sperm from him. He came, spewing into her mouth, down her throat, around her lips, dripping down her chin.

She sat back, smiling.

She grasped his cock stroked it twice, then lifted a leg, swung over his hips. Placing his head at her entrance, she sat upright, then let herself slide onto his cock. Only when he was fully embedded, did she look down at him. "Are you ready?"

Slowly at first, she lifted, then fell, faster and faster. Grabbing his hands, she lead them to her tits, forcing him to squeeze, harder then harder again, She began to shake, her insides clasping and quivering, her rhythm broken. Reaching down, clasping the muscles of his chest, she came. Shaking her head she growled, "Come on, Come on, Come on, Now, come with me, Now!

He came, not just sperm. Everything. Every emotion he had ever bottled up, the pain, the fear, the loneliness of his life all came out.

He was reborn.

As he returned to the present, and the woman above him, a calendar caught his eye.

Today was Thursday.

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