tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThanksgiving Dinner Ch. 02

Thanksgiving Dinner Ch. 02


I stood in the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. My dark hair flowed passed my shoulders, framing my adulterous face. I should have just been glad that the ordeal was over. I should have cleaned myself up and headed back down stairs. But dammit, I was still so horny! Tom and I had a good sex life, at least until the baby came, but it never felt as naughty as it had with Eddie and I in the kitchen. I needed to feel that again, and soon. I let my hand wander down to my pussy, my fingers sliding between my folds as I caressed my tender nub. I stroked harder and harder, slipping a couple fingers inside. I brought myself to orgasm thinking of Eddie. Or more specifically, his cock.

I pushed those thoughts aside and went down stairs. Tom and Claire had taken Tommy Jr. and Claire's kids to the park to keep them out of the way. Mrs. Parker had staked her claim in the kitchen, refusing to let anyone else lift a finger. Mr. Parker was passed out in is recliner in the living room, so that left Eddie, Steve, Mark and I to watch the pre-game down in the basement.

I had asked Eileen if I could help her—practically begged her—but she was used to doing things her way. And besides, she reasoned, I don't get much time away from the baby now. I should use it while I have it. So there I was, sitting between Mark and Steve, and wishing I were somewhere else. I refused to look Eddie in the eye. I was afraid he'd see how horny I was and try for round two.

Steve sat to my left. His sandy hair had started to recede a bit, but he was still pretty good looking. He kept clean shaven and had the body of a jogger where Eddie had that of an amateur body builder. Tom's body was more I-used-to-work-out-but-now-I-have-a-job sleek. He was getting a little pudgy, but his face and personality just oozed charm. That's what I first fell in love with.

Mark, on the other hand, worked as a bouncer at a bar and he definitely looked the part. He had muscles on top of muscles and several tattoos gracing his olive skin. He kept his chin scruffy and his black hair neatly trimmed. He was very intimating when you didn't know him, and even a little if you did.

Tom had taken a bottle with him for Tommy Jr., so my breasts were past due for a feeding. They were so full of milk, I was afraid they would start to leak. It was embarrassing enough that the men kept looking at them, but I didn't need a big wet spot to draw their attention.

No sooner had I thought it that I felt my nipples give way a bit and my blouse darkened from my milk. I was about to excuse myself, praying that no one had noticed, but no luck. Eddie, tongue hanging out, was the first to say something.

"Looks like you sprung a leak, sis. Why don't you come over here and let me clean that up for you?" Eddie said, motioning me to sit on his lap.

"I think I'll pass," I said, quickly standing up. But Mark caught my arm and pulled me back down beside him.

"You know," Mark began, "It's nothing to be embarrassed by. It happened to Claire all the time. Her breasts would swell so big and her nipples would get so hard, she had to pump milk all the time when our kids wouldn't feed. I know a trick, want me to help?"

"I should just go upstairs and change."

"Look, it'll be fine. I promise," Mark said, unbuttoning my blouse.

"I really don't feel comfortable with this," I said, but by this time, Steve had put an arm around me, holding me firmly between him and Mark so that I couldn't move.

"Stay still," Steve commanded, "You can't just walk around here like that and expect us to ignore you. You need our help." He reached up and squeezed my breast, allowing more milk to squirt through my blouse. Mark made quick work of removing my soiled top. I hardly had time to protest before my bra was unlatched (courtesy of Steve) and my breasts were on show to the entire room.

"Please, don't," I begged, but Mark had already latched onto my right nipple, massaging my breast in his hand while he did so. He sucked the milk out, gently relieving the pressure that had been building up. I knew it was wrong, but I would be lying if I said it didn't feel good. And having Mr. Rock-Hard-Abs paying complete attention to me wasn't doing anything to calm the beast. My pussy started to get wet.

"My turn!" Steve said, taking charge of my left breast, mirroring everything that Mark did. My nipples had gotten so hard at the urging of their hot, wet mouths.

"Get off of me!" I cried. This was wrong, no matter how good it felt. I tried to free myself, but it only made the two men hold on tighter.

"Don't you dare try to get up," Mark said, letting go of my breast and wrapping his hand around my throat, "You walk around, flaunting your breasts and expect us to sit back and take it? Is that what you think? You get to tease us? "

Mark started choking me a little. He licked the side of my face before forcing me into a kiss. I was shaking with panic under his grasp. There was no way I could out-maneuver this guy.

"Now, you're going to let us do anything we want, or Eddie here is going to tell Tom exactly what happened in the kitchen this morning."

"You know about that?" I whimpered.

"Of course we know about that," Mark said, "Who do you think helped him plan it? Who kept the family in the other room so he could pin you down and fuck your dripping cunt? If you thought that was the fucking of your life, just wait until we're done with you."

I was horrified. They had planned the whole thing—the whole bunch of them!

By this time, Steve had taken his cock out of his pants and was jerking off. He was the oldest, but his dick was smaller than Tom's. I hadn't seen Eddie's yet, even though he had fucked me earlier that day.

Speaking of Eddie, he stepped over, devilish grin on his face, and pulled off my skirt.

"My, my, my," he said, "Look how ripe this fruit is." He knelt down and slid my panties off. He tucked them into his pocket before burying his tongue into my pussy. He lapped and sucked my clit, making sure to dip a couple of fingers in to really get me going.

I was completely naked and at the mercy of three grown men. I started to respond and let out a couple of moans. I hated myself for it.

"You want a little something more, Darling?" Mark said with a smile, "Well, you've got three holes and three of us. Seems like fate, don't it?"

Horrified at what he was suggesting, I tried to push myself away. "No!" I cried, "I've never done that before!"

"Well then," Steve said, leaning in to kiss me, "Isn't it about time you did?" He slid his tongue into my mouth. I don't know if it was from the shock of what was about to happen, but I let him. When he pulled back, he stood up beside me on the couch.

"Now then," He said, his little dick aimed at my mouth, "Why don't you open up and say, 'Ahh'."

"No, please," I begged quietly, but I had already started leaning toward him. It didn't take much more urging for me to swallow his dick. The beast was wide awake and wanted to be fucked. I closed my eyes and sucked his tiny prick, thinking of how he had sucked the milk from my breast.

"Oh, that did it boys!" Eddie said, coming up from my pussy, "Look how wet this little whore got once she had a dick in her mouth! Looks like she needs a couple more dicks inside her to really get the job done."

"Is that so?" Mark asked, letting go of me and pulling out his cock, "Well let me at her."

Eddie stood up and Mark got on top of me. Steve sat down beside me, jerking off. Eddie joined him.

"Please, just stop," I tried one more time.

Mark just laughed before greasing up his prick and pushing it into me.

"God, this whore is tight!" He said, as he slowly entered my pussy. He was much larger than Eddie and it took me awhile to become accustomed to his size.

"Ah," I moaned with a little pain, "please go slower."

"You want to enjoy this, bitch? Is that it?" Mark laughed. "You want to savor my dick?" He played with me a little, rubbing my clit and pumping just the tip of himself in and out of me. Between his precum and my pussy juice, I was wetter than I'd ever been before.

"Like a band aid," he said, spitting on me for good measure before thrusting himself completely inside my cunt. I cried out, but Steve shoved my panties into my mouth to silence me.

"That good, eh?" Mark laughed, wrapping his hand around my neck once more. He was like a jackhammer once he got his rhythm down. There was nothing more I could do but hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

"Tom always brags about how you have multiple orgasms each time he fucks your slutty ass. Let's see if he was telling the truth." Mark grunted and flicked my clit with the hand that wasn't squeezing my throat.

I had never been that full before and it felt like every inch he rubbed against me hit a million nerves I didn't know I had. It didn't hurt that my clit was so hard and hot that I thought it would explode. Heat and tingles had spread completely through me and my orgasm built quickly. It was so intense I thought I was going to pass out. Maybe it had something to do with the way Mark was chocking me, I don't know. But once my orgasm started, it never wanted to end. I was panting and shaking and moaning and completely exhausted and Mark would still not let up.

I closed my eyes tight and I think I blacked out for a minute. When I opened my eyes again, Mark had slowed up a bit and Eddie was slapping his cock against my face.

"Wake up, Sleeping Beauty," He said, rubbing his prick against my mouth, coxing me to open up. His cock was beautiful, and remembering the pounding he gave me earlier in the kitchen, I gladly obliged. I sucked him in, paying special attention to the tip, swirling it around the way my husband likes.

Oh, God! My husband! What would Tom think if he saw? He asked me once if I would be interested in a threesome, but I never knew if he was serious. Either way, I didn't think this was what he had in mind.

Suddenly, my pussy felt incredibly empty. I whimpered at the loss, but Eddie's cock muffled my protest. Moments later, I felt something pressing up against my ass. Fuck! They were serious about filling all my holes! I've never let Tom fuck my ass before, but I was so exhausted from the fucking Mark gave me, I was in no shape to object.

I felt something cold and wet hit my asshole and someone poked a finger inside. It felt around, spreading the lube and stretching me out. It didn't feel bad. Mark's dick must have loosened me up all over. I felt another finger sneak in. I wanted it in my pussy. Fuck, I wanted it any way I could get it. I couldn't see anything with Eddie's dick in my mouth. He was standing right in front of me, eyes closed and grinning. I started rubbing against the hand that was exploring my virgin ass. I let the fingers fuck me, wishing someone would pleasure my abandoned clit. I rubbed harder against the hand. I didn't know if it belonged to Steve or Mark. Honestly, I didn't care.

Steve sat down beside me. His cock was completely hard and he motioned for me to sit on his lap. When I didn't move, he grabbed me and slid me over. Eddie lifted me on top of him and helped Steve guide his dick into my ass. My protest was cut off by a moan that escaped my lips when Steve's small dick slid effortlessly into my ass. Praise the Lord it was Steve and not Mark. Amused at my willingness, Eddie resumed face fucking me.

Steve held onto my breasts and bounced my ass up and down on his cock. I held onto Eddie and sucked him down as far as I could. I gagged a few times, and each time he pulled out and slapped me across the face with his dick. The three of us had a nice rhythm down and my body was completely compliant to their influence. My pussy was feeling lonely and I wondered where Mark and his enormous cock had wondered off to.

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