tagRomanceThanksgiving Love Ch. 02

Thanksgiving Love Ch. 02


When Nicki awakens the next morning, she smiles. She feels the warmth of that simple smile fill her body to overflowing with love. Slowly turning over so as not to awaken Jay, Nicki curls around him as memories of last night flood her heart and her mind.

Jay, feeling the warmth of Nicki wrapped against him, slowly begins to awaken. The feel of her full breasts against his chest, the smell of her hair as it lay on his shoulder, the sound of her breath. Each of his senses awaken and send a single response directly to his groin. Want! He wants Nicki. Opening his eyes, Jay focuses on the room. The sun is just rising and shining softly through his blinds. He looks toward Nicki and sees she has her eyes closed, and a soft smile on her face.

Nicki is lost in her dream, her fantasy. The reality of last night. She's with Jay. She's really and finally with Jay! They made love, passionate, slow love. And all her fantasies combined could never equal the reality. And now, she's here in his bed, the morning after. She'd love to awaken him with sweet seduction, but she knows he has to go to work in a couple of hours. Slowly she trails her fingers along his torso.

Jay feels the start of a chill run through his body as Nicki's fingers softly tickle his skin. He brings a hand toward her as he turns to face her. Just as he kisses her lips, Nicki's eyes pop open and she gasps in surprise. That gasp allows Jay the entrance to Nicki's warm and inviting mouth. Deepening the kiss, Jay trails his hand over Nicki.

A moment or two is all that passes before Nicki decides to return Jay's kiss. Allowing him to pull her in deeper, Nicki leans closer to Jay. As they break the kiss a few minutes later, they look at each other and smile. Nicki decides to seduce Jay. She slowly works her lips across Jay's face, heading towards his neck. Jay's hands are on her body and in her hair as she continues her exploration. Kisses, sucks, nibbles and licks all placed with loving attention on Jay's warming body.

Jay feels each touch from Nicki's lips, tongue and teeth, and each touch serves to arouse him more and more. Want has become desire. With one hand entwined in Nicki's hair, Jay trails his other hand over her body.

Nicki reaches Jay's collar-bone and continues to trail down across Jay's chest. She stops at a nipple and sweetly sucks it and licks it. Moving across to the other one, she gives it the same attention. She hears Jay's breath quicken.

Jay feels his pulse quicken with each lick, nip, suck and kiss from Nicki's seductive mouth. His heart is pounding as his blood races through his veins. If Nicki's trying to turn him on, she's doing a bang-up job!

Nicki's exploration of Jay's body is led by her mouth. She's passed his chest and is just about to encounter his navel. Licking around it at first, Nicki teases Jay by quickly dipping her tongue in and out of his navel. Hearing his soft moans, Nicki is encouraged to go down lower. As she follows her trail, Jay's hands fall to his sides, and Nicki finds herself up close and personal with Jay's very hard manhood! She breathes warm air onto it, bringing more moans from Jay.

Jay's desire has become need! He needs Nicki, NOW! He reaches for her, intending to pull her up to him, but just as he touches her ...

Nicki takes the full length of Jay's hard manhood into her hot, wet mouth! Holding the base of it in one hand, Nicki sucks on Jay. Slowly, up and down, her mouth strokes him as her tongue massages him. She uses her other hand to massage his sac, pulling more moans from Jay.

Jay feels himself grow harder under Nicki's loving attentions. He wants her, desires her, needs her. But how? Should he let her continue to suck him until he explodes? (moan) Should he return the favor by licking her clit till she orgasms and drinking of her juices? (groan) Or should he simply lay her down fill her with his manhood and it's seed? He's getting closer, he needs to decide SOON!

Nicki swallows the drips from Jay's manhood as she sucks more out of him. She moans onto him, vibrating him. She uses her hand and mouth in unison, stroking just right to bring him to climax faster. Nicki wants to taste him, to swallow him, to give him the ultimate pleasure of being "sucked dry". As Nicki's mind wraps around that thought, another one slips in. Stopping her ministrations, Nicki softly speaks: "Jay, could we 69?"

Not believing his ears Jay looks at Nicki in shock. "Yeah!" is all he can manage as he nods his head in approval. As Nicki lay on the bed with her head on the edge, Jay lay atop her. Sliding back into her mouth, Jay moans as he feels warmth once again wrap around him. Spreading her shaven labia, Jay begins his assault on Nicki's clit, bringing deep moans from her in the process.

Feeling the heat and pressure of Jay's tongue on her clit, Nicki moans deeply onto Jay's manhood as she sucks it completely into her mouth. She begins to writhe beneath Jay as she feels an orgasm mounting her.

Jay shudders as he feels himself nearing release! Slipping a finger into Nicki's hot, wet slit, Jay begins pumping her towards orgasm as he continues massaging her clit with his tongue. He feels her walls begin to contract as he hears soft moans become very audible ones.

Nicki is on that cliff, about to fall into the abyss of ultimate pleasure. Her orgasm has her tightly wound up as it grows in strength. Suddenly, it peaks, and releases her! As she falls, she spins like a top out of control! Moaning, gasping, she feels the release drop her into the abyss!

Jay eagerly licks and sucks at Nicki's juices as she releases them with her orgasm. A minute or two later he rises and changes position. Laying atop Nicki, Jay slides his manhood deeply into her. Tight, hot, wet walls of pleasure pull deeply satisfied moans from Jay as he enters Nicki.

Nicki gasps as she feels Jay enter her. Her walls squeeze tightly around him, pulling him in deeper. He stretches her, filling her with his manhoon, and more of those very audible moans.

Jay groans in pleasure. He feels each contraction pulling him in, squeezing him, massaging him closer and closer to his release. Once all the way in, Jay leans in to kiss Nicki. As they kiss, Jay begins to pump into her. Slowly, all the way in, all the way out.

Nicki cries out in pleasure as Jay enters her and leaves her over and over! She knows she's about to be mounted by another orgasm!

Jay lay completely on Nicki, his hands under her shoulders, he pulls her down as he pumps up into her. His breathing now ragged, Jay is so close to release! Suddenly he feels Nicki's walls clenching around him! He knows she is in another orgasm! Unable to hold back, Jay groans his release as he spills his seed into Nicki!

Nicki feels another orgasm mount and take hold of her! Placing her feet on the bed, she pushes her pelvis up into Jay, crying out his name as she feels an explosion within!

Two hot bodies, two explosive orgasms that erupt at the same time! As Nicki and Jay float in that abyss, they place soft gentle kisses on each other where ever their lips can reach. Short minutes and long kisses later, they've returned to reality just in time for Jay's alarm to go off.

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