tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThat 69s Show Ch. 08

That 69s Show Ch. 08


"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking"

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Episode 8

In Which Jackie Has a Confrontation.

Sitting on his lap, Jackie sucked hard on Eric's lower lip before she tried to cram her tongue down his throat. She was SO horny! She could feel his dick as it began to grow under her squirming ass. Eric loved to feel her little ass wiggle back and forth, around and around as she got more and more excited. She couldn't help but rock her tight butt as she felt his dick get harder and longer. Eric enjoyed the feeling of her ass squirming all over his dick.

He also loved to feel her incredibly immense tits press against his chest. Her nipples were diamond hard, straining outward, trying to puncture the fabric of her newest Triple L bra cups.

They were in the Foreskin's basement, enjoying some alone time.

With a crash the door to the outside was slammed open. Tumbling in, one after the other, came Hyde, Fes and Kelso.

"Oh, now what the FUCK!" muttered Jackie as she turned from kissing Eric and slid off his lap to sit next to him on the sofa.

"Alright, Jackie! It's time to come clean," demanded Hyde as the three interlopers took seats around the couple. "We demand to know who your 'New Guy' is! All that crap about a guy who's twice the man any of us are is just that! Crap! So what's really up? Huh? And how come you're so cheerful and happy all the time. You used to be such a bitch. What's come over you?"

Shaking her hair out of her eyes Jackie looked at the three boys and then looked at Eric.

"Well, if you really want to know I DO have a man in my life that is twice the man any of you could ever hope to be! And that's the same reason that I've been so happy. I have a man in my life that gives me the loving that I need! I'm finally getting the sort of fulfilling love making that I always needed and none of you could give me. A man that can go for hours at a time! A man that loves my gigantic tits so much he can't keep his hands off them. A man who knows that I'm the best lover he'll ever have. A man who is hung better than anyone else and a man that I can satisfy better than anyone! As Donna found out a couple of nights ago.

"So I suppose you idiots deserve to know as well. I'm tired of keeping it a secret. It's Eric!" She smiled at the looks of astonishment this statement received.

"Oh, come on! Pull the other one!" said Hyde.

"No way! Eric? laughed Kelso.

"I do not believe you!" added Fes.

"Eric, can you, I mean, will you let me show these three idiots the truth. About you? About us?" Jackie looked pleadingly into his eyes. "If I can't convince these morons they'll never leave us alone."

"What do you want me to do, Jackie?" he asked.

"Just stand up, Honey." instructed Jackie.

Getting to his feet Eric stood next to Jackie.

Smiling at the three guys, Jackie snaked her arm thru Eric's legs from behind and ran her hand up the inside of Eric's left leg.

"Remember when Eric fell from the water tower last spring? Well, he damaged his pituitary gland and that caused him to have an incredible growth spurt!"

Hugging herself to Eric, draping her incredible tits to either side of his leg, Jackie continued to stroke her hand up and down the inside of Eric's thigh while smiling up at Eric. Slowly, under the tight but expandable fabric a tubular lump formed. As she caressed and stroked, that bulge became more prominent, longer, larger.

When it reached mid thigh, Jackie stopped. Regarding 'those moron's' she said, "Well, are you convinced? None of you have anything like this in YOUR pants! You know it and you know that I know it too!" She lightly slapped at the bulge in Eric's pants and smiled as he winced.

"Oh, he's stuffing!" cried Kelso. "I've done that, I mean I've heard that some guys do that, to impress the girls!" He appealed to the other two who were regarding him skeptically.

"All right, Eric. I can see these idiots won't just take my word for it. Take it out!"

Eric looked at Jackie who just nodded and gestured for him to continue.

With a sigh, Eric unbuckled his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his pants. Without bothering to lower his pants he reached deep into his crotch and, with a practiced wrist motion, FLOPPED out his dick and balls for all to see!

And there was a lot to see! As Jackie licked her lips the other three gaped at Eric's wrist thick dong as it hung half way to his knees! And it obviously was not yet fully hard! Draped over his gigantic ball sac his dick arched out and down, swaying gently back and forth, the head of his dick tapping his thighs.

"Now, this ought to convince even you three!" Jackie announced as she turned Eric to face her. In profile his genitalia appeared even more impressive to the wide eyed trio!

Licking her lips in anticipation, Jackie used both hands to lightly stroke Eric a few times.

"Look how thick it is. I can barely hold Eric's dick when I use both hands! I can do that with one hand on all of you idiots! And see how long? So LONG!" she sighed. "Longer than any of you guys ever got! Much larger than any of you! Do you know how long this monster is? Do you know how big it gets when I tease Eric? Do you seriously think any of you are even close to this large?

"Over fourteen inches!" announced Jackie as she leaned forward and started to lick her way from the shaven ball sack to the tip! When she reached the tip she sighed and quickly sucked in the dick head and began a sloppy blow job in front of them all. Somewhat to her surprise she found she was getting more excited as she worked. It was a kick to be giving her Eric a blow job in front of her old boyfriends! She liked to see them watching, knowing that they were starting to get hard! Each of the watchers had had the experience of feeling Jackie's mouth and lips on their dick. Of course she was much more excited to be sucking Eric's massive dick. With them it had been payback for an expensive dinner or jewelry. With Eric it was a worshipful experience with the longest, hardest, thickest most exciting cock she had ever had!

Once she had gotten saliva on the dick shaft she started to pull and push her hands up and down at a feverish pace.

"This won't take long! Eric is a cum fountain! Just watch!" Focusing her efforts on his iron hard dick, she jacked him off as fast and as hard as she could.

While still whacking him off, Jackie looked into Eric's eyes. "I need you to cum for me! I need to drink your sperm, Eric!"

And that was all it took! As Jackie laughed and giggled, wanking Eric as fast as she could, he exploded! Sperm shot out of his dick to land several feet away. As he kept cumming under Jackie's twisting, churning, stroking hands, his load landed on her smiling face, all over Jackie's immense, sweater covered, 32 Triple L cup boobs, until finally, after about eight spurts Jackie slipped him into her mouth to nurse the final drops from him!

"And that was just the beginning," she announced as she slurped up all the cum she could find on her face and hands.

"Any one can cum once. Particularly with the prettiest girl in Pointe Place jacking him off," Jackie proclaimed. "But how about twice in a row? Watch THIS!"

With no hint of subtlety, Jackie DOVE onto his immensity. Almost at once it snapped back to attention. Within seconds she had taken every bit of his almost fifteen inch dick down her throat! Her lips were pressed tightly to his groin while her chin was nestled in his balls.

"No WAY!" exclaimed Hyde as he watched a girl that he had dated when she was barely a 32 B cup deep throat the biggest cock any of them had ever seen. 'Eric makes John Holmes look like a seventh grader!', he thought.

Less than two minutes later, while Jackie was still shuttling up and down his long, hard dick, Eric groaned deep in his chest, grabbed Jackie's head and held it in place while he thrust his hips, driving his dick as far down her throat as he could.

Gamely, Jackie held herself in position while he finished ejaculating and then, slowly, pulled off him. She used her hands as she retreated to squeegee his cum into her mouth. Turning to the others in the room she opened her mouth to display a pool of cum that threatened to spill over her lips. As she swallowed once, twice and then three times, Jackie was smiling and giggling at the look in their faces.

Deciding to drive the point home, and because she was really getting OFF on displaying her skills for all to see, Jackie slipped off her sweater.

"Mary, Mother of GOD!" exclaimed Fes. "What a magnificent bosom! Please take off your bra, Jackie!" His hands were busy in his pants pockets as he pleaded.

Smiling coquettishly, Jackie proceeded to grant Fes his wish. With a practiced wiggle she discarded her custom made bra exposing the biggest, firmest, most inspiring pair of breathtaking breasts in Pointe Place.

"Not too small, now, right guys?" she bragged. "Fes was the only one of you that never made a crack about my bust." She glanced at Fes just as he grimaced and quickly pulled his hands out of his pants.

"Well, when I found out that after his accident Eric had a gargantuan fourteen inch dick it inspired me to try to get bigger tits! Eric loves big tits! And if I wanted to feel his immense dick punishing my tight little pussy I had to get him to notice me. I had to grow bigger titties! Now I wear a 32 Triple L cup bra. When I wear one, that is!" She giggled at the look on the faces in the room as she shook her tremendously oversized dirigibles at them. 'Hah, look at those morons drool!' she thought. 'This is FUN! I love to show off to these idiots, showing them what a MAN Eric is. And what a WOMAN I am'

"Any of you wimps would be done by now. Cumming twice so quickly would wipe you out for days! But Eric is amazing. He can cum again and again. I'm not sure that any one woman can keep up with him. But I love to try! He's such a fucking stud! AND the best fuck I've ever had!"

Turning to Eric again she found his gaze locked on her quivering, bobbling boobs! Despite two monumental ejaculations just moments apart he was gaining heft as she watched! This would be easy! Her big, big tits always got him hard! Smirking at the watching trio she wobbled her tits back and forth. As she had expected, Eric's gigantic cock jumped to full mast as he gaped at the largest tits he had ever seen. Jackies ginormous titties shook and shimmied in front of him. She knew what Eric liked. He LOVED big tits! And Jackie was so enormous!

Grasping his dick she cupped his cock head in her palm and mashed it against her nipple. Thrusting forward with her shoulder, she pressed him deep into her breast. Her stiff nipple dug into the soft skin of his dick head, massaging him as she wiggled her immense boob against him.

Pulling her chest back she reverently kissed his dick and then folded her immensities around him and began a skilled tittie fuck that had him back to full mast in seconds.

Drooling saliva into her cleavage, she lubricated the way for Eric's dick as it pushed up and down between her vast breasts. Pressing, mashing, squeezing her breasts as tightly as she could, Jackie continued doing what she was so uniquely qualified to do; to tit fuck the biggest, longest, thickest, hardest DICK in Pointe Place, while the three morons watched in awe.

Smiling up at Eric she told him what she KNEW he loved to hear.

"You have such a big, hard dick! I just adore it! I love to feel your enormous cock between my boobs! FUCK my gigantically over sized titties! I love to tittie fuck your huge fucking dick! Are you going to cum between my titties, please Eric! I want you to cum and spray yourself all over my giant, 32 Triple L cup breasts! Tittie fuck me, Eric. Tittie fuck me and cum on my super big tits! You know I love to have you tittie fucking me!" She was smiling up at him while she kept up a stream of dirty, sexy teasing words that had him on the edge in moments.

"I want to see you blow your load all over my boobs, honey! Cum for little Jackie with the big tits that you love so much! Cum for me, Eric! Drench my huge titties with your cum while you fuck my titties! I love feeling you fuck my tits!"

"Jackie, I love your huge tits! I'm almost cumming again! You've got me on the edge you sexy big tittie Queen! Here, I, FUCKING, CUM!" he yelled as his dick began to spurt between her tits. Within seconds her boobs were covered in his slimy jism!

Again laughing and giggling she nursed him through his third explosion in less than ten minutes.

Turning again to the three morons she smiled, thrust out her gigantic, cum covered boobs and demanded,

"Now, do any of you idiots think you can compete with my Eric in ANY way? His fourteen and a half inch super dick is bigger, thicker, longer, harder and finer than any of you morons. And Eric is a better fuck than any of you ever were! He can cum more, cum more often, recover faster and do it all again before any of you could ever hope to be able to!" Her scorn was palpable in her voice. None of them were able to look her in the eye as she finished getting back into her sweater. The Brobdingnagian brassiere lay on the sofa near her. It's cups completely covered the sofa cushion!

"Leave it alone!" she snapped as she saw Fes make a move to pick up her bra.

"Now get out of here. You twits!"

"And you, Eric, you need to fuck hell out of my dripping wet pussy! I'm so horny! I need to feel your big dick slamming in and out of me!" She had gotten so turned on having people watch her service Eric's immense, steel hard dick!

She had enjoyed showing off how good she was at cock sucking! She had taken all that Eric had to offer. More than fourteen inches of rock hard dick had slid down her throat again and again!

It had excited her knowing that she was able to get Eric to blow his load so often while she was showing off how big her tits were and how she could make him cum so easily and so often!

There wasn't a woman in Point Place that could offer what she had in spades! Huge, massive titties. A slender waist and slim hips. Curvy legs and an ass that could take your breathe away. Jackie had it all! And she was still the prettiest girl in Pointe Place!

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