tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThat Ass is Like Whoa!

That Ass is Like Whoa!


Hollywood! Finally a chance to rub elbows with the stars. Or at least that's what I thought. I had been trudging around Hollywood "hotspots" two weeks and the closest I'd been to a celebrity was a Gary Coleman look-a-like at a Starbucks. Needless to say, I was disappointed. This was my only vacation from a crappy job, and I had wasted it chasing stars to no avail. Feeling down I decided to drown my sorrows at a local bar. Upon my arrival I was surprised to find that inside the drab building was actually a nice bar. There was a relatively large dance floor, a live band, and a bevy of delicious young ladies. I was feeling better already. I went to the bar and ordered a drink. I turned on the bar stool and soaked in the atmosphere of the place. I was about order another drink when I noticed a smoking hot chick a few seats down at the bar. She was wearing one of those "juicy" velour track suits, and boy did she fit the description. She was wearing the hood up and I noticed her head down, it seemed like she was sulking. I figured it was the perfect reason to approach her. I stood, straightened my clothes, and walked over.

"You mind if I sit down?" I asked. She nodded and I sat next to her. She motioned to the bartender and he poured her a shot of Jack Daniels. "Strong drink for a little lady", I said. She downed the shot and smiled at me. "I'm impressed" I said laughing. She giggled and turned towards me. I could have sworn I recognized her. "Anyone ever tell you that you look like-" Before I could finish my sentence she snatched me up and pulled me toward the dance floor. I was treated to a view of one the nicest asses I've ever seen. She had an ass that wasn't huge, but fit her frame perfectly and her choice of clothing was more than flattering. Pulling myself away, I looked ahead before she caught me staring. She picked a spot on the floor and we bounced to the lively music and laughed at my feeble attempts at dancing. The bouncing suddenly turned to fast a wind as she turned and backed into me. She backed into me and ground her beautiful ass into my crotch in perfect rhythm. The sudden attention got a rise out of me. She turned around and smiled at the effect she had on me.

"Having fun big boy?" She teased. I blushed as she continued to work my erection. The music suddenly slowed and we faced each other. I was lost in her big, black eyes. We slowed rocked back and forth. She laid her head in my chest and we rocked in bliss until the song ended. I looked down to find her staring up at me. I leaned in and we kissed deeply.

"You wanna get out of here?" she asked.

"That's cool, but I'm walking."

"Not a problem" she said jingling her keys. We sped off in a rather expensive-looking sports car. I wondered what she did for a living, but I didn't want to put her off. I turned on the radio and she sang along to a Mariah Carey song, and I was thrown by her voice. It was simply beautiful; she sounded just like-. Then it dawned on me. I sitting not two feet away from Mya! I didn't know if I should let her know I had recognized her or continue to play dumb. I decided to trick her into admitting it.

"You mind if I change this?" I asked. She shook her head and I quickly found one of her CD's. I popped it into the player and waited for her reaction. I laughed to myself as she struggled to change her voice. She noticed my giggles and turned the player off.

"What gave me away?" She said flatly.

"Your voice was a dead give away" I replied. She laughed and turned the player back on. We drove along singing her songs aloud. She impressed with my knowledge of her work, but seriously disappointed with my singing voice. We finally arrived at a small, but extremely lavish condo. We made our way in and sat down in her living room. She went to get us some drinks, while I walked around in her living room admiring her plaques and awards. It suddenly hit me that I may have a chance at having sex with Mya. She returned with a bottle of Jack Daniels and two shot glasses.

"Have some?"

"Why not?" I responded. We sat slammed back our first shot. She stared me down waiting for to flash my "whiskey face", but I held it back and flashed a smile instead. She poured the next round and we knocked them back. I decided to take my shot before I passed out. "I hate to pry, but why were so down at the bar earlier?" She dropped her head and a slight frown spread across her face. "Touchy subject? You don't have to answer."

"It's okay. I just had a messy breakup with a boyfriend, and I was there to drown my sorrows." I flashed a somber, concerned look but smiled on the inside. I draped an arm over her and drew her near me. She laid her head on my chest and started to draw invisible circles on my pecs. I kissed her on her forehead and asked if there was anything I could do. She stood and almost whispered, "Come with me."

I followed her to her bedroom and fought a huge smile back as I held onto her waist as she walked. We arrived at her bedroom, and I was floored by the scene before me. She had a huge bed draped in blue silk sheets. She pulled me into the room and pushed me onto the bed. "Off with the pants" she hissed.

"Help yourself." I replied as coolly as I could. She smiled and peeled off her top revealing an extremely sexy lacy white bra. My dick almost tore through my jeans. I ripped my shirt off and dropped my pants as quickly as I could. I stood there wearing my underwear and a huge erection. "That's more like it." she said through a smile. She turned and tugged her pants over hips. It was all I could do to resist grabbing her and having my way with her. She wiggled her ass in my face, and I pulled down her boy short panties and unsnapped her bra.

"Slow down big boy." She cooed over her shoulder. She sat down in my lap, her now naked ass grinding against the aching hardon in my boxers. She slowly teased me into near insanity. I kissed her neck and shoulders and reached around to pinch her nipples. The tweak forced a moan to pass her lips. I took this as my pass to continue.

I continued to play with her small breast. I moved downed her flat stomach to the honey pot between her legs. I palmed her trimmed puss and rubbed her until she parted her legs for better access. I parted her lips and traced the outline of her inner labia. She squirmed under my touch, further encouraging my assault on her snatch. I inserted two fingers and concentrated on g-spotting. I found her spot and teased until she squirmed uncontrollably. She was slowly humping my fingers, all the time grinding against the monster constrained by my boxers. She pulled my hands away from her and turned around. She pushed me back on the bed and tugged my boxers down and tossed them over her shoulder.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed. "Where have you been all my life?" I smiled as she gripped the base of my 11 inch dick. She stood there and stared for what seemed like hours. She finally started jacking my schlong, slowly at first but she gained speed. She stopped pumping my cock and crawled on top of me. She turned and straddled my chest, with her pussy two inches from my face. I leaned in and dipped my tongue into the honey pot I had dreamed about for years. I quickly found her clit, circling her hard nub and lightly pinching it between my lips. She squealed in delight, this only encouraged me to go further. I grabbed her ass and buried my tongue as far as I could into her hole. At the same time she went to work on my dick. She slowly licked the head while jacking around the base. She then took the head into her mouth and began her oral assault. She took about seven inches into her mouth and bobbed up and down. My head was now spinning, from both the amazing head and the lack of oxygen!

I was nose deep in her pussy and was loving every second. She suddenly sat up nearly suffocating me. I knew if didn't make her come soon she'd kill me. I starting sucking and swirling for all I was worth and snuck a finger into her asshole. That did it; I was flooded with her juices as she rode a violent orgasm. She finally slid off me. I gasped desperately for air, but lost it again as she impaled herself on my cock. She took it all! She was filled to the hilt, but she took every inch of dick I had. She sat still for a moment with a satisfied grin on her face. Once she adjusted to the size, she slowly raised herself and lowered back onto my pole. She gained speed and rode my dick like a true cowgirl. I gripped her ass and thrust upward, meeting her at the peak of her upward motion. She came down hard grinding at the end of her ride. I was in heaven! She had to have the wettest, tightest pussy I've ever had the pleasure of penetrating. I rolled her over and looked down at the most beautiful girl I'd ever met. I thrust forward, filling her again and again. She screamed in ecstasy and dug her nails into my back. I cringed and drove deeper hitting her cervix and driving a ear-piercing scream from her.

"I'm commmiinng!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her pussy clamped down on my dick as waves of the orgasm struck her. She looked at me with lust-filled eyes and pulled me into a deep, loving kiss. I withdrew and flipped her over. She moved sluggishly, a quick slap on the ass and she got on all fours and looked over her shoulders. I moved behind her and palmed that tight firm bubble I so desired. I eased halfway into her behind. I laughed as she cooed over her shoulder, then I slammed the rest of the way in. She cringed and a single tear dropped from her right eye. I pushed her head down into a pillow and droved deep into her pussy. Her screams now muffled, I gripped her waist and pounded into her with no abandon. My balls tightened as that old familiar feeling struck me. I leaned in with a renewed vigor. I felt her come again as my thrust increased their speed. I pulled out and jacked my monster and shot a river of cum all over that gorgeous ass. I collapsed with my dick in my hand. She rolled over and both of us fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke that morning with Mya once again riding my dick. She rode me to one more mind-blowing orgasm before showering and dropping me off at my hotel. She scribbled her number onto a piece of paper and gave me one last goodbye kiss. I guess I'll be vacationing in LA again really soon.

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