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That Ass, Though


"Okay, twenty bucks says I can beat your ass by at least twenty points," the rowdy ginger took a pull of her beer and gave her friend a challenging look.

The red head's friend grinned widely, "Twenty bucks? Make it a hundred, hot shot, and maybe I'll think about playing with you, Kel."

The country themed bar they were in was crowded, even for a Saturday night, and the loud, twangy music booming from a nearby jukebox made it impossible to have a conversation without shouting.

The woman who had administered the challenge, Kelly by name, frowned. Her build was average, but her most notable feature, besides her hair and freckles, was her generous ass. She'd been made fun of for it in high school, but as an adult, she sometimes felt like the most desirable woman in a room because of it. "A hundred bucks?! I don't have that kind of cash on me!" She shook her head and laughed, "Shit, who do you think I am, Mia?"

Her friend, Mia, was a thickly built girl with smooth, light brown skin. She wasn't overweight, exactly, but she was busty and possessed voluptuous thighs. Her parents were Korean and Filipino, and her exotic look had always garnered her plenty of attention, "Aw, chickening out because of a tiny little wager?" Mia laughed. "Okay, how about we bet something a little different, something that's not money?"

Kelly cocked an eyebrow, "Like what?"

Mia giggled, "Well, you know that I'm bi, and you look fucking amazing in those jeans. I'd love to see your ass out of those, Kel," she giggled once more as she sipped her own drink.

Kelly blushed, "No way! You're drunk, Mia," she laughed as she tried to offset her sudden embarrassment.

"No more so than you!" Mia cackled. "C'mon, if I'm so drunk, you can beat me easily. If you win, I have to give you a hundred bucks. If I win... you have to show me your ass."

Kelly attempted to play off her apprehension, "Hell, I doubt you even have this hundred bucks you're talking about."

Mia grinned as she reached into her clutch and produced a slightly rumpled bill, "Mr. Franklin, how are you?" She looked down at the bill as she smiled stupidly and expectantly at her friend.

"Aw shit," Kelly muttered flatly as she pressed her lips together.

"S'matter, Kel, lost your nerve?" Mia licked her lips, "You like to talk a big game, and this was your idea, so we gonna do it or not?"

The freckled woman sighed. If she won, it would be an easy hundred, but if she lost, the worst she would have to endure was her friend ogling her butt. She wondered why she was so hesitant; logically speaking, she had a lot to gain for a small, harmless risk, "All right, fine!" She faked a smile that exuded overconfidence, "The usual: five darts each."

Mia stepped down from her high barstool and swayed her shoulders, "That booty is mine," she sang a made up song as she began to tap her feet.

"Yeah, we'll see."

Within minutes, the dart game was almost over. Kelly was down to two darts, and she was beating her opponent by twenty seven points. It was Mia's turn to throw, and the thick girl sauntered up to the throwing line casually and lined up her shot. With a quick flick of her elbow, she threw the dart and stuck it, "Eighteen," she grinned, "I'm catching up to you."

Kelly shook her head and laughed, "Like hell you are." She stepped up and took her friend's place. She'd had a few beers, but her aim was still on point. With a practiced movement, she flung the dart and stuck it just above the bullseye, "Ah, damn... well, twenty five isn't bad," She frowned slightly before she smiled brightly in an attempt to shake off the feeling that she was going to lose. "You're up, buttercup, last try."

Mia looked at the dartboard with determination and took a deep breath before throwing her dart hard. To Kelly's surprise, the pointed tip sank deeply into the bullseye, and Mia whooped, "Hell yeah!"

Kelly grit her teeth, "Geh, dammit."

Mia turned to her and did another dance, "Ooh, you gonna try and beat that?" You've gotta get at least thirty points to win!"

The redhead sighed, "Thirty two; you suck at math, Mia."

"Is that irritation I hear?" Mia laughed, "Don't be a sore loser, Kel, no one likes a sore loser."

Kelly shook her head and couldn't help but laugh, "Yeah, yeah, I haven't lost yet." She faced the dartboard and clutched her last dart like her life depended on it. Nervously, she raised her arm and lined up a throw, then with the same twitch, she let the dart fly.

It's no good, She realized even before it hit the board. Her wrist had twisted slightly, and her dart sank into the bottom of the board, out of the scoring zone.

"Yes!" Mia clapped once. "I win, I win!" She giggled boisterously before doing a twirl, "Guess what that means?"

Kelly's blood went cold, "Yeah... I know what it means."

"Aw, don't look so scared, Kel," Mia laughed. "C'mon, I'll buy you another drink to loosen you up a bit."

Kelly nodded in defeat, already feeling embarrassed about something that hadn't happened yet.

Several drinks later, Kelly was feeling slightly less embarrassed. At Mia's behest, she begrudgingly followed the giddy woman to her car and climbed into her SUV. The backseat was spacious enough for three people, so the two of them fit inside comfortably with room to spare.

Kelly settled back onto the seat and sighed heavily, "Okay Mia...how do you want to do this?"

Mia was almost jittery, and she smiled nervously, "Just turn around and pull your pants down... please," she added with a look of pensive lust.

Kelly felt a sudden wave of bashfulness that nearly overcame her usual confidence, but she shoved it away and turned long ways on the seat, "Okay...for how long?"

Mia laughed, "I don't know, for as long as you'll let me," she was already staring at her friend's round bottom through her blue jeans, and the small light that was on in the front seat lent just enough illumination for her to see what she needed.

Kelly slowly reached to her waist and sighed as she undid her top button. Closing her eyes, she felt herself blushing hotly as she undid her zipper and took hold of her waistband.

Mia began to shake noticeably as her friend began wiggle her bottom and slide out of her jeans. In a second, she could see the peak of Kelly's dimpled crease as her smooth ass cheeks were revealed. Several second later, her entire ass was bare, and Mia felt her crotch pulse fiercely as she drank in the sight with her eyes, "Holy shit," she murmured as she licked her lips. Kelly's ass was not only huge, it was perfectly shapely and flawlessly smooth. A small, cute birthmark could be seen on the bottom of her left cheek, and Mia almost reached out to touch it before she heard Kelly murmur.

"How long do I have to do this?" She asked again, the extreme embarrassment obvious in her voice.

Mia bit her lip, "Kel...you are fucking amazing," she took a deep breath, "Oh my God...can I touch it?"

Kelly's eyes widened as she started down at the dark seat in front of her, "Mia, no!"

Mia's lips pouted, "I'm sorry... I just, God I want to touch you so bad."

Kelly frowned. There was something desperate in Mia's voice that she'd never heard from her before. It was a tremulous, needy tone that was both hopeful and lonely, and somehow she felt sorry for her friend, "All right...go ahead, but just a little."

Mia inhaled sharply as she lowered her hand, "Okay... just a little." She gingerly set her palm down on her friend's smooth skin and she held in a gasp. Worshipfully, she slid her hand up and down several times as her eyes became heavy with desire, "Fuck... I'm so hard right now."

Kelly, who was still staring at the bottom of the backseat, immediately furrowed her brow, "What? What do you mean you're hard?"

Mia drew her hands back suddenly and gulped, "Oh, shit, did I say that out loud?" She asked rhetorically as she blinked.

Kelly yanked her pants back up and twisted back into a sitting position. She faced her friend with confused concern and asked, almost accusingly, "Mia, what the hell are you talking about?"

The exotic young woman considered her friend for a long moment before sighing, "We're pretty good friends, right Kel?" She asked seriously.

"Well, yeah, sure," Kelly was taken off guard by her friend's sudden and unbecoming somberness, "Why do you ask?"

"I wanna tell you something, but the last person I told sort of stopped being my friend."

"Seriously? How bad can it be?" Kelly shook her head, "Look, you know I don't agree with you on everything, but I'm not going to stop hanging out with you just because you've got some sort of secret."

Mia nodded, "Thank you, that means a lot to me," she paused, "Can we skip all the bullshit and go straight to the part where you freak out?"

Kelly's confusion turned to an irritated amusement, "All right, sure, go for it." She was certain that whatever it was, it probably wasn't as big of a deal as Mia was making it out to be.

Mia took a slow, deep breath before she unbuckled her belt, "Okay...here goes."

Kelly almost drew back in surprise when her friend undid her belt and the buttons on her jeans, "Mia, what are you doing?" She asked carefully, trying to mask the rising suspicion that was building inside of her.

"It's easier just to show you," Mia said with a look of determination as she she stood slightly.

Kelly watched watched with curiosity as Mia reached into her jeans and dug around. Then, a moment later, she grunted and pulled something up and out of them.

At first, Kelly thought she was seeing some sort of illusion. A penis looked like it had sprouted from Mia's legs, but it was so massive that it looked like a toy, "Mia...what the hell is that?" She asked as she actually drew back a bit.

"That," Mia sighed, "Is my cock."

Kelly's expression went from dismayed to amused to incredulous, "I swear, if you're playing some sort of trick on me..."

"It's not a trick, I swear! Go ahead and touch it if you don't believe me."

Kelly's eyes widened once more as a strange combination of anxiety and excitement ran through her. She'd been broken up with her long time boyfriend for a long time, and it had been months since she'd had sex. Even though it was attached to Mia, it was still a dick, and her body reacted to the sight of it like it would have if she were sitting next to a man. She reached out poked the soft skin, and the erect phallus bounced in response, "Holy shit..." Kelly breathed, "Are you...a trans?"

Mia tried not to groan at her friend's touch, "Would it be a problem if I was? Would you stop talking to me."

"No, of course not," Kelly responded, still fascinated with the thing between Mia's legs.

"Good. Anyway, I'm not a transexual, I was born this way. I have a pussy too."

"What?!" Kelly said louder than she meant to.

"Yeah, I'm male and female I guess, but most of the time my male part makes more trouble for me."

Kelly bit her lower lip, "Shit," she said as she tried to fight her growing arousal, "Does it, I mean, can you cum out of it?"

Mia grinned widely and laughed as a deep blush rose to her cheeks, "Oh God yes," she laughed, "Can I ever!"

The redhead frowned as she tried to fight her mixed feelings. One won over the others, and she reached out once more and wrapped her fingers around Mia's thick cock, "It feels real... like, actually real..." Kelly murmured as she pulled upwards slightly.

Mia let out a small sigh, "It is real, Kel," she laughed lowly, "For better or for worse." She closed her eyes for a second and sighed through her teeth, "Oh... you should stop," she said as she placed her hand on Kelly's wrist.

Kelly was too intrigued and turned on to stop, and though she'd never been attracted to women, her body was giving her every chemical indicator that what she was doing was a good thing, "Does it hurt?" She asked as she gripped harder and began to stroke at an even pace.

"Oh shit," Mia couldn't hold on a groan as she tossed her head back, "No, goddammit, it feels so good." The stacked young woman sighed languidly and gasped as her friend began to stroke even faster.

Kelly was entranced as she worked her hand over Mia's shaft. It was almost comically large, but it was so thick and heavy that it matched the woman's large breasts and thick thighs, "It's really amazing," Kelly said more to herself than to Mia as she watched a bead of precum form on the tip of Mia's cockslit.

Mia moaned, "Aw, geez, Kelly..." she panted as she wriggled out of her jeans slightly. She leaned back and pulled her panties down a little further, and her testicles spilled over the lacy edges of the material.

"Fuck," Kelly said hotly as she looked down at Mia's balls. They were completely smooth and proportionate to her massive cock, which made them easily twice the size of any normal man's testicles.

Free and unfettered, Mia's dick hardened even further as she cried out, "Ah, ah! Shit!" She placed her hand on Kelly's wrist once one and patted it, "Stop, stop, stop..." she spoke the words consecutively before she took a deep breath, "I'm gonna fucking blow."

Kelly smiled widely, "Go ahead."

Mia shook her head, "Kel...no...please," she caught her breath, "Can I please see your ass again? Please?"

Kelly giggled as she decided to embrace the absurd turn of events, "Why is everyone so obsessed with my ass?" She asked as she turned and crawled back into her previous position.

Mia readjusted herself on the long seat and sat up on her knees directly behind Kelly, "Because your ass is fucking amazing," she exhaled sharply as she felt a fresh jolt of arousal, "Lemme see, please?"

Kelly laughed and wiggled her butt out of her jeans like she'd done before, "As long as you don't try to stick it in; you'll fucking tear me apart with that thing."

Mia shook her head as her girlboner rose to full hardness, "I promise I won't... I just..." she took hold of her girthy cock and slapped Kelly's birthmark with it. The redhead's supple skin rippled at the force, and Mia was so turned on that she did it a second time.

Kelly sighed as her friend continued to slap her ass with her throbbing dick. She laughed as she cooed, "Go ahead, you might as well finish it off, you've gotten me this far."

Mia growled hungrily as she slapped both her hands onto Kelly's round ass cheeks and grabbed them roughly, "God, that ass!" She exclaimed as she spread open her friends cheeks widely and slapped her cock right in-between the soft curve of Kelly's dimples.

Kelly blinked in shock as she felt Mia's cock slap her asshole squarely, "Geez! Mia, be care..." her words were cut off as she felt Mia begin to sway forward.

"Yes...fuck yes!" Mia grunted as she spanked Kelly hard. Her friend's ass felt just as amazing as it looked, and as she began to fuck Kelly's ass crack she pressed both of the woman's ass cheeks together and sandwiched her dick tightly. "Kelly, I'm sorry!" She cried out as she began to move faster, "It's too good, I can't stop!"

Kelly gasped in surprise and pleasure at the sudden roughness, "It's okay...go ahead...I like it," she said out loud as she admitted it both to Mia and herself.

Mia's tits began to jiggle in her top and she rocked harder. She pulled her jeans down past her knees and grunted with relief as she spread her knees a bit. Her heavy nutsack swung rhythmically beneath her, slapping Kelly's wet pussy every time she moved forward. Mia's panties were bunched up halfway down her own butt, and her ass was hanging out behind her even as she continued to capitalize on her bet."

Kelly groaned as her body shifted every time Mia slammed into her. Even though she wasn't being penetrated, it felt incredible to on all fours ok front of someone, and she urged her friend on between gasps, "Come on, baby, cum for me, cover my fat ass!"

Mia squeaked, "Shit...no! I can't..." she said quickly. Contrary to her reply, she continued to slide her dick between her friend's ass cheeks as her precum drooled down Kelly's crack.

"If you make a mess you can buy me a new pair of jeans," Kelly giggled, "Come on, do it!"

"K,Kel," Mia stuttered as she stared at her fat girl sausage hotdogged between Kelly's buns, "I don't think you understand how much..."

"Mia," Kelly said firmly, "Be a good girl and paint my fucking ass."

Mia nearly passed out as herv balls strained at her friend's words, "Fine!" She responded with another groan as she pulled back and grabbed her cock. She pulled her foreskin back as far as she could and rubbed her swollen, sensitive cock head over Kelly's deliciously soft skin, "Gonna cum..." she said tremulously as her chest heaved, "So much fuckin' cum all over your fat ass...oh... shit!" She shouted as she reached the point of no return. Her balls tightened and her cock hardened to an almost painful degree before she felt the inevitable wave of pleasure. She struggled to control her monster as she gripped herself tightly, but it did nothing to stop the torrent of cum that dumped from her cockslit. Hot, thick seed rolled out of her in solid streams, covering Kelly's roundness. Within seconds, the redhead's creamy white skin was covered in creamy white fluid, and as it continued to dump out it ran down the woman's shapely ass and into a pool that was forming in the crotch of Kelly's jeans.

Mia did everything she could to keep her balance and moaned as her monster drained itself. After a solid twelve seconds or so, the runoff of her cum began to dissipate, and Kelly's ass looked like a cake that had been iced too heavily.

Meanwhile, Kelly was shuddering at the wash of hot fluid that was running down her skin. She could also feel it dripping down and oozing into the legs of her pants, and she laughed loudly as Mia panted behind her, "What the fuck! How is that even possible? Is there as much there as it feels like there is?"

Mia looked down and began to laugh herself as the relief of her long overdue climax relaxed her, "Yes... probably more."

Kelly winced as she moved a little, "Ew," she continued to laugh, "Do you have like a towel or something, freakin' hell."

Mia turned and leaned over the backseat, "Oversized t-shirt?"

"Yeah...a little help?"

Mia went about the task of wiping her friend, and as she did so, she could already feel herself getting hard again, "Hey, Kel?"

"Yeah, what up, Mia? Before you ask, no, I will never make a bet with you ever again," Kelly smiled as she turned over slightly to try and peel her jeans off.

"Do you maybe...wanna come back to my place to clean up?"

Kelly turned and gave Mia a wry, nervous smile, "Yeah...sure."

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