That Damned Valentine's Day Card

byTx Tall Tales©

She brought her lips to my ear. "We can tease her, but no penetration and no kissing. Understood?"


After that we got a little crazy, moving around the prone body, using only our mouths to eat from her. After scooping up a treat, we were both kissing and licking the underlying flesh. Sheri, grabbed a piece and set it right on the nipple, twisting and pushing a little, until it was seated firmly. "Go get it," she teased.

I wasn't about to argue, and took my time eating it in place, sucking on the perky little protrusion, and getting my first tiny moan from our human serving tray. I grabbed another and did the same for her.

Sheri smirked at me, as if I was challenging her, and she did an even better job of retrieving it, making the woman underneath squirm.

She laughed at that. "I think we're getting to her. And she was doing so well, don't you think?"


We were down to half a dozen pieces, and I was loathe to finish. I was still surprised, after all we'd done, when she moved to the end of the table, between the woman's legs. Sheri parted them, hanging our guest's calves over the sides of the coffee table. I heard a faint gasp, and she placed a treat right over the pretty pink opening.

"We don't want her to go away wanting," she whispered to me, nibbling on my ear.

I took several minutes to devour that piece and the succulent flesh beneath it. As I pulled away, another piece appeared in place of the previous, and I went after it with gusto, exploring further, my tongue grazing her opening, my lips sucking up on the little hidden nub of flesh at the top of her opening. I felt my 'table' trembling, and a whispered "please..." escaped her lips.

I sucked with abandon, tonguing her clit, until I felt her shuddered release.

I pulled away, both excited, and embarrassed. I wondered if I'd taken things too far, but my wife was nibbling on a breast, and lifted her head, smiling for me. "That was kind of you," she said.

I moved away, and placed one of our last two treats where the previous two had been. I looked at Sheri, and I saw a flash of nervousness. "You want me too...?"

I nodded.

She gazed at me for a few seconds, then blushed. She moved down between the woman's legs, and when she lowered her face, a whispered "Oh God..." got my attention.

I caressed our generous hostesses face, and forgetting the rules for a moment, kissed her lightly on the lips. She whimpered softly, and I turned and worked on her breasts while my wife finished the last of the treats, and finished our pretty little playmate as well.

The woman was completely naked, breathing hard, with nothing covering her anywhere. She was trying to hold completely still, and I thought we were done, but Sheri stood, removed her panties, and climbed on the table, her knees bracketing the woman's head, and her hands braced beside her hips. "Now, Alex. I can't wait any longer," she growled.

I dropped my boxers and took up position at the end of the table. Sheri was absolutely soaked in anticipation and I entered her easily. With the first few strokes she was coming. I started slowly but was soon banging her hard. She lowered her head, and I groaned when our naked playmate cried out. I looked down past where my cock was sluicing in out of Sheri's dripping channel. Literally dripping, drops of her juices, falling on the blindfolded face below.

"Fuck me," Sheri gasped, thrusting backward. "Fuck. Me!"

I was hammering her as hard as I could, when I felt the shift below me. I grabbed her hips in reflex, as the overworked coffee table surrendered its life, collapsing to the floor, and wrenching a surprised "Ooof!" out of our guest.

Sheri squealed, and I released her gently, as she crawled to our guest. "Oh, God, Alyssa, are you Ok?"

The woman was trying to sit up, holding the back of her head. With me positioned as I was, her hand grazed my cock. "Damn, that hurt," she whined. "I hit my head."

"Get her some ice, Alex," Sheri commanded. I rushed to the kitchen grabbing a kitchen towel, and wrapping several cubes of ice in it. Alyssa? From her work? I hadn't seen that one coming.

I went out to the living room, and Alyssa was unmasked, sitting on the couch with Sheri beside her. I brought over the improvised ice pack. "Sorry," I said, with more than a little embarrassment.

Alyssa, took it and held it to the back of her head, chuckling. "Frankly, Sher, this isn't what I signed up for. You're going to owe me big time."

Sheri gave her a hug. A nice naked hug I might add. My erection, robbed of its imminent finish, was in no danger of going away.

"I got a little carried away," Sheri mumbled.

"You think?" Alyssa teased.

"It's for a good cause," Sheri whined.

"You gonna leave him like that? The least you could do is finish what you started. I think I'll just sit back and watch this time. From a safe distance."

I had nervously picking up the pieces of the table. All four legs had simply folded toward the far end of the table. I had lifted the table top away and stood it to the side, and found Sheri lying on her back in its place when I turned around.

"I hope you don't mind an audience, big guy," she said, grinning.

I didn't and I climbed between her legs, tilting them back, and was soon thrusting away at her. The effort leading up to that moment, plus the presence of our audience had me distinctly worked up, and I didn't last more than a couple of minutes before I was filling her. I was pleased that she was somehow able to reach her own release with the limited servicing I provided. I looked over as I grew close to my finish and saw that Alyssa had her hands between her legs as she watched us.

I groaned as I unloaded in my wife, thrusting in deeply. I pulled out a few seconds later, and she quickly moved forward and took me in her mouth. Quite the naughty thing to do, and not usually on the menu. When I was sufficiently clean for her tastes, she pulled away, blushing again.

She grinned. "You, sir, are corrupting me."

I laughed. "I'll be corrupting you a lot more before this evening is through."

She got up, stretching beautifully. "Dessert's going to have to wait."

Sheri extended her hand to her officemate, and Alyssa stood up. They disappeared into the back of the house, and I finished neatening up the mess. We were going to have to get the carpets cleaned. I'd completely forgotten about the soy sauce, and our little serving bowls. They had spilled everywhere, right in front of the couch.

I put on my boxers, and did what I could, spraying the stains with carpet cleaner, and patting down the stained areas. I heard a wolf whistle behind me, and I stood, once more a bit embarrassed.

Sheri had a new negligee on, and Alyssa was dressed casually, in her business clothing. She walked over and gave me a hug, and a quick kiss. "Thanks for an...interesting evening. I hope I didn't spoil everything."

I laughed, giving her a hug. "Not at all. You were pretty amazing! How can you hold still that long?"

She smiled. "I used to do some modeling for the art students to make money in college. I'd have to stay perfectly still for sometimes as long as 30 minutes at a time. I guess I got used to it." She pulled me down for another quick kiss. "You know you're a damn lucky guy, don't you?"

I nodded, looking over at my patient wife. "I know it."

Alyssa grinned. "Good." She turned to Sheri, "Give me a call, I'm gonna need details later."

Sheri escorted her to the door, and gave her a hug. "You're the best, Alyssa."

Alyssa grinned. "That was wild," she confessed. "As long as we at least try to follow the rules, I'd love to help you again. Let me know."

When she was gone, Sheri came to me, sliding into my extended arms. "That was different," she said.

I laughed. "No kidding."

"Take me to bed, Alex? I...I need you to love me tonight. I'm nervous," she said softly.

I scooped her in my arms. I couldn't remember the last time I'd done that, and she squealed cutely. "Stop, you'll hurt yourself."

"Not hardly. I love holding you like this. Brace yourself, beautiful, you're about to be loved."

She smiled for me, and leaned her head against my chest, while I carried her back to our room.

I did as she asked, nothing too crazy, a long drawn out love session, most of the time spent holding her and moving in and out of her warm tunnel gently and easily. No screaming or hysterical moaning, it was more in line with re-establishing our connection, which had been strained so severely.

We were laying in the afterglow, cuddled together. "It's not too late to change your mind," she said softly.

"Having second thoughts?"

"From the moment I first entertained the idea. I'd hate to mess up what we have."

I gave her a squeeze. "I'm nervous too. Hell, even a little jealous at the idea of him experiencing you for the first time. I think we'll be fine. You love me and only me, right? This isn't any more than what you've told me."

"I'd hope you wouldn't even have to ask. You're the one for me, big guy. You and only you, forever and ever." She ran her hand across my chest. "We'll talk every evening. If you change your mind, if you find yourself doubting us in any way, tell me. I'll leave and come straight home to you."

"Alright. I think I can survive 3 days and nights without you. It'll be difficult being alone, but I'll manage."

She giggled. "You won't be alone. I've made sure you'll be taken care of."

Taken care of? "What do you mean? What are you up to, Trouble?"

"Nothing bad. A way to distract you a little. You won't be eating alone. You've got dates for the next three nights lined up. Now don't go getting your hopes up, these are platonic dates. No funny stuff, beyond a little flirting and playing around, Ok?"

"What kind of dates?" I asked.

"It wouldn't be much of a surprise then, would it? You'll have to trust me. I know I'm asking that a lot."

"I trust you completely, Sheri. Doesn't make me less anxious about this weekend, but I want you to know that I do trust you. Not to get too carried away, or forget about me."

She kissed me softly. "Not a chance, baby. Not in this lifetime."

* * *

After breakfast the next morning, she went to pack a bag. When I was done cleaning up, she called me in to the bedroom. "Want to see what I'm packing?" she asked.

I thought about it. "No, I don't think so. I don't see how it would help, and it might get we thinking in weird ways. Like I said, I trust you. Take what you think will help."

She moved away from her bag, and hugged me. "No weird thinking. Nothing may even happen. Whatever does, I'll keep in mind that at any time you can ask me and I'll tell you every detail."

"That's not part of the deal," I reminded her. "I don't want to know."

"I know, but whatever I do, and I want to be able to lay with you and tell you everything without any guilt or shame. I won't volunteer, but if you ever do decide you want to know, I'll tell you anything you want."

I squeezed her. "God, this is hard," I whispered. "I don't want to be like this, but I can't get past someone else being with you."

She froze. "I won't go."

"No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm being honest, that's all. It's difficult, painful. I think it's the anticipation. I'll deal with it. I want you to do this. I believe you need to. More than anything, I want you to be happy and at peace with yourself, and I'm afraid if you don't do whatever you can to help him, it will haunt you. I'm not going to be responsible for that."

"Thank you. I promise I'll make it up to you. Remember, if it does become too much, all you have to do is call me."

She pulled away, and closed her suitcase. She stood in front of me, posing. "How do I look?"

"Gorgeous. Lucky bastard."

She grinned. "He is lucky, isn't he?"

"God, I hope he realizes just how much."

"I'm sure he will." She looked me over. "You better get cleaned up and dressed. Your first date is going to show up in less than an hour."

"An hour? You said dinner."

"You'll have dinner with her. A lovely afternoon as well, I hope. I've got to run now, be good." She smiled, and I saw the look of anxiousness cross her face. I wondered if she wasn't perhaps almost as nervous as I was.

* * *

For three days, I barely had time to breath, never mind think of what she was up to. Sheri's idea of 'dinner' was a far cry from my own. Amusement parks, Dave & Buster's, playing tourist, sampling new restaurants for lunch and dinner, hikes, all kinds of stuff. The women were all from her work, young, attractive, and determined to keep me entertained.

Each night ended in dinner out, a phone call to Sheri, and dancing. That first night, I went outside and called Sheri, nervous as hell, while my date waited patiently at the table.

"Hi baby, can you talk?" I asked.

"Yes. I'm out on the porch. How's your day been?"

"Busy. I guess you planned it that way."

She chuckled. "Exactly. You going dancing next?"

"That's the plan."

"Good. I hope you have a blast. We're about to do the same. He's already acting more cheerful. I even had him laughing a couple of times. I think he's more nervous than you and I combined. First time I put my hand on his arm he nearly jumped three feet." She was laughing, and I smiled with her. "We're still good?" she finally asked.

"Yes. I'll manage. Making a fool out of myself on the dance floor for a couple of hours will leave me little time to mope."

"I love you, Alex."

"Love you too, baby. I miss you."

She chuckled. "I doubt that. With Joanie on your arm? I'm the one who should be jealous."

"Hardly. Not that she hasn't been a complete joy to be with, she's a nice girl, but she's not you."

"I know. He's not you either. Not even close. It shouldn't be so much work to go out, but I knew that going in. Everything we do, I keep thinking it should be you, and how much better it would be if it was."

"It'll get better," I told her, secretly hoping it didn't get too much better.

"Go dance your legs off. Call me tomorrow. Make sure you get a lot of rest, I think you're going to need it."

"Goodnight. I love you."

She sounded choked up when she answered. "I know. Love you too. G'night."

Joanie, my companion the first day, was a dance instructor, and she insisted on working with me to improve my meager skills. She teased me mercilessly about my two left feet. She also made me swear that we'd make it a regular thing, with Sheri of course, until I felt comfortable on the dance floor.

I learned from Joanie that Sheri really enjoyed dancing, even more than I knew, but she didn't press me to do it more, since she knew it wasn't my thing, and didn't like to dance with anyone but me. Another surprise, and something to think about. I felt better about my efforts by the end of the first night, and I thanked my date profusely.

We ended up back at my place, for a very late nightcap, and she sat next to me, almost in my lap. "You know the rules, right?"

"I think so," I laughed. "Platonic."

She lifted an eyebrow. "Funny, that's not how Sheri explained it to me. I was told nothing I wouldn't do on a first date. That, and to keep my clothes on. That work for you?" She lifted her arms and placed them around my neck.

"I think I can work with that," I answered.

We necked like teenagers, drank a little wine, and talked. She was single, dating a couple of guys, but not exclusive. She worked in accounting at Sheri's firm, and knew all about the deal. She was apparently friendly with John at one time, and was hopeful that this weekend was going to help.

"You're a hell of a man, Alex. I don't know many guys who would be confident enough in their marriage to go along with this."

I guess I wasn't as confident as I thought. "You don't think I'm a wimp then? Whipped enough to let my wife do whatever she wants. Spend three nights with another man."

"No," she said softly, kissing me for the umpteenth time that night. "Just the opposite. I wish I could find a man like you."

"I'm certain you will. You're a pretty incredible catch if you don't mind my saying. Beautiful, easy to talk to, earning a good living. Not to mention a terror on the dance floor."

"Thank you. Maybe someone worthwhile will realize it someday," she said wistfully.

It was after 2:00am when I moved away from her. "It's late. I have no idea how early my day's going to start tomorrow. I think we better call it a night."

She took my hands in hers. "I'll stay if you'd like. Nothing naughty, but I'd love to fall asleep in your arms, and wake up the same way."

"I think that would be pressing the definition of a platonic date a little far."

"It wasn't my idea. We don't want you be alone this weekend. An empty bed can be a lonely place. Let me stay? I'll behave, and I know you will."

"You know I will? With someone as gorgeous as you in my bed?"

"Absolutely. You're not a cheater. We both know that." She leaned against me. "It's hard for a girl to ask," she said softly.

"Let's go to bed. But I expect a goodnight kiss."

She went out to her car, and brought in a small case. We took turns showering, and she came out of the bathroom, dressed in a short t-shirt, and shorts. God, she looked good. "I can wear more if I need to, but I'm used to less. Is this Ok?" she asked.

"Perfect." I was wearing a pair of shorts, which admittedly was more than I was used to as well.

She climbed into my bed, and into my arms. We took up the kissing where we'd stopped on the couch. A little fondling and caressing, but avoiding the goodies. It was only for about 5 minutes, before we were mostly just holding each other, an occasional peck breaking things up.

"This was the best day ever," she whispered, her eyes closed. "I'm so fucking jealous."

I pulled her close, and her arm went around me, her leg sliding over mine. "I had a wonderful time. Thank you," I told her

"Mmmhmmm," she purred, snuggling in close and getting comfortable.

I was hard, no surprise, but I had little inclination to act on it. For a moment I started to wonder what my wife was up to, but managed to put it aside. It did help to wilt my trouser soldier.

I woke up, curled around her, spooning. My hardness was pressed against her, and my hand was inside her shirt, cupping her breast. I toyed with it softly, enjoying the feeling until I realized what I was doing. I started to pull away, and her hand grabbed mine. "Don't stop. Just hold me a little longer, Alex, please?"

I nuzzled my face into her neck, breathing deep, kissing her softly. I pulled her close, not worrying about how I was poking her down below, and massaged her tit gently.

I rested, content to feel her warm soft body against mine. When I awoke next, I was alone in my bed. I could hear the shower running. I laid on my back, wondering how it had come to this. A beautiful woman in my shower, my wife off with another man. Oh well, I started the whole damn thing with that damn Valentine Day's card. It could have turned out a whole lot worse.

Joanie peaked out of the bathroom. "Shower's yours, hot stuff. Get your butt out of that bed. Time's a wasting. It's after 11:00 you know."

I looked at the clock, amazed we'd slept in that long. I got up, my morning wood leading the way. The bathroom door was open, and she was drying her long dark hair. "I don't mind sharing the bathroom if you don't," she told me.

What the hell. I started the shower, and dropped my shorts. Joanie was watching me in the mirror. I caught her looking and she smiled. "Looking good, Alex. I'm getting more and more jealous," she teased.

"Ditto, beautiful," I laughed, and climbed into the enclosure. After a quick wash and shampoo, I got out and dried myself, wrapping the towel around my waist. She pouted cutely. I got in front of my sink, did the shave and teeth brushing thing, then ran a brush through my hair. Less than 5 minutes all told. She was still working at putting on her face.

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