tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThat Fateful Weekend Ch. 13

That Fateful Weekend Ch. 13


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Please read the previous chapters to this story so you will know what everyone has been up to.


Originally I split this chapter into two parts but I've decided to combine both parts and present them as one whole chapter.

For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!

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Chapter 13 - The BBQ

Donna and I were in the kitchen getting ready for the party when Jake called out, "Mike and Sarah are back."

I looked up and saw both dad and Jake walk past the patio door just as Mike appeared carrying two cases of beer. I asked Mike, "Why did you buy more beer, we have plenty?"

Mike smiled at me saying, "I couldn't resist getting more beer, the price was minimal."

"Was it on sale or something?" I asked.

Mike was putting the beer he was carrying in the pantry when dad and Jake walked into the house and each of them was carrying a case of beer.

Mike walked out of the pantry I said, "Damn Mike, I appreciate you getting more beer but you didn't have to buy more, we have plenty. I guess we will have enough to carry us over for a long time to come."

Sarah walked into the house with two girls following close behind her and with a big smile she said, "Matt you're not going to believe what a good bargain we got on the beer and these chips." She walked over to the counter and set down the three shopping bags of chips. I looked between Mike, Sarah and the girls before saying, "You shouldn't have bought all that stuff for the party we have plenty."

Sarah, Mike and the girls began laughing giving me the hint I had missed something so I asked, "What's going on? Is there something I missed?"

Sarah continued to smile saying, "Oh Matt, we didn't buy this stuff we just got a really great bargain on all of it."

Donna turned around at the counter and joined me in her look of confusion waiting for Mike Sarah to explain.

Sarah said, "First let me introduce you to my sister Brandi and Mike's sister Julie. Brandi, Julie this wonderful couple is Matt and Donna."

Donna picked up and towel and wiped her hands before walking over to Julie and Brandi. One by one she pulled each of them into a hug, mashing her naked body against theirs for a few seconds longer than a brief hug. I followed Donna's lead and hugged each of them and before releasing each of them I said, "I am so glad to meet you and I want to welcome you to our home. I see that Mike and Sarah have informed you of our house rule."

Brandi spoke up saying, "I wasn't sure about being naked a little while ago but since I've been naked for awhile now, I'm getting used to all this. I have to say, I'm enjoying the views seeing all the hard cocks bobbing around here."

Julie stood there blushing before she said, "Yeah, when I first heard I was going to be naked with a whole bunch of other people, I was more than a little nervous. Today is the first time anyone has seen me naked so I hope you like what you see."

I looked at Julie and said, "In this house everyone has to be nude and we are not judgmental about anyone. We accept you for who you are and we want you to feel right at home here."

Donna walked over to Julie and Brandi before saying, "While you are here, we want you to feel comfortable. It's ok to look at each other and appreciate how they look."

I couldn't resist and while looking between both Julie and Brandi I said, "I'm glad you're here and I must tell you, both of you look lovely."

Looking down I intentionally looked at both Brandi and Julie's pussy before saying, "I love bald pussy that's why Donna keeps hers waxed smooth. I see both of you are bald too so I'd say both of you are off to a great start."

Donna stepped between Brandi and Julie and put her arms around their shoulder and said, "Come with me, let me show you around. If we stay here too much longer, Matt will be drooling all over your pussy."

Mike and Sarah pitched right in and helped get the food and snacks ready. By the time we finished the refrigerator was packed with trays of snacks. They helped put out all the non-perishable snacks on the patio. We noticed dad and Jake took charge of packing the coolers on the patio with beer and ice.

All too soon the doorbell rang and Mike started walking towards the front door saying, "I'll get it, that's likely to be Jim and Becky."

Immediately after opening the door, I heard laughter and looked that way to see Mike shaking hands with Jim then Becky as they stepped into the house leading the way with three guys following them. A few seconds later I noticed the first female face peeking into the house. I wiped my hands and then walked towards the door.

Jim stepped towards me and heartily shook my hand saying, "Matt, thank you so much for allowing us to bring our guests to your party. Becky and I had such a wonderful time the last time we were here, you and your wife are great hosts.

Becky stepped towards me and threw her arms around my neck, hugged me closely and gave me a kiss on the cheek before saying, "Matt thank you so much I'm glad we could come back. By the way where's Donna?"

I leaned my upper body back keeping my hips and semi hard cock pressed tightly against Becky while I answered, "I am so glad you could make it. Donna is showing the babysitters what she wants them to do and where things are."

Becky stepped back from our hug then stepped off to my side and put her arm around my back. Standing beside Becky and me Jim said, "Let me introduce you to my college friends."

Two of the three females who came with Jim and Becky were standing just outside the door looking in when Jim waved his arm saying, "Come in, it's ok you don't have to be shy, we came here to have fun and party."

Once all three females were inside they remained huddled in a group trying to ignore the fact that Mike and I were standing in front of them completely nude and not trying to cover our cock.

Jim started the introductions by stating, "As I call out your name please raise your hand. I'll introduce everyone by their name and at the same time I'll call them by couple. The first couple is Ken and Brianne but we call her Bri, next is Tim and Jen and finally, standing over there is Joe and Deb."

I smiled and nodded my head at each person as they were introduced. When Jim finished I said, "I'm glad to meet all of you and I welcome you to our home. My wife Donna will be joining us soon. I know Jim and Becky have mentioned it to you but I want to let you know our house rule applies to everyone who comes here, including our parents who are also here for the party. My wife and I are nudists with a slight touch of exhibitionism and our house rule is, if you stay longer than ten minutes, you must remove all your clothes and remain naked or nude throughout your visit here."

One of the girls in the back asked, "Can we keep our panties on for a while if we take off everything else."

I smiled at her then looked at everyone before saying, "It doesn't matter to me what you leave on as long as you are completely naked within ten minutes."

Becky let go of me and started taking off her clothes. She was topless by the time she said, "Deb, I told you, you might as well take everything off at once and get it over with."

Looking at me Becky said, "This is the first time any of them have been to a social nudist party and they had millions of questions before we got here. Jim and I have only been here one time so we tried to answer their questions the best we could."

I looked around at the group of people and noticed Jim pushing his shorts down his legs. He was totally naked facing his friends while Becky was standing next to me topless. Finally I said, "We have our house rule that you must be nude while you are here but other than that, anything goes as long as each person is consenting. In this house, no definitely means no, so please don't force yourself upon anyone else."

I looked at Becky and saw her perky tits standing out from her chest and said, "They are just as lovely as I remember them."

Becky blushed and looked around at all their friends before saying, "I have a surprise for you Matt."

When she finished talking Becky stepped forward and turned so all of us could see her as she seductively swayed to imaginary music as she unbuttoned the button on her shorts and slowly unzipped them. Becky did the side to side girl shuffle all girls do as they push their shorts over their hips and down their ass cheeks. Finally gravity reached up and grabbed Becky's shorts and pulled them down her legs to pool at her feet.

I watched without saying a word, caught up in Becky's strip tease. I looked around the noticed that the other three girls were still standing close together and the guys stood off to the side of the girls and each one was sporting a tent in the front of their shorts.

Becky looked up at me and asked, "Matt, are you ready to see what I did, just for you?"

I looked Becky up and down trying to figure out what she was talking about. Her tits looked the same as I remember. They were at least a "C" cup and with no sag they stood out prominently from her chest topped off with light pink areolae and quarter inch nipples.

Becky stood before me in light blue satin bikini panties with a lace panel in the front. Try as I might I finally admitted to Becky, "I don't see anything different, you look great."

Smiling at me she finally hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and slowly and seductively pushed them down watching my face for any indication I would figure out what was different.

Becky pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She bent forward and picked up her clothes off the floor and stuffed them in her canvas bag before standing back up and facing us. As she pushed her clothes into the bag I looked at her pussy and realized that Becky had a landing strip the last time she was here and now even the landing strip was gone.

I dropped to my knees and Becky automatically parted her feet so I had a better view of her pussy "Wow, did you do that just for me or because you saw everyone else is shaved bald?" I asked.

Leaning forward I kissed Becky's bald lips and then pushed my tongue into her lovely pussy and licked her clit and made her shiver. Becky held the back of my head momentarily before releasing me so I could stand back up.

"Really, I did it just this morning when I found out we were coming here for a party. I remember how much you love seeing bald pussy and I felt over dressed with my landing strip." Becky replied with a girlish giggle.

By now my cock was hard and standing out in front of me but that didn't stop Becky from stepping in front of me and pulling my cock between her legs and nestled it between the lips of her very wet pussy when she hugged and kissed me this time.

When we finished the hug Becky spun off to my side again and put her arm around my back with her hand resting on the top of my ass cheek. With a gentle squeeze she looked up at me saying, "I'm ready to party."

I turned and looked at all the new people who were still standing wide eyed, fully clothed inside the front door before I said, "As you can see, Becky has been here before and apparently comfortable undressing out here however you can use the bathroom in the hall if you want some privacy."

Deb finally spoke up looking at the other girls saying, "I don't know how I let Becky talk me into this. I'm nervous as hell! Especially after watching my best friend get her pussy licked right in front of all of us."

Bri was next to say, "Oh MY God, this is so strange! It makes me horny as hell but at the same time I'm nervous about showing my naked body to everyone here."

Jen piped up saying, "I'm with Becky, the faster we do this, the better off we will be. Is anyone going to lick my pussy?"

I watched as Jen stepped away from the rest of the group as she pulled her shirt up and off baring her bra covered tits as Bri and Deb both yelled, "Jen, not here!"

Jen smiled at both of them and said, "Everyone is going to see us naked soon. Does it really matter where we take off our clothes?"

Jen unhooked her bra and let it fall baring her rather large tits for everyone to see. I would estimate Jen wore at least a "D" or maybe a "DD" cup bra. Once she took her bra off, her lovely tits bounced in her hands as Jen rubbed under them. One thing I noticed was the ends of her tits were covered by large dark brown areolae topped off with half inch nipples which were very noticeable.

Jen turned to Tim and said, "Buddy boy if you think I'm the only one who is going to bare my body, you're mistaken." When she was finished talking she reached out before Tim could react and lifted his shirt up and over his head. Just as quickly she dropped to her knees and immediately started working on the button and zipper of his shorts. In one swift move she pulled both his shorts and boxers down his legs. Tim's hard cock popped into view almost hitting Jen in the chin. Once Tim was naked there was a collective gasp from Becky, Bri and Deb as they looked at the size of his cock. Tim didn't have a monster cock but he had a very long cock.

Tim stood there embarrassed with his hard cock bobbing up and down in front of Jen's face. Jen looked at his cock and said, "Damn honey that looks delicious."

Tim reached down and took Jen by her arms and picked her up to a standing position. Turning Jen so she was facing everyone, Tim reached around Jen and unfastened and unzipped her shorts. Tim whispered in her ear, "Paybacks are a bitch dear."

Tim hooked his thumbs under the waist band of Jen's shorts and tantalizingly pushed ever so slowly downward until the front of Jen's purple, lace g-string panties came into view. Tim leaned forward and in a loud sexy whisper, "Soon my dear, everyone is going to see what you're hiding between those lovely legs of yours."

Jen involuntarily shivered not knowing what Tim had planned for her but to keep up her brave face she turned her head towards Tim saying, "Go for it big boy, I bet you can't make me blush as bad as you did!"

Tim pushed Jen's shorts down until they fell and pooled around her feet. Jen stepped out of the shorts and kicked them off to the side. Just then, she felt Tim turning her again only this time he turned her around facing him. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply before pushing her backwards holding only her hands to stop her from going too far. Tim smiled at Jen as he pulled downward on her hands saying, "Bend over at your waist and part your feet."

Looking into Tim's eyes Jen suddenly realized if she bent over with her parted her legs, everyone behind her would see her puckered little asshole and her spread open pussy. Jen pleaded with her eyes without saying a word but she only saw the wicked smile spread across Tim's face.

Slowly Jen leaned forward bending at her waist while at the same time she moved her right foot off to the side. Becky and I moved over a little bit so we could see between Jen's ass cheeks. The only thing blocking our total view of Jen's ass and pussy was a thin piece of material.

Tim reached down and held his hard cock in front of Jen's mouth and without saying a word he offered it to her to suck. Jen looked up and Tim and opened her mouth as Tim stepped forward pushing more of his cock into her oral cavity.

As Jen began to suck his cock, Tim reached forward until he was able to hook him thumbs into the tiny strip of material which circled Jen's waist and started to push it downward."

There was a collective gasp from Deb and Bri as they watched Jen suck Tim's cock and he stripped away the last bit of her covering. Despite their apparent embarrassment everyone seemed to move and position themselves for the best view of Jen's unveiling.

Tim pushed the strip of material over Jen's ass cheeks and down her legs so all of us were able to see the pucker ring of Jen's asshole and the shiny outer and inner lips of her spread open pussy. It was obvious to all of us that being exposed this way was turning Jen on to the point she was dripping wet. Tim touched Jen's asshole making her jump and moan all at the same time.

"Stand up." Tim instructed Jen.

There was a rather loud pop at Jen pulled off Tim's cock and once she was standing vertical again Tim hugged Jen to him saying, "I told you pay back is a bitch."

Jen blushed and looked down at her g-string panties lying at her feet. After kicking them off to the side she turned around and faced their other friends so they could see her lovely large tits and her flawless bald pussy. Jen said, "I think I love being an exhibitionist or nudist which ever will give me the most naked exposure."

Tim wasn't finished yet as he stepped behind Jen and reach around under her arms and cupped Jen's left tit before starting to bounce it with his hand. His right hand moved slowly down her flat stomach past her slender waist to her bald pussy. Tim's middle finger moved and explored Jen's pussy until he found her clit and massaged while all of us watched.

Jen leaned her head back against Tim's shoulder and moaned, "Oh my God, I can't believe you're doing this to me in front of everyone. You know how this affects me, God I'm so fucking wet, I'm dripping."

As Tim planted small kisses on Jen's exposed neck he whispered with a smile, "You started it."

The moment was broken when we suddenly heard Deb exclaim, "Damn Jen, I can't believe you allowed Tim to strip you in front of everyone and now you're letting him play with your cunt."

"When I take off my clothes I'm going to do it in privacy of the bathroom." Deb continued.

A squeal sounded and everyone looked towards Deb as she giggled, wiggled and wobbled in a vain attempt to stop Joe from unsnapping her shorts. Joe fought Deb's hands as he worked desperately trying to keep her shorts unzipped but to no avail. Deb had fast hands and kept pulling her zipper back up every time Joe unzipped her.

All the commotion caused everyone else in the house to come and investigate what was going on. Donna walked into the living room carrying Kim followed closely by Brandi and Julie. Mom and dad along with Jake and Beth walked through the patio doors through the kitchen to where we were standing.

We watched as Joe changed tactics and started tickling Deb instead of fighting her hands in effort to unzip her shorts. Deb went hysterical with laughter and started squirming all around in an attempt to get away from Joe's hands.

Deb looked up at Joe during her laughing fit and screamed, "Damn it Joe, stop before I pee my pants in front of all these NAKED people. Holy shit, Joe stop please, I can't hold it much more!"

Her pleas fell on deaf ears as Joe continued his tickling assault. Deb sunk to the floor in and attempt to get away from Joe's tickling fingers and ended up just rolling from side to side laughing, screaming and begging Joe to stop his relentless tickle attack.

"This is going nowhere quick I guess I better go help Deb." Becky said as she walked forward and knelt down and reached for the snap on Deb's shorts. Deb realized what Becky was doing and started to kick at her but Becky would not be deterred as she moved to the side and skillfully undid the snap and zipper of Deb's shorts. Becky reached up and pulled Deb's shorts down her legs which limited her leg movement and she started to plead louder, "Please stop, I'm going to pee myself if you don't stop. Please! Oh Please Stop!"

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