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That Giant Sucking Sound

byAvalanche Man©


This term was coined by a presidential candidate numerous years ago; however, this was in reference to some legislation that would allow free trade with Mexico. The expression was to mean jobs being moved to Mexico from the United States by the passage of the NAFTA resolution. By the numbers of persons still streaming across the border from Mexico, we can surmise that the giant sucking sound did not happen as he envisioned it would.

An uncommon man willing to stand up for his beliefs is most unusual at best, but he was right in the terminology, just a little off in the place it would happen.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we have mistakes made at every level, and compounded as it goes up the ladder of responsibility. However, in today's "no fault" society, there is a host willing to ignore and pass off their mistakes to others above them. We have become a nation not only wanting, but willing for the federal government to accept responsibility for any and everything that happens to disturb our view of how our lives should be conducted.

From acts of terrorism to natural disasters, it is their fault and responsibility to correct it and as quickly as possible. For one man (The President) to not have the vision to foresee these problems before they even happen is almost unthinkable to some people. There in lies a danger far worse than we can imagine, but we are working to hasten that very thing into becoming a reality.

As we have seen the price of gasoline and other items skyrocket from the repercussions of these events, we continue to ignore the underlying reasons for problems, but scream for an immediate solution. Bottled water jumps from $2.50 for a twelve pack to $3.96 over night, and yet we don't ask if the water previously came from the swamps to account for the price jump.

As prices slowly drop back to semi-normal levels when the panic is over, we don't ask why they can't drop as quickly as they were raised. Throughout all the chaos, we have elected representatives from all over the country wanting their moment in the spotlight to cast blame on whomever they deem responsible for the castastrople.

We are a kind and generous people; who are willing give of what we have to soften the suffering of our fellow citizens. However, we still look for the federal government to assist and carry the burden of all mistakes past and future. The news media only helps to show the plight of the victims of the tragedy, and berate those who are not giving immediate aid to the resolution of the problems.

Some of the immediate, instant bandaids to the situation would seem funny, if they weren't so sad and misguided. A $2,000 dollar check, debit card, or direct deposit was meant to help in the restructuring of ones' missing items that had to be left behind. However, the swat team almost has to be called in to settle the dispute over the fact this is per family, and not per person as some evacuees felt it should be. Then, not only is there a run on the electronics department of a major discount retailer, but taxi cabs are used for the shopping of these items. In one rare instance, a cab driver got in an altercation with his passengers as they had purchased a BIG screen TV and wanted to put in the trunk of his cab.

Admittedly there is no perfect answer when something like this happens, but using a one size fits all bandage is not the correct way to help.

The underlying problem that comes from this is the growing and continued dependence on the federal government for all facets of daily life. Our individual freedom, self reliance, and control is diminished each and every time we hand over the responsibilty to the federal government.

The boars and sows that now feed from the trough in Washington only grow larger and constantly seek new sources where they can graze upon spoils of a situation such as this one. Fines and charges will happen to those who are caught in price gouging, but that won't be used to lower your taxes that paid for the reconstruction of the disaster. Until we demand a limitation to the time allowed at the national trough in Washington, "THAT GIANT SUCKING SOUND" will continue as your individual freedoms are eroded away.

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