That Man


Sometimes he just pisses me off. I mean, he just says stuff and I know he doesn't mean to, but it annoys me none the less. Because I love him, I watch what I say as I know I should. But he just pops off and then acts like he doesn't understand why I get angry with him.

This time it wasn't a big thing. It was just when he said it and who he said it to. His daughter and her husband were with us for dinner. They feel like it's their duty to have a baby every year even though they are struggling to take care of the 4 they already have and have the nerve to have one more on the way. Their kids are spoiled and entitled and need a couple of ass whippings real bad.

Every time they bring those kids over, something gets broken. They just laugh it off like it's nothing, but it annoys me. She wanted to put her baby in our bed and I said no. The kid is two years old and he still pisses on himself. I didn't want to spend any time making up my bed after she left so I told her to put him in the spare room.

I knew she was just fishing for an excuse to get in our room and look at our stuff. She wasn't beyond going through our drawers and closet and I just didn't want her in there nor did I want to clean up after her child. No, I didn't want her or him in our bedroom.

She asked me why and I told her. "I'm tired now and I don't want to have to change my bed and clean my mattress pad later when I get ready to go to sleep."

Of course she got defensive and instead of backing me up, Paul pops up with "He's just a kid, Mona. I don't mind. Go ahead and put him in our bed."

Paul doesn't make up the bed. I do. I wash the sheets and clean up the mess. He doesn't. I gave him a look and stood my ground. Pissy boy napped in my spare room where he promptly pissed. I pulled the bed apart and decided to clean it up the next day. I didn't say anything to Paul because I was pissed. He was still looking at television when I went to bed.

Paul and I have been together for a few years. We met after we'd both been divorced for a while. He had a couple of kids. I didn't. That caused some strain at first but eventually we all learned to love each other. The son was ok but the daughter said she wasn't sure about her father's decision to be with me because I'm black and he's white. Whatever. It wasn't her business and it didn't bother either of us. Nobody cared if she objected and the two of us were very happy together. He said if she didn't like it she could stay away from us and leave us in peace.

We moved to Florida and bought a house right on the beach up in the Panhandle. It's beautiful and we love it. He owns a successful marketing agency and I am a writer and I have a few books that have been great sellers so I write a few hours each day.

When his daughter saw us happily living our lives and not missing her at all, she realized she had to make the change, not us. She decided to move down here too cause she couldn't survive without Paul's help. We've already had those discussions about supporting her and he knows how I feel. We're both older and we need and want our money for our own future.

I told him if he kept giving her money that I would leave him. He sat her down and told her she needed to work out a way to take care of herself and her family. He told her we can't do it. She got mad and said I was influencing him and he said yes, I was. He told her that he loved me and wanted a future with me and she had no right to take that joy from him.

Her husband is really trying to take better care of them and not ask us for anything and that's great. He's a good guy and he got on her for acting silly about me being with her Dad.

We had all this out before they came to Florida. I wanted to be with him, not his daughter or his grandkids .After she had showed her ass with me so much, I refused to babysit for them every day so they would have to get childcare. I told her why and also that at my age, I'm not inclined to want to be around children all the time. I don't mind a visit here and there, but that everyday stuff wasn't going to work and I wasn't going to have it. And if she thought so little of me, why did she want me to take care of her children? Unless she thought that was all I was good for – being some damn Mammy. Well, that didn't go over so well, but bless his heart, Paul spoke up and agreed with me.

I married him to be with him and just with him. I also didn't want them living with us and I put my foot down about that. He didn't really want them living with us either. We are rather open about our affection if you know what I mean, and having them around would have ruined that. He told her not to move down until she had found a place to live which I thought was great of him.

My brother owns a very successful restaurant/bar on the beach and he gave them both jobs doing accounting and payroll. Paul and I help out and we spend time there too so it's kind of our hang-out when we want to be social but it has helped us all in many ways.

I had been in the restaurant most of the afternoon that day. We were thinking about having different entertainment there some evenings like poetry or comedians and I had been in on the meeting. Almost the entire setup of the restaurant had been my idea and it had started slowly but now, it was busy every day and night. My brother was an amazing chef and he had taught his kids and the workers how to cook and the food was better than ever.

We had a breakfast crowd and always did well for lunch. Dinner was always great and then the bar was a continual winner. He'd built an outdoor tiki bar and had a huge barbecue grill and fryer out there and we had tables outside and we were one of the big favorites in the area.

But I was tired. I hadn't wanted his daughter to come over but he had talked me into it and now I had to strip and clean the bed the next day. And I had a lot to do the next day. The bedroom was a bit warm so instead of sleeping in a gown or a tee shirt, I climbed into bed naked. It felt really great and I thought about putting my foot in Paul's ass as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up feeling hands running down my back. I was sleeping on my stomach and someone was caressing my ass. I felt soft kisses around my ear and Paul's voice, "I'm sorry baby. I know you're pissed with me and I'm sorry. You were right and I was wrong. I put the sheets in the laundry and I cleaned the mattress pad and made the bed up already."

I woke up and gazed at him, turning over slightly to my side. I looked into his blue eyes as he kissed me and his hand ran over my hip down my thigh.

"All right Paul. It's ok." I told him. "Thank you for doing that."

"I love it when you sleep in the raw, baby," he whispered, easing closer to me.

What was that they said about men losing half their testosterone by the time they were 40? Not my Paul. That man's appetite is strong and full and I'm not talking about food. I thank God for him all the time even when I'm mad at him.

As I rolled over on my back, he took one of my nipples in his mouth and began to suck it. He knows that turns me on. He tweaked the other one and I felt his cock rubbing against me. He was hard and ready. And I was getting that way.

"Did you wake me up to apologize or to fuck me?" I asked.

He licked my nipple and said, "Both. I was going to sleep and then I saw your ass sticking up in the air and I knew I had to wake you up and get some. You don't mind, do you?"

Damn his mouth felt good!

"No honey, I don't mind. Suck the other one now, please," I told him. He did. I felt his hand easing near my pussy. He called it his Kitty Kat. And Kitty Kat was getting awful warm and wet. I opened my legs wider for him and he touched my clit and I felt a little spasm. He put his finger inside me and got it wet and then began to rub my clit gently. His mouth on my breasts and his fingers on my clit always took me there.

He sat up and grinned at me, "I'm just getting started, baby. Look at me. See what you did?" His cock was rock hard and standing straight out. He has a big old thick cock that I love so much I write stories about it. I loved the sex between us.

I reached over and got some of the oil we used and squirted some on his cock. His eyes lit up. Paul says I give the best hand jobs on the planet. I think he has the best dick on the planet, but I'm biased.

I kissed and nibbled my way down his chest to his nipples and returned the favor as I worked his cock. His hands ran up and down my back and he moaned softly, "Shit, baby......"

I looked in his eyes and grinned. I loved it when I knew I had him. I was going for the down stroke and he stopped me.

"I want some Kitty Kat," he stated, "lay down, sweetness."

He climbed over me and kissed me as he moved between my legs and pulled me closer to him. He squirted some more oil on his dick and then it just slid inside me like a knife through hot butter. We didn't speak for a moment, we just moved together like we always did. There weren't too many things that felt better than having him inside me and I sighed in contentment. It was sweet and easy with us and I held onto him as I fell in to an orgasm that shook my toes. His moans signaled that he came soon after me and we wrapped around each other and went to sleep.

The next day we both woke early. We had lots to do. We took a shower together and he helped me oil my body afterwards.

"I didn't get to eat that pussy last night, sweets. I'm gonna be hungry all day long," he told me as he dressed.

I smiled at him. He is so nasty.

"I will be looking forward to that, honey."

I looked at him, tall and broad with curly dark blonde hair and big dark blue eyes. Dimples and a smile that was so impish I swear you can see the Devil peeking out through his eyes. I am crazy about that man. He is sweet and kind and loving and smart as a whip.

His first wife had been a bit of a prude sexually and his robust appetite was way more than she could handle. He had been cranky and distant with her and she never understood that a little more love would have brought out the best in him. She got tired of him and they drifted apart. I love sex as much as he does and I especially love it with him so we are perfect together.

I looked in the mirror and then at him and I saw the way he looked at me. I look pretty good for my age. I'm curvy and average height and I have smooth brown skin and big eyes. Paul loves my butt. It's high and round and sits up on top of my long legs. He grabs my butt and kisses it sometimes. He also loves my tits. They are kind of big for my body and they are sensitive and he knows it. When he wants to get me in the mood, he pulls me close and caresses my breasts and then sucks them. Wow. I love it when he does that and he says he loves it too.

I smoothed my dress over my body and stepped into my shoes and walked close to him and kissed him. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me, his tongue inside my mouth, teasing and tasting me. For a second I thought about just staying home with him but he stopped and touched my nose.

"Later. We will finish that later," and he pulled away.

We both had business meetings that morning so we each went our separate ways. We agreed we would meet at the restaurant when we were finished. I also had a doctor's appointment and I wanted to pick up a ring I had made for him.

He sent me sexy texts all day long. He does that when we have to spend the day apart. I wonder sometimes how he ever gets anything done but he does. And then he always comes home, pulls me in to his arms and makes love to me till I'm purring like a cat.

Maybe I will bend you over my desk.....mmmmmm.....

I could get you up against the wall and ravage that pussy....

I love the way you suck my cock, baby. Your tongue feels so good.

I was in a state of agitation all day long. Every time my phone made a noise, I jumped. I loved it when he did that kind of stuff to me. We were both going to be like animals when we finally got together.

I just want to get my face in that sweet pussy of yours. I'll lick you till you scream.

Wanna ride my dick?

I sent him just one.

I took my panties off and I'm wet for you.

I knew what that would do. He probably got hard as soon as he read that. He sent back a text that was just a jumble of letters and symbols. Yeah, one for me.... I thought.

I got to the restaurant before he did. There were a lot of people having lunch and the place was busy as always. He came in later with a couple of guys. I guessed they were clients. They were looking around and I knew they liked what they saw. We had all sorts of good looking people working there and they were all fun and open and lively. The food was great and the ambience was something everyone loved.

My brother was walking around talking to people and I went to the kitchen to get something to eat - a plate of grilled shrimp and veggies, and a bowl of fruit. When I walked into the dining area, I saw Paul with his guests. I blew him a kiss and sat where he could see me but they had their backs to me. I went and got a coke and bent over to get a bigger cup. I felt his eyes on me as I moved about.

I went back to my seat and started eating. I pulled my dress up my legs just a bit and opened them and looked up at him. He was still watching me. When his clients were finished eating, he brought them over and introduced them to me. I stood up demurely and greeted them and invited them back to the restaurant. I gave them business cards that would give them a discount when they came back and was the perfect wife/hostess.

He took my hand and pulled me into the business office and closed the door.

"You vixen!" he whispered, kissing me, "I damn near had a heart attack watching you eat!"

"I wondered if you were watching me," I replied, returning his hot kisses.

"You know I was! Pull up that dress. Let me see that pussy," he said, his mouth on my neck.

I stepped back and pulled my dress up to my waist. All I had on were my shoes from the waist down.

"Oh Goddamn," he breathed, "Goddamn, I gotta have some, baby."

Just as I was moving to the couch, his damn daughter knocked at the door. "I need to get in there to get something!"

"Fuck!" he hissed, "McFuckity fuck!"

I started laughing, "Fuck mcfuckity fuck? What the hell is that?"

He was hurrying to get himself straight and he was chuckling. "I just said it. You think it's funny?"

"Yeah, I do," I was still laughing as I called out to her because she was still knocking.

"Ok! We'll be right out!"

Bitch. She probably saw us go in there and decided to interrupt us. I'd make her pay for that later.

He sorted himself and I smoothed my dress down and I opened the door and we went back into the restaurant.

Within a few minutes, the place suddenly got really really busy and we were all helping out. It stayed that way all afternoon and evening and we didn't have time to do anything but work.

And when his daughter came up to me and asked if we could watch the kids for a while that night, I said no. She asked what we had planned and I said nothing that we wanted the kids around for and I walked away. I saw her run up to her father and he looked at me for only a second and I saw him shake his head no also.

Later that night when the band was playing and everyone was enjoying the music and things had settled down somewhat, I went back into the office to get a bottle of wine to take home. I felt someone behind me and turned and gazed into Paul's eyes.

"Hey baby," he said, smiling at me.

"Hey you," I replied, embracing him. He held me close to him and we kissed for a few minutes. He pulled my dress up and caressed my butt.

"Can I have some dessert?" he asked.

"Did you lock the door?" I asked.

"Yes, baby. I did. Give me that Kitty Kat," and he carried me to the little room just off the office and closed the door. He sat me on the big easy chair and got on his knees and pulled my legs up and sunk his face in my pussy. His tongue touched my clit and my legs shook a bit.

"Mmm, baby, I love this tasty pussy," he said softly and started licking me. I held on to the chair for dear life. Paul was great at oral sex and he loved doing it. I always had a couple of orgasms before he stopped. It felt so good I wanted to scream. I came hard and fast but he didn't sucking and sucking and I was shaking.

He grinned and stood up and unzipped his pants. I helped him get them down and his dick popped out, hard and warm. I pushed him up against the wall and I took him into my mouth and licked around the head and then started licking my way down to his balls and back. He was moaning and groaning and his eyes were closed and I took my time, licking and sucking him and enjoying the way he felt in my mouth.

I stopped for a second and he pushed me down on the floor and kicked his pants off. He took the cushion off the chair and put it under me and propped my butt up like he liked it. I couldn't wait to feel him inside me and I closed my eyes and held my breath and I felt him right up against me, probing and then he sunk all the way inside me. I was full and I loved it. I squeezed him tight inside me and he gasped in pleasure.

"I wanted to fuck you all day long," he said, his movements fast and smooth. "All I wanted was to get my cock in you. Fuck, you feel good!"

All I thought about was how good he felt. There was nothing but him, pumping, grunting slightly and his hands holding me close. I pushed back, trying to get him deeper and he pushed me down slightly and his cock hit that place inside me that made the world spin. I started panting and shaking and his voice was in my ear, "Yeah, baby, come for me. I want to feel your come on my dick. Give me some juice, sweetness...." And his tongue swirled around in my ear and then he nibbled on my neck and his fingers began to work my clit.

"Oh fuck, Paul," I gasped, "fuck, I'm gonna come!"

I felt the wrenching feeling deep inside me as it moved through me. I took one deep breath and it hit me in spasms.

That man didn't let me rest. He pulled my dress off and got my bra off and started sucking my tits while he finished himself off. I moved his hand and took over.

"I wanna come on your tits...." he groaned.

"No," I whispered, "I'm gonna ride you, baby. I want that dick in me again,"

"Whatever you want, baby," he said.

I got on top of him and pulled that dick up and sat on him and began to ride him. Even though I had just had one good orgasm, I felt another coming. That's what that man did to me. He's made me some kind of animal that never gets enough sex.

My butt and tits were bouncing and I was feeling good. He took one nipple in his mouth which increased my pleasure and I held his shoulders and rode harder. He finally took my butt in his hands and held me firm and moved slightly up inside me and hit that spot – the sweet spot. I felt like lightning was running up and down my spine. I was squealing and panting and he just smiled as I had a climax bigger than the last one. And then I felt him stop moving and I knew he was coming too. He cried out softly as he came. I caressed his face and kissed him.

We went in the bathroom and cleaned up and dressed quickly. I reached in my purse and gave him the box with the ring in it.

"What's this, baby?" he asked me.

"Open it, Paul," I replied. I wanted to see his face when he saw it.

He opened the box and gazed at the ring and then at me.

"Why did you buy me this?"

"Because I love you," I told him.

He grinned at me and put the ring on and whispered in my ear, "I love you too, Mona. And that was just round one, baby. Round two is when we get home. I'm still hungry."

I turned and ran out of the office, straight through the restaurant and to my car and quickly started the engine. He was laughing as he came out the door after me and we both headed for home.

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