That Night

byDana Gallagher©

The house was dark. A motion light above the driveway was the only light that allowed me to see the steps.

I knocked on the door. From somewhere inside the depths of the house a deep voice responded.

"It's open," he said.

Carefully I walked inside. As I crossed the threshold my eyes became adjusted to the dim light inside the house.

I could see the light coming from the television. I walked into the living area to find him laying on the couch with the blanket up to his chin watching CNN as usual.

"I have groceries for you," I told him.

He didn't like to get out much, so it had become nearly a habit for me to get him something each time I happened to go to the grocery store. It was no big deal because he always paid me back.

"Damn girl! Is it late enough?" he asked.

"Sorry, I couldn't get away until now." I said.

I proceeded into the kitchen to put away the groceries. I knew he wouldn't get up to put them away because his back and knees were hurting. That is the price he paid for being an entertainer and attempting to break-dance each night. At forty years old his break dancing was nearly breaking his body.

I walked back over to him after I'd stuffed everything in the small refrigerator. He handed me some money for the groceries. It was a little more than I'd spent this time, but I'd make it up the next time.

"They made me dance last night. I was really trying just to play music, but someone asked for the Michael Jackson impersonation. My body hurts bad," he complained.

"Well, you know I've been told that I'm pretty good at massages."

"No way girl! You better get down here."

He flipped over on to his stomach and I got down on my knees beside the couch. I started massaging his shoulders and feeling my way down his back, trying to work out each knot. I was absorbed watching my white pudgy hands rub deeply into his black muscular backside. He moaned pleasurably with each knot I worked loose. I worked my thumbs into the muscles of his neck, all the way up to the base of his baldhead.

I rubbed my hands down the length of his spine. I worked my hands deeply into his lower back, because I knew this was an area that caused him a lot of pain. I had to pull back his covers to really get at his lower back.

He was only wearing a pair of black jockey shorts. I worked hard into his lower back and then I pressed up his spine and I heard an audible pop and he sighed in relief.

"My thighs and my calves hurt too. Could you rub those?" he asked.

I pulled back the covers completely. I took one leg at a time. First I worked his thigh with both hands, kneading the muscle. I then worked my way down to his calf.

Suddenly he rolled over on his back. I didn't dare look at his jockey shorts because I had a sneaking suspicion that he'd be standing at half mass.

"Please, keep rubbing my legs. It feels good," he said.

I started with the other leg and worked my hands into his thigh muscle and then down to the calf muscle. I went back and forth between both legs. Then he grabbed my hand. He placed it right on top of his jockey shorts. I began to massage his thick bulge through his shorts.

He reached into his shorts and pulled out the biggest black cock I'd ever seen, with the exception of pornos and the Internet. It was already pretty hard as I put my hand around the shaft, my fingers not quite reaching my thumb.

He moved my hand down the to the base of his shaft.

"Squeeze tight, but don't pump too hard." he explained.

I wasn't used to a man with an uncircumcised cock. I'm used to being able to pump right from the get go. Apparently, through careful touching, you get the tip of the cock nice and wet, enough so that you can then pull back the foreskin and begin to pump.

Accidentally, I began to pump too quickly and he jerked.

"Be careful, you can rip the skin," he explained.

I apologized for my mistake and decided that my mouth would wet his cock even faster.

I filled my mouth up with saliva, and slowly lowered my lips to the tip of this cock. Slowly and softly I began to lick and slightly suck on the tip of his hard cock. I dipped my tongue down in between the head and the foreskin, slowly wetting the skin so I could ease back the skin.

Slowly because of my saliva and his wetness, I was able to start pumping my hand. I felt the skin on his cock slide back and the head emerged wet and purple. Then I began to put my true mouth talents to work on him.

I put on the same suction that I'd used previously on his tongue. I hate to distinguish between a small or large cock, because I'm really happy with any size, but this man was rather well endowed quite literally. I'm sure I only got about 1/3 of his cock into my mouth, perhaps not even that. What was lacking in my mouth I made up with my hand, though truthfully my mouth was still stretched at its limits just to get my lips around him.

I did suck on him as best I could and I swirled my tongue around his pulsing head and let it tickle right under the ridge, where the head meets shaft. I began to get a rhythm down, by sucking and pumping, hand meeting mouth.

With my other hand I began to use my finger nails around his thighs and in between his legs. I caressed over his balls and began to search for his sweet spot. I had recently learned about a man's cock actually descends down into the body, so that if you press just behind the balls you can find his inner cock. I pushed and found the shaft inside and began to caress there as well.

As I worked him I could hear him moaning and saying "damn" a few times. I started to place my mouth on his and about this time he sat up and met me with a kiss. I showed his tongue the same attention I'd just shown his cock.

He jumped off the couch and instructed that I should, "Get naked." The house had all hard wood floors and I could hear him walking to his bedroom searching for a condom.

Quickly I did as he'd instructed. Though I didn't do it because he'd instructed, I was horny and was eager to feel his large cock inside me again. While he was busy in the search of a condom, I took the chance to masturbate quickly.

There is a bad aspect to having a large cock; being spontaneous or having a quickie is difficult because if the woman is not wet enough to accommodate the man it can get painful. The first time I'd had a little trouble with his size, so I had to make sure I was pretty wet before he tried to ramrod me.

I sat there on his leather couch and played with my clit and just as I heard his footsteps I began to shake as an orgasm surged through me. As he came into the room I was pulling my fingers out of my pussy. The only light in the room was coming from the television, which was now set to B.E.T. I don't know if the light allowed him to see the slight flush to my face or the little aftershock twitches my body was going through, but he did have an interesting grin on his face with an half cocked eyebrow.

I simply stared at him and took the fingers that had been in my pussy and stuck them in my mouth. I made audible sucking noises and when I pulled my fingers out of my mouth, I made a come hither gesture with the same fingers.

With his long legs he made the distance across the living room in two steps. He stood in front of me with his tree trunk of a cock hanging between his legs. I quickly sat up and grabbed his massive member and wrapped my lips around him once more.

I began to pump him with my mouth and hand once more, while my other hand caressed his legs and balls. Occasionally he reached down and grabbed on to my tits, twisting them in his fingers.

Finally, when he had enough of my mouth, he moved back so that he could put the condom on his cock. He was intent on punishing me with his weapon of mass destruction disguised as a cock.

"You know the way I want you," he said with a glint in his eye.

I knew the way he liked it, doggy style. He liked his white women with big asses, long blonde hair, and on all fours.

I got up to move into position on the couch. The minute I stood up and turned around he made a hissing noise.

"Mmm, yesssss! That's what I wanted to see," he said.

Softly he caressed my ass, and then like a whip he slapped my ass hard. I'm quite sure there was a red handprint left there. I got into position and tried to separate my legs enough to accommodate him. I got my ass high in the air.

He rubbed my pussy searching for the right hole. He guided his cock to my pussy. I could feel the head of his cock prying me open. Slowly he pushed against me and little by little I began to stretch to allow him inside me.

He worked himself in and out of me a few times, until he was sure I was all lubed up. Then he began to pick up speed and began to really pound his cock into me. As I threw my long bleach blonde hair over so that it was cascading down my backside, he grabbed onto it and pulled me back by the hair.

I was on all fours with my ass in the air and my head up because of my blonde hair being pulled. My tits shook with each stroke he gave me as his massive hard on slid in and out of my stretched pussy, pounding me unmercifully.

He reached around me and twisted my nipples. I moaned with each slam he pumped into me, and I could feel his cock all the way into my stomach.

I reached in between my legs and began to rub my clit as he pummeled me from behind. I began to cum and as I did I yelled out the customary "I'm cumming".

He began to pound me harder until I was sure I was going to taste the tip of his cock.

"I don't feel it! Am I too big?" he asked.

"I think so," I said.

He wanted to feel me cum on his huge tool. I had told him that I could ejaculate and he got a big turn on by that, but he was blocking my flow with his substantial male member.

"We could do it my way." I suggested.

He pulled out of me and released my hair, his way of agreeing. He sat down on the couch and helped me up and around.

I straddled his lap. I pushed his cock in such a way that my pussy lips were actually enveloping him. I reached down to my sex and found my hard little bud. I began to rub my clit in circles.

He grabbed on to my tits and began to manipulate my breast tissue in his hands. I looked down and couldn't help but marvel at his big brown hands and the very peachy soft tissue of my breasts peaking through his fingers. With my free had I put it behind his head and pushed his face into mine and began to devour his lips and tongue.

As my fingers worked me up I kissed him harder and harder and he got rougher and rougher with my breasts. Finally I felt an orgasm building inside my body, and I let out an animal grunt as my body gave way and I began to shake and convulse. He put my nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the tip.

I felt the familiar contractions in my pussy and the feeling of almost having to pee, even though you don't actually. My pussy muscles contracted and I released a gigantic gush of my feminine essence all over his cock and balls, even some into his lap.

As I kept rubbing a steady stream of juices cascading down and over his cock and balls. Orgasm after orgasm rocketed through me. He kissed my lips, down my neck, and over my breasts. I my body convulsed against him.

He couldn't let me have all the fun and he raised me up and positioned his cock right at my pussy. I kept rubbing and kept gushing even as I lowered myself on to him. There was a slight resistance at first and that was mainly because female ejaculate itself does nothing for lubrication. It actually can wash it away in some cases.

My body soon realized what was coming and there was enough wetness to slowly slide onto his mega member. Just as he was fully inside me I had yet another orgasm, and, of course, this time I was unable to ejaculate because of his blockage. He was able to feel my muscles contract and release all around his cock.

I began to ride him as fast and as hard as I could. I held onto the back of couch, which gave me more leverage to ride him faster and faster. I was suddenly wishing I had exercised a bit more since some serious lunges were in order because my thighs were on fire.

He tried to suck my tits as I rode him, but I kept going up and down, which made my tits hard to catch. I did kiss him and then bite his lip pulling it out a little. He reached behind me and grabbed my ass hard and I knew he was close to cumming.

He slapped my ass hard on both cheeks and I began to ride him feverishly. I yelled out and began to jump up and down on his cock. I felt my biggest orgasm rip though my body. I was thrown to the mercy of my body, and I was torn by orgasmic wave after wave. I bit into the side of his neck as he grunted and pushed himself deeper inside of me.

We came together in a wonderful wave of passionate lust.

We sat on the couch panting together, just holding on for dear life. Once we calmed down a bit he cleaned himself up and brought out a towel to clean me.

He stood in front of me naked.

"How do I look naked?" he asked.

I told him he looked delicious, though in reality he looked slightly comical, though still very sexy. Here was this very tall, rather skinny, muscular black man standing in front of me with this tree truck of a cock hang slightly limp between his legs. You just had to wonder how he was able to stay up right when that thing got hard and filled up with blood. There would not be enough blood for the rest of his body.

I stood up and grabbed his head and pulled him to me and kissed him.

After we finished a very passionate kiss I said, "You look good enough to eat."

"Damn girl! Don't get me started! You wanna go for round two?" he asked.

The pulsing in my pussy told me that my body would not hold together for round two. "Na, hon I gotta go home. I wish I could spend the night, but I got responsibilities. You know." I told him.

Such sacrifices for the life of a single mother!

I got dressed and after a lovely kiss at the front door I left the same way I'd come in. I watched his head in window on the front door as I pulled out of the driveway. There was a part of me that really wanted to stay the night with him and sleep with my head on his chest. That would really be too good to be true. The logical part of me reminded my romantic side that this relationship was just for fun. No, emotions!



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