tagAnalThat One Muslim Woman

That One Muslim Woman


Madina was a unique Muslim woman; unique in her bravery to wear clothes that provide a spectacle/show her long-hidden treasures. Years of covering up emboldened her to give the world a good ass show with short skirts with back slits (above the knees, barely the length to cover her ample ass that she had to force through some clothes in order to get dressed) and nylons to cover her juicy legs alongside her tight black hijab. She loved the male attention at her job as a bank teller where she would walk in an inviting manner, clicking her high heels as her curves hypnotized onlookers while her nylon-clad legs craved hugs, kisses and admiring rubs from her thick thighs right to her feet. She is desirable and she knows it very well. She knew that every guy would kill himself to get in her silk black underwear (that she was also keen on showing; dropping something as she strutted around with a flirty "oops!") and give her plump backside a good impaling to make her scream and cry for more. Unfortunately for Madina, her bravery was her only strength since she could not do anything right and instead, make her co-workers help in exchange for the privilege to touch her; making her the libertine Muslim goddess in the eye of her orbiters.

One evening as she was getting ready to leave for the day, Madina got caught by one of her co-workers who just got done with a favor; she completely forgot about him so he decided to make the first move on his goddess. "Madina, I have finished the task; about our arrangement." the orbiter stammered nervously, catching the hijabi beauty off-guard. "Oh yes!" she answered with a hypnotizing metronome in her sweet voice, taking off her coat to reveal pure eye-candy; a tight white transparent top that showed her black bra; her nipples practically ripping through; long black satin gloves that almost doubled as sleeves; all this punctuated by a long black leather skirt with a side thigh-slit; giving a good view of her underwear and shiny high-heeled shoes. The orbiter was at loss for words, Madina touched him on the cheek and whispered, "What do you think?" He fell to his knees and hugged her nylon-clad voluptuous legs, kissing them and breathing heavily in the process. She stroke him gently, running her smooth hand through his hair; renewing her insurance policy for the work to come; loving every minute of her orbiter's worship and admiration.

Madina closed her eyes as her worshipper's tongue stepped up to appreciate glorify her winsomeness, never seen before by the male gaze of the city, the gorgeous woman opened her eyes and in an alluring voice, ended the mass; "OK, that's enough for you." she purred moving her leg away. Her orbiter's mood suddenly shifted to depressed as he slowly got up and reluctantly waddled away, still looking at his goddess who, unfortunately for him was about to show her dark side. The Muslim woman got up and called to the orbiter, "Wait, I want you to stay; you have to see this." she didn't have to wait as he was back and on his knees, however, he was not alone as another man was in the room a moment later. He approached Madina and without any ceremonies, he grabbed her delicious ass and pulled her in. "Oohhh, I like that!" she purred as the man started to assault her neck with aggressive kisses and bites, causing the goddess to breathe heavily and in heavy arousal, feel her erect nipples. The man released her ass and with both hands, ripped her top to pieces and mauled her huge tits, Madina pushed him away in fake anger, the man slapped her across the face and ripping open her skirt, he impaled her from the front, making her scream in pleasure. His cock, aided by his desire ripped through her panties and was pumping viciously. "Hook yourself, whore!" the man growled as Madina put his finger in her mouth, hyperventilating from the forceful fucking she was getting.

The stud pulled out with no consideration for the fallen goddess who was in tears of pain and pleasure, whimpering and begging "Please take my ass, pleeeeeassseee!!" she wailed, thinking of her destroyed frontal hole. He picked her up, turned her around and raising what was her skirt, stabbed her virgin hole like he was trying to kill her, Madina was crying by now, she didn't know how to react to the paroxysms of pleasure she was getting; fucked in front of her worshipper whom she would not give the time of day had he not helped her out; she was really enjoying it. The stud grabbed handfuls of her huge ass and using them as handles; forced himself deeper. "Oooowwwwww, you're in my gut!" she cried, shaking her money maker, "I want your big cock to come out of my mouth!!" As the stranger kept hammering the insatiable exotic beauty, the orbiter was in the corner, nursing his erect cock that in comparison, was like a baby's; he was jerking off to his goddess getting used like a common whore and enjoying it.

Pulling out of her, the bewildered and spent man holstered his big schlong and taking off his belt, he unleashed a series of strikes on Madina's most prized treasure, she screamed and twisted like a snake on a frying pan; turned on by rough treatment, she said with her final breath. "I love you." The man rained kisses on the bruises he left, rubbing them lovingly to make the girl feel better. The hijabi goddess, filled with cum from both holes, collapsed on the floor, leaking her juices on the carpet.

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by KarissaTsevi05/18/18

I am a Muslim woman and I loved this story !

Salaam. I am a Muslim woman and I loved this story. Please write some more along those lines.

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