tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThat Rainy Friday Night

That Rainy Friday Night

bydeputy duffy©

The rain crashed down, as another Friday night rolled around, which for me, meant laundry night. Being an 18-year-old guy, you might think that I would have had better things to do, on a Friday night, than laundry and maybe you’re right.

But I had ulterior motives.

You see, Friday night was also the night Sasha Davis did her laundry. Sasha lived in the apartment under ours, in the four-apartment unit, where I lived with my mom and my little sister. I would try to time it out so that my stuff would be in the dryer when Sasha arrived. Then I would sit on the stairs, pretending to read a book, while watching Sasha load her wash, dreaming of the day when she would say, “you wanna come back to my apartment and fuck like bunnies?“ Or at least a simple, “Hi.”

Honestly, I was just a stupid teenager at the time, so like most Friday nights, Mary Palmer would probably have to do, as she never said, “no.”

I probably shouldn’t have even been thinking of Sasha, period, as she was a single mother of a young son, whom my mother use to baby-sit, until my mom started drinking again. I also knew that Sasha was out of my league. She was a major league babe by all accounts, green sparking eyes, full lips, thin button nose. She changed her hair color and style often, yet it always seemed to work.

Her body, from what I saw of it on laundry night, was top-shelf. She was about five feet, a couple inches tall. Her breasts very noticeable in the T-shirt, or Tank-tops that she used to wear. She also use to wear these little short-shorts, which did little to hide the fact that she had a great ass, as most of the time that’s what she presented to me.

I was particularly excited on this rainy Friday night, cause I had an, (In.) Sasha had ordered some Girl Scout cookies from my little sister, and they were finally in. I even made sure I was in the laundry room extra early, and then like clockwork, Sasha strolled in. I had to contain a gasp, as she was wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes and half a T-shirt. It took me some time to build up my courage and focus my brain, before I brought up the cookies.

“Oh yah. I almost forgot about them, drop them off anytime,” she said, her voice melting me like butter.

“How bout tonight!” I said a little more excitingly than I wanted.

“Tonight?” She said with a giggle, as she turned her gaze my way. “Yah tonight’s cool, I guess. My son is even over my sisters for the night, so anytime.”

I watched, my heart pounding, as she turned to leave. “Alrighty, I’ll drop them off later,” I managed, to which she just offered a wave, and I also immediately cursed myself. “ALRIGHTY! Gee that’s manly.”

I waited until I was sure she was done with her laundry and headed for her apartment, not before I took a shower, shaved, put on some colon, and tried to dress as cool as possible, and oh yah, grabbed the cookies.

I must have stood in front of her door for ten minutes, before finally knocking on it, my knees seemingly knocking louder. I heard her telling me to come in, so I opened the door and immediately noticed Sasha, sitting on a stool in the kitchen, sipping a glass of wine. She was wearing a red silk robe, her short blonde hair was wet and slicked back, so I figured she just got out of the shower, yet she must have just done her make up too, because her lips were covered in a pink gloss.

“AH, I’ll take my cookies,” she moaned, as I must have been to long with my look.

“Oh right,” I moaned, as I moved next to her.

“Put them in that cabinet,” she said, pointing right over her shoulder.

I moved over and opened it up, my hip brushing her shoulder, her perfume drifting through my senses. I put the cookies in the cabinet and was closing the door, when she suddenly snapped up and pushed me into the counter. My hand’s rested on the cabinets, as I asked her what she was doing, with a little chuckle, which went away, when she pulled on the back of my hair.

“What the fuck!” I snapped.

“Shut the fuck up!” She screamed. “Shut the fuck up and listen.”

I tried to spin back around, but she pulled harder on my hair, as she hissed. “Look I know you’re stronger than me, but just stand still, or else.”

“Or else what?” I moaned, a little agitated by the hair pulling.

“Or else you will never have me,” she purred into my ear and I could only offer. “Have you?”

“Yah, fuck me!” She snapped. “Unless you wanna rape me, but I don’t think you...”

“I don’t!” I screamed, the rape word scaring me, and if she only knew.

“Ok, then stand fucking still and I‘ll tell yah how to make your masturbation fantasies come true,” she said, as she let go of my hair. “I’ve seen how you’ve been looking at me, devouring me with your eyes.”

I was suddenly embarrassed as I mumbled, “look, I just wanted to know, ah, if you would go out with me, sometime.”

“A date...Really now, you wanna take me to the Pop Stand, for a Pop?” She said, as she enjoyed a laugh.

“I know I’m young,” I offered.

“Yes you are, young dumb and full of cum, if you think I would date you,” she hissed.

“Well then what’s this all about?” I said, feeling the sting of rejection.

“Not about dating, did you really want a date, or did you want what happens after the date?” She teased.

“Look I think I just wanna go,” I managed, a bit flustered.

“What and miss the fun? I saw how your eyes lit up, when I told you that my son was at my sisters. I mean who delivers cookies at eleven o'clock at night.”

“I just...You said anytime,” I said in embarrassment.

“Just relax and let me be in charge, for now,” she hissed.

“And?” I asked.

“And, I might just give you the best time of your young life. A story you can tell your friends, at your keg parties.” I could only mumble at her sentence. I also could have used a beer right about then, as my throat was suddenly as dry as a desert.

“BUT, if you wanna go home, and wonder for the rest of your life, what would have happened tonight, then feel free,” she said as suddenly released the pressure on my back. “Because tonight is the only chance you will ever have.”

I stood frozen, in my search position. I knew I was in over my head, and honestly she was scaring me, but not enough to move, well except for my knocking knees.

“Ok then,” she finally moaned after a minute of two, and she was back to her hair pulling. “Now don’t move, and answer my questions, and don’t even thinking of lying, or not answering, or game over.”

“Ok, Ok” I moaned, while wondering if I should call her mistress?

“Not a virgin, are yah?” She teasing asked.

“Naw, I’ve actually managed to lose it.” I said already little annoyed with her teasing and staring at the cabinet doors, as she wouldn’t even let me turn my head around.

“Got a Girlfriend?” She moaned.

I just shook my head, as she had me there. My lone sexual experience coming at my best friend's sisters expense, one night after a beer bash.

“C’mon, a good-looking boy like yourself,” she teased.

“I’m a man,” I snipped, as being 18, I hated being called a boy.

“Really now,” Sasha said, giggling. “And what qualifies you as a man?”

“What do you mean?” I finally mumbled, after thinking about it.

“I’m mean, at what point did you move from boy to man?”

“Ah I guess when I graduated high school,” I stammered, and she just giggled some more. “Or when I turned 18.”

“Ok, I guess, but some might say it’s when you know the difference between a girl and a woman,” she said, as she let go of my hair and started rubbing my shoulders, which was much, much better than the hair pulling.

“Do you know the difference?” She purred.

“Well you’re a woman,” I said softly.

“Really and what makes me one?” She teased.

I really didn’t know what she wanted me to say, as all kinds of stupid sayings were bouncing around my brain.

“Is it cause I’m thirty-five, or a mom, or is it cause I know when someone wants to fuck me, and I know when I wanna fuck someone else?” She oozed.

“Wait a second, do you, ah,” I stuttered. “Do yah want to have sex with me?”

“I didn’t say that!” She shot out, with a laugh this time.

“Then why?” I moaned, a little confused.

“There is still a chance for you, albeit a small one, because I only fuck real men.” She interrupted me and I was still confused as I mumbled. “I thought.”

“First, I need you to tell me, just what you want from me?” She interrupted me again.

“I ah, don’t get it,” I mumbled and I didn‘t.

“Sorry, I guess I have lead the horse to water,” Sasha teased. “In your fantasies, what do you picture me and you doing, when you’re jerking off?”

“Ah, we’re having sex,” I mumbled, my face flushed, just thinking about it, and at what I just confessed to doing.

“Ah huh...Do yah ever dream about me?” She purred.

I just nodded my head, as lately, she was all I ever dreamed about. She just purred into my ear, like a kitten, and I also felt her body press up against my back, as she purred. “Tell me more.”

“I ah, had a dream last night,” I said, enjoying her reaction to my revelation.

“Was I in it?” She oozed, nibbling on my ear.

“Oh Yah, but I can’t, you know tell yah...It’s embarrassing.” I said, regretting my previous admission, as my groin was stirring, just thinking about it.

“But if you don’t tell me, how am I supposed to make it come true?” She teased. “Dreams do come true...Sometimes.”

“Ok, but please don’t get mad,” I moaned, as I also suddenly heard Al Michaels’ voice in my head, and I believed.

“I mean it‘s a little weird.” I mumbled.

“Just tell, I won’t, I promise,” she said excitingly. “Plus it might turn me on.”

That was all I needed to hear. I told her a rambled tale about a beach, picnic, soft kisses, making love in the sand and pretty much stumbled through it.

“That’s nice, I guess,” she said, her voice masked with disappointment. “But, why don’t you tell me what you really dreamed about?”

I spun my head around, and she wore a look of disappointment, she also quickly turned my head back to the cabinets. I was surprised that she knew my story was bullshit. I guess I’m not that good at lying and I guess I can stop reading the romance novels that my mom leaves on the hopper.

I took some time to regain my composer, not believe that I was actually going to tell her my reoccurring dream.

“Ok, it starts with you in a tight skirt, and a blouse, with sexy stocking, and high heels, it’s like black and white so I can’t tell the colors,” I began, my voice trembling, still not believing that I was gunna actually tell her about my dream. “Well you’re sitting on my couch and I sit down next to yah. I start by running my hands through your hair. I pull back on it and suck on your neck, and kiss your ears, as you softly tell me to stop. But instead, I start to unbutton your blouse, you beg me to stop now, but I just keep going, just a couple, and then I slip my hand in and caress your naked firm breast. Oh please, you only moan, as I pull on your hardening nipple.” I suddenly froze, as I realized what I just said and I also noticed that Sasha was eerily quite and there was no more body contact.

“No my dear, don’t stop now, please, I want to hear it now,” she purred. My body quivered as she pressed up against me again, this time her hands wrapped around me, in a bear hug and she started to softly rub my chest. It took a minute or two, for me to catch my breath and start again.

“Well, I finally rip open the blouse, buttons fly, and then I soak in your beauty. You breasts are calling my name. I begin to lick your breasts and kiss them all over, as your protest’s grow stronger, especially when I nibble and then bite on your nipples, but I just laugh, because I know your hands are tied behind your back, and your ankles are crossed and tied tight too. Your scarves have come in handy, you‘re totally helpless.”

“Continue,” Sasha oozed, as my voice trailed off.

“Then I slip a hand under your skirt, you bad girl, no panties. I also notice how wet you are, as I slowly press a finger into you. You moan, only this time, it’s a pleasurable one. You suddenly ask me not to finger you so rough, but I increase my speed, until you are ready to cum, but I’m not ready to let you.”

I continued my story, closing my eyes, enjoying her wandering hands, although still not believing that I was going through with it.

“I slide you to a seated position on the floor, quickly tearing off your skirt, leaving you naked, except for some sheer stockings and some slutty heels. Suddenly I am naked too and I’m already excited and you see that as I approach, your eyes wide open.

“My hard cock, pointing right at your lips, as you ask me not to, but I laugh it off, as a fake plea now. I rub my cock against your lips, until your lips finally wrap around my cock, your tongue also working it’s magic. I help you by holding your hair and moving your head back and forth, as if you needed it.

“Your experienced mouth, has brought me too close and there is still work to be done, so I sit you back on the edge of the couch. Your tied ankle’s rest on my shoulder, and act to stabilize me, as you beg me not fuck you. I just blow you a kiss, before I enter your wet pussy, the crushing feeling equivalent to being struck by lighting.

“Suddenly it begins raining, as you’re pleading again, only this time it’s passionate ones, as were rocking back and forth in an ecstatic tune.

“Suddenly, you break free from your waterlogged bonds. You slap my face and let me know that I'm in trouble, as we are suddenly in a prison cell and you’re riding me, playing cowgirl, you are even waving a cowboy hat. I am on the cold hard floor, and your hot body rides me in sharp contrast and then it’s my turn, as I flip you over and now it’s your back’s turn to feel the cold. I bring your knees up and pin them next to your ears and my body weight keeps them there, as I find my mark. Your pussy envelops me. You keep telling me to make sure I fuck you good, because it will be my last time ever, and that’s when I usually hear my mom’s voice, telling me to cum already and get off the poor woman...Ah, and that's when I usually wake up.”

“WOW!” Sasha cried out. “That might be tough to live up to though.”

“I can’t believe I just told you that,” I quickly confessed.

“And I thought you didn’t want to rape me,” Sasha moaned.

“I ah,”

“I know, it was just a dream,” she said wiping my forehead.

“Yah, just a dream,” I embarrassingly mumbled. But if she only knew the things I wanted to do to her, when I was awake.

“Thanks for sharing it anyways,” Sasha softly moaned, before she leaned in and kissed my cheek. The simple kiss sent shock waves a-traveling.

“So now, do you want to know what I want from you?” Sasha said, as she pulled away from me. “Nothing.”

“Nothing,” I moaned, that sting of rejection, replacing the shock waves.

“That's right, I mean sexually. Honestly the thought of you slobbering all over me, kind of makes my skin crawl.”

“Then why?” I snapped, back to being confused.

“Why, what?” Sasha interrupted. “It’s like a game, and in a game, you win some, you lose some.”

“So are you saying if I win, I get to have sex with you and if I lose?”

“You don’t, I see you get the finale payoff.” Sasha snapped.

“But I still don’t see why?” I shot, still confused.

“What do I get out of it? Is that what you are trying to say?” Sasha said and I answered by just nodding. “Honestly, it’s hard to find a man that will let me be in control. I guess it’s like your dream, most men want to dominate, but I like to be the one in control, at least when it comes to sex.”

“So you’re like a dominatrix?” I quickly asked.

“Well, I don’t have any leather suits, or a riding crop. If that’s what you mean?” She said with a giggle. “And you don’t have to call me Mistress or anything, just let me control the pace, and follow my rules, and I promise you this, I still do all the things guys like, sometimes whether I like it or not.”

Suddenly, I felt her press into my backside again and I felt her reach around me again. She placed something silky over my eyes and tied it behind my head. I guess it was her robe’s tie. I could see out the very top and very bottom, so the blindfold wasn’t that scary, but I’ll admit, I was still very nervous. She led me into the living room and pushed me down on the couch.

“Now just sit there and don’t move, and you are not allowed to remove the blindfold or game over, and no touching yourself. You think you can do that?”

“Yah,” I said, a little disappointed that my eyes weren't worthy yet.

“Of course, I will make it a little hard to resist the temptation,” she said with a giggle, which faded away. I heard some rumbling from the other room, as I sat and nervously fidgeted, my mind racing, matching all my other organs, at that point.

As I sat in wait, I suddenly thought of my passed out mother, and then my little sister, who was tucked in for the night, upstairs. I knew that time wasn’t a factor for me, but maybe I was looking for an excuse. I wish I could say I was cool, but the only thing I knew about sex at that point was, you put part A, into part B, trying to get part C. Honestly, I felt like a rookie who got called up to the show, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but my feet weren't running towards the door either. Basically, I battled with my emotions, until I heard her come back into the room.

“Ok, I went to my bedroom and got some clothes to wear. Did yah miss me?” Sasha oozed, her voice grabbing my senses. “I guess I should tell yah what I got. Well, I got my shortest and tightest black skirt. Ah, I also got a white blouse and some sheer white thigh high stockings, but no underwear. Oh yah, I got my highest heels, as well. I never wear’em; cause they kill my feet, but I figured you’d like’em, if only you could see them.”

She finished with a flutter of laughter, which I knew was aimed a me, but I was still shaken by her clothes selection, asking myself, “was she really gunna dress up, like in my dreams?”

“I’m gunna take off my robe now, and remember, no moving your head, no peeking, cause I'm totally naked underneath it.” I heard her voice become stronger as she spoke, and from the bottom of my blindfold I suddenly saw her feet. My pulse throbbed, knowing that she was standing right in front of me now. My body even quivered at just the thought, more when the appearance of her robe, dropping to the floor, almost on top of my feet, caught my eye. My pulse, not the only thing throbbing now.

“Wow, this is kind of embarrassing, standing in front of you... Stark naked,” Sasha said rather freshly. “You know, I was thinking I didn’t get to rub in any body lotion, after my shower, so I think I’ll do it now.”

I suddenly saw her hand, wrapped around a bottle, come into view, as she stuck it under my nose briefly.

“Coconut,” I instinctively moaned.

“Yah, my fav,” she moaned back. “I’m gunna just rub some in now...Gee, where to start.”

She was killing me, I could only see her feet, and she didn’t even have her heels on, but I dared not move.

“OWWW,” Sasha suddenly shrieked, and then I just listened, as she gave the play by play, in her sexiest voice yet. “I squirted some lotion on top of my shoulders. I’m rubbing it down my arm, my skin gleaming behind my touch, its coolness in sharp contrast to my burning flesh, and now the other arm...I need a little more lotion...Oh my, it’s dripping down in between my breasts, I betta, ah yah, that’s better. My breasts even feel extra dry tonight, maybe more lotion...Oh, yah that’s better, and now the other...Ummm that feels SO...Oh my, my nipples are tingling, and, and, ah yes, they are indeed hard now. I always get a little embarrassed when they do that. I bet you wish you knew what they look like, but patience my luv.”

I had to say, she had me there, and kudos to strong blind people, because being without site, was driving me crazy, and Sasha wasn’t helping, and neither was her frigging rules. Especially the no touching yourself one, because I was painfully erect and needed to make some adjustments.

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