tagLoving WivesThat Was No Lady: Ending Pt. 01

That Was No Lady: Ending Pt. 01


This is an attempt to write an additional ending to Gossog's story entitled "That Was No Lady That Was My Wife". With his approval I submit it and hope it does justice to his tale of cheating and cuckolding. Please be aware that it is a tale about a beautiful but evil cuckolding wife who started to have sex right in front of her husband during an office party held at another woman's huge home.

In the original story, which I strongly suggest you read first, the husband finds out his wife has been having sex, all types of sex with members of the office where she works as well as clients since before they were married. The entire office seems to be a group of beautiful and handsome people who are swingers and they have sex all the time and whenever and wherever they please. But the husband just finds out about all this at the party.

Goosog has kindly agreed to allow me to write a fitting ending to the story in an attempt to try and save the husband's pride. At the ending of Goosog story the husband had been complete humiliation at the hands of the wife and her lovers. In fact she has an orgasm as she stands in front of her husband telling him she is going to another man's house and won't be home that night. As it turns out she is away all weekend and arrives back to the husband early Monday morning. It was unclear to me at the end of the original story if the husband will become a sad and perhaps a willing participating cuckold or do something about it.

Before you read this new ending I again suggest you go back and read the original story written by the author Goosog. His story should be read first. Then you'll have a clearer understand what has happened with his wife and with the people she works with during the party. The husband now realizes his marriage has been a joke from the beginning but he loves his beautiful wife.

Characters: Lewis the husband, Deborah the wife, Nick the sexy lover, and Fiona the woman who helped the husband the night of the party. These are the main characters but there are other players who were in the first story that will come and go as I continue this second part.


Goosog story ended with the following:

"Oh, honey," his wife said. She almost looked contrite. "We had a great arrangement. We still have." She kissed him tenderly. "When I'm home, I'm all for you, you know that. I do anything you like. Don't you like this?" (She was riding him on a kitchen chair as she talked about what happened over the weekend when she left with Nick.)

Theo (the husband's brother) was right, Lewis thought. I am in over my head. She really knew how to manipulate him, to the point where he couldn't even articulate and defend his side of a debate.

Deborah stood up. "I have to get dressed. But I'll come home early tonight, sweetie. I'll cook some steaks." She stooped forward, to whisper in his ear. "I'll wear exactly what I'm wearing now." (She had on a shirt she got from Nick her lover when he dropped her off that morning.)

"Fine," he said, managing a smile. "See you then."

He put on his boxers and some gym clothes, and went out for a walk. There was still dew on the grass, and some low-lying clouds. Deborah talked about an "arrangement"; but the only one he agreed to was the one they recited at the altar. She had simply made unilateral changes to suit her needs.

Maybe he could amend this arrangement, too.

We pick up my story now.

Lewis didn't know what to do. So he went to see his brother Theo. Theo was right Lewis was in way over his head with Deborah. She manipulated him all the time but he never felt she would ever do to him what she did that night at the party. He was now a full-blown cuckold husband and he didn't like it. So after Lewis talked with his brother about what his wife did to him, his brother told him he had a couple of choices.

1) He could just live with it and accept it and have t slowly kill him; 2) He could deal with it head on and divorce her and take whatever he could from the marriage assets and move on with his life; or 3) Do the same thing to her that she was doing to him, fuck other women, other women she knew so it would get back to her.

Lewis had taken the day off and had slept on what his brother suggested while his wife went back to work that day. When she came home again he knew she would most likely had a pussy full of cum from Nick and some other man's cock she fucked at work. How many times had she come home full of some other man's cum and he didn't notice? He had no idea but he wasn't going to roll over. The more he began to think about how she had deceived him the madder he got.

That did it, he loved his wife more than anything in his life, hell she was his life. But he wouldn't put up with this way of life. He decided to start fucking other women in an effort to get his wife pissed off enough to stop her own cheating. Meanwhile he would gather information and evidence that he could use against her if his plan didn't work. He would then leave her splitting everything up and then move on with his life. But he had to try at least this one idea before actually leaving her. He would start with Fiona, she liked him and he liked her. From there he would see how it went.

Now as he sat with Fiona after they had some great sex she asked him, "Do you want me to take Leah's thong back?"

(Leah had left her thong at the party and Lewis had wound up with it when his wife took it off and handed it to him.) "That would be great."

"On second thought... why don't you bring it?"

"I don't even know her."

"Good way to break the ice." She picked up the phone. "Leah? I've got Lewis over here, and he needs to stop by and drop off something you left at the party." She laughed. "Yeah, she gave it to him. No, he's a good guy." She muted the phone and asked him, "Can you stop by Leah's house? About two miles away."

"Sure," he said.

"Okay, he'll be there," she told Leah. "Bye!"

Fiona fetched a small gift bag and laid the thong inside. "I'm not trying to chase you away," she said. "I just want you to meet a cute girl. I think you'll hit it off."

"No, you're tired of me," he joked. "Already trying to pawn me off."

She scoffed. "Come back Thursday, maybe Friday. We'll do something I'm sure you'll like Lewis." She kissed him and asked, "Is this too weird for you?"

"I think I can get used to it." Lewis said.

With directions from Fiona Lewis drove to Leah's. She was short and blonde, not quite petite but a nice build, with a prominent chest. She wore a white sleeveless tee, and white bikini panties of seemingly the same thin cotton. Her nipples and cameltoe were lasciviously apparent.

"You have something for me?" she said, grinning.

He offered the gift bag to her.

"Oh, is this mine?" , she said, pulling out the thong, laughing. "I feel like Cinderella with the glass slipper."

"We should see if it fits." Funny what some good luck does to a man's courage.

"Let's do," she said. She reached behind him to nudge the front door shut. She pointed to the panties she was wearing. "Why don't you take these off?"

He considered that an excellent idea. He knelt to pull them off, and was then inches away from her shaved pussy, almost at eye level. Suppressing his baser instincts, he stood back up.

She was already peeling off her T-shirt. "Most of the time, the thong was all I had on," she explained. "Until your wife borrowed it." Now she was nude and slowly spun around once, checking herself from all angles. "Now we'll get a better idea of whether it fits."

He said nothing, engrossed in admiring her form.

"Aren't you going to help?" she said. It was the same sort of fake exasperation Deborah used when playacting with him. Not that he minded.

"I kind of like you the way you are."

"I'll do it," she said, and stepped into the thong. "How do I look?"

He walked around her, checking out her ass, her legs, everything. "You look hot." He shook his head. "Wish I had seen you at the party."

"I didn't last long like this," she said. "Before I knew it, some guy was yanking it off."

"We're satisfied this is yours, Cinderella?"

"I guess that makes you my prince?"

"For the moment. But first, let's take off that slipper!"

Leah smiles happily and slid the thong back off. Then she slipped into his lap fully nude. She was absolutely beautiful with larger breasts that his wife and she pulled his head to her and kissed him long and softly. As their tongues mixed she felt him cup her left breast. She could feel his cock rising under her.

When he pinched her hardening nipple Leah sigh softly as she snuggle deeper into his lap. Her silk robe and thong was lying on the floor by his feet and he moaned into her mouth as he felt his cock pushing against her bottom. She shifted her weight and stood up. Looking down at him she said, "Take them off Lewis."

He lifted up off the sofa enough to lower his slacks and his hard on popped out of his shorts. With his slacks around his ankles she sat back down and told him she needed him badly. She lifted up enough to center the cock head over her love tunnel and sank down on it. The feeling was absolutely wonderful. But Lewis started to feel guilty he didn't know why but he did. and Leah saw it in his eyes. "It's ok love....it's OK. Deborah won't mind she loves sex with other men just like me, so why shouldn't you get some of it too?"

Lewis had no answer. He wanted this and as Leah began to ride up and down facing away from him he pulled her back and cupped both of her breasts as she rested against him and they fucked. It wasn't love or anything with feelings, only sex to get off, to cum, to orgasm. She fucked him the way his wife had fucked those men at the party. It was pure erotic sex nothing more but is was so good. Leah really knew how to fuck and Lewis held her tits pinching her long pink nipples as she moved like a witch on his cock. He knew he wouldn't last long.

Her arms move up over her head so she could hold his face now as she turned and kissed him. They rocked together and Lewis knew he was going to cum. God this woman was lusting like all the others at the party. She was beautiful, sexy and knew how to please a man with her body too.

He lifted up now pumping her body hard as she rotated around his shaft with the tunnel of her pussy squeezing him and releasing as she moved up and down up and down. It was magical, it was passionate and it was great sex. At the moment of his release he didn't even remember his wife's face. All he saw was lightening and flashes of brightness, as he began to pump his cum into Leah's magnificent pussy hole. She pushed down on his cock completely as she felt it harder and thicker inside her. She knew Lewis was going to cum. She held her pussy down on his balls and moaned with each shot of his thick white cum as it slammed up inside her. She too was climaxing at that very moment! "Oh Lewis! Oh! OH! OH! Oh yes baby! That was so damn good."

When they had recovered somewhat from their spectacular orgasms, she turned and sat facing him as his cock still up inside her was softening a little. She held it tight inside her pussy as she gently put her arms around his neck and hugged him to her.

He hugged her back pressing their bodies against each other. Lewis was enjoying her soft weight on his lap as his cock began to soften more now and slipped out from inside her. He could feel his cum running out of her pussy and over his thighs. The only light in the room was that from the sun setting outside, and he knew it was getting late. He wondered for a moment if his wife had come home yet? Was she full of some other man's cum again? Most likely she was and maybe it was with more than one man's.

Just them Leah touched his lips and pulled back from his face. She said, "Hungry?"

He realized the food he had eaten at Fiona's was all he had eaten all day. He was starving. As Leah and Lewis walked into the kitchen both completely nude she began to make egg omelets with the few things she had in her refrigerator. She smiled at him as he came up behind her and wrapped his hands around her body. As she lay back into his chest he licked her neck and kissed and bit her shoulders. She felt his hands moving up and cupping both of her full shapely breasts again. "Ummm", she moaned as she turned her head and kissed him. "That feels very nice. Do you want more to eat than eggs right now?"

He pulled her around and she lifted up holding him around his neck. Their mouths met and kissed passionately as she wrapped her legs around his stomach feeling his cock become hard again. She smiled as she looked into his eyes and used her hand to guide his cock into her already cum filled pussy. As she moved on him now she turned off the fire on the stove. Lewis felt his cock head move deep inside her body. She gave him directions to the bedroom for another round of pure sex. This time it would happen more slow and better he was sure.

She fell on the bed and pulled him down on top of her. She kissed him hard as she felt his cock begin to move in her. Lewis was in heaven here was one of his wife's beautiful sexy co-workers in her bed and he was fucking the shit out of her. It made him feel so much better. As he moved she held him lifting her hips in unions with his driving into her. She was feeling a wonderful sexual experience she hadn't felt in along time. Usually the men in the office were pigs, they fucked the women but most didn't 'really care if the female got off or not. That is except Nick. He made sure they all had spectacular orgasms. And with the size of Nick's cock he or it always did. But now she had a man who enjoyed her body and wanted too please her as much as he wanted to be pleased.

Over and over their bodies merged and then separated again. The rhythm of the sex made her bed squeak and grown as they rocked and pumped into each other slamming their bodies against one another. She could fell the orgasm coming. It was going to be wonderful. Lewis felt her lift her legs higher and he could feel her body reacting to his cock's stimulation. As he quickened his strokes into her she moaned again, "Oh yes! Oh god that so good! Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God I'm cumming!! Oh yesssssss!"

And Leah lifted them both up off the bed as she cried out and had a great orgasm. And still Lewis didn't cum. She had fallen back on the bed now as he continued to fuck her. This man was good. He wasn't the biggest cock she ever had, no, not by a long shot but Lewis could fuck. She held on to him and let him fuck her. It seemed like a long time and many orgasm later before she felt his cock get harder and thicken again. The heat coming off of it inside her made Leah hold him tight and thrust her hips ramming her pussy into him again and again and again.

Lewis arched his back and moaned as she watched his face contort as he tried to hold back from cumming. She wrapped her legs around his body and arched her back as their sex merged into one person! One last time he thrust into her and she felt his release.

God he shot so much cum into her. Both times Lewis had shot off she felt like she was bathing her entire insides with his seed. She fucked and fucked and fucked him until she was sure he had finished.

Then Lewis fell on top of her and they held each other drifting off to sleep. It was a few hours later when the phone rang waking them. It was Fiona and she called to tell Lewis that Deborah called her looking for him. She handed him the phone and he listened as Fiona told him what his wife said. She told Debra that he was dropping something off to Leah for her and then he would be home. But that was hours ago.

Lewis thanked her for covering for him and sat up on the bed. He looked at this gorgeous woman lying next to him and didn't want to leave her. But he had to get home to see what his wife was up to. He helped her to sit up and kissed her. He thanked Leah for a wonderful time and asked if he could come see her again.

Leah liked him very much and told him he should come back next Tuesday, since Wednesday was her day off they could sleep in. She told him she would make him supper and then they could fully explore each other. She used those words and Lewis felt his cock begin to get hard again. He stood up and went into the living room to find his clothes. He dressed and kissed her goodbye. He said, "I'll be here at 5 PM OK?"

She kissed him back and told him that would be great. She waved and yelled, "See you Tuesday."

He waved back and drove home. As he drove he was thinking he had Fiona on Thursday and maybe staying over that night and part of Friday. He figured that if his wife could go with Nick for three days he should be able to go to Fiona's for one night. Yes, he would just do it. When Debra went to work he would leave her a short note on the kitchen table. Then he would showered to go to Fiona's house. That way he wouldn't have to talk with Deborah. Then on Tuesdays he could visit Leah again for some dinner and some wonderful sex. He knew it would be fantastic and he may spend the night with her too. This was shaping up rather nicely. He stopped to get some fast food since he hadn't eaten almost all day.

When he got there his wife Debra was sitting in the kitchen and didn't look very happy when he walked in. She asked him where he had been and he simply told her he had visited Fiona and she asked him to drop off the red thong to Leah. When he did he spent a little time with her too.

Debra asked if he had sex and he told her yes, with both women. Debra was upset but didn't say anything about it. She only stood up and dropped her shirt and showing him her body she asked if he had anything left for her.

He picked her up and carried her to their bed. He told her to start masturbating while he took a quick shower. He would be back in a few minutes after he washed Leah's cum off of his body.

When he came out she was laying on the bed playing with her pussy. He smiled as his cock grew as he walked towards her. She reached out and offered her body to him. He took her in his arms and they rolled around on the bed with her kissing him and stroking his cock.

Sex with his wife had always been great but tonight she worked like she was trying to prove a point. She worked her pussy on his cock like she wanted him to know who was the best. She fucked him hard and fucked him long and it went on and on as she drove him higher and higher. After he shot his load she would suck him hard again. She rode him on top, she rode him as she lay under him. She fucked him hard and fast and slow and easy. Lewis had never realized how much better at sex she was then he was. But then she had much more practice. She knew a lot of different things and used tricks she never used on him before but she used them tonight for the first time on him.

Lewis could never stop looking at Deborah. Her body was magnificent and her face was pure beauty. She made love to him instead of just fucking him after the first time Lewis shot into her body. She really did want to show him she was the best. She wanted to him to not want sex with other women but to stay only with her. But Lewis told her he wanted both just like she did. He wanted to fuck her and still fuck other women. Just like her he wanted more than one partner. And he told her that a few times during the night when she asked him not to go see Fiona or Leah again. She wished he would stay at home and wait for her to come to him. She promised she would spend more time at home and she would not be away as much if he did. He didn't commit one way or the other.

But he wasn't going to do anything until he met with Fiona and Leah that next week and see what it was like having two, no three women to fuck. When Deborah asked him again he told her that if she stopped he would. But if she continued to have sex with other men, he was going to have sex with other women. Or, they could simply get divorced. She didn't want any of that. So life continued for them.

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