tagLoving WivesThat Was No Lady: Ending Pt. 03

That Was No Lady: Ending Pt. 03


Couple of weeks passed and nothing seemed to change for Deborah and Lewis. Lewis was now meeting with Leah on their set date as well as Fiona and Margaret. When he came home he stayed home the next day which was Wednesday. Sometimes his wife Deborah would be there waiting for him and they would have sex and talk about what he and she were doing when they were away from each other. It seemed like they now had an open marriage and had agreed unofficially to live that way. The sex with Debra was always, always great and she would have him thinking he still had a chance to bring her back. She seemed so upset that he was not home on Mondays and Tuesdays and Thursdays. She had even set her dates to coincide with his so she could be with him most of the other nights when they were together.

But on those nights when Deborah didn't come home at all was eating away at Lewis and he didn't know how much longer he could take her whoring ways. Sure he was having a great time on those days when he left home and stayed with his women. But he didn't really want any other woman but his wife. He didn't know what else to do but leave her and he wasn't ready yet to do that, he still loved her. He was trying the only thing he could think of and trying hard to make her see what she was doing was not making him happy and soon he would be past the point of no return.

Then one day about a month later she arrived home in the early morning and kept her finger on the doorbell until Lewis opened it and saw her standing there. His heart went into his mouth. What he saw broke his heart. There was Deborah standing there in front of him weaving back and forth sort of swaying in front of the door. He hardly recognized her. She looked like she had been gang banged. As he helped her into the house he couldn't help but smell her. Deborah's clothing smelled of sex. It was in her hair and he saw cum stains on the side of her arm and shoulder. As he looked at her, he could see the cum stains running down her legs and her clothing, what little there was of it, sickening to him.

She said, "Ops sorry baby, I know I smell! I really need a shower. I was the hit of the party tonight. You should have seen me. What a blast we all had. God I love working where I work. It's just so much fun and sex and good times."

At that point, Lewis wondered if he ever knew his wife at all. And, if he had did he have love left in his heart now for their marriage or for her? What a whore she was this morning. He simply asked, "How many? How many did you fuck Debra? You look and smell like some street walker who took on the convention single handedly."

She patted his face and said, "Oh Lewis you don't really want to know do you? Besides I lost count. And who cares you're getting your ass some pace else now anyway. I heard about Fiona and Lean you must be very satisfied."

He said, "You dumb slut! I'm doing that to try and stop you from whoring yourself out to your company and all the men who work there. I don't want anyone but you Deborah. Can't you fucking see that?"

She smiled and told him how sweet that was of him and that if he loved her he would be there every night waiting for her to come home to him. She promised that if he did she would fuck him every night just like old times. Old times when they were much happier together and she promised she would spend more time home if he stopped fucking half the town.

He didn't answer here for a few minutes but stood there watching her sway back and forth. She was still pretty drunk or high or maybe both. She said, "Well, look at me Lewis. My body is still the best you'll ever have. And I'm still pretty and you know how good I am in bed. Don't you want me all the time like you use too baby? Don't you want me to be with you every night and fuck you crazy?"

He said, "If you stop this I will too. That's the deal Deborah. You stop and I'll stop. "

She took his hand and said, "Let's go to bed and I'll do you before I shower. I'm taking the day off anyway I'm so tired Lewis. You should have come to the party baby! It was a hoot."

He shook her hand away and just looked at her. She smiled at him and chugged her shoulders and headed to the bathroom. Staggering from one side of the hallway to the other, he was thinking, "God she looked haggard."

But Lewis didn't say anything else to her. H just left for work and left his wife after closing the front door behind him.

Then on Thursday after work he came home and shower before he left to meet with Fiona. He knew that if Deborah were there she would beg him to stay home. He knew what he would tell her, "When she stopped fucking her workers he would stop fucking her workers."

But she wasn't there and so he left for Fiona's house when he would spend the night as usual.

He knew they still talked a great deal to resolve about what Deborah was doing but it was always the same nothing had changed with his wife at work. She was still having sex with many people, male and now a couple of females too. But she always spent the night with Nick once a week. Fiona's friends told her what was going on and Deborah was still the talk of the office because she was open about having the sex. Fiona knew Debra had received a large amount of money called bonuses for pleasing the clients and the management. What was so strange was the fact that Deborah didn't try to hide what she was doing it at all. In fact Fiona found out and informed Lewis that his wife seemed to love all of it.

Fiona also told Lewis that when Deborah and Nick went home together Deborah was a much happier woman. She smiled and enjoyed everyone for the next couple of days. Fiona was told that Deborah was now with Nick at least twice a week and over some of the weekend when Lewis wasn't home to greet her on Fridays after she came home from whatever party she attended.

It also seems that Nick had three other women beside Deborah that he was enjoying too. They could all tell when Nick took a lady home because she would be worthless the next day or sometimes two. They all seemed to be so tired and drained. And Fiona knew why, she had been with Nick a few times before her husband discovered what she was doing at those office parties and in her own house. Nick was a sexual animal with a big cock and his endurance was unbelievable. But that was long ago and she was much more knowledgeable. So a pattern developed for Lewis and each Thursday Fiona and he would either dine out sometimes or stay in and she would cook something. But either way they always came back to her house and then have some very exceptionally good sex. They were becoming very good friends as well as lovers.

There were times when they met alone and other times when Fiona would invite Margaret to join them. But, it was always Fiona's decision regarding Margaret. When Margaret was with them there was always a great three-way sex night. To Lewis the sex was unbelievable as they not only fucked Margaret's beautiful young body but worked to train her. He would smile at Fiona because Margaret was so willing to learn new techniques and positions.

They both continued to demonstrate and teach Margaret all about sex. Everything they both knew they tried on her and she loved it. It was very apparent that Margaret liked to have sex both ways now and Lewis wondered if that was Fiona's doing?

But sometimes they spent time together without Margaret. Sometimes it was just Lewis and Fiona and sometimes it was Margaret and Lewis while Fiona watched. And still there were other times the sex was with the two women without Lewis. But Margaret told them she really enjoyed it when both of them would work on her beautiful body and make her cum over and over again with their mouths and tongues and fingers and Lewis' cock or Fiona's strap on dildo. But whichever way they please Margaret and made her cum, she never seemed like she ever got enough. In many ways Lewis felt she reminded him of his wife. Many nights the bed would be drenched with Fiona, Lewis and Margaret's cum. Once they fisted Margaret on the floor and there was a puddle under her when they were finished. Margaret was very talented now and could fuck Lewis as well as Fiona or any other woman he had ever had except his wife Deborah. Debra was still the best fuck he had ever had in his life.

Lewis totally loved to fuck this lovely sexy young 19-year-old who almost worshipped him. She went wild trying to please him when he was inside her fucking her. Fiona also knew her niece was very subordinate and soon Fiona had convinced Margaret to live there in the big house with her. It had bee Fiona's plan all the time to get Margaret to live with her. It was a piece of cake for Fiona once she had Lewis to fuck her niece that first time. But Fiona really enjoyed Lewis coming over too and having sex with both of them was the greatest of sexual pleasure.

Usually Lewis didn't leave Fiona's big estate until late Friday afternoon. When his wife came home after work and didn't find him there it usually involved a fight and yelling when he did come back. He finally just walked away telling her again, "When you stop I'll stop."

He would fix something himself to eat and then shower before going into the spare bedroom to sleep. His sex life was greatly improving but not with his wife. In fact it had been some time since they had been with each other sexually. But away from home, Lewis was getting more sex than he ever had in his life. He always seemed to be very tired on those nights when they were both together and that was becoming less and less.

They seem to be sharing the house and all the things in it but living separate lives. They washed their own clothes cooked their own meals and lived in separate rooms most of the time. He was just about done with the entire situation especially since Deborah wasn't even slowing down with her adulteress affairs. His plan wasn't working and he saw not other way to convince his wife to stop fucking half or more of the people that worked with her. Lewis realize it was almost over, he just needed that "last straw to break the camel's back" sort of thing to happen.

Then one late afternoon after leaving Fiona's house Lewis came home and when he opened the front door there was Tom, a very handsome young blond guy standing in the living room. He was dressed in a suit with no tie and he turned to look at Lewis as he came in the door. Lewis remembered him right away from the party where his wife first demonstrated what she had been doing with the men in her office since before they were married.

Tom was a model and looked very athletic with a dark deep tam. Lewis was sure his wife was fucking this young guy. He said hello and asked where his wife was?

Tom told him she was upstairs dressing and that they were going out for the evening to an office function. He smiled as he said "office function," so that's what you're calling it these days? "Yes, office function, a party for our clients", Tom said as he smiled at Lewis. His teeth were perfect and bright as any he had ever seen. Tommy was a very handsome man the type Deborah loved to hang her arm on and fuck too he was sure.

Just as Lewis was going to say something, his eye caught the movement on the stairs and Tom looked away from Lewis and over to the stairs. Lewis turned to see his beautiful wife standing on the landing and she was dressed like an expensive hooker or call girl. Lewis had never seen her look as beautiful or as sexual or as sluty. Her skirt was an inch or two below her ass and when she walked he saw the cheeks of her ass flash from under it. Lewis was sure, if, she had anything on under the skirt it was the smallest thong they made. The skirt was just to short to not know she was available for fucking to any man who saw her.

He knew Deborah had a sensational body but she never showed it off so blatantly before. Her breasts were pushed up high with a great deal of cleavage showing. There was a long and very deep gap between them as she almost had her nipples hanging over the top of her blouse. She saw her husband and smiled at him looking. Then she said, "Oh Lewis! I didn't expect you home so early. You remember Tom don't you? You met him at Fiona's party."

Lewis didn't answer her he just looked at his wife long and hard. Finally she said, "Well I'm sure you do. Tommy we better get going, don't want to be late for the party tonight do we?"

Tom laughed for a second before Lewis turned and looked at him with a really pissed off stare. He was still standing with the front door opened and was blocking their exit. He knew Tom was younger than him and most likely in better shape, but he also knew Tommy boy didn't want his face scared and he decide that if pushed he would make that his priority, scaring Tom's face. He may not win the fight since Tom had 3 inches on him, but he was sure old Tom would be out of modeling.

Tom didn't move and they both watched his wife walked to Tom and they quickly embraced. She gave him a long kiss with her lips opened and Lewis was sure there was a lot of tongue in the kiss. He didn't do anything he just watched.

Lewis remembered Tom alright he was the one who was feeling his wife up on the dance floor the first time he had found her dancing with those three men. She had told him it was just flirting but he knew now it was screwing and lots of it.

He remembered Deborah dancing with him as he stood behind Deborah that night and watched Tom whispering something in her ear that made her scoff and giggle. He stood there watching his wife kissing Tom hard and long now in his own house and he decided he wouldn't stand for that. He watched Tom's one hand hold her hip as their bodies mashed together. Her pussy was pressing against his crotch hard and tight and when they separated she looked at Lewis and said, "Well since you're finally home again I won't have to leave you a note. I just wanted to tell you I wouldn't be coming home tonight it will be too late by the time the party is over. Since I wasn't sure you would be home or even if you were you would want to go with me, I invited Tommy to take me. I didn't think you would care anyway."

Lewis said, "Why would you want me there anyway Debra? Unless you want me to watch you whore yourself out and try to humiliate me like last time. I'm sure you would go out of your way to make sure I saw you fucking a bunch of men. Then you would go home with someone else just like the last time we went to one of your fucking parties. No I won't go with you. I won't be treated like that ever again."

She said, "Well, OK then. So, I guess I'll see you tomorrow night when I get home. Maybe we can have dinner out some place after all it will be Sunday. And Lewis I think we really need to talk about us."

She turned to Tom and said, "Tommy this is my "husband" Lewis. You might remember him watching us dancing and fooling around at Fiona's house the night she had her big party."

He smiled and said, "Oh yes! I remember him. He likes to watch."

And they both laughed as Lewis watched Tom's hands running all over her ass and hips. She smiled and said, "Well we did have fun that night even if Lewis didn't."

Tommy looked at him sizing him up and then said, "Well we could always go back to the bed room and he could watch us again."

As he said it he reached upward from behind her, and she rested her body against him. With her back against Tom and facing her husband, Lewis watched as Tommy's hands came around and under her arms cupping her breasts and squeezing them. Lewis saw her nipples come over the top of the blouse and her tits fully in view. Then he heard his wife moan as she reached around and was feeling for Tom's cock. She batted her eyes at her husband and said, "Oh God Lewis. Tommy's cock is as big or bigger than Nick is and you saw how big he was. It's going to be a very good night baby!"

As Lewis watched Tommy look him right in the eyes and with two fingers on each of his hands he circles Deborah's nipples and then pinched them just like he did at Fiona's party. He breasts were hanging out and Lewis could see suck marks on each one. He was sure they had fucked in the house before he got home. That outraged him.

Lewis saw his wife close her eyes. Tom's mouth came down on her neck and she turned her head so she could feel his full lips as they kissed and sucked her neck leaving his mark on her again. They did it right in front of him. She held Tom's head with her hand and looked at her husband.

As Tom licked and sucked around Deborah's neck and shoulders and down into the cleavage between her tits they watched Lewis as he walked towards them. When he got real close Tom broke the embrace and Lewis smiled seeing just the slightest sign of fear in both of their eyes. He said it very low so both of them had to listen real hard. " If you do this again in my fucking home Tommy boy, I'm make sure you never model carrier is over, you'll never model again asshole."

He looked at his wife now and said, "And for you whore, never bring your men here again. What you do outside our "happy" little home is up to you. But if you bring him or any like him here again I'll put you and him both in the fucking hospital. Oh and I don't give a fuck if they arrest me or not for doing it. I got nothing left in my life to loose but you and you're gone now, so guess what? I got nothing. Now get the fuck out of here."

She started to say something about how he had talked to her but Lewis just cut her off, "Leave now while you both still can. I fucking mean it baby!"

And with that he turned away and went upstairs to take a shower.

It took a few minutes before Deborah realized her husband had actually said what he did and that he was actually walking away. His attitude and his very scary and nasty words stunned her. As she looked at Tom she saw his scared look and that made her realize Lewis was no longer watching her. She had performed her little show for him like she had planned but his reaction was more frightening than it was submissive. Again she didn't know how to deal with this Lewis.

She looked at him and instructed Tommy to wait there in the living room while she went to the bathroom and began to give her husband bunch of shit about leaving her there with another man feeling her up. She said he was a wimp and a sissy and if he was a man he would have broken it up so she guessed he like to watch his wife with another man. She was baiting him badly.

Lewis turned and looked at her. Then he told her he saw the look in her eyes and knew she liked it. He wasn't about to sit and watch her like he had done at the party. But she better never bring it home again or he would do what he said he would do, that was a promise. Then he said that's why he had walked out and went into the shower so Tommy would still look like something. He told her to get out and turned to wash the soap off of his body. She walked out of the bathroom and Lewis continued to wash. He let the warm water run over his face and it felt good. He had been standing there for a while when he finally felt they had left. He then stepped out of the shower and dried off.

As he walked into the spare bedroom to get dressed. Once dressed he came out of his room and that when he saw his wife in the master bedroom. She had her legs up in the air over her head and Tommy drilling her like he was trying to find oil! She screamed with a loud cry when she saw her husband standing there looking at her. Lewis knew right away it was for show and wasn't going to do anything but walked out.

But then Tommy looked over and smiled at Lewis s as he drove his cock all the way into Deborah one last time as he said, "Hey man come watch I know you want to."

"Why did you have to say that", Lewis said out loud?

He walked into the bedroom as Tommy was looking down into Deborah's face and they smiled at each other. She turned to see Lewis standing there in the room and she said, "Oh look! Here's Lewis! Look baby see how big Tommy's cock is. Oh and it feel so good baby! So fucking good! Ram me again Tommy!"

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