tagLoving WivesThat Wasn't What Should Have Happen

That Wasn't What Should Have Happen


Author's note:

This is another tale from true life as told to me by one of my really great friends. Sally and I go back to third grade in school and consider each other as life-long best friends. She now tells me she wishes she'd talked to me about this before she got too involved, but she didn't and life goes on. We, as humans, often don't use up all of our options before reaching life changing decisions. I am trying to convince Darrel to tell me his side of the story but he wants to see her side in print first. I really never built a relationship with any of Sally's girlfriends described in this story...I just never liked them from the first time I'd met them. So, their side of the story will probably never be told.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Here I sit, dumbfounded. I'd never dreamed that this is what could possibly happen. There was just NO WAY this could have happened to us, well, to me.

Darrel and I were married fifteen years ago when I turned up pregnant. We'd have ended up married anyway, but just a little later. We'd both been through nasty divorces from our first spouses. Both of us had caught our respective spouses cheating with each other. We came together during the process and first became great friends. When the divorces were final, we began dating, and one thing led to another until I missed a period, took an at home pregnancy test, and discovered that we had a child on the way. Darrel was elated and insisted we get married right away. We did a small chapel wedding with only family and close friends present, about twenty people attended. A few months later, Julia was born and thirteen months later Greg followed into our loving family.

We've had a wonderful life, great family experiences and we've both loved bringing up the kids and enjoying all of their activities. Our sex life has always been satisfying for both of us and we still find ourselves having sex at least twice a week and often three or four times a week. Darrel never disappointed me in that way, and for the record, he's never disappointed me in any part of our life.

So, what happened to cause me the grief? Did Darrel cheat on me? No, he has been 100% faithful to all of our wedding vows...It was me, but I really didn't consider it cheating. Let me explain.

Three of my close friends, Lilly, Maria, and Valerie were married within a year or two of the same time as Darrel and me. We met at my first job shortly after Val was married. We often ate lunch together and our families got together about every couple of months to socialize. Darrel is a great cook, especially on the grill, so most often it was a barbecue at our house. They all had kids about the same age as ours so we'd really have a party when any of the kids had a birthday. Then the small company where the four of us girls worked went bankrupt and we all ended up heading in different directions. I took up teaching in elementary school, which was my true love anyway. Val moved to California as her husband had a great job offer out there, Maria went to work on the other side of town, and Lilly found herself pregnant again and became a stay-at-home mom. At first we drifted apart, but after a couple of years, Val and her husband moved back to town and she decided to organize a girls night out for the four of us once a month. Our goal was to never eat at the same restaurant more than once (for our girls night out). That made it a fun challenge and we rotated the job of picking the place for each month.

It was about a year into the girls night out routine that our first hiccup appeared. Maria was excited that night and was very animated with everything she said at the dinner table. We all were asking her what was going on but she kept putting us off. Finally she said to me, "Sally, didn't you say Darrel was in Chicago for a couple of days? Where are the kids?"

Quickly, I answered, "Yeah, Darrel won't be back until Monday and the kids are at my Mom's for the weekend."

I was a little puzzled so I quizzed, "Why did you ask?"

"Well, I just have to tell you all what's happening in my life that is really exciting and I thought we might all go to your place so we can talk privately, just between us girls."

With that, we all were anxious to hear what she had to tell us so we headed back to our place. Val and Lilly both called their husbands so they'd know where to reach them if anything came up. Maria's husband evidently already knew Maria might be late tonight. I fixed a pot of coffee and we all gathered in the living room to hear the reason for Maria's excitement. I had no clue what had her so excited but evidently the others did. What was to come was a complete shock to me.

Maria started out, "Well, most of you have an idea why I'm so excited, so I'll just get right to the details!" She took a deep breath and began, "First I just want to announce that Mario is now totally on board!"

That made zero sense to me, I wondered "With what is he on board?" The answer came shortly.

Maria grinned as she exclaimed, "I now have a regular lover and Mario is accepting it just like you said he would Val. He's a teacher at the kids school. We had a meeting to go over Sammie's English difficulties and we just hit it off. After our meeting, he suggested we might want to have further discussions, maybe over dinner one evening. One thing led to another, and we ended up going out to dinner the next night. After dinner we went dancing and we were all over each other on the dance floor. Robert then told me he needed me, and I told him I was married." Maria was flushed as she continued, "I told him that I wouldn't cheat behind Mario's back and that we'd have to go back to my house and confront Mario, and we did. I just told Mario that Robert was going to fuck me and it was either going to be there in our guest room, or I would leave and go with Robert to fuck him all night." Maria was Grinning!

"Mario was flabbergasted and started crying immediately. I just assured him that I loved him and it was nothing but a small diversion using sex. I told him it wouldn't affect our marriage and I still love him as my husband and would always be there for all of the sex he wants."

Maria continued talking about how she had reassured Mario that she still loved him and then finally asked him, "Can I have Robert fuck me here or do I have to leave for the night and go with him? Mario, you know, you can watch if you want while he pounds me into oblivion...You'd like to watch, wouldn't you?"

"Mario cried a little longer and then he said, 'Maria, I love you with all of my heart and all I really want is for you to be happy, so stay here and use our bed, it's much better than the one in the guest room. You'll be more comfortable, and I can sit in my bedside chair and watch if you want.'" Maria was still excited as she continued, "That was two weeks ago, and Robert has been over six times. Mario always watches and seems happy to see me happy. He even cleans Roberts cum out of my pussy when we're done fucking. It's like a dream, just as you and Lilly said it would be. I still have my Mario, and the excitement of a new lover."

I was shocked and had no idea any of the three of them had been unfaithful to their husbands. My face felt flushed and everyone seemed to notice. Valerie noticed and asked, "Sally, you seem shocked. Have you never thought of having a little extramarital adventure?"

Quickly, I replied, "No, I could never do that to Darrel. It would hurt him too much just as it would hurt me terribly if he did that to me. Val, are you saying that you now have an open marriage? Do you let Howard have other women too?"

Valerie sat up straight in her chair and said, "Absolutely not! After all, he's my husband and is supposed to be faithful to me until the day he dies. I'd never allow him to fuck someone else."

Soon, it was all three women harping on me about my 'Victorian' attitude. They all assured me I just had no clue how much excitement it could add to my marriage and to my sex life with Darrel.

Possibly Lilly's description was the most awakening. She said, "Let me tell you my story. Andy and I were out one night dancing at a local club. I'd just about worn Andy out as he told me he needed to rest. Shortly after we sat down, a twenty-something young man came up and asked me to dance noting how he'd enjoyed my moves on the floor. I looked at Andy and he gave me a thumbs up sign. After four consecutive fast numbers, we went back to the table and the young man (Barry) asked if he could buy Andy and me a drink. While he was at the bar, I asked Andy if he minded me dancing some more with Barry since he was so tired. Andy just kissed me and told me to do what I wanted and that yes, he was tired. When Barry got back to the table, another fast number was just starting and Barry just reached out his hand. I took it and we were back out on the floor. As the song ended, the music shifted and a slow number started. Barry just swept me into his arms and away we went, bodies flush against one another. He reached down and lifted my chin and kissed me gently, but passionately.

From there it just got stranger because I found myself kissing him with an open mouth and exploring tongue. Before I knew it, we were walking hand in hand out to the patio to get some air. We didn't get much air as he continued kissing and caressing me with ever wilder hands. Soon he had his hand on my breast, over my blouse and I didn't stop him. Shortly, he unbuttoned a couple buttons and slipped his hand inside my blouse and inside my bra. It was electric as his fingers touched my nipple. At that point it was all over. I wanted him and told him so. We went back inside and Andy was still sitting at the table. Barry sat down and I sat in Andy's lap, kissed him and whispered in his ear that I wanted to fuck Barry and asked if it was okay if I invited him back to our house with us." Lilly took a deep breath as she continued, "To make a long story short, Andy didn't like the idea but I told him I really wasn't asking, just giving him the choice if it was to be at our house or at Barry's. I told Andy to just get over it. He was drunk enough that he just nodded and away we went back to our bedroom. Andy couldn't bear to watch at first, but after a couple of hours, he joined us in the bedroom and watched. That was three months ago, and Barry and sometimes his roommate come over at least a couple nights a week. Andy has accepted it, especially since I gave up my ass to him on several occasions and reserve that as HIS private property."

Our discussions went on into the night until I finally agreed to think about it. I really had no intention of doing anything, but over the next few weeks had several visions of my best friends all with their extra-marital lovers. The idea began to fester in my subconscious. Every time I spoke to Val, Lilly, or Maria, they assured me they knew Darrel loves me unconditionally and, while he may not like the idea at first, he would quickly come around. Val even told me about one of her friends whose husband left her immediately and filed for divorce when she presented the idea to him, but within six weeks, he was back, begging to have her take him back...That was three years ago and today he even helps her find new lovers when she wants. Val assured me, "Sally, it's a no-lose situation for you. You get to keep your husband and have tons of extra sex too!"

When Val and I met for lunch a couple of weeks later she asked me if I had any thoughts about who I'd choose if I were to try their plan. I had thought about it and replied, "Well, we have a new principal at the elementary where I teach and he is hot, but that's as far as it could ever go...Just in my head. I could never cheat on Darrel." I was flustered because I really had fantasies over the past few days of what it would be like to have Ted (the new principal) feeling and sucking my tits and pounding my pussy with his, as I imagined, huge dick. In fact, as I spoke to Valerie, I noticed that I was wet and juicy. I began at that point to think I might really like to try this out. After all, Darrel was a kind and gentle lover and always made sure that I got off when we made love, but I was imagining Ted just fucking me raw.

Valerie then described how much her lover had added to her sex life with Howard. She said they'd gone from once or twice a week to at least four times a week and it was hotter than ever. She told me, "Sally, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. If you don't want to confront Darrel with it before you are sure it's something you

want to pursue, you could always sneak off one evening when we all go out to try Ted out." Valerie grinned as she went on, "Besides, we are all getting together this Friday night for our dinner, we can all talk it through so you'll have a clear picture in your mind of how to proceed. You know, Sally, we all had reservations when we started, but all three of us are realizing that it's one of the best things we've ever done to enhance our marriages."

Now I couldn't wait for Friday night and hoped the place Lilly picked was quiet enough so that we could talk over dinner and not make it a really late night. I tried to envision how I'd approach Ted and decided to start right away with some simple flirting each time I'd see him. That very afternoon, I went by his office to supposedly ask him his opinion on one of my lesson plans. In reality all I did was flirt by putting my hand on his shoulder while he read through my lesson plan. He didn't react, nor push me away so I took it as a positive sign, still not sure it would ever be anything more than talk.

Friday night arrived and I was extremely nervous. The restaurant Lilly had chosen was perfect. It was small and we had a booth far in the back that was semi-private. After ordering, I asked if each of my friends would tell me the positives and negatives of their situations. Maria went first because she was the newest at this 'game' of infidelity. She was extremely animated as she told me about her continuing FLING with Robert. Mario was still totally on board and had reaped the benefits of her experiences with Robert. Maria said, "Robert has opened my thinking to new heights, and Mario is loving the new things I'm learning, especially the fellatio techniques he's shown me."

I interrupted her by saying, "Not to seem stupid, but what is a fellatio technique?"

Everyone laughed at my expense but Maria continued by replying, "It's another word for blow-job. Robert has a lot of ways he likes me to use my tongue to trace his cock, balls, and down to his asshole. The first time my tongue touched Mario's asshole, he came almost instantly and explosively." She went on, "Like I said, Mario is realizing some of the benefits and doesn't get all emotional any more. He just accepts what I'm doing as a benefit for him. And, believe me, Robert's talented tongue has brought me to many new heights too! I'm teaching Mario all of Robert's pussy eating techniques as well. He's a quick study and once again, I'm the beneficiary of better sex with my husband. Sally, I highly recommend that you give it a shot!"

Both Valerie and Lilly had similar 'success' stories and I was quickly falling into a mindset that I'd soon be on board...All I needed was to seduce Ted and set a time for the showdown. I wasn't about to do anything behind Darrel's back, so timing was critical so nothing would get in the way of my plan.

For the next few days, I was on pins and needles. I had to carefully plot and plan every detail, not the least of which was bringing my flirting with Ted to a higher level. There were several school events coming up and I used every excuse to talk to Ted in his office making sure I gave him hints that there could be something more. After a couple of weeks, nothing seemed to be progressing so I just went in to Ted's office, shut the door, smiled to his face and asked, "Could we go out to dinner or for a couple of drinks so we can speak in private."

"What's this about?" Questioned Ted.

"Just a private matter." I replied.

Ted finally agreed and we decided to go out for a couple of drinks after school on Thursday. When Ted arrived at the lounge, I was already in place in a booth. He was obviously nervous as he approached. I smiled broadly as he sat down. The first words out of his mouth were, "Sandy, I have no clue why we're here. I enjoy your company, but we're both married, and I've always been faithful to my wife of twenty-one years. So, tell me, why are we meeting for drinks at this club on the opposite side of town from our homes?"

I answered calmly, "Ted, please understand that I too have always been faithful to Darrel. However, due to some encouragement from my best friends, I think it is time for a little extra-curricular activity. I won't do anything without Darrel having full knowledge beforehand, but I just hoped that you and I could get better acquainted to see if we wanted to step into a little fling to bring some extra spice to our marriages."

Ted looked straight into my eyes and said, "Sally, I can't tell you how flattered I am by your proposal, but I'm afraid I'll have to pass on the offer. I simply can't put my marriage at risk over a little sexual pleasure. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about our conversation. I'll just keep this talk between you and me, okay?"

Rejected! I couldn't believe it, and that just about made up my mind that I was on the wrong track. I quickly called Lilly's number but only got voice mail. Next I tried Valerie, She answered on the third ring. I told her about my rejection and that I'd decided to pass on the extramarital fling. Val quickly offered, "Sally, maybe you were a little too forward and scared him, why not try it once with Drew, my lover? I'm sure he'd love to get you started and come back to me as soon as you find a suitable replacement. You won't regret it, Drew is marvelous!"

"I don't know Val, I'm afraid this just isn't for me."

"But Sally, you'll never know if you don't at least try it once! Let me call Drew right now and then call you back."

I agreed to wait for her call back. It came in less than ten minutes. Val proudly announced, "You're on for a week from tomorrow night. Friday's are always good because that's when the guys are used to us all getting together and Darrel won't suspect anything."

"Oh! I couldn't do it without Darrel knowing. That would positively be cheating and I just won't do that."

Val's speedy reply was, "I understand, but when you go out to bring Drew back, you want to be able to catch Darrel totally by surprise and off guard. Believe me, it's much easier to get him to agree if you catch him off guard. You'll bring Drew in the door, introduce him to Darrel, then ask Darrel if he truly loves you and wants to see you happy!" Val paused briefly and I didn't respond so she went on, "Don't you think that's the best way to get him to initially agree?"

"I suppose so, so what time and where should I meet You and Drew next Friday to get it going?"

Valerie just said, "We'll get it all set during the week...You just start making sure Darrel will be home around nine or nine-thirty when You and Drew get back to your house."

Tomorrow night I decided I'd start warming Darrel up with some really hot sex. I thought maybe I'd even do like Maria and let him take my virgin ass to really get him hooked. I made sure the lube was handy in the nightstand. Darrel had been asking if we could try anal for the last few months and I'd always put him off saying I was afraid of the pain. Actually, I'd gone into the adult novelty store and talked with one of the women who worked there. She'd given me the idea to start with a small dildo and lots of lube, then over time gradually increase the size of the dildo until I felt I could take my husband's cock. I'd been working up to size over the past six weeks but wasn't quite up to Darrel's girth yet, but probably close enough to make it work.

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