tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThat'll Teach You!

That'll Teach You!


**Another dirty fantasy inspired by the ever beautiful and obedient CiCiSparkle**

"You two, see me after class!" She said sternly, throwing a harsh glance in their direction. She rarely lost her temper with the group, but this time they'd gone too far.

The adult's class for GCSE English were a constant challenge. Miss CiCi had only started teaching the course this year. She didn't want to teach it. The hours were terrible and the students were notorious miscreants. Two lads in particular had caused teachers issues for the last two years, this was their last chance to try and pass the course. Rick boasted of his violence, he'd always distract the class with tales of the latest unfortunate man to be in the wrong place when he wanted a fight. Mark used to be a stoner; he'd been caught in possession with intent to supply. Some days his far away demeanour suggested his drug days weren't quite over. They'd given the previous teacher cause to leave the college; Miss CiCi wasn't told why.

The night before she'd been diligently marking the coursework she'd been given. She'd made the usual red marks over the work. Learn to fucking spell! She thought, seething as the mark scheme demanded that this tripe was allowed a C. Then she came to Rick and Mark's. She stared in disbelief at the sheets of paper, blank but for doodles of breasts and ejaculating penises. She was shocked, but not surprised. At least the cum's drawn. She would reprimand them tomorrow. If it were up to her she'd have thrown them both out by now but it wasn't. Her job was riding on their success.

She walked over to the boys slowly, looking down at them in disappointment. She'd worn her power heels that day in the knowledge that she'd have to deliver this telling off. She felt more confident at 5" 6 than she did at her usual 5"2. The lads watched mesmerised as she made her way towards them, tits bouncing with each step. She would often notice people looking at her chest, hypnotised as her hard nipples danced beneath the light fabric of her blouse. She was aware of her huge assets and tried to cover them up as much as possible at school. She held the two pieces of homework in her hand and slammed them down on the desk in front of them as she reached them. "Now what do you call this!" She shouted, never averting her eyes from their smirking faces. They began to laugh. "Oh you think it's funny do you? You think it's funny that you're going to fail the course AGAIN?! You know you won't be allowed back next time!" The lads looked at each other and burst out laughing. They were two boys behaving like the Inbetweeners. "Now I want you to redo your work. I want you to get your act together and I want you to behave!" The boys stared at her in silence. She took the paper and ripped it in half. "This is unacceptable!" She said strictly as she tore the paper again. "You're going to go home and answer the question you were given for coursework. You're going to write 800 words and hand your work in to me on Monday morning. Do you understand?" She punctuated the last line by banging the table with her fist, their papers screwed up in her hand as she did so. Turning sharply, she started marching toward the classroom door to show them out.

As Mark predicted, it only took two steps for her to reach the backpack that he'd kicked underneath her. Her balance failed her as she toppled to the floor. Memories of senior school bullies filled her head as the familiar throb of grazed palm hit her. She could feel her knees grow hot, the friction between skin, carpet and now ripped nylon had stung sharply. She looked up as the lads towered above her. "Hahaha! It's been a while since a bird got on her hands and knees for me that quickly!" Rick mocked. She threw an angry glance at him as she jumped up with more speed and dexterity than the two had imagined she was capable of. Five years of Karate and a year of Roller Derby had left her stronger than her small, voluptuous frame suggested. She stepped back and grabbed the edge of the desk to support herself. Deftly, she kicked Mark in the solar plexus as he made a lurch forward for her. She had kicked him hard and revelled in his resulting choking. She hoped her sharp heel had broken the skin. Rick looked her straight in the eye as he squared up to her. He tried to intimidate her with his tall, strongly built frame. She threw a glance upward looking into his eyes, bringing her knee sharply and quickly upwards. He yelped as she crushed his testicles. He recoiled in pain, grasping his crotch as he reversed.

She was busy feeling smug at the pain that she had inflicted as Mark grabbed her from behind unnoticed. She gasped as he gripped her tightly, "you're not going anywhere." She put up all the resistance she could, only to realise that the feeling of her round ass writhing against his cock was making him swell rapidly. She held still. Rick grabbed her by the mouth. "You little bitch!" He snarled. "I'm gonna be the one teaching you for a change." He kept her gaze as he fumbled with his jeans, releasing his throbbing cock. He looked at her through narrowed eyes as he said lasciviously, "now don't get me wrong, I like a girl with a fight in her. Makes it all the sweeter when I finally break her." Rage built up in her as she stared. She spat in his face.

"Fucking bitch!" He shouted, recoiling. "Oh, now you've done it. Think you're hard do ya Miss? We'll fucking show you what's hard." He slapped her powerfully across the face. "You're going to take my cock deep in your throat. You're going to suck it hard until I cum, and when I do you will swallow every last drop. Do you understand?" She looked at him defiantly as he planted another hard slap across her face. He thrust his hand over her mouth, she could hardly breathe. "Is that fucking clear?!" She looked up. Desperate for a way out but defeated by the solid grip she found herself in, she nodded softly. "Good". Rick pulled his ample cock out of his jeans. The size intimidated her. It was at least seven inches long and incredibly thick, she didn't want to think about what it would do to her gag reflex. As he slapped her face with his dick, Mark caressed her soft thighs under her skirt. He raised his hand more and more, tickling her pussy and ass as he did so. He removed her tights and panties quickly, pulling them down to her ankles. She winced at the pain as he separated dried blood from skin.

Rick held her head up so she couldn't look away. "How's that for ya? Suck it." He pushed his cock up to her lips but she kept her jaw firmly clenched. "Looks like we're gonna have to teach you a lesson". Mark held her hands above her head firmly with one hand as he removed his belt. With great skill he wrapped the leather tightly around her wrists, binding her in place. Rick removed his belt and handed it to Mark. "Give the bitch what for," he said handing the belt over, "I wanna get this started." Mark whipped the belt across her bare ass over and over as she yelped through Rick's firm grip. "You behave and he'll give it a rest." She looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. "That's enough for now. Unless you're gonna refuse to swallow this dick of mine again?" She shook her head. "Good. Now you're going to suck this cock dry. You're not going to gag, you're not going to bite, you're going to do as you're told." As Rick let go of her mouth she gasped for the few seconds that she could guarantee a decent breath of air. She closed her eyes and tasted his cock as it made its way into her mouth. Grabbing the back of her head to push himself further in, he thrust his dick deep down her throat. "Good girl."

While Rick fucked his teacher in the throat, Mark freed himself from his jeans. He parted her pussy lips and unceremoniously made his way deep inside her. She winced as he thrust his cock in and fucked her hard. He reached for her tits and ripped her blouse open, freeing her huge breasts from her bra. He grabbed them hard, tugging on her pierced nipples. "Mmm, you kinky fucking bitch!" He gasped as he noticed the metal barbells. She tried to close her eyes and take herself away somewhere else, but the rhythmic slapping of balls against her ass and chin and the force she felt as they bored into her from each direction kept her firmly in the horrifying moment. She desperately racked her brain for a way out of the situation. She tried wiggling her arms but they were bound too skilfully. She tried kicking Mark in the legs but it didn't put him off his stride. They pounded away at her nonetheless. She realised soon that there was only one way to get out of the ordeal . She would have to make them cum.

Miss CiCi was an open lesbian. Her students never suspected that their curvaceous little young teacher drank from the furry cup when she went home. She had never found the same emotional connection with men and had never been in an official relationship with one, but that wasn't to say she hadn't had hot sex with her fair share of guys. She had a fuck buddy with a cock she loved to suck and had taught herself the neat little trick of massaging his dick with her throat muscles as she took it as deep as it would go. It had always guaranteed a quick job. With this in mind, she looked up at Rick with her big green eyes. She shot him the seductive glance that always drove her girlfriend wild when she was licking her pussy. She swallowed hard and rubbed the tip of his penis with her throat muscles. "Woah, baby... Where did that come from!" Simultaneously she raised her ass and began to grind her hips against Mark. He groaned in pleasure as her pussy juices started to flow. He felt her become slicker and slicker. "Oooh, someone's starting to get into this. Good girl!"

As she sucked Rick's cock harder and deeper she felt it throb and swell to bursting point. She looked up at him but failed to catch his glance. His face was contorted with extreme pleasure, "That's it baby... I'm gonna make you swallow my cum". She knew that there wouldn't be much swallowing involved. His dick was so far down her oesophagus that his load would be neatly deposited into her stomach. She was glad she wouldn't have to taste it. He started caressing her hair as he swelled and exploded into her throat, holding her nose firmly pressed against his firm abdomen as he squirted repeatedly into her.

As she swallowed the last drops of Rick's cum she felt Mark's cock throb inside her pussy. She sped up her pushes, trying to milk him for cum so that she could be free. "Oh, god..." She squeezed her pelvic floor muscles as she grinded, "You're so fucking tight Miss." He groaned as he felt his load build up in his balls. She squeezed her pelvic floor muscles to milk the cum out of him. She got wetter and wetter as she let herself enjoy his thick cock. As she squeezed his dick with her pussy, she felt her own orgasm build up inside her. She moaned loudly as he pumped hard and fast, gasping with pleasure. "Oh yeah Miss, come on my dick!" She dutifully obeyed as Mark released his thick load inside her wet, unprotected pussy. As mark dismounted he saw his thick, sticky cum slide down her thighs. He ran his finger across her juicy pussy lips to collect a decent amount of spunk. "swallow this," he said as he secreted his jizz covered finger into her mouth.

He and Rick relinquished hold on her and left her panting in a pool of her own saliva. They put away their cocks as Rick started caressing her hair. "Right," he says, "This is what you're going to do if you want to keep that precious, miserable job of yours!" She looked up obediently. Rick gave her the orders she was to keep to. "You're going to pass us. We could hand you nothing between now and June but you're still going to pass us. If the work's not there, you're going to do it. Do you understand?" She nodded. "Good. As for exams, I suppose we can bother with them on one condition. We get to fuck your sweet little body whenever we like. Now we'll be happy to make sure you get to your car without anyone seeing you and you won't get fired, but you've got to be good. What do you say?"

"Yes Rick, whatever you want." They untied their obedient new slave. They had broken her in.

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