tagNon-EroticThat's It?

That's It?


"That's it?"

That was all George thought as he lay on his bed. His pain no longer bothered him. It was commonplace, to be expected. When it did bother him, he just had to press the button on the end of the white cord clipped to the railing on his bed and a nurse, usually the pretty, busty, beauty he liked would come into the room and adjust a valve or give him a shot, and minutes later, he would no longer feel the pain.

* * * * *

George spent his life trying to figure out his life. His primary focus was his desires, and his primary desire was sexually satisfaction. No that wasn't it. What he really desired was...

However, that currently wasn't his issue. The pain was controlled. His issue was his recent realization. He finally understood how it worked. "What drove a man to..."

When George awoke, his foremost thought was, "Let me see if I can explain this, because it isn't simple," but his brain produced a series of images that flashed by too quickly for him to recognize them. Yet, somehow, George recognized each image. They were the images of his life.

In his teens and twenties, George desired a beautiful woman, not just a beautiful woman that would go out with him or date him. No, George wanted a beautiful woman that would be willing to be his girlfriend or better his wife. By his criteria, beautiful meant a woman with wide-hips, a small waist, flat stomach, and most importantly, huge breasts. They didn't have to be naturally large—the rumored French standard wasn't acceptable to George, they had to be much more than Champagne glass sized, more than a mouthful—artificially enhanced breasts were fine with George, they just had to be large, very large. Blonde was his other preference, but curves trumped hair color, and salacious trumped almost everything else. Well, truth be known, lascivious or lecherous were always wining hands.

That was what young George wanted and believed. That was what he told himself. That later became his justification for proposing to the first woman who'd consented to his ejaculating inside her vagina. That was what he reminded himself as he prepared to say, "I do."

He'd been willing to wait for years for the right woman. Hell, earlier in their relationship, when he wasn't sure Diane was the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life, he'd acted the asshole, broken up with her, and joined the military. Yet, Diane never gave up on him. She wrote and called, daily at first, but never less than biweekly. In those letters, she offered and even promised him whatever he wanted. When he returned home on leave, Diane was there, in a tight fitting, backless, cleavage-revealing dress, with her special smile—her you can have me whenever and however you want smile. Even obtuse George knew it meant she was his for the taking. More to point, she wanted him to do so, right away, and to be sure he understood, she whispered that into his ear!

That evening, he didn't have to ask. She gave herself to him. Diane striped, danced for him, undressed him, pushed him onto the hotel room bed, sucked him a full erection, climbed on top of him, and guided his erection into her vagina.

To George's surprise, despite her momentary pain as she lost the evidence of her virginity, Diane enjoyed having his erection inside her and told him so. She asked him to keep fucking her. She eventually moaned her pleasure as she relished her first non-masturbatory orgasm. She was soon begging him to come inside her sodden cunt. Of course, he did. At that point, he was no longer a thinking man. Any logic had vanished. He was a lust-filled animal trying to perpetuate his race. He did as she asked. He ejaculated as much of his sperm into Diane's vagina as he could.

For years afterwards, George fondly related the story, telling his audience, and himself, that the first time they had sex she "raped" him.

The part George didn't share with his friends was that afterwards as he laid on his back, exhausted, she stroked and sucked him to another erection. In his renewed lust for the naked, busty, temptress, George pushed Diane back on the bed, rolled on top of her, and literally and figuratively took her, dominated her, in the missionary position.

He was an animal and he wanted her to know he now possessed her. He fucked her without regard for her emotions or satisfaction. He was truly lustful, his only desire, no, it was his need, was to ejaculate his sperm into Diane's vagina so they might impregnate her eggs and she would bear his progeny.

That was what the animal he'd become did. He thrust deep into her, striving to touch her cervix with the tip of his erection. Almost an hour later, both of them drenched in their own and each other's sweat, he ejaculated for the last time that evening. He no longer had the strength to become aroused much less to draw sperm from his testicles and ejaculate it into her vagina.

Diane laid back on the disheveled bed, naked and uncovered. Her large, sweat-covered breasts jostled with each breath, her pubes glistened with a mixture of sweat, her orgasmic juices, and George's ejaculate. She was blissful in the thought that George might have impregnated her.

George laid beside his beautiful, obviously sated, conquest. He was satisfied, after all, he'd made every effort to impregnate her, having spewed several loads of his ejaculate into her vagina, occasionally onto her cervix, thus giving his sperm a chance to swim to her uterus and into her fallopian tubes where one of them might find and penetrate her ovum.

* * * * *

Had Diane been ovulating, she probably would have been pregnant when they were married three months later, after George's military discharge. From that beginning, they began seven years of sexual bliss. George was sure of two things. The first was that he absolutely relished fucking Diane. The second was that for some odd reason, he believed, no he knew he loved her. Unfortunately, George also "knew" that while she continually and completely satiated him, he was not the sole provider of Diane's sexual satisfaction. He only mentioned that certainty to his closest friends, and even then, only in terms of his suspicions. Nevertheless, in his heart of hearts, he knew it was true.

George had always known that Diane used her looks, desires, and willingness to do whatever was necessary to advance her career. He also suspected that during in his numerous weeklong absences for business trips and conferences, Diane was enjoying the pleasures of other men, not simply to advance her career, but also for her own personal pleasures.

As George now saw, the one respect she ever truly showed him, other than letting him take her virginity, which, in fact, she'd all but forced him to do, was not to make him a cockold, at least not knowingly. That aside, for many years she was, at least, a discriminate adulterer.

George later joked that Diane's only discriminations were cock size and safe sex. She always required her male partners be at least six inches in length and that they wear protection. Oh yes, and, thankfully for George, that they be discreet.

To Diane's credit, George was never actually aware of any of her specific sexual escapades. However, with twenty-twenty hindsight, he realized they occurred frequently and they were often obvious. Had he been willing to look, he would have seen what she was doing. He didn't look because she kept him sexually satisfied and content. He was proud of and satisfied with his beautiful, large breasted temptress, until his unexpected encounter with the small but very buxom and busty wife of his best friend.

* * * * *

Diane had long wanted to have Frank, but he was George's best friend. She was concerned that if she came onto Frank he would feel obliged to tell George and that was not acceptable. She'd taken too much care to maintain her faithful image with George and besides, Frank didn't appear sufficiently hung to justify risking everything she'd worked so hard and so long to get, just for a night, or even a couple of nights, of satiating orgasms.

One night after George had filled her with his sperm and fallen to sleep, she hit upon the idea of wife swapping. At first, when she broached the subject with him, George wasn't amiable to idea. Yet she persisted, and once she'd convinced George to consider the possibility, she broached the subject with George's best friend. Frank was not just interested, he was insistent that it happen. However, Frank was worried that his wife, like George, would be reluctant to go along with a spousal swap. That was when Diane and Frank began planning their surprise, a dinner party and, if all went well, a wife swapping after party.

Diane and Frank both knew how much George loved and lusted after big-breasted women. Frank often joked with Diane about the women George ogled when the two of them would go carousing after work or while traveling together. However, he had to admit that George clearly loved Diane and that he'd never seen George chase any other woman.

However, George's lust for big breasted women was the key to their after dinner surprise wife swapping party. While Diane clearly fit that category, Frank's wife was the trophy winner. Carol had huge, almost unnatural, breasts. She was short, and she wasn't skinny, yet she had a marvelous hourglass figure, and with her small stature and huge breasts, nobody would ever notice if she was a few pounds overweight. In reality, she wasn't, she was just a small girl with extremely huge breasts, a small waist, flat stomach, wide hips, and proportionately long, shapely legs.

They put together the details of their plan over drinks and lunch at a restaurant near Frank's work. They agreed that Carol and Frank would invite Diane and George to a dinner party on a Friday night, giving them the weekend to play if things went as planned and hoped. In the two weeks leading to the party Frank would renew his efforts to convince Carol to consider wife swapping, without mentioning George or the upcoming party, and Diane would do the same with George. It was their intoxicated hope that by the time of the party, Carol and George would be convinced of the merits of wife swapping.

Frank did not share it with Carol, but he had one more thing that he was sure would make their plan successful, he was confident he could use his recently established Dominate/submissive relationship with Carol to "force" her to agree to have sex with George. If she refused to go along with his request that she prove she was his obedient submissive, he would make her a far more motiving offer.

* * * * *

As they enjoyed their wines before dinner, Diane told George, "Frank called and said he and Carol agree that the four of us should get together."

George thought he'd misunderstood her comment, but smiled and nodded for her to continue.

Diane continued her story, "We're invited to Frank's house next Friday evening for drinks, dinner, and a fun evening."

George was amazed. In the ten years he'd known Frank, they'd never partied at his place. Frank had always made excuses, usually that Carol was shy and wasn't up to having people over to their house.

"I guess things have changed," George thought before he asked, "Did Frank say anything else?"

"I only know that we're invited to come over and I took it upon myself to accept. I assumed you'd be okay with that, after all, he's your best friend, not mine."

* * * * *

Drinks, dinner, and conversation were uneventful. Everyone seemed to get along and to be having a good time. Looking back, George now saw that Carol kept herself busy, getting everyone drinks and preparing dinner. The conversation at dinner was normal. It should have been, after all, George and Frank were best friends, in the same line of work, at the same company, and surprisingly, Carol turned out to be funny, articulate, and knowledgeable. Moreover, Carol was a gracious, if quiet, hostess, and soon everyone was exchanging their after dinner coffee cups for glasses of brandy or cognac.

That's when George first noticed something was amiss. He was sitting alone in the dining room watching Carol clean up in the kitchen when he thought her heard odd sounds coming from another room in the house. After a few minutes George decided that weren't odd, the sounds seemed more like sexual noises, the moans of pleasure and the grunts of orgasmic ecstasy.

When he mentioned the sounds, he thought Frank's wife lied about them. Well she didn't actually lie, she mislead him by telling him two half-truths, in answering his implied question. She tried to smile while she explained away the noises, saying, "Oh, Frank has a beautiful workout room. And he just loves to show off his equipment."

When Carol announced she was finished with the dishes, George excused himself to go to the restroom.

"It's down the hall on the left. If you'd like, I'll refill our glasses and meet you in the Den. It's across from the guest bath."

* * * * *

George should have suspected something was up when, after using the bathroom, he found the door to the den slightly ajar. As he opened the door and walked in, he did not see, but heard Carol whisper, "Please close the door behind you, and please be kind. This wasn't my idea."

George stepped inside, closed the door, and looked around. The fireplace was blazing and Carol lay on a bearskin rug in front of it. She was wearing a white gossamer chemise and clearly nothing else other than a worried look in her beautiful, brown eyes. Her huge, no that didn't describe them, enormous, full, firm breasts, heaved with each breath.

George could not move as he looked to her for an explanation.

The heat of the fire didn't compete with the lust in her eyes, yet Carol's voice maintained the quiet calmness she'd displayed all evening as she explained, "It was your wife and Frank's idea. Frank ordered me to have sex with you or get a divorce. I didn't know which I wanted more. But right now, I'm thinking I'd like to do both, starting with you."

George still remembered his animalistic response to Carol's request. He'd wondered then and until this day, whether she was sexually attracted to him or angry with her husband. At the time, it didn't matter to him. The fact was that when, upon hearing what he knew to be the sounds of sexual intercourse, he'd hadn't run upstairs to break in on his wife, grab her, drag her out of his best friend's bed, and take her home, he'd made his decision.

Confirming his decision, at that moment George heard the bed in the upstairs master bedroom creak and the moan of his wife as she begged Frank to bring her to another orgasm. That pushed him over the edge, "If that's what you really want. It would please me greatly to help you achieve your first wish."

Although he too wasn't sure if his emotions were the result of his anger with his spouse or his attraction to this gorgeous, tiny woman with enormous, firm breasts, he knew what he wanted to do. George laid beside Carol and helped her out of her filmy, attempt at modesty. He smiled at her beauty and exclaimed his admiration before he fell on her, kissing every inch of her from her head to her toes, and then working from her toes to her head, licking every part of her body that was flat, and suckling those that weren't.

As George showed Carol his lust for and admiration of her body, she helped him unveil his to her. After she'd reciprocated and licked his body as he had hers, she pushed him onto his back, sat on his face, and after he used his lips and tongue to bring her to the first of many orgasms, she lean over and reciprocated by taking his erection into her throat and worked to give him the pleasure he continued to give her.

Carol swallowed George's ejaculation and licked his still slightly aroused cock clean. Afterwards, they sat up and enjoyed the fire and the rest of their cognacs. They didn't talk. George grinned as he admired the small but very voluptuous and busty beauty sitting next to him. Carol recollected the pleasure George had just given her and, contemplating the joy a caring and apparently experienced lover like George might still give her, decided she had to have George fuck her that evening.

When they finished their drinks, Carol, ever the gracious hostess, asked if George would like a refill. He explained that if it wouldn't be a problem, he'd rather have a glass of chilled wine. Without any sign of modesty, Carol went into the kitchen and returned with two glasses of Pinot Grigio.

They sat on the rug before the fireplace, enjoyed they're wines, and at Carol instigation, this time they talked. Carol explained how Frank dominated her and that the evening of forced or coerced wife swapping was, to her way of thinking, the last straw. She'd been considering leaving him for several years, and now she was sure she would be doing just that.

Noticing George had finished his glass as he listened to her rant about her unhappy marriage, while he was obviously ogling her naked body, Carol made him an offer she hoped he would have to accept, "Thank you for letting me talk through my feelings. If you will let me refill our glasses, when I return, I will do anything you wish."

When she returned, she obliged her promise. After again letting him know, that for the rest of the night, and perhaps the weekend, she'd do anything he wanted, asked him what he would like her to do.

George, testing the waters so to speak, and wanting to take the time to enjoy her offer, asked her to walk around the room and model for him. She smiled and again with no sign of modesty, obliged his request. For his next request, she bent over at her waist and allowed, even assisted him, as he fondled and suckled her enormous tits. When he couldn't decide what he wanted her do next, she sat on his lap and while they waited for him to come to a decision, they kissed and necked. When George's legs tired, Carol laid on the rug next with her head in his lap as they talked about their sexual needs and desires while they sipped their wines.

George didn't ask her, but she knew from the look in his eyes what he wanted, and told him, "George, if it's your desire, I'd love it if you'd fuck me. I think you'll enjoy it and I'm sure I will."

Carol was right; George adored fucking her tight cunt. She was small, and so was her cunt, but she was happy to have George fill her with his erection.

"When it comes to his manhood, Frank is less than average, both in the length and circumference of his penis. That's probably why he always tries to be the Dominate in a relationship."

George, slowly pumping his cock in and out of Carol's wet and very tight twat, somehow found it easy to confess, "Well, at most, I'm just slight bigger than average in length and girth. But, when my cock is in your pussy, I feel as if I'm huge."

Carol laughed, and added, "To be truthful, to me, it's enormous. God, I love to feel you fucking me, I do this all night."

George groaned. With Diane, he'd never had a problem controlling his ejaculations. He could literally fuck her for more than an hour before he came. But, Carol was so tight, and somehow her vagina was massaging his cock, masturbating him. He apologized, "I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to cum soon. Should I pull out?"

Carol, having always wanted a skilled lover had studied what to do to help her lover prolong his erection, and suggested, "Stay in me, but stay still for a few minutes."

George almost laughed, "That could work if it weren't for the fact that your vagina is masturbating me."

Giggling, Carol apologized, "I'm sorry. I've been practicing, but Frank's wasn't big enough for me to grip. I'll try to stay still too."

They kissed and rested for several minutes, even trying to sip their wines. Finally, George announced, "I believe I'm over my need to cum, shall we continue?"

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