tagBDSMThat's My Girl Ch. 03

That's My Girl Ch. 03


I smiled as I watched Master and my slave walk up the porch ahead of me. My first idea had struck on the way home.

"Master, I need your help for my first plan," I said. "Would you do that for me?"

"Your wish is my command," He said.

"I'm sweaty from dancing," I said. "I need a shower. I would like you to take my slut to the bathroom, have her undress, tie her hands above her head to the showerhead, facing outward, and make her wait for me."

He nodded.

"Come," He commanded the black-haired beauty. She followed. I took my time, stopping in the bedroom to undress and to grab a few things from the box of sex toys we kept there.

Stepping into the bathroom, I saw her prepared as I'd described. Master had seated Himself on the toilet, lid down, holding down the front row seat. I smiled at Him as I leaned over to start the water, deliberately sticking my face into her snatch. I blew on it and hid an inner smile as I heard her moan.

Still saying nothing, I spread her lips with my hands and began eating her out. I'd never done it, but certainly had seen it on enough porn videos to have a general idea. Laying my tongue flat, I took several licks like an ice cream cone. I felt her moisture gather on my tongue, a warm, sweet-salt taste. I then hardened my tongue and took a couple hard jabs at her sex, smiling to myself as I felt her hips twitch toward my face. I flitted my tongue over her clit, then licked a long, slow trail up her body, over her smooth outer lips, over her belly button, to the cleft beneath her generous breasts. I detoured quickly to each nipple, laving them briefly, loving the wave of power that swept over me as I began to drive her mad. I nipped her neck and jaw, then planted a soft kiss on her full, bee-stung lips.

"That was the fun part," I said sternly as I stood back from her, watching as her nipples hardened from the varied stimulus. Reaching over, I grabbed a waterproof vibrator from the shelf next to me. I turned it on medium-speed, and pressing my body against hers, slid the bright purple toy into her. "This is the command. You will not speak until I say and you will not come until I say. You will not drop this toy, or there will be punishment. Understand?"

She nodded.

Back to the shower, I let the water run over my hair, soaking it. I began to lather it up, gathering it in a messy bun on top of my head. I leaned my head back and let the water begin to rinse my hair as I caressed my breasts. My hands moved slickly-smooth over the wet surfaces. I caressed my chest, my stomach, my hips, slid my hands around to cup my own buttocks briefly. I ran a hand through my own pussy, feeling its wetness. But mindful of the command I had not to come, I did not long linger there. Again I heard an intake of breath from the woman behind me.

Taking the shower nozzle from its mount, I leaned forward, intentionally shoving my bum up at her, giving her a view of my own moist cunt. I rinsed the underside of my hair, then with a quick motion, flung it back over my head, splattering her with moisture.

"Those gasps," I said as I turned, "sound perilously close to speech. Don't you think, Master?"

He nodded.

"Whatever will I do with a sub that pushes the line like this? Dear me."

I reached down, turned the water spray speed to massage, and focused the spray on her pussy. Her dark eyes grew big as the water made its unrelenting assault, adding to the vibrator's own attack. My own unrelenting gaze held hers, daring her to break a command.

I was impressed. She was strong and controlled. Though she bit her lip, she did not speak, no tremor evidenced an orgasm, the vibrator stayed in place. I did notice small muscles in her lower stomach flexing to keep it there.

With a wicked smile, I leaned forward and bit the hard nipple of her right breast. Another intake of breath. I rolled it around with my tongue, then bit again. I reached up and twisted her left nipple hard. An uncontrolled yelp burst from her lips.

"Please!" she gasped.

"Ah, ah ah..." I said, shaking my finger. "Naughty slut. You spoke."

I reached up and untied the knots holding her in place. She rubbed her hands briefly, then, with eyes offering proper respect, she waited quietly for my next order.

"That means punishment. Leave the vibrator in you - I do not release you from that command. Do not drop it. Go to the bedroom, second door on your right, and wait in presentation position. I will be in briefly to deal with you," I said.

"Yes, Mistress," she said quietly.

I turned to Master as she left, looking at Him wonderingly.

"This intrigues me," I said.

"I am pleased to see this side of you, my dear," He said. "Don't forget - you are to let yourself be fully dominant."

An unexpectedly devilish smile crossed my face.

"Oh, I will."

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