tagBDSMThat's My Girl Ch. 04

That's My Girl Ch. 04


Having dried myself off in the bathroom and quickly brushed my hair, I walked into the bedroom, not bothering to get dressed. I felt her eyes follow me as I gathered some things from the box. She was meek as I put her hands behind her back with leather restraints. I slipped a ball gag into her mouth, watching out of curiosity, because it was one thing that had always bothered me. She took it, her lips spreading around the bright red ball in her mouth.

Tilting my head sideways in consideration, I went to the box once more and brought out a set of nipple clamps. My hands shook slightly as I spread them, placed them on, and tightened them down. My own pussy grew wetter, knowing what a beautiful bit of pleasure-pain that was. My head moved of its own accord, my mouth moving to lick the tips of the nipples that showed just beyond the tight clamps. She likewise unconsciously tossed her head back and pushed her chest into my mouth.

"Oh, beautiful," I said softly.

I pulled upward on the chain that held the clamps, biting down a smile of my own as she writhed against them. "Too much like me," I thought.

"But it is not time for play yet," I said sternly. "There is still punishment for speaking in the shower. My whip, please."

Master handed it to me, His eyes intent.

She'd gotten down on hands and knees, knowing what was expected.

I didn't know, though, what to expect. I knew how hard of blows to give myself, I knew how Master could nearly make me come with His variety of blows, and she'd probably gotten whipped by her own Master. But I'd never done it to someone else.

Taking a deep breath, remembering my own command, I landed a smart blow on her buttocks. Then another. I counted ten blows before I stopped. I trailed the strands over the pink skin, smiling inwardly as I saw her writhe up into it. Then I snapped another blow, harder. Then the strands. Another blow. Strands. I kept alternating until I was hitting at nearly my full strength and I saw her nearly frantic with need.

I knew that place she was in - where pleasure and pain got so mixed up you can't tell one from the other and you don't know what you want, you just want more. The wave of power that swept over me as I realized I had brought her to this point nearly took my breath away, and also swept another powerful wave of arousal over me. My eyes met Master's, and He smiled, reading the astonishment there.

I reached down and undid the gag and the restraints. I also slid out the vibrator.

"Lay on your back," I commanded. "You may speak as well."

I knelt on all fours between her legs and dove into her pussy, lapping frantically at the warm wetness. If I couldn't come, I was determined to drive her as crazy as me. I bit at her clit which was engorged and standing out. She moaned frantically. I flicked it with my tongue, then circled it. I plunged down beneath to her sex and began fucking her with my fingers as I reached up and pulled on the chains. I felt the resulting wave of wetness on my fingers.

"Ask me," I said. "Ask me to come."

"Please!" she wailed. "Ohgodpleaseletmecome, pleasemistress, please, please..."

I slid one finger lower and slid it into her ass I said, "Come for me. Now."

With a shriek, she did. I felt her pussy muscles ripple around my fingers and her hips arch off the floor.

"Yes, yes, yessss!" she cried out.

A wave of triumph swept over me. The power nearly made me drunk. To take another person - another woman, especially - to that place, that place of loss of control and freedom and madness and sweetness that I knew like she knew ... Goddess.

"Hands down to your pussy," I said after a few moments. "Rub them. Keep yourself wet."

I stood and went back to the box. I grabbed a blindfold and something Master and I had never had opportunity to play with.

Her eyes got wide with surprise when I turned around, showing the bobbing strap-on cock between my legs.

Master, sitting on the bed, grinned at me.

"Love," He said. "I think you forgot one part."

He reached into the box and got the tiny vibrator that went behind the cock. I gave Him a mixed glare and smile and slid it to its place.

"Now, slut," I said - " and for tonight you are my slut - suck me. Suck this cock, and know that you're going to get filled again. I bet you're hungry for cock."

She knelt in front of me, her mouth sliding over the flesh-colored penis. Though I could not feel it, I could see it, and the sight of those full lips sliding over it, along with the vibrations of the tiny vibrator, were driving me mad. Her eyes closed with the bliss of another who loves cock in her mouth.

I couldn't help it. My eyes begged Master for a reprieve soon. His eyes calmly met mine and He made a "carry on" motion.

I pushed her mouth off my strap-on cock and gave her a hungry kiss as I put the blindfold on. She responded in kind, and our tongues were soon dueling.

Wrenching myself away, I ordered her on all fours. Slightly clumsy at first, I slid the cock into its wet and waiting receptacle. She moaned as I did so, and my eyes were begging Master again.

He shook His head. Half in anger, half in need, I began fucking her slick hole from behind, holding her curvy hips as I pounded into her. She shrieked and began bucking back against me, meeting me thrust for thrust. I reached up and grasped a still-clamped nipple and yanked. She threw her head back, and her black hair blended with my red and we were a mass of fire and darkness and passion and pain.

Our mingled groans of passion had Master in a state as well, I could see. He had taken out His cock and was stroking it quickly.

I took my quasi-cock from her begging hole and whispered shakily, "Master, please stand in front of the slut. Slut, you suck Him while I fuck you."

Her mouth searching, she found His hard cock and began sucking for all she was worth.

An idea crossed my mind. Plunging back into her wet hole, I pumped my hips back and forth, then took them out. I pressed the cock against her puckered asshole.

"No!" she shrieked suddenly. "I've never..."

She suddenly stopped, remembering where she was.

"No?" I said. "Did I hear a 'No' from my slut's mouth? Stand up."

I sat on the edge of the bed.

"Over my knees," I said. "Now, bitch."

She complied quickly, and my hand rose and fell on her curvy ass. I lost count after 50, and I saw tears gather in her eyes.

"Care to try that again?" I hissed.

"Yes, Mistress. Please fuck me," she said.

"And your ass?"

"And my ass."

"Then reassume the position."

She did. I grabbed the purple vibrator and slid it up her front while I poured some lube over the cock between my legs.

"Again, suck Him." I said.

She did. I fucked her with the vibrator for a moment, then slid the cock up and down the crack of her buttocks. I poured a little more lube over the tiny rosebud there, then slid the tip in. She hissed briefly. Knowing she was an anal virgin, I went slow. Inching it in, bit by bit, until the cock was fully up her ass. She then began to writhe against me, feeling the nerves in her ass assaulted by unfamiliar stimulation.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned. "Don't stop!"

"That's it," I said. "My little slut likes it up the ass, doesn't she?"

I began fucking her more in earnest, reveling as she began moaning even more. My eyes met Master's as she sucked on Him, and His eyes traveled down to where I was moving powerfully.

"Oh! Oh!" she screamed. "Oh please let me come!"

I reached around, yanked hard on the clamps, enough to make them come off, knowing the pleasure that danced on the knife-edge of pain when that happened, and whispered, "Come, slut."

She did, hard. And in the same moment, Master leaped over her, unsnapped the harness and tore it off me. He pushed me to my back and began fucking me.

I love when He's forceful like that. It drives me insane with lust. And I know He knows that. And I also knew He was close to coming.

I clenched my pussy muscles around Him, and it sent Him over the edge.

"Come," He whispered. "Come with me, baby."

My own built-up need exploded in a riot of colors and sensations as I shrieked and clasped my arms around Him.

Our mingled juices flowed down my ass as I came back to myself.

She'd laid on her side, watching us. Master looked down at me.

"That's my girl," He said.

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