tagMatureThat's Not What I Ordered

That's Not What I Ordered




It happened the time our family was together on holiday in Spain. We stayed in a nice hotel. Ever since the first day there I noticed that most of the local girls and women had amazing butts and even more incredible breasts.

The one woman that I couldn't not stare at the most, though, was a waitress from our hotel.

To this day I don't know her name and I only guess she was around 35 years old. That all, however, didn't matter.

I just couldn't take my eyes off her. She had tits that looked so firm but soft at the same time that they just begged to be squeezed.

Thanks to the hotel dress-code for its employees she always wore white tops, whereas the extremely hot summer was to thank for her not wearing bras at all. I looked forward to seeing her perfectly round and dark nipples every day.

The dress-code was also responsible for her wearing a very short miniskirt combined with black pantyhose, completed with black stilettos.

We flirted every time we met during my days there and the whole time I'd been thinking about the things I'd do with her if I ever got to fuck her.

I wasn't going to do anything, though, I just didn't think she was really interested, I thought it was just part of her job, and I didn't believe I could seduce her.

Even despite my shyness she still seemed very fond of me. I felt as if she was always looking for a reason to touch my hand or stroke my arm a little. But I still persuaded myself I must have imagined most and even maybe all of it.

It was our last dinner in the hotel as we were about to leave the next morning. She seemed more affectionate than ever that day. Laughing at all of my pseudo funny remarks and brushing her boobs over my arm every time she had a chance.

At one point as she was collecting empty dishes from our table she tipped my wine glass over and spilled the wine all over my clothes. I could swear just before it happened she gave me a lustful look and I felt my face becoming red.

Once the wine was everywhere I forgot about her look as I jumped up and she started helping me to clean myself. Paying a lot of attention to my crotch.

"Come with me." She started after a while in her accent and she dragged my from the table somewhere to the back towards the kitchen.

Once we were behind one door she pushed me to the side through another door into a small room full of supplies.

In there she pushed her lips against mine and kissed me deeply, her tongue in my mouth. I couldn't manage to fight back - I wanted this too bad.

At the same time one of her hands was unbuckling my belt while her other hand quickly shot to the door locking them and then immediately started helping with the belt and my pants.

As my pants fell down she dropped to her knees pulling down my underwear.

My dick was already hard and it almost slapped her across her face as she set it free but she looked up at me with a hungry smile.

"Yummy" Was all she said before she opened her mouth wide enough to take all of me.

I was speechless as she bobbed her head on my throbbing cock up and down trying to swallow as much of my length as possible.

I had to see her tits and so I stopped her and tore her top open exposing her huge breasts. The moment I saw them my jaw dropped.

"Do you like them." She said while playing with them.

I nodded. "A lot."

She went back to vigorously sucking on my cock while I was playing with her dark brown nipples.

At that time, I hadn't received many blowjobs (I was 19 at that time) but I instantly knew this would be one of the best I'd ever got.

She was simply blowjob queen. While she was masterfully sucking on my dick her hands were caressing my balls. Her drool was dripping from her mouth and my dick and covering her exposed rack.

Then she stopped sucking and I sighed but to my delight she grabbed her tits and squeezed my dick between them and started sliding them along my length. To increase the pleasure, I met her thrust with my hips and began to fuck her tits.

She apparently knew I wouldn't last long and soon stopped and stood up, kissing me deeply and passionately.

When she broke off the kiss she turned and bend over sliding her tight skirt over her perfectly shaped butt, revealing only black garter belt which was holding up the black stockings she was wearing.

She took my dick in her hand and lead me a few steps before she sat down onto a pile of boxes.

She kicked of her black heels and massaged her feet.

"Has any of your girlfriends done this with you?" she asked.

"Done what-" I started but I immediately understood what 'this' meant as she put my cock between her nylonclad feet and started slowly stroking up and down.

I was never really into footjobs but as a 19-year-old I liked every opportunity to be touched by a woman and this was admittedly really sexy. Her feet were very soft and those nylons felt pretty good against my bare skin.

She was very skilled with her feet too. She managed not only to stroke me but also to play with my cock-head and to caress my balls.

The best part came when she bend down and put my dick back into her wet mouth while still stroking it with her feet.

After a while, though, she decided I had enough and stopped.

"Now, you fuck me." she whispered.

She knelt on one of those boxes and braced herself with her arms.

"Fuck me hard, boy." she slapped her ass and spread her cheeks for me.

Her pussy was so wet I bottomed out on the first thrust. "Mhmm, that feels good. now show me you're a man."

I grabbed her by her hips and started fucking her relentlessly. My hips slapping with her ass and her tits slapping against each other.

"Yeah, fuck me good, FUCK ME!" she was panting and moaning.

She stopped me at once and panting said: "Lay on the ground."

I did as I was said and she mounted me. She fucked herself on my rock-solid dick, while playing with her clit. My hands, meanwhile, were on her tits slapping them lightly and squeezing her nipples.

When she was nearing her orgasm, she got off me and moved over my face, which she started humping. I stuck out my tongue to help her as she rode my face.

Her moans were getting louder and louder until her voice broke and she wasn't able to make more sounds.

Then she came. She didn't stop humping, though. Her juices were flowing out of her spasming pussy and I lapped on them as she continued to ride her orgasm until she started squirting, then she stopped and showered me in her squirt.

I kissed her clit when she stopped squirting which made her shake.

She rolled off me and looked into my eyes.

"Now you, how do you want to cum?"

My eyes shot to her boobs and she smiled in comprehension.

"On my titties?" I nodded.

She spat between her tits and started to again slowly stroke my cock with her huge jugs.

She stuck out her tongue and every time my cock-head was out from between her tits she licked it. I couldn't simply hold any longer and I started cumming.

Immediately she wrapped her lips around my dick and let me finish into her mouth. When I was done she showed me all of my cum in her mouth and then she started slowly letting it all drip from her mouth onto her rack.

When all of the cum was on her boobs she started smearing it all over them and when she was done and her whole bust was glistening with my cum and her saliva she slowly and seductively licked her fingers.

"You, fucked me good." she said as she stood up.

I stood up, too. I kissed her. I kissed both of her nipples. I kissed her pussy. Then I laid on the ground and kissed her feet.



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by Anonymous

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by blackknight31401/23/19

Wow, a good fast whack story.

Assuming that this is a one off story. Who gives a shit if she is wearing black nylons or panty hose. As long as she gets him/me off. OK for a short story.

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by Anonymous08/14/18

If you would pay attention

If you would pay attention. He realized after she lifted her skirt that she had a garter belt and stockings on instead of pantyhose.

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by Anonymous08/14/18

I disagree with the previous pantyhose comment.

The uniform you described is an restaurant industry standard. It brought back a few memories for me! Good job!

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by gotrane08/08/18

A Little Confusing

Loved the story, except for one thing. The uniform description says, "black pantyhose", but the encounter says, "black stockings with a garter belt". Love to see more of you and hope that your pantyhosemore...

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by Anonymous08/08/18


Reread what you write before you publish it. Otherwise good work

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