tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThat's What Friends Are For

That's What Friends Are For


I was staying with a cousin of mine in a house her parents had on the beach in an area of Spain called the delta de l'Ebre. The delta is a large extension of land that has been laid down by the sediments of the river Ebre as it flows into the Med.

Anyway the point is that there are some wonderful beaches on the edges of the delta with some of the best sands and dunes you can find. That year the dunes were truly spectacular and I was staying with my cousin Marta to take advantage of the great weather, the chance to get a great tan and also the hot night life in the towns around the delta.

One particular day we had gone off to the beach as soon as we had woken up after a very exciting evening at the local open air disco. It was early afternoon so we made a quick salad and had lunch at the beach.

We drove there on the small motos that everyone owned at that time in Spain (no helmets, no controls, very little law at all). We had gone to one particular part of a long sandy beach that was my favourite. It was called "la platja de dues mares" locally. This means the beach with two seas. The reason was that it was a spit of land that sticks out into the sea and has the med breaking on one side and the cool calm waters of the bay on the other.

We arrived and had lunch and then got down to some serious sunbathing. We had a small cassette with us and were listening to music and chatting as we soaked up the sun.

We were both topless, I always prefer this and it is actually the norm on most Spanish beaches. After a while we heard the noise of some cars and looked up to see two car loads of people motoring down the sandy track towards us.

I am no prude and neither is Marta but we automatically grabbed the tops to our bikinis and put them on before the cars stopped. It's funny but on a crowded beach in Salou, for example, I am quite happy to stay topless all the time, chat to people topless, go to the bar on the beach topless etc. But on a quiet local beach it seems improper and perhaps asking for trouble. This is even more odd if you consider that the beach where we were is one of many considered to be nudist beaches and in fact we had seen quite a few naked men (usually homosexuals, curiously enough) on the way to our spot.

The car stopped and a group of guys and girls got out. We knew them, they were mainly Marta's friends and had been with them the night before. They all installed themselves alongside us and we instantly had a sort of party atmosphere. This was great, though a little trying as we had had more than enough partying during the week before. Still, you are only young once right?

The afternoon went on and we had a lot of fun, we were with a fun group and were having a good time, there was only really one thing wrong. The boy that I really liked, Aaron, wasn't there. He was a normal part of this group and I had really liked him from when I had first seen him a week before, a couple of years older than me he had been at several of the nights out we had had in the last week. Not all, he was working after all, but enough to get me really interested.

He was quite tall, heavily built, not to the extent of being a sort of body builder but just really well muscled. He had told me he had played American football in an amateur team in Barcelona when he had been studying.

He wasn't what you could say really good looking but he had a sparkly sense of humour, liked poking fun at me and had nice hands. Nice hands? Yes, that's important. I can't stand a guy who chews his nails.

His absence from the group took the shine off the whole afternoon for me. After a while I picked up my things and told Marta I was going over to the other side, to the side of the bay, the quiet side. She was having a great time and just said ok. I walked over to the road, started my moto and rode it, standing up on the pedals because the seat would have burnt my ass cheeks, about three hundred meters further down the track and then onto a lovely quiet area of beach. I set out all my things and took my top off again. A little more tanning oil and I was set.

I must have been there for a good hour vaguely listening to the music from my group of friends in the distance when I again heard a motor. It was Marta, she stopped her moto next to mine, she was sitting properly on hers as she had put her shorts on, and put it on its stand. Then she sat down next to me.

"I've got some good news," she said.

"Ah yes?" I answered. "What's up?"

She took a deep breath and then explained. Apparently the boy she liked, Raul, had finally found his courage and asked her to meet him this evening for something to eat before we hit the clubs, great news this as Marta had been despairing of him ever finding the strength to chase her hard enough.

"Then... secondly..." she paused and from a white plastic bag produced a couple of ice creams.

"Oh great, thanks a bunch," I told her and I gave her a kiss. From the smile on her face I could tell there was more. Peeling the paper from my ice cream I asked her, "Ok what else?"

She smiled even more and looked back over her shoulder, "Who do you think that is on his bicycle?" she asked me. I look around her and saw a figure cycling leisurely towards us. He looked familiar...

"NO, it isn't, is it?" I asked her.

She laughed at me and replied, "Yep it is, he looked so sad when he couldn't see you. He brought the ice creams for all of us and I handed them out with such a hang dog expression. None of us said anything but when he was left with an extra one I suggested he gave it to me and I would bring it down here to you. Then I drove off and left him gaping. I think he got the hint, don't you?"

By then Aaron had almost got to where we were. "Hey," Marta said. "Aren't you going to..." and she waved a hand in the direction of my breasts.

"Oh I don't know," I replied, "maybe he should see what he's getting."

Her eyes opened and she giggled. "Slut!" she said.

Aaron was just arriving. He looked hot but gorgeous, he had on a pair of beach shorts and a white shirt that was almost completely open. His eyes were hidden by his sunglasses but I was busy admiring what I could see of the rest of him. He dropped his bike in the sand and sat down next to us.

"So here you are, I thought you hadn't come to the beach today." He looked a little puffed but excused himself saying, "my car is in the garage so I cycled here."

As he said it his gaze travelled over me and stopped. I knew where it had stopped even though he had his sunglasses on. My breasts are not large, not impressive like Marta's, they are quite small but really very well formed (well that's what I have been told). My nipples are quite normal but prone to be hard, as indeed they were then with the soft wind blowing over them, and Aaron in front of me.

Finally when Marta had slowly looked from him to me and back again he snapped out of it. "Oh errr sorry," he mumbled. That was nice, normally Spanish men see so many tits over the summer that they never show any reaction, that he did was a compliment.

We sat there and a few waves rolled lazily up the beach to the edge of my towel. We were all silent.

"Do you know what, I think someone is calling me," Marta suddenly said. She looked down at me and smiled, "I really have to go." So she did.

To his credit he didn't even glance at Marta's lovely curves as she got up, dusted herself off and got back on her moto. "See you both later," she called as she drove off. The silence came back.

"Don't you have a towel?" I asked him, he shook his head. I hopped off mine and turned it sideways so he could sit on half of it.

"Thanks a lot." He stood up, brushed his shorts off and sat down next to me, his shorts touching me, our elbows colliding occasionally. We started chatting, inconsequential chit chat but again his sparkly sense of humour came out and he made me laugh.

I am not a touchy feely person and I hate the girls who are, you know, the ones who take any excuse to touch a guy's arm or leg, to "make contact" but with Aaron I couldn't resist touching his arm when I laughed, or leaning into his shoulder when he was talking.

It was getting late but was still hot. Finally he took off his shirt. He had great shoulders with big bunches of muscle. Being quite fair haired, he wasn't deeply tanned like me. He had a light tan and was quite red.

The old ones are the best so... yes you guessed it, I offered to put oil on his shoulders. He accepted so he turned his back to me and I knelt on the towel behind him to smooth the oil onto his skin. It felt so good to have my hands on him, firmly smoothing the oil over his muscles.

I did the top of his back, his shoulders and the back of his neck. With the excess oil I ran my hands quickly down the front of his chest, rubbing the oil off them and by chance the ends of my nipples brushed against his back. (Well by chance is all I am going to admit to so you will have to just speculate on the rest.)

As he felt me touch him he jumped a little, perhaps he had been hoping for just that and when it happened he had been surprised, I don't know. He turned back towards me and thanked me nicely with a big smile. I handed him the bottle and told him he could do the rest himself, I couldn't make things too easy for him!

As he did his chest, face and legs I lay down as best as I could on my front and watched him. The conversation didn't stop and it seemed a natural part of it that he then offered to do my back for me.

I wasn't about to say no and so he stooped over me and began to gently rub the warm oil over my back. His hands were warm and soft on my skin. He carefully covered my neck, shoulders, back and then lower back. He paused and I gently asked him to carry on.

He squeezed some more oil out into his hand and very sensually rubbed it onto the areas of skin visible around the area of my bikini bottoms. It felt really really good to have his hands there, I asked him, seeing as he was down there, to do the back of my legs and disappointingly in that moment he diligently started to rub the oil into my ankles. My disappointment was short lived though as he started upwards.

I was now feeling a distinct tingling inside me, a sensitivity that made his every touch burn. I was acutely aware of the roughness of the towel against my nipples and also of how exposed my whole body was.

I felt naked and very wanton under his hands. He applied the oil to my calves and then my thighs. He rubbed it into the skin over my hips and then, feeling very daring and not a little blatant, I separated my legs and tacitly invited him to rub it into the delicate and sensitive skin on the inside of my thighs.

He did so very carefully, his hands invading the intimate area in between my legs that was so close to the crotch of my bikini. I was feeling so horny, so hot, I was dying for him to take it further.

I think I also gasped at the moment when inadvertently, or perhaps on purpose, I felt his hand brush over my sex through the thin material. The touch was light and very fleeting but I could feel how where he had touched me the material had stuck to my pussy lips, I had to be very wet and it had to be obvious.

I closed my legs again and rolled over onto my side. He was sat next to me, his leg pulled up between us. He looked red in the face but had a lovely smile all over it too.

The conversation had dried up with his expedition up between my thighs. I didn't say anything to him now either but just slowly smiled back at him and lay down on my back. He looked down at me. There was sand all over the fronts of my legs so he couldn't do them, and in fact by turning over I had just coated the back of them with sand too but that hardly mattered at this point.

The only sand free part of me, the only part that had been on the towel was my chest and stomach. I reached up and interlaced my fingers behind my neck, I was hoping this left my breasts in a good position. I closed my eyes and kept on smiling.

Just as I hoped, he took this position for the invitation it was. I could feel him lean over me even though my eyes were closed. I could feel his legs press against mine, hear how he was changing position.

I sneaked a look as he was moving and saw why he had had his leg flexed between us when I had turned over. He had a raging hard-on in his swimming shorts that he could never have hidden. This gave me a real buzz, I had provoked that, it was because of me!

A pause and then it was my turn to jump a little, he started pouring the oil directly onto my skin. He left a thin trail of oil from my left shoulder to my right. Then he went down the centre of my chest and slowly circled each nipple. He paused and I felt a warm dribble of oil fall caressingly onto each of my hot nipples. Then the trail started again a slow march down my stomach, I am very proud of my flat stomach where you can see my abs marked. He made a small, and oh so typical, pool of oil in my belly button and then a last squirt of oil on the lower part of my belly.

Now what? I was almost trembling in anticipation of his hands on me. He did not make me wait much, he changed position again, now kneeling over me, and used both hands to start spreading the oil over my already sun hot skin.

He worked slowly down from my shoulders and then when I thought he would just plunge on and cup my breasts he changed to using two oily fingers to circle around my breasts. His slippery fingers wound ever inward, my breathing got heavier and heavier, it was costing me all my will power to keep my hands behind my head.

His fingers finally circled in on my nipples and caressed them in small circles. I was dying, melting from the inside. I moved my hands up beginning to reach for him and quick as a flash he used his left hand to catch my wrists just above my head. I opened my eyes and found his face close to mine.

"Don't you move," he told me.

He held my wrists firmly, though with all the oil on his hands I could have escaped. Could have but would never have dreamt of it! He leant further over me and kissed me lightly. Then he kissed me again, I pushed my head up leaning into his kisses.

He bit my lower lip slightly and his tongue played between my lips. He then kissed me again, more firmly and at the same time his right hand started caressing, circling and lightly pinching my nipples. I was squirming under his touch as he kissed me another time.

Each time his kisses were a little more passionate, his tongue seeking mine. Then his right hand started following the trail of oil, down my stomach, from one side to the other. His hand explored my stomach and his tongue my mouth.

I had my legs pulled up slightly, the tension not allowing me to lie out flat. His fingers found the top of my bikini bottoms and rested there. He continued kissing me and that alone was driving me wild.

His hand was heavy and hot, lying flat on my lower stomach. We kissed more and finally I couldn't help lifting my hips and pushing up against him. He pulled back from kissing me and looked at me, his face was aflame with desire and I can only guess that I looked the same.

He looked me evenly and squarely in the eyes as his fingers slid under the edge of my bikini and down towards my sex. I gasped a little as I felt his fingers travel through the few hairs I have over my sex and almost held my breath entirely as his index finger found my clitoris.

He didn't caress it but slowly ran his fingers down over the entire length of my sex. I could feel how he had discovered that my sex was open, engorged and wet. I saw his eyes widen a little and his smile broaden.

His index finger travelled back up and pressed in against me ever so slightly. Even this light pressure caused my lips to open and his finger to slide easily between them. It travelled past the opening of my sex and back up over my clit. This contact made me jump under his hand. He started kissing me again, much more passionately this time and his finger made another downward journey.

His slow and slippery caressing of my hot sex and his tongue in my mouth as he kissed me were getting too much for me. I fought against his hand as it held my wrists and finally pulled my right hand away from his grip. With it I groped for what I knew I would find, his hard cock.

As he was kneeling next to me it was hard to miss, we were still kissing and he was still sliding his fingers tantalisingly through the wet folds of my pussy when I felt it under my hand. I grabbed it through the material of his shorts and it made him groan slightly into my mouth.

I scrabbled at the top of his shorts indelicately and managed to pull them down a little, thank God he hadn't tied the cord at the top. Sliding my hand inside, I followed down his stomach to his manhood. He was very hard and seemed very large to me.

I wrapped my fingers around him and rubbed up and down its length as best I could. It was almost impossible as his shorts trapped it completely. Taking a firm grasp, I struggled to pull it upwards and out the top of his shorts.

He bent over me more, burying his face into my neck as I finally managed to free his erection from his shorts. He never stopped caressing my sex though and immediately sought out my lips and mouth to carry on kissing me. It seemed important to him not to stop and I could only agree with him. Now with his pulsating cock in my right hand and without the limitations of his shorts I was able to enjoy pumping my hand up and down on him.

The reaction was instant, he stopped kissing me and was just breathing hard into my mouth, in fact he seemed to stop breathing completely at one point. I stopped pumping my hand up and down and he seemed to recover a little. I liked this, it was real power, even in my own passion I could appreciate how what I did to him affected him.

I squeezed him hard and he attacked my mouth again with renewed passion, he also slipped two of his fingers smoothly inside me and now it was my turn to freeze under him. God that felt good.

I quickly unfroze and wantonly spread my legs wider, I pushed up against his hand and he slid his fingers quickly in and out of me a few times.

Mmmmmmm but that was good.

I started sliding my clenched fist up and down his length another time pinching his knob between finger and thumb when I got to the top. He was also wet there and I enjoyed sliding my wet fingers over the end of his cock and feeling him jump.

Things were getting very desperate as both of us were losing control as a result of what the other one was doing. As his fingers slid deep inside me his thumb was rubbing up against my clitoris and deliberately or not it was sending me towards the edge rapidly.

As our passion mounted we left off kissing, breathing seemed difficult as we gasped at each other. I could feel hot come seeping out of his cock and I could feel it jumping in my hand. I pulled my left hand out of his and used it to prop myself up. Leaning over, I guided his cock to my mouth and slipped its slippery end between my lips.

It felt salty and hot, it filled my mouth and was so, so sexual that it gave me a real buzz.

His fingers inside me began to thrust in and out of me frenetically. I could feel my stomach muscles clenching, my orgasm thundering through me as his cock exploded hotly in my mouth. His come splashed inside my mouth and then over my face as I pulled back in surprise.

Gasping, my own orgasm took me and I moaned and even screamed a little I think as I came with his fingers deep inside me and his thumb rubbing against my hard clit. We held the position we were in as the spasms subsided and then collapsed weakly onto the towel.

We were oily and wet from come and pussy juices. I felt engorged, my sex gaping and hot, my mouth bruised and crushed. My nipples were still hard against his chest. His cock was still quite hard in my hand and it was curious to feel its strength slowly ebb away.

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