tagGroup SexThat's What Friends Are For

That's What Friends Are For


I had sat at the computer and read then re-read the e-mail he had up on screen. I couldn't believe he had met with her. While I was at work, she had gone to his house. Her e-mail was thanking him for the amazing time they had and she was feeling horny again. While he was working away, I searched his sent e-mails, finding e-mails to her. I grew angry when I read their letters. Why did he contact her in the first place? After all, she was my friend. She had always flirted with him. I knew they were curious about one another but I never thought he'd meet with her! We had mutual fantasies about her but I never expected this. They had been exchanging e-mails for at least a week. I noted they had only met once but were planning to meet again. I was hurt, but as I read his e-mails to her, I grew wet and hot. He asked her if she wanted to come meet with the two of us. He even went so far as to tell her about my pussy.

The last e-mail they exchanged, they planned to meet again at his place the following day. I wanted to walk in the other room and scream at him. I wanted to call her and tell her I knew. But I had a better plan.

The following day I called in sick. I showered and slipped on my crotch less panties before getting in the car. She was due to arrive at 10:00 am. I didn't want to get there before her. I waited for her leave her house. She was looking as beautiful as ever. Her black hair swung as she walked to her car. I watched as she pulled out of her driveway. She was on her way to see my lover. The nerve of her!

I was jealous and angry but yet, I felt turned on. I left my house at 9:30 am. While I drove the hour long drive I grew excited in anticipation of what I would find when I arrived. I parked my car on the street and walked up his long private driveway. I could feel my heart beating.

As I approached the house, I could hear their voices. He'd say something, and she'd laugh. I stood there feeling jealous that she was laughing at his jokes. How dare she? How dare he tell her the same old jokes?

It grew quiet with the exception of their footsteps ascending up to the master bedroom.

I waited for what seemed like a long long time.

The master bedroom windows were open, I could hear them whispering but I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. She started giggling. I wished she'd stop sounding so happy. They grew silent. And then she began to moan.

It was time for me to make my entrance. Quietly, I opened the French doors that led to the kitchen. I slipped off my shoes and headed for the stairs.

I could feel the heat between my legs. My thighs grew wet from the excitement. As I walked up the stairs, I removed my clothes, leaving a trail behind me.

Slowly, without a sound I reached the doorway to his room. The door was slightly ajar. As I peeked through the door, I could see his back was turned towards me while she reclined on the bed, her brown smooth legs opened. Her feet rested on his shoulders as he kneeled between her legs. He was moaning as he licked her pussy. Her hips moved left and right as he buried his face between her legs.

I snuck up behind him, wrapped my arms around his torso and ran my through the soft hairs on his chest. Sliding my hands downward, I reached for his cock. It was big, hard and wet on the tip. I moved my hand up and down his cock while squeezing his balls.

He slid his finger into her as he turned to look at me. He smiled and kissed me. The taste of her pussy that was still on his tongue was now in my mouth. I could hear her wet pussy as he slid his fingers in and out.

He slowly slid his finger out as I positioned myself between her legs, and placed her feet on my shoulders. I licked her wet pussy. She moaned again, pushing her pussy into my face. He got up on the bed and began kissing her. For a moment, her hips stopped moving as if to ask, "how can he be kissing me while licking my pussy?"

After a moment (I assume, he was reassuring her) she began moving her hips. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her hot moisture. She moaned louder. I looked up; he was pinching one of her hard brown nipples while biting the other. I could see his soft lips against her dark skin. She began to breathe harder and faster.

I reached under the bed for our little box of toys and it was where it's always been. I opened the lid and felt around. Ah ha, there it is. The double-ended dildo.

I got up from between her legs and lay down on the bed next to her. He was on the other side of her. She looked at me longingly, her lips slightly parted. Her skin was smooth and warm. There was a slight shiny layer of sweat over her body. I kissed her. Her lips were soft and her breath warm. She pulled me closer and kissed me harder and deeper.

I began to run the dildo between her legs. Her eyes were closed. I looked over at him. He smiled at me, leaned across her body and began to kiss me. God, he turned me on and seeing him touch her drove me wild. I was wild with passion for him, for him and her. As I ran the dildo between her legs, he leaned down to lick her wet pussy.

I whispered, "baby, lick her clit." I could see his fingers spreading her pussy open. I love his hands. His manly fingers slid between the folds of her moist petals. She spread her legs apart and began thrusting her hips upward as if to say "somebody please take me."

He teased her with his fingers first, rubbing her clit gently as I pulled the hood back. Her clit was pink and hard. Watching his finger turned me on. They were wet with her juices. He'd thrust his finger in then gently glided them over her clit. Over and over his finger slid in and out. I kissed her as he did this. Her breath was hot. I could feel that she was incredibly turned on.

He knelt beside her and slid his hands under her and centered her on the bed.

I slid down between her legs and inserted the tip of my double-ended dildo into her. She gasped in delight. She sat up and spread my legs. She looked at him said, "slide it in her."

His eyes grew big as he slid the other end into to me. Our legs intertwined, we began to thrust ourselves towards one other, the dildo thrust deep into our wet pussies. Sliding back and forth, the sound of our excitement filled the room.

He licked us both as we rubbed our pussies together. I could feel his tongue on our clits.

"Oh God," he moaned. You two are so beautiful.

She began to beg, "give me your cock, please, give it to me. Put it in my mouth." He continued licking our clits as straddle his hips over her face. She grabbed his cock hard and began to suck on it.

With the double-ended dildo still inside of me, I leaned up on my elbows so I could watch his hard cock slide in and out of her mouth. It was glistening.

He licked us both but I could see he was losing his concentration. He moved his hips, thrusting his cock deep in her throat. I could see her finger sliding into his ass. He face reddened from the pleasure. I pushed the dildo deep into me, deep into her. Grinding my pussy against hers. She writhed and moaned as I moved faster. I moved with the rhythm of her finger in his ass.

I reached between my legs and began to rub my clit as he licked hers. I could feel his tongue, her clit and my fingers all furiously grinding together.

She sucked his cock harder and faster as she pushed her finger deeper inside of him. Each on of us began to moan louder as the sounds of sex grew wetter and faster. Suddenly, I began to feel as if my head would explode, she screamed, "oh god, o god." As she took his cock in her hand and began jacking him off hard and fast. He ground his face into her pussy as his hips began to thrust back and forth, pushing his ass onto her finger.

Suddenly, we each began to shake and shudder as we let out our screams of ecstasy. In an instant there was silence as the pleasure over took us all. Our bodies stiffened. I could feel the warm liquid of her pussy gush over my pussy as I my body jerked uncontrollably. He let out a sigh as he shot his hot cum over her dark erect nipples.

He fell to the side, and lay quietly on his back. I slowly removed the dildo from her, then me. Together, the three us lay, side by side, breathing. He reached across her body and pulled me closer. The three of us silently held each other closely. I wondered what the next e-mail would say.

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