tagLesbian SexThat's What Friends Are For

That's What Friends Are For


Bright sunlight streaming in through the window brought me around from a long and deep sleep. The night before had been quite a late one for me, my husband Tim and I had been to visit friends, we chatted for so long it must have been nearly two am before we arrived home, but it had certainly been a fun evening.

Tim of course had long been up and left for work before eight am, the coffee he brought me earlier was now stone cold by the side of the bed. I lay there thinking how well we had done in recent years. We were both twenty-three when we married twelve years ago. I had been very fortunate, when I left school my first job was as a sales clerk in a jewelry store owned by a Mr Isaacs.

Within a year Mr Isaacs decided I had some talent and he spent the next six years teaching me the art of a bench jeweler, making and repairing all types of jewelry and the business was very successful. Mr Isaacs eventually retired and sold the business to a huge chain of jewelry stores. He knew I would not be happy with them, so he gave me all of his tools and equipment and advised me to start up on my own.

Three months later we had converted one of the garages into a workshop and Jane's Custom Jewelers was born. I became known for custom-made engagement and wedding rings, and life was good.

I was close to falling asleep again when a car horn tooted in the drive. I leapt out of bed and hurried to the window to see my friend Lin getting out of her car. I dashed downstairs and let her in the front door, we went straight to the kitchen for our morning coffee and our usual putting the world to rights chat. I had first met Lin when we were setting up my company; she was our lawyer's girlfriend and still is. Despite our differences we got on well from the first minute we met, Lin is the gregarious party girl, where I am the mouse like homebody.

"What the fuck are you wearing?" Lin asked jokingly, as I got the coffee going.

"You don't think its sexy then?" I did a twirl in my orange pyjamas, which have an all over pattern of small bears. "One advantage of being less than ninety pounds and struggling to reach five foot tall is I can wear children clothes."

Lin continued to laugh as I danced around the kitchen showing off my pyjamas and getting the giggles myself. After my final pirouette I sat on her lap, we were both close to tears with laughter. As she held me close her hands opened up and she cupped my 32A breasts and rubbed my nipples with her fingers through the outside of my pyjamas.

"Wow! You may have small tits Jane, but those nipples are huge and fantastic when stimulated."

I leaned back into her, enjoying the surges her sexy attentions were giving me, before the coffeepot announced it was ready and I jumped off her lap and busied myself serving our drinks. We enjoyed our usual one-hour chat, before Lin had to get back on the road. As a drug company representative, she had appointments at all times of day, but she had plenty of time to visit me as well.

After she left, I got back to work and had quite a smile on my face thinking how much I had enjoyed the stimulation and wondering if Lin was a bit bisexual, sex was something we had never discussed together. Lin must have thought the same, she called me three hours later to apologise for groping me and no, she was not bisexual, but she had enjoyed our moment together.

"I quite enjoyed it myself, Tim rarely does that anymore." I told her.

"Stop there! I will be over in a few days; you can give me all the nitty-gritty then."

Lin meant what she said, as soon as she got in the door on her next visit, she wanted to know the sexual history of my life.

"Start off with your worst lover," she said.

"Well that's easy, I met this nice boy named Tony, he was good looking and quite suave, we were both about twenty years old. I was quite innocent then and it was a good two weeks of dating before he tried anything. First off, he just played with my nipples, sucked them and so on, then he started fingering me and eventually started to lick my pussy, which was rather good. The problem began when I got his cock out one night to play with, and he came off in my hand within a few seconds."

"I put his premature response down to first time nerves, but his staying power never improved much. Whenever I tried to suck him, he came as soon as I took him in my mouth. By the time we got to trying full sex, he was coming off before he even got it in me. He was a disaster."

"This sounds familiar." Lin said. "What happened?"

"He did have a good tongue and we stayed together for another few weeks but then we drifted apart."

"That sounds just like my worst one, but he could not even get an erection. He did make up for it with other things, but I do like a hard cock in me, so he had to go." Lin said laughing. "Anyway, back to work for me, see you in three days, start thinking about your best ever man."

I had no problem bringing that memory back. After Lin left I went up to the bathroom to take a bath. Laying back in the warm water I opened my legs wide and put them on the sides of the bath and relived my best ever sex in my mind, while bringing myself to orgasm with the help of the showerhead, something I rarely do nowadays.

Lin arrived three days later at her normal ten o clock in the morning. It was. "Make some coffee and let's hear that best ever sex story, then I will tell you mine."

Coffee and snacks made, I started my story.

It was early evening on the day of my wedding. The reception was going well and by seven o'clock I went up to our overnight hotel room to take off my wedding dress and get changed for the dancing we would be having later on. I had already drunk quite a bit of wine and had brought a bottle with me. I was feeling happy and very mellow. There was a tap on the door and when I opened it, there was a guy with a wedding dress bag saying he had come to help fold and pack mine for me. I just presumed he had something to do with the hotel and I invited him in.

He was very friendly, quite young and good-looking. We chatted about how the wedding had gone and I never felt anything was wrong, even when he suggested he had better get my dress packed and asked me to turn around so he could unzip me. With the dress off I sat on the edge of the bed in my new silk bra and panty set with white holdups. He even complimented me on my underwear as he packed the dress in the long bag; I even stood up and helped him to get it in smoothly.

He produced a smaller bag and told me this one was for the underwear to go in. Whether it was the drink, I do not know, but I did not suspect anything was wrong so I took off the rest of my clothes. As I got naked he went into the bathroom and brought back my silky dressing gown, and then he held it up for me to get into. It just all seemed so natural. We sat on the edge of the bed chatting for a few minutes, he poured me another glass of wine, which I threw back, and he poured me another one.

He told a joke, which gave me the giggles. I lay back on the bed laughing and giggling, until I felt a hand on each knee opening my legs. I offered no resistance and a second or two later, I felt his tongue licking my inner thigh. He kept on licking; his tongue crept up to my pussy and immediately I became incredibly aroused and ready for the next sexy stimulation I knew was coming.

It was the lapping of my life; my clit was alive to the slightest touch of his tongue. I must have cum more than a few times. I was squeezing his head with my legs around his neck, and my hands were holding his head pulling his face into me taking every pleasure I could get, until I needed something else.

"Fuck me to death now." I remember shouting out.

"You wanted to die?" Lin asked, looking shocked.

"No silly! I just did not want tenderness, consideration or even kindness. I just wanted the meanest, hardest fuck I could get." I replied laughing.

"Oh yes, I like that as well." Lin said with a smirk.

And I certainly got it. I was like a rag doll being thrown up and down and he certainly pounded me, the sexual energy flowing through me took all my energy and I thought I may black out with the pleasure surges flowing through me. In fact I probably did. I have no recollection of him leaving, just being woken up by my husband saying 'wake up darling the party is still on, did the wine get to you?'

I still felt exhausted but managed to jump in the shower and was back at the party in thirty minutes. It went on for another few hours until everybody left and we both went to bed. The marriage was not consummated that night, we were both too tired. The next day I asked the staff if they knew who had helped me with my dress but nobody knew what I was talking about. To this day I have no idea who it was who fucked me that night. It wasn't a guest because I knew all of them.

"That is some story." Lin said, "Fucked by a mystery man on your wedding night. And Tim never noticed you had just been fucked?"

"No, he never suspected a thing."

"And it's just been him for these last twelve years, no extras?"

"Just him," I confirmed to her.

I told her we still did a lot of oral sex for about a year or so after the marriage, until one day he decided it was the sort of thing prostitutes did and it was not for us. I was disappointed but he still fucked me every Wednesday and Saturday night, so I was happy with that. Although now he has cut out the Wednesday session, as he claimed he gets too tired for work the next day. Once a week is a lot more than many couples have sex, or so he told me.

Lin seemed surprised about Tim's attitude to sex, so I told her all about another of his funny little quirks. During the summer months, I have all my pubic hair waxed off. Tim likes to watch me walking about the house with no panties on, he says I have a young girl's pussy, until I get turned on, and then it opens up waiting to be pleasured. He seems to think him watching me will get me excited, it has not happened yet, but he still wants to do it and he does enjoy it.

"That is really weird; does he never touch you while looking?" Lin asked.

"No, he just stares." I told her laughing.

"So then, let me hear your best sexy experience." I asked her.

"Of course, well it is still going on now." Lin said, and began her story.

It all started about eight months ago. Lin does quite a high mileage in her car and has it serviced at a small garage called Hines Motors. She usually leaves it with them in the morning and they have a young lad named Pete who drives her back home. He's their gopher; he gets parts and generally runs around all day. Lin told me she's always got on quite well with Pete; he is about twenty and a bit cheeky sometimes with his saucy comments, but good fun. He would often go in for a coffee at her place, if he did not have a lot of work on.

This one particular day, he ambled in and sat at the table, while Lin poured the coffee as they chatted. She passed him a full cup and, as he took it, for some incredible reason the handle broke off and the full contents spilt on his legs.

"I can see where this is going," I said.

"Don't interrupt, you'll spoil it," she told me.

"Sorry, go on," I replied.

She carried on with her story; she told me how she screamed for Pete to remove his jeans to stop any burning. He stood up and dropped them straight down and Lin gave him a towel to dry his legs. Fortunately he had avoided receiving any burns, and as he dried himself off she couldn't help but notice a very nice cock hanging down between his legs. To avoid embarrassment she told him she would be buying him underwear for Christmas, which he thought was funny seeing as he wasn't in the least bit shy.

Lin's eyes could not stop looking at Pete's cock, although it was flaccid it was still impressively long, but it wasn't the length that aroused her interest, it was the width. Apparently Pete has a cock as thick as a Coke can and her mind was soon racing with lurid thoughts. She wanted it. She just stood there feasting her eyes on it, until he sat back down and his T-shirt covered up that lovely big endowment of his.

Pete knew that Lin was enthralled by the sight of his cock; he told her if she wanted to see it again, she would first have to show him what she had to offer. Lin didn't hesitate; she stepped towards him pulling her skirt up to her waist, eager to demonstrate how willing she was.

Pete didn't hesitate either; within seconds he had Lin's panties pulled down to the floor and a hand roughly slapping her pussy, which had a very desirable effect on them both. A very hard angry looking cock was soon out on display and Lin was desperate to get it inside her as quickly as possible. As he sat before her she straddled him, slowly sinking down on his cock, he entered her easily and the contracting walls of her pussy sent pulses of pleasure all through her.

There was no stopping them now, Lin's hungry pussy squeezing Pete's swollen cock as it pummelled her insides. There was no finesse, just pure fucking for the sake of lust. His pace just never stopped until spurt after spurt of his cum shot up deep inside her, the whole thing lasted no more than three minutes, but Lin was on her third orgasm as he finished.

She stood up and rushed to the bathroom to clean up and to get her breath back. While she was doing the necessary lady thing, she heard Pete call out to thank her for the coffee and to let her know he would return in three hours to collect her to go and get her car back from service.

Lin took a shower and got on with some paperwork, passing time until she heard Pete honk the horn to announce his return. When she got in his car she hardly spoke, she had no idea what to say, but he had things all worked out. He told her he had no interest in love or romance, but if she ever wanted straight forward sex, then just say 'do not spill the coffee' and they would both know what that meant.

"So, 'do not spill the coffee' is your code for a fuck then?" I asked her.

"Sure is," she replied, "it's the perfect quote. Me and Pete have an understanding now. Tom gives me love and romance and Pete gives me unadulterated sex. It is the best of both worlds for me."

"Lucky you," I said, all pleased for her.

Lin beamed a big happy smile and returned to work leaving me to relive her excitement in my mind and it did sound good. We had enjoyed telling each other about the exciting times in our lives and as the weeks rolled into summer, we both added little extra fruity bits to our stories and had great fun telling them again. I told her I had waxed all my pubes off and was back to flashing to Tim every evening, but it still never went anywhere.

It was now July. Lin had called and suggested I fire up my hot tub for an afternoon soak, if I was not too busy. It was a great idea, by three in the afternoon the temperature was up to 104f just as Lin arrived. We both put on bikinis and jumped in the water. We soaked and chatted for a few minutes.

"Let me check out your nipples, I have wanted to get my hands on them again for months." Lin said, and we both laughed. I went and sat on her lap and her hands came around, pushing up my top and started to tantalize my nipples by rolling them with her fingers. With one hand pulling and stroking my nipples her other hand slid inside my bikini bottoms.

"Just checking how good a waxing you had." She said.

However, I did not care, her fingers were already at my pussy slit and I knew I would be opening wide to get the stimulation my pussy so desperately needed. When I heard Lin gasp I knew my clit had come out to meet her probing fingers.

"Oh my God, it's huge." She exclaimed. "I have got to get my tongue to that."

With those words, she pushed my bikini bottoms down over my hips and pulled them off over my ankles. I laid back and floated, raising my hips to the surface of the water. Any shyness I felt evaporated as Lin pushed her head between my legs. She hungrily licked and teased my clit better than any man has even done; she had two or maybe three fingers up inside me, thrusting in and out and at a nice steady pace.

My pussy clamped her fingers tightly as the first orgasm swept over me. When the big orgasm hit, my legs tightened on her head and my whole body went stiff. My heart was racing as I let her head go and my breathing started to slow down.

"Lin that was absolutely amazing, I have never orgasmed so strongly before, thank you, thank you." I repeated.

"We may be having more fun yet. I invited Pete to join us, but I do not know if he can make it. If he does, remember he was picked for one asset only, and it's not his brain."

We both started to giggle like schoolgirls. It was great fun and less than five minutes later Pete turned up. He ambled over to where we were and sat down at the bench beside the hot tub.

"Let me finish my cigarette and I will join you." He called out to us.

I could not help but watch him strip down to his boxers, hoping to see the cock that had got Lin in such a tizzy, but no luck, he jumped in and we all chatted with small talk for a few minutes.

"Stand up Pete; I want to show Jane your best asset." Pete stood up and the water was up to his mid thigh, Lin leaned over and pulled his boxers down. My mind was racing when I saw it. What a fabulous cock, big, wide and hanging there quite harmlessly, for the moment at least. I looked Pete straight in the face.

"Can I touch it Pete." I asked him.

"Of course," he replied.

Pete pushed his boxers down to his ankles as I scampered over to him and took hold of that beauty. With just three pulls it had nearly doubled in size. Going through my mind was could I get this huge thing inside of me, and could I even get it in my mouth? What I did know for sure, was my desire to be fucked by this thing, no matter what.

Pete was enjoying the attention and Lin was playing with herself while watching us. I held him with both hands and put his cock head in my mouth. I had just started to lick him when he leaned over, picked me up under my arms, and sat down with me on his lap facing him. I had not put my bikini bottoms back on after Lin had removed them. The head of his cock touched the tip of my clit; the first wave hit me before he even entered me. He pulled up my bikini top and started sucking on my nipples as his cock was slowly buried deeper inside me with every thrust of his body.

The slick walls of my pussy were now contracting, sending pulses of pleasure through Pete's engorged erection. I was in heaven with multiple orgasms coursing through me like electricity. I could hear his breathing get faster as he approached his orgasm and my pussy was ready to drain him of his fluids. He came with four or five spurts deep inside of me, while my pussy muscles squeezed his cock to release every drop of his cum in me. His cock was superb, the best I had ever had fuck me, I will never forget the initial feelings that cock had invoked in me. Lin certainly knew how to pick a cock for good fucking.

I settled back to sitting in the spa and we all just looked at each other, with some tension until Lin spoke.

"So what do you all think of the weather this week." We all cracked up with that.

We relaxed for a bit longer in the spa, before I got out, dressed and went to make coffee and something to eat. I returned to find Pete dressed and Lin with a towel wrapped around her as she dried herself. We sat at the outdoor table, ate all the food I had prepared, and then Lin stood up, dropped her towel, and said.

"One person here has not been fucked, abused or sexually interfered with all day; it's about time this was rectified."

Pete and I burst into laughter as Lin stood there like a diva with her arms raised. I cleared away the plates and coffee mugs and threw a blanket and pillows on the table. Pete had already pulled Lin's bikini panties off and was soon on his knees licking her clit.

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