tagLoving WivesThat's What Friends Are For Ch. 02

That's What Friends Are For Ch. 02


This is part 2 of a three part story. Chapter 1 explored what one of the Literotica readers called the "nightmare scenario" that two couples found themselves in. (I know from feedback that the story touched a nerve with some people.) The four decided on a course of action that they knew could jeopardise their marriages – but felt it was the only way out. Chapter 2 looks at the developing physical relationship between Iain and Jill, and chapter 3 will be the piece where the complexities and difficulties are confronted and ... resolved? You'll just have to wait. Please keep the feedback (positive and negative) coming – I enjoy reading it, and will happily discuss the stories and content with anyone. Thanks for taking the time to read my efforts. Badwolf.


As the four friends left the Hilton, they agreed that Iain would pick up Anne after collecting an overnight bag. At home, he threw a few things together and found Jill watching the TV. She got up and gave him a huge hug, and told him to relax and enjoy himself. Iain held her at arm's length and looked into the eyes of the woman he loved:

"Are you absolutely sure about this? It's not too late."

Jill smiled and nodded:

"Yes, I am. You need it, and in a sense, WE need it. Go on, she'll be waiting." And with a final hug she pushed him out of the door.

In the short drive to Paul and Anne's place, Iain had a feeling of tension, almost nausea, in his stomach and tightness chest. He thought of those 36C's and the nipples he'd been treated to earlier. The thought that in an hour he'd be caressing and kissing them made his heart race. Then he thought of Jill and how she must be feeling, knowing her husband was off fucking (or was it making love to?) her best friend.

He pulled up outside and was just about to get out of the car and go to ring the bell when the door opened, and overnight bag in hand, Anne stepped out. Before closing the door she stopped and turned and leaned back inside. He saw Paul's arm come round her neck as she leaned back in to kiss him. Then she said something to him and turned and walked to his car. He smiled as he saw her nipples pushing against her blouse. Her body really was in great shape. She'd changed her jeans into a denim skirt and her legs looked terrific. As the saying goes, she had curves in all the right places, and whilst not a stunner, she was by no means bad looking.

As she threw her bag onto the back seat and climbed in Iain said:

"I wish you'd make your mind up."

She asked him what about, and he just looked at her chest:

"Your bra has mysteriously disappeared. Again!"

Anne grinned at him:

"Paul's idea. He said to say that it would save a few seconds."

Iain nodded. Typical of him, always making a joke.

"Is he really okay with this?"

She shrugged: "Seems to be."

He went to start the car, and she reached across and stopped him.

"Not so fast." And with an easy movement she leaned towards him, put her arms round his neck, and gently pulled his lips to hers. When they eventually separated, she pulled away from him and said:

"I just thought we'd get that first kiss out of the way. Oh, and I wanted to shock Mrs Johnson who is peeking out from behind her curtain next door. Nosey old bat!"

Iain laughed as he started the car, turned and waved towards Mrs Johnson's house. Anne punched his arm, but was also laughing.

"By the way, you stole that idea from Woody Allen."

She looked at him, and nodded:

"It's a fair cop. I ought to have realised that the Pub Quiz Team buff would have seen, and remembered, Annie Hall!"

He looked across at her and stroked her denim covered thigh. "I only remember it because I used it a couple of times. It works too. Getting that first kiss out of the way just makes you both relax. In fact, I think I used it on Jill on our first date."

As soon as he said it he wished he hadn't. He wanted Anne, and him, to forget about their other halves – at least for a few hours. Anne saw his face, and squeezed his hand as if to say "It's okay, that kind of thing is going to happen."

She looked over to him as he concentrated on his driving, though his hand kept dropping to her thigh.

"You know it is a bit weird."

"A BIT weird? It's a LOT weird!" Iain exclaimed.

"I know. I feel like I'm cheating but I know I'm not. My head is a bit all over everywhere."

"Hmm, mine too. I guess the fact that it was all a bit sudden hasn't helped."

Anne disagreed, saying she thought that it was a good thing they hadn't had much time to think about it. Iain squeezed her thigh and gently stroked it:

"But isn't anticipation half the fun?"

"Yeees, and if you keep doing that with your hand we aren't going to get as far as the hotel. My anticipation will get the better of me!"

He gave her thigh a final squeeze, and they drove in silent thought to the hotel they'd left not long ago. Iain had checked in before they left, so they just went straight to the lift, and Iain pressed the button for the 7th floor. As the doors started to close Anne turned and put her arms round his neck, and their lips met as he pulled her into him. As their tongues explored each other Iain felt her unfettered breasts and against his chest. Anne was more interested in the stiffness she felt pressing into her tummy.

It had been a long time since Anne had had sex, and her basic urges were really taking over. She started to move her hand down when the lift dinged and stopped. The two sprang apart, it was the bar and restaurant floor, as an elderly couple got in and pressed the button for the 10th. Anne felt herself go bright red, feeling like a naughty schoolgirl caught behind the bike sheds by the head mistress. When the lift stopped again on their floor they moved past the couple, and Anne caught the woman's eye. She smiled at her, and the old lady just winked and smiled back with a nod of approval.

"I think we might as well be carrying a placard saying 'We're off to have a good shag!'" Anne declared as they found room 729.

"Maybe it's the way we sprinted down the corridor," Iain replied.

Iain inserted the electronic key and opened the door. Anne felt like her chest was going to burst with anticipation. Iain held the door for her, and as she brushed past him she deliberately turned so her nipples rubbed against his chest. He moved to kiss her but she'd gone.

"Tease!" Iain said looking at her.

"Stop holding that door open, and get over here and fuck my brains out!" With that she came over to him and jumped up wrapping her legs round his waist and pushing her lips to his in one swift movement. Iain dropped his bag and the next thirty seconds were a flurry of activity. He frantically tore at the buttons of her blouse, with at least one button flying off, while she fumbled with his jeans belt. He got one shoulder of her blouse off before his lips fell on her nipple, licking, kissing and sucking it. Her hand was inside the elastic of his boxers grasping his hard rod.

As he pushed her back onto the bed he tried to find the zipper for her skit:

"For fuck's sake, don't worry about that!" And she lifted her skirt round her waist – revealing that her bra wasn't the only thing Paul had told her to leave off. "Just get this bloody girder in me! NOW!"

He pushed his jeans and boxers to his knees and fell on top of her, resting on his arms to prevent her from being crushed. There was another frantic, intense kiss and he felt the tip of his hard on at her moist entrance. He stopped the kiss, lifted himself slightly and looked into her eyes smiling. She smiled back, and then her expression changed:

"If you think you're going to tease me, you got another think coming buster! I want all this. And I want it ..." She grabbed his buttocks pulled him hard... "NOW!"

She was so wet and he was so hard, he slid easily into her. At the back of his mind Iain was thinking a complete jumble of thoughts. Oh Christ, I'm going to last about 10 seconds. My God, how come I slid in so easily if she hasn't had sex for months? Oh shit, we didn't talk about protection! Her legs were back round his waist as he rammed into her again and again. Each thrust seemed to go deeper. Christ, I think I just hit her tonsils.

"Oh God I need this so much. Don't stop!"

Despite his fears he didn't come straight away. Her finger nails were clawing his back and her hips moved in perfect time with his thrusts.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oooohhh!" He wanted to kiss her lips, her shoulders, her bare breasts but she clung so tightly to him with her head buried in his shoulder he wasn't able to. Then she came. Her whole body shuddered and despite the fact her voice was muffled by his shoulder they probably heard her cries down the corridor.

Her shudders and screaming "I'm coming!" set Iain off and Anne felt his body jerk and with a last thrust emptied what seemed like an endless flow of semen deep into her. The only noise was the hum of the air conditioning and the gradual return of their breathing to normal.

Despite the coolness of the room, they were both covered in perspiration. Iain shifted on his elbows and went to move off her.

"Don't you dare move!" Anne's legs were still tightly wrapped round him. "I want you in me as long as possible."

Iain kissed her softly on the lips, pulled back and caressed her cheek with his hand. Then he closed his eyes and kissed her again

"That was ..."

"...incredible!" she finished off for him. Iain just nodded with a little boy grin.

"I think that was fucking, not making love."

She shook her head slowly:

"I can't be bothered to classify it. It was just ... just amazing!" She paused, then looked into his eyes and added a quiet: "Thank you."

After a few minutes lying, still linked together, the gooey liquid started to leak out of her, and she declared that she thought they'd better move before they made too much mess. As their bodies peeled apart they both giggled as their sweaty bodies had become stuck together. Their movement to separate felt like they had each taken a layer of skin off. She suggested they take a shower. He glanced at the clock, it had hardly been half an hour since they'd walked into the bedroom. Iain felt guilty:

"I'm sorry that was over so quick. I hope you weren't too disappointed."

She screwed up her face in disbelief:

"You men, you're all so insecure. Listen, if you'd gone on any longer I'd have killed you. That was just what I needed. A short, sharp, intense but entirely satisfying fuck. Okay?" Iain nodded, as Anne went on:

"After we've had a shower we can do it again – and that's the time when you'd better make sure you last, because we've got all night!"

He walked over to her and held her tight and said:

"You know, you're amazing. All my life, I ..." then he stopped, realising what he was about to say. She hugged him:

"It's okay. The four of us know each other so well, we're bound to let slip a few things, a few comparisons, a few comments about sex with our spouses. But we will have to be more careful with them. We don't want to hurt them, or make them feel inadequate. They probably already feel a bit like that, so we'll have to boost their egos as much as we can, by just loving them like we do."

Iain kissed her forehead, and she pulled his head down, and kissed him on the lips and turned towards the bathroom, but was still talking:

"I can guess what you were going to say. You were going to say that it was different being with a woman who WANTED to have sex, and different because you didn't have to take the initiative. It was like that for me too. If I didn't initiate it, I think Paul and I would never have done it."

Before Iain had thought about it the next sentence came tumbling out of his mouth. Thinking about it later, he knew why. It was because he and Anne suddenly had a completely open and honest relationship. There was no need for any secrets, and he didn't want to spoil it with one.

"I had an affair."

"I know." Iain looked at her, his brow was a ploughed field. She smiled and went on:

"Jill does too. She told me she thought it finished a few weeks back."

"She always could read me like a book. You know we'd been going out with each other for about a month and we went to a party. Lots of my friends were there. There was a girl, she was a girlfriend of one of my mates. We'd had a fling – no-one, and I mean no-one knew about it. Anyway after about an hour, Jill pulled me aside and said to me: 'You've shagged her'. I was utterly gobsmacked. I asked her how she knew and she said she could just tell. The way we looked at each other and talked. I thought then that there'd be no way I could cheat on her and get away with it. Seems I was right."

"Was she also right that it's over?"

"Christ yes!"

"Good! Come on and wash my back."

In the shower Iain was fascinated by Anne's body. He wanted to ask her how her boobs had pretty much kept their shape, with hardly a hint of her age. As he kissed her nipples she threw her head back, letting the warm water splashing her face add to the sharpness and intensity all her senses had acquired. She felt his cock growing in her hand, and as he gently moved her so she had her back to him, his hands came up and cupped and massaged her breasts. Then they tenderly tweaked her nipples. He kissed her ear lobe and said:

"You know you were right this afternoon when you said you were worried you would take out a waiter's eye. Your nipples are fantastic."

Every second she massaged his cock it was getting harder. She knew she shouldn't but she couldn't help comparing him to Paul. A little longer for sure, but definitely much fatter. Nearly as big as her favourite toy (hidden where she was pretty sure Paul wouldn't find it) – The only thing that's kept me from taking up one of the several obvious come-ons from the regulars at the gym. That and guilt, of course.

Lost in the excitement, Anne suddenly realised Iain was making her bend forward from the waist. She laughed and turned to him:

"Sex in the shower looks great in the movies, but we're far too old for that!"

"I don't feel too old for it. Not with you!"

She smiled at him and shook her head:

"We've got all night, and probably some morning too. I don't want you slipping over in the shower and ruining all my fun. Come on, the bed looks a lot more comfortable than a shower cubicle"

They stepped out of the shower and dried each other slowly, taking the time to hug, kiss, caress and get to know each others bodies. She told him to look at his back in the mirror – it was a mass of small scratches. She looked at him:

"Sorry about that. Maybe I should wear gloves."

It excited Iain to think that she'd been so excited she'd done that to him – and what's more, he'd been so excited he hadn't noticed it happening.

"What do you think Jill will think?" he asked.

"I think she will think you and I both had a good time."

As she led him back to the bedroom, she stopped in her tracks and turned to Iain nodding back over her shoulder:

"Where did that come from?" She was indicating an ice bucket with what looked like a bottle of Champagne and a couple of glasses. Iain smiled and said he'd ordered it this afternoon when he had booked the room.

"I thought we might need something to help us relax. Turns out I was wrong!" He smiled, "It was there when we came in but you didn't notice for some reason."

She turned and as she raised her arms to put them round his neck, the white, fluffy towel that had been round her slid to the floor. She kissed him again feeling his hardness against her tummy, and sad:

"Well, don't just stand there, open it and let's relax." She stroked his hard penis. "But I don't want this to relax, I want this just like it is ... all night long!" She kissed him again, and turned and got into bed, with just a sheet covering her. Iain popped the cork, poured two glasses, gave one to Anne, and then removed the towel that had been round his waist, and climbed in next to her.

They chinked glasses, and Anne said:

"To us – and absent friends!" Iain smiled and nodded:

"Yes, to the four of us!"

They drank in silence for a minute, and then Anne snuggled next to him and Iain's arm went round her and they felt the warmth of each other's bodies.

"You smell all clean and fresh," she said as her hand stroked to the sparse hairiness of his chest.

"Well, that's going to last a long time – NOT!"

After a few seconds sipping their Champagne, Iain stroked her shoulder and asked:

"So, what do you like?"

"Ice cream, chocolate. The usual things."

"I meant sex-wise!"

"You are joking aren't you? You really think I'm going to tell you? In the car you said half the fun is anticipation, the unknown, finding out. If I tell you, you'll just do what I say – I want to experience a new lover, new things, different things. So you're just going to have to find out. And so will I."

Iain took another sip of his champagne and looked at the glass – there were a couple of centimetres still in it. He moved so her head was back on the pillow and said:

"Hmm, okay – let's find out how you like your nipples played with," and he tipped the last of his champagne over her boobs. Anne squealed and jumped, called him a bastard, but was laughing. Then the laughter stopped as Iain started to lick her chest. She let out a low moan as his hands caressed her flat stomach and slowly moved north. His lips had licked at the champagne but moved to her nipple – drawing a slow ring around one with his tongue, while his hand gently caressed the other.

The circling tongue made smaller and smaller circles until it was flicking the hard stub of her nipple. Iain felt it grow with the increasing attention. As he nipped it gently with his teeth, Anne's moan became louder:

"Oh Christ, whatever you do, don't stop!"

Iain had no intention of stopping, and his hand and as his head swapped nipples, he was amazed that the one his mouth had been working on was now sticking out a couple of centimetres. He stopped:

"Your nipples are amazing. I've never seen any that long. I love them."

Anne's only response was to grab Iain's head and push it back onto them, saying "I told you not to stop!"

Iain sucked and nibbled the second nipple while his hands continued on the first, until they were like two pegs. He then put one hand on each and continued to caress and massage her firm breasts, while his lips and tongue slowly kissed and licked their way to her navel, and then into the dark, trimmed triangle of her bush. Her hands had stayed on his head and she now pushed his head down. But Iain was in control, and if he hadn't been able to tease her earlier, now he was going to. He started to push against her hands kissing his way back to her navel, then his tongue traced its way round her pubic mound to her thighs. He licked , kissed and nibbled the inside of her right thigh before slowly moving past her moist opening. He gently blew on it as he went past.

"God, you bastard. Don't tease me any more."

Her hands pushed his head, but Iain resisted, and paid attention to her left thigh before tracing his way back to her navel. Her body wriggled beneath him as he once again moved down through the silky hairs, as she tried to push herself onto his mouth. Iain moved slowly, nibbling and kissing his way down, then once again he gently blew on Anne's love bud. Anne held her breath waiting for his mouth to close the last few millimetres. But once again, he moved to her thighs, smothering them with small kisses and licks. Anne's head started to roll back and forth.

"I can't take it any longer. Please," she pleaded, "just do it! Please." Her voice was quiet and tense – desperate. Iain once again moved to her now soaking wet opening. He blew once again on her, and then made to move away. She felt the movement and started to plead again, when Iain quickly moved back and sucked the whole of her clit into his mouth. Anne exploded with a huge cry almost like she was in pain, and she shook uncontrollably.

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