That's What Friends Are For Ch. 02


As Anne convulsed she moved to push his head away:

"Please, please – just give me a minute."

But Iain was on a roll, and was still very gently blowing on her and lightly kissing all around her clit. Still breathing heavily she accepted he wasn't going to stop and tensed herself. Anne couldn't remember the last time she'd had two orgasms in one session, and she could feel herself working up to a third within the space of an hour. Iain took his time because he could tell how sensitive she was after her orgasm He worked his tongue into her and around the lips of her vagina. Every time she was about to come, he sensed it and moved to her thighs. Then he would re-start his loving attack on clitoris. At last, as her orgasm built, he didn't move away but just kept on sucking at it, until, for the second time, she shuddered and climaxed on Iain's mouth.

There's nothing quite like seeing a woman climax to get a man hard, and Iain was granite hard as Anne's orgasm slowly subsided. Still kissing and nibbling her body, he made his way back up, pausing to suck on her fabulous nipples, back to her head. She lay with her eyes closed and a small smile on her face. As Iain kissed her softly on the lips, she tasted herself, and her eyes fluttered open. Anne's small smile burst into a fully fledged grin.

"That was amazing. Thank you."

The tip of his hard penis was now resting at the entrance to her hot pussy. He smiled back:

"What makes you think it's finished? I think we should go for an orgasm hat trick." And he eased he body forward, until every one of his seven inches was inside her. She clung onto him, let out a huge "Ooohhhhhh". This time Iain felt the sharp sting of her fingernails on his back as he slowly withdrew, so that the tip came out. Iain paused:

"Are you trying to tease me?" she asked.

Iain just smiled, paused a moment longer, and then slowly pushed it back all the way in. With each long, slow stroke her fingernails dug into his back, and she let out low moans. Each stroke also seemed to cause her to raise her knees, until her legs had come up and she could wrap them round his waist – locking him inside her. As the pace increased, Iain's strokes become shorter and faster – and Anne felt another orgasm building up. But Iain wanted to keep her in that blissful state right on the edge, so he stopped and raised his upper body so he could look at her. He stroked her face and smiled:

"Time to find out a few likes and dislikes." He noticed her look – a mixture of disappointment that he'd stopped and curiosity at what was next. As soon as he moved his hand, she knew what he wanted. Anne turned herself over and raised herself onto her hands and knees. Iain looked down at the heart shape of her ass, and at the red lips of her pussy confronting him. Iain's cock was still rock hard and he watched as those lips gripped his cock as he pushed it in. Anne collapsed down onto her elbows so her face was buried in the pillow:

"Oh God, yes!" She looked round, and smiled at him as he pushed in and out: "Looks like you've discovered a 'like'."

Iain gripped Anne's hips and slowly picked up the pace. She was teetering on the edge of a cliff – every time she thought she was there he would slow down or stop completely - only to pick up the pace and push her once again to the brink. Anne wanted to come again so badly – but the ecstasy of being on the brink for so long was wonderful agony. Her thoughts were a complete confusion of animal instinct and logic. Oh God! It might be a long time since I had sex, but it is an absolute age since I had it this good.

As she approached the cataclysmic brink, Iain stopped and withdrew himself, Anne let out a little whimper:

"Ooh, what now?"

Iain smirked as Anne turned and looked at him. But before he could answer she went on:

"Oookay. My turn to try something." She turned onto her back, put her hand on his chest - not breaking eye contact – and pushed him onto his back."

She wriggled on top of him, crawling up his body. When her head reached his still hard rod, she smiled. Iain closed his eyes. Jill had never been keen on oral sex, and he held his breath in anticipation. But it was Anne's turn to tease – sort of. I've got to save something to get him up in the morning. So she moved on up onto her knees and grabbed his cock, and with a smooth movement kneeled up and sank back down – taking it all in. Anne was amazed how different he felt – as she sank down it felt like he would come out of her throat he was in so far. And as eased herself up, his fatter cock pulled at the walls and lips of her pussy. The pleasure was intense.

He reached up to the nipples which amazingly seemed even bigger, and caressed her breasts. She lifted her hands to her head feeling wild, wonton and probably more turned on than she could remember. For Iain too, the freedom and sheer indulgence of what they were doing was something he'd never felt before.

Anne gathered pace, and because she was in control Iain knew that the only way to stop her from coming would be to change position. And he knew he wasn't going to do that as his eyes took in the wonderful sight of her body totally given over to sex and enjoyment.

Grunting louder with each movement, her voice became a constant moan. Iain grabbed her waist as she rode him and rolled her head. Looking back on it afterwards, Anne thought it was the longest, most intense orgasm she had ever had. She wasn't sure if Iain spurting into her was a cause or an effect of her orgasm. She fell onto his chest catching her breath, and after a few minutes, lifted her head:

"You know, some couples hardly ever come together (she was about to say that she and Paul hardly ever had – but thought better of it) – and we're two for two."

Iain reached up to her head and moved the sweaty strands of hair from her face. He caressed her cheek, then reached up and kissed her.

"Beginner's luck!"

She just shook her head and kissed him back, and then put her head down on his chest. After a few more minutes she spoke again:

"By the way, that was fucking!"

Anne just grunted, and as she dozed into a shallow post orgasmic sleep, she knew she could not go without sex again. The fear for her love for Paul lay at the back of her mind, lurking in the shadows. What will be like tomorrow? Walking into the house, putting my arms around him and kissing him, telling him I love him. But knowing that right now, I feel like this.

Iain felt her breathing change as she slept, and he stroked her hair. Oh God, what have we done? I fear we have woken a slumbering tiger! Jill wanted you to do this. Christ she knew about Eileen. What do I say if she asks how it was? (She won't, she's too shy to even talk about sex.) But what if she does? What do I say? Yes, it was the best sex I've ever had. And what will happen to my feelings for her when I see Anne and we have sex like this every couple of weeks. How can my marriage, any marriage, stand that?

He dreaded tomorrow – seeing Jill and Paul, and looking into their eyes. Probably seeing the same fear he felt now. Fear of losing something incredibly important. But it was different for them, to Paul and Jill there was nothing to lose because sooner or later it might have happened – with another Eileen or a guy at the gym. Eventually, Iain's breathing matched Anne's and he fell asleep.


In Chapter 3, Iain and Anne have to deal with their conflicting emotions and thoughts. Can their marriages survive if they keep seeing each other? What would happen if they stopped seeing each other?

Please keep the emails and comments coming – if you think it's rubbish, write and tell me why. If you liked it, I'd like to hear that too. Thanks again for reading it ... Badwolf

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