tagLoving WivesThat's What Friends Are For Ch. 03

That's What Friends Are For Ch. 03


This is the final Chapter of the story of how two couples handled a specific problem they shared. It took a bit longer than I anticipated to write, because it's over twice the length of the previous chapters. Apologies.

I know from feedback on the first two chapters that the situation each couple found themselves in is more common than you would think. So I would like to dedicate this story to anyone who is in a loving relationship, but whose partner/spouse suffers from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) – described as a total lack of interest, or an aversion to sexual overtures, stimulation and sexual activity.

I'm not sure how this will look once uploaded as there are a couple of sections where formatting is important. If it doesn't quite work, I hope you'll understand and that it doesn't detract from your enjoyment.

Please keep the feedback coming, and I'll reply to any non-anonymous emails. Thank you.


For a moment, like anyone waking up in a strange bed in a strange room, Iain tried to figure out where he was. Then with the help of the light coming in round the curtains he made out the grey features of the hotel bedroom. It all came flooding back to him, and he felt the warmth of Anne's body next to him. He listened to her slow, steady breathing and moved to put his arm over her. As he did so his head was filled with her scent mixed in with the heavy odour of last night's sex. As he turned to face her he smiled to himself as he remembered. He remembered teasing her with his mouth until she came. He remembered the scratches on his back where her finger nails had dug into him in the heat of passion. He remembered plunging into her from behind. Then he recalled the sight of her astride him, hands in her hair, breasts bouncing, and her screaming in climax.

Then the memory of the thoughts he'd gone to sleep with crept into his mind like the daylight into the bedroom. Jill. Oh God, how can I face her? How can our lives ever be the same? But the drug that was the fantastic sex he'd experienced last night, and the amazing woman lying next to him, was in his system. He knew it would be near impossible to give her up. But I DO love Jill, and I just can't imagine a life without her.

He was roused out of his thoughts by Anne turning over and throwing an arm over his body. He stroked it, barely touching her and watched the small fair hairs move under his fingers.

"Mmmmm, that's nice." Anne's voice was soft and sleepy, and her eyes were still shut.

"Morning sleepyhead."

Anne's eyes opened, and she smiled at her new lover:

"Well I wouldn't be so sleepy if someone hadn't kept me awake half the night snoring."

"I could say the same to you."

"Yeah, I guess when you're in your fifties that kind of happens."

"Actually, your snoring is kinda cute – mine's so loud I wake myself up sometimes."

Anne smiled at him and stroked his stubbly cheek, and Iain bent down to kiss her shoulder, moving to her neck and finally her lips. Unlike the passion of the previous night, she kissed his lips but no more. Meanwhile his hands had roamed down her body to her stomach. She stopped his hand, and he moved back and, feeling really puzzled, looked at her. She laughed:

"One other thing that happens when you get older - I need the bathroom!" A smile of relief crossed his face as she continued:

"Oh and here's something for you to learn about me – before I kiss you in the morning, I've just gotta brush my teeth. I think I may be a bit OCD!"

He watched her slide out of the bed and admired the silhouette of her body as she turned on the bathroom light and disappeared from his sight. Iain closed his eyes and started to doze off as his mind imagined the conversation between himself and Jill that would happen later in the day. Would it be just a normal Saturday? A bit of shopping and gardening? Maybe the cinema this evening. There'd be small talk, but would the shadow of sex and Anne hang over their conversation like a thunder cloud waiting to strike? Iain and Jill had never had a problem finding things to talk or laugh about – but how would the past 12 hours affect that? Will we still be relaxed and comfortable with each other?

He heard the bathroom door open and decided he'd better go too – he wanted to hold her and kiss her, but given her "OCD" comment, he thought he'd better brush his teeth first. As he returned to the bed he slid in next Anne who turned to him, and smiled:

"Good morning, you!" and she put her lips to his in a kiss that instantly brought back the memories of the previous night. He felt an inevitable stirring in his loins. Anne moved and rolled on top of him without taking her lips from his. Iain felt her nipples stirring as they brushed against his chest.

She stopped and looked at him, her eyes filled with warmth:

"Are you okay?"

Ian gave her a half smile and nodded:

"Yeah, you know."

"Yes, I know. We'll both cross those bridges when we get home later. Right now, we've got a few hours – and I really want to make love with you." Anne smiled: "And maybe fuck a bit, too."

"I thought you'd never ask!"

Anne kissed him again, and then started to move down his body. He let out a pleasant sigh as she passed his chest and his stomach and came down to his hardening prick. She smiled to herself as she remembered his teasing last night, and she did it back to him. She gently blew her hot breath up its length and around the tip as it lengthened and hardened in front of her.

"Oooh, I guess this is payback teasing for last night," Iain said as his anticipation built.

Anne didn't say anything but moved up so her breasts were either side of it. Then she rocked back and forth with his cock captured between the 36Cs. Then she moved back down , blew on the tip one more time, feeling Iain tense again beneath her, and she started to lick the tip in small circles.

"Oh God!"

Anne still didn't say anything, but just kept making small circles while lowering her head. Soon she had a couple of inches in her mouth. Then three, then four, she still didn't stop. No one had ever done that to Iain before, taken all his length until her lips were at the base. He managed to find a voice as she slowly lifted her head:

"Oh fuck, that was amazing."

As it popped out her mouth, she said:

"I thought you might like it." And she started again, slowly taking it in and releasing it. Gradually she quickened the pace, sucking and licking all the time. Iain felt the inevitable build up and realised that unless he did something to stop her he would soon be coming in her mouth. His hands went to her head to stop her moving up and down:

"Unless you want a load of cum in your mouth, you'd better stop. Besides I want to make love to you."

She smiled at him as she gave his rod a final lick:

"Well, that's a better reason to stop than dumping cum in my mouth or all over my face. That sounds like fun." Then she winked at him: "Maybe another time."

Iain took the initiative and swung her over onto her back. The he surprised her by grabbing a pillow. He lifted her midriff and slid the pillow underneath her.

"Mmmm, I like the look of this!" was Anne's comment, as she spread her legs wide. Iain looked at her pussy, the trimmed pubic hair, the lips glistening with her juices and looking deep pink with excitement.

"Well I definitely like the look of that!" and he edged forward so the tip was at the entrance. The look she gave him would have melted an iceberg, and she licked her lips and in a quiet voice said:

"Come on big boy. Fuck me!"

Iain edged his hips forward and Anne let out a long, quiet "Ooooohhhhh!" as his whole length slid easily into her. He pulled all the way out, grabbed hold of her ankles, and holding her legs wide he hesitated a moment and then slid all the way back in.

"God, you bastard. That feels sooo good. Where'd you learn to tease like that?"

After a few more stokes she picked up the rhythm with him, her raised hips meant that every time he moved in he hit her G spot. She started to roll her head, thrusting her hips more and more vigorously. Iain moved her legs and slowly raised them. This only increased the friction of his cock against her clit and G spot. Then with her legs over his shoulders he started to increase the pace, his cock pounding her – Iain didn't think he'd ever felt he was so deep inside a woman before. Anne just kept repeating "Oh God, oh God , Oh God..." until with a scream her body convulsed and her hips thrust upwards. Iain felt himself coming and quickly pulled out as a stream of cum spurted out over her midriff and tits. Considering this was his third load in a few hours, Iain couldn't believe the amount that now covered her breasts and stomach. Anne just lay there, her body still making small involuntary convulsions. Her eyes fluttered open and her face broke into a smile:

"Jill must be an idiot. That was ... just ... unbelievable."

She saw his face change at the mention of his wife's name, and put her hand to his cheek:

"I'm sorry, that was really insensitive of me. But you are truly a wonderful lover."

Iain shook his head:

"No, I don't think so, not really. We're just two people who needed some sex!"

Anne looked down at her breasts:

"Well, we're two people who've made a bit of a mess. By the way, no-one ever did that to me before – come all over me. It felt really ... dunno ... kind of dirty but fun!"

"Well if it's any consolation, it was a first for me too. Comes from watching too much porn I think!" He smiled down at her and continued:

"And if I really was a wonderful lover, I don't think I'd be here. I'd be at home doing this with Jill ..."

Anne felt the warm cum dripping off her breasts onto the bed, and looked at him and shook her head:

"Okay you, I think we'd best move and go and scrub each other's backs. And while we're doing that I'll tell you why you're talking a load of old crap."

He moved and smiled back at her and gave her a hug. With an exclamation of "Oh yeuk, shouldn't have done that", he agreed it was shower time. They spent ages washing and stroking and kissing each other as they cleaned themselves up. When they dried themselves, and each other, she turned to him and said:

"You are such a nice guy, you know. You are so considerate. I know why you pulled out this morning." He looked at her with a puzzled smile on his face. Anne continued:

"You didn't want to rub Paul's nose in it, so to speak, did you? Just like I won't put any perfume on when we leave, so you don't go home and all Jill can smell is me; you didn't want me to go home with your cum inside me and leaking out. But I DO like what you did by the way."

They made small talk as they dressed. Iain looked at her as she put on her bra and pants:

"One for the road?"

"You have no idea how tempting that offer is. But no, not a good idea."

He nodded, and knew she was right. They would both need some time to re-adjust and get into a more normal frame of mind before meeting their spouses. She walked over to him and put her arms round his neck, then looked into his eyes and said a simple "Thank you". Iain responded that it really was his pleasure.

A few miles away Paul's house phone rang. The CLI told him it was "Jill and Iain". Hmm, well I know which one of you two this is! He picked up the phone and said "Hi Jill". Jill responded wishing him a good morning and asking him how he was doing.

"Okay. I guess. You?"


There was a pause which was just starting to get uncomfortable and they both started to talk at the same time. In the end it was Jill's question that won:

"What time are you expecting them?"

Paul said he had no idea, but thought probably in an hour or so. There was another pause and it was Paul that broke it this time:

"I think I'm going to need a bit of time on this ... can I call you later this week. So we can just check we are still okay with it or what?"

"I'm glad you said that, I was wondering how to ask you the same thing. Yeah definitely. Here's my number at work, oh and my email."

Back at the Hilton Anne and Iain were writing down their mobile numbers and work email addresses too. Iain folded the piece of paper and put it in his wallet.

Both Iain and Anne were quiet on the journey back to Anne's house, both trying to get their heads back into the routine of "normal" life after the past twenty-four hours. Iain held Anne's hand as they drove the short distance and asked if she was going to be okay.

"I think so. I know that I'll be all over everywhere for a day or so. I just hope Paul's okay and that we'll be able to have a normal weekend. You know, no awkward silences or funny looks."

Iain nodded and said he knew exactly what she meant and that he was dreading walking through the door at home. Then he added that he wasn't sure how he'd look Paul in the eye again. Then he squeezed her hand and continued:

"But there is one thing I know for sure, I don't want this to be a one off."

Iain swung the car into Paul and Anne's drive and pulled on the handbrake. Anne turned to him, smiled, said "Thank you", kissed him on the cheek and got out of the car. Iain moved to get out as well, but she stopped him:

"No, stay there. Let's make this quick." Then as she got her bag from the backseat, she said she'd call or email him on Monday. And she was gone. Iain started the car, wanting to get away before he saw Paul. In the few minutes it took Iain to drive home, his thoughts were a tangled, confused mess. He was sad to see Anne go, but, and he couldn't quite rationalise this, also a bit relieved. He both wanted to see Jill desperately to reassure her, but was also dreading it – all at the same time. Christ, I'm turning into a complete basket case.

He pulled up in front of his house, got his bag and put his key in the lock. He took a deep breath and pushed the door open, and as he did so Jill came to the kitchen door and looked at him as if he had grown an extra head. Iain forced a smile, and without saying a word, dropped his bag and walked over to her with his arms outstretched. As she moved to him his arms enveloped her and he held her close. As Iain felt his anxiety slip away he searched for the right words to say. In the end he settled for something they had said to each other frequently after they had married but over the years had become more seldom.

"I love you." And he did. He knew it wasn't a lie. At the back of his mind was – In that case, where does Anne fit in? But that question was for later – right now, he and Jill had to be a normal couple again. Life goes on.

As Jill held him, she realised it had been a long time since they had hugged for so long. And she knew that was her fault. She'd always been the less touchy-feely of the two, but since her aversion to sex had grown, she had become very wary of physical contact. Not because it was unpleasant, but because it led to Iain trying to get into her underwear, and that would mean saying "No!" – and that's what she hated – the feeling of guilt because she was hurting someone she loved. But she just couldn't do it. So she had spurned anything remotely physical. Eventually, Iain had just stopped trying.

Without moving her head from his shoulder, in a barely audible voice, Jill said:

"I know, and believe it or not, I love you too."

Iain pulled away from her slightly and held her face in his hands, he smiled and kissed her on the lips. It was a kiss without the intensity and fierce passion of his kisses in the previous twelve hours, but it was a kiss full of love and tenderness. When he broke off, Jill looked in his eyes:

"Is Anne okay?"

"I guess we're both feeling a bit weird at the moment, but yes, I think she's okay."

"The last thing I want is to know any details, but I spoke to Paul earlier." Iain's heart sank, he felt sure that Jill had had second thoughts and was going to call it off. Can we have an affair without them knowing? Do I want that? Will Anne go for that? He braced himself and got ready to portray a neutral reaction. Jill continued:

"We're going to see how the next few days go, and then have a chat about how this whole thing moves on. We don't want to give you something then snatch it away, but we don't want to lose you either."

Iain shook his head:

"We're the same. Anne and I needed what you gave us last night, but we both need you and Paul more. We'll just have to work hard at this."

Jill smiled at him:

"Good. I bet you've not had ..." She was about to say anything to eat but thought better of it, " ... any breakfast. Come on." And she led him into the kitchen and started talking about what they needed to do today. Normality had started to return.


From: Anne Carter
Sent: Monday 27 May 2011 09:42
To: Iain McKay

Hi there,

Just wanted to say again what a great time I had on Friday, and I can't wait until we can get back together again. I wanted so much to text you over the weekend but that would have been a really crap idea. We both needed to get our heads level I think. How was your weekend? How was Jill? I think I'll call her today – the longer I put it off, the more difficult it will be. Never thought that Jill and I would find it hard to talk to each other!

Paul was okay – it was a bit weird at first, I think he wanted to ask me about it, but at the same time he didn't want to. So it was a bit of an elephant in the room, but as the day went on it kinda got to be a smaller elephant! And by Sunday, it was a normal day for us. The kids came over – Jenny with her new boyfriend in tow, he seems quite nice. She's a smart one, my Jenny – she said I looked different – "glowing and happy" was what she said. If she only knew.

Anyway, I'd better do some work. When do you think we can do it again?

Love (is it okay to say that do you think?)

A xx


From: Iain McKay
Sent: Monday 27 May 2011 10:01
To: Anne Carter
Re: Friday/Saturday


Well, let's start at the end – Yes, I think saying "Love" is okay. After all, we did warn Paul and Jill that we would probably cross the line to "making love" from f***ing (thought I'd better do that-I don't know what kind of firewall your company has!).

Jill was the same – she looked absolutely terrified when I got home. I think she feared you and I would just pack our bags and move out! Yes, do call her. It will all help reassure her – I think I'll call Paul too and suggest a round of golf on Saturday. We need them to see that life can go on as normal, with just a small (!?!) difference.

I keep getting flashbacks to that hotel room – the way you looked, the way you felt. You are the sexiest woman I have ever met I think. I want to do everything to you and with you! And I can't wait for next time either. When?


Iain "big boy" McKay ;-) x


From: Anne Carter
Sent: Monday 27 May 2011 10:47
To: Iain McKay
Re: Friday/Saturday


Just spoken to your wife – and arranged to meet her for lunch tomorrow. She sounded okay-ish – a bit odd I suppose but what did I expect?? I have just been shagged senseless by the man she loves! And what's more, I want to do it again as soon as possible!

So, "Big Boy" – what other things do you have in mind if you want to "do everything". As an advanced warning, I have no desire to have that log you have between your legs shoved up my arse – so you can forget that... well, never say never I guess, but really, I have no inclination to do that. Sorry if that's something you like. Is it my age (our age?), but it seems to me that anal sex is something that became more popular (or accepted as normal) only recently?

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