tagInterracial LoveThat's What She Wanted

That's What She Wanted


We are both 44 years old. We had met when we were twenty, fallen in love and got married quickly.

We didn't have to, we just wanted to.

Our children came along within two years and we were the iconic family with two kids living in a great neighbourhood with lots of friends. I love Chloe more than I could ever say. She had always been my sweetheart and we had always been close and had faced any problems together.

Our kids had grown up, gone to University and were both living single lives in London.

I have been extremely lucky in my career. Everything seemed to fall into place for me from an early age. I had studied accountancy and after joining a multi national Ad Agency had progressed very quickly. They were quick to realise that I was 'on the ball' and had given me a succession of companies to manage and turn round when they were not doing too well. It suited me. Pure accountancy can be dull but when mixed with big clients, huge budgets and expanding companies it was great fun. I was not doing the books but planning the growth of companies and building a future.

I am still very busy at work, in fact busier than ever as we plan to go public in both the UK and USA. I was therefore travelling a fair bit.

Chloe had started work, in fact she had started a new career once the kids had grown up. Having studied languages at University, she could speak French and Spanish fluently and had a good grasp of Italian. I always said she was fluent in all three languages but she responded that the more you learn a foreign language, the more you realise you are not fluent. However, her qualifications and obvious enjoyment from the languages enabled her to head up the Language Department of a local grammar school for boys.

It wouldn't be right to say we had been growing apart but her job was demanding and often required meetings after school with parents or extra-curricular activities and, as already stated, I was travelling a fair bit to the US - in fact I was away for most weeks for a day or so at least.

Our sex life dwindled without our really realising it. We were both very busy during the week but we did usually manage to have sex on Saturday mornings and sometimes Sunday too. I loved seeing my wife naked. Despite two children and her 44 years, she was still a sight to behold. She had managed to avoid the weight gain that many women suffer from and with her tight bum and flat stomach she looked good. Her breasts were the perfect size for me - not too big and still fairly firm. She had sensitive large nipples which I just loved to kiss and suck. She enjoys that too.

I had decided to make more of an effort and tried to refresh our bedroom activities. We had never been very adventurous and some people would say our sex was 'vanilla' so I started to read on the internet about ways to liven things up. I thought I was getting somewhere when I started giving her oral sex. It was not something we had done much so I soon put that right. She loved it and never failed to cum when I licked her pussy. I loved diving into her wet warmth and we even managed a few simultaneous orgasms which always seemed very special.

We seemed to get closer and I felt our old warmth and love coming back.

Even so, we were hardly banging the headboard against the wall but I thought we were getting back to where we had been as a couple. Then, almost over night, she seemed to lose interest. I didn't realise at first but every so often, she was too tired or not feeling up to it. Sometimes it was just that we were too busy at the weekend- places to go, things to do, things we couldn't get done during the week.

Sure, she went out with friends most weeks and had occasional trips and conferences to attend but that was no different to me.

It all started one night when she came home a little earlier than usual from a night out. She came in and said she was not feeling too well and was going to have a shower and go to bed. I went to give her a cuddle and a kiss but she turned away and ran up the stairs. I didn't give it another thought at the time, just believing that she didn't feel too well. When I asked the next day what had happened, she just said she hadn't felt well and had come home.

Then I began to notice that whenever she had been out she would take a shower before going to bed. That was something we had often done before we had sex at night but there was no sex on the table for me this time around.

Then the awful day arrived. An old friend rang me. His name was Justin. I hadn't seen him for several months as I had been very busy and I knew his own company was going great guns. He had a major distribution business about twenty five miles away where he had opened a new depot and offices. He asked if we could get together for a drink and made some arrangements. He sounded very serious and asked me not to mention our meeting to anyone. I began to wonder if he was having serious problems within his company and wanted some advice. He had expanded his company very quickly and I knew he had gone out on a limb for the new depot.

We met at his golf club - he said we could be private there. He was obviously very nervous and finally, he took a deep breath and said

"I have some bad news for you James. It's about Chloe!"

My mind had been expecting a business discussion but this quickly brought my recent thoughts to the front of my mind.

He looked at me. "I was on the shop floor and saw a couple of guys looking at a phone. They were obviously enthralled at what they could see. I am on good terms with all my staff so when I asked what they found so interesting, they laughed and one said that his brother, Leroy, had a new girlfriend and had filmed them in bed together. They turned the phone to show me and, sure enough Leroy was having very active and noisy sex with a woman. When she turned to face the camera, I was shocked to see it was Chloe. There was no mistake James. I am sure it was her."

He looked at me, "I am so sorry to tell you this James but I couldn't just ignore it. I thought hard about what to do and asked myself what I would want to happen in such circumstances. I knew I would need to know, so I felt you would probably want to also."

"Are you sure it was her?"

"Positive. I commented that Leroy had been very clever because at no time was he recognisable. He said he had done that on purpose and offered to send me a copy if I wanted one. I have it here on my laptop. I just didn't know if you would want to see it."

I gulped. Did I really want to see my wife having sex with another man? My mind raced. Were all my suspicions about to be confirmed. Could I face up to reality?

"Yes," I said, "Show me, it might not be her. I need to know."

He turned his laptop round and pressed the 'select' button.

It took me a couple of moments to sort out the arms and legs but three things struck me straight away. It was definitely Chloe and secondly,the man was black. That shook me because Chloe had always been very negative about black people. Not openly prejudiced but she rarely found much positive to say. She was great with black kids and seemed to give them special attention but, adults...

But the third thing really shook me. I recognised the room they were in. It was my bedroom. They were fucking on my marital bed. I recognised the table lamps beside the bed and the doorway into the bathroom. The wallpaper was clearly visible. I had papered that room myself.

I quickly realised that they were having wild sex. She was lying back with her head on a pillow and her knees over his shoulders.

Another thing hit me hard. There was no way that the guy fucking her could be taking the pictures. The picture from behind showed his huge cock covered in a white cream as he pounded into her. His two arms were visible holding her legs wide.

Someone else was watching and taking the pictures.

I could hear her telling him to fuck her harder as she was panting with every thrust. I knew the signs well enough, she was about to orgasm.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me fuck me. I love your big black cock." Her words ended in a long groan as she came in a huge shaking orgasm.

As she came down, she whispered "Oh I love your cock. You do such wonderful things to me."

He started to thrust gently again. He had not cum yet and as the camera came to the side I could see his huge cock was glistening as he moved slowly in and out. I could see her lips gripping his cock with every withdrawal movement and see her tense as he thrust into her. She started to breathe heavily again as he worked his cock in and out of her. She was clearly building for another cum.

I watched spellbound as he played her like a fiddle. In minutes he had her gasping and thrusting against him.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard. Give me all your big cock, I need it now. Fuck my cunt hard."

I had never heard my wife use that crude word in all the years I have known her.

"Whose cunt is it?" the man asked.

"Yours, yours yours. Just fuck me."

"What do you want me to do with it?" he asked.

"Fuck my cunt with your big black cock like no one else can."

He pounded away - I was truly staggered to see my wife taken so roughly and loving it.

She started to convulse again as she shouted, "I am cumming, cumming, fuck me, cum in me now."

As she reached the peak of her orgasm, he shouted "Yes, yes, yes." and moaned as he fired into her time after time.

They both collapsed on the bed. Chloe was almost lifeless.

She murmured "I love what your big cock does to me. I just love that big black cock."

He smiled and turned to her "Does your husband fill you like that?"

"No, his cock is only half the size of yours. I can barely feel him now."

At that moment Justin leaned over and turned the laptop off. He clearly wanted to spare me the embarrassment of any further unfavourable comparison. He just sat there and then looked at me.

"I am so sorry James. Not just to be the bearer of such bad news but also because you don't deserve this. No man does."

What will you do?"

"I really don't know." I replied. I was slumped against the sofa. My heart was pounding. I was feeling angry and hurt. How long had this been going on?

What was I going to do?

I knew I couldn't live with her being unfaithful to me. How could I ever trust her again?

Then the hurt took over. My sweetheart, my wife, the mother of my children has been unfaithful to me.

I thought of all the great times we had had together. Our honeymoon, the holidays, the joy of buying our own house and, most of all, our two children who we had nurtured together.

I thought of the film I had just seen. I had never seen her be so liberated, so outspoken, so lost in the fucking she was getting. I thought our sex life had been good but I knew it had never been as good for her as what I saw on the film.

I tried to work out how many times we had fucked.., no, we had made love, caring, soft and tender love. Not the hard sex I had just witnessed. OK, occasionally we had hit the heights but never like that. How many times?...In the early stages at least 3 times a week, say 150 times for six or seven years say 1000 and then a bit less when we got older and had busy lives.

But, all told, over the 20+ years I guess we had had sex over 4000 times.

In all that time I had never seen the woman I had witnessed on that tape.

That destroyed me more than anything.

I said goodbye to Justin. He promised to send me a copy of the film, and I drove home in a total fog. I barely remember any of the journey as parts of the film came back to me. I could see her pussy stretched by the big black cock, her juices flowing for him, her thrusting on to him.

How could she have done this to me?

The woman, who I had never believed would have done this.

I stopped the car because I knew I had to work out what I was going to do before I got home.

First off, I decided I was going to say nothing and try to pretend I knew nothing. I wanted to be cold and calculating and get my ducks in a row before I did anything stupid.

Then, I thought, I would try and see just how far this had gone. How long had she been cheating on me? Was it just this one guy or were there others?

Whilst trying to keep a lid on my feelings, I would plan my revenge and my divorce.

I arrived home and saw that Chloe's car was on the drive. I tensed myself for our first meeting since I found out she was a cheating cow.

I entered the front door and called out my usual greeting.. "Hi yah Chloe"

She came to the top of the stairs, "Hi, where have you been, I have been calling your mobile but you didn't answer."

"I met with Justin who wanted a little bit of advice and help and put it onto silent and forgot to reset it. Sorry. What did you want?"

"I have to go out tonight to meet with some parents whose boy is causing a real problem. The lad is in danger of exclusion and the head wants to meet with them urgently. Apparently, they can only come to the school at 8pm as they both work."

My heart sank. Was this an excuse for a rendezvous for more big black cock or was it genuine?

"Oh, when do you want to eat then?"

"I had a big lunch so I don't need much, just a light sandwich did for me. Can you get yourself something? There is plenty to choose from in the freezer."

She came down the stairs and despite everything I had learned in the last few hours, I couldn't help but think she looked fantastic.

"You are not exactly dressed for a disciplinary meeting with parents are you?" I said as she came into the room.

"Well, I wear school clothes all day so I don't feel like wearing them in my own time. Anyway, I said I might meet up with the team for a drink as they are all getting together this evening. Hopefully, my meeting won't go on too long."

As she turned to leave, I said "Not got a kiss for your old man?"

"Sorry," she said, gave me a peck, 'Night, night," and rushed out of the door.

My curiosity got the better of me. I decided to follow her to see if she was telling the truth.

I let her car back out and drive off, jumped into mine and followed her at a distance. There were three cars between us so I knew she wouldn't see me but I needed to be alert as to where she was going.

We reached the crossroads. This would be a telling moment; anything but left for the school would mean she was not telling the truth. She turned left and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I watched as she pulled into the staff car park, parked up, locked the car and walked into the school. I felt relieved she had not been lying but deep down I thought, she is not lying this time but she had obviously done so previously.

Suddenly, I saw her walking back into the car park, but this time she had company. It was the deputy head. I knew him vaguely, having met him at the occasional school function. He was tall, well dressed and black.

I watched as they got into their own cars and pulled out of the car park. Chloe followed him and I followed discreetly behind her. They drove to a smart housing estate just out of town. I saw them both park up and walk to the front door. I couldn't help but notice he had his hands on Chloe's bum as he ushered her into the house.

So much for the meeting with parents and going out with the team!

I drove home, and gave a long thought to what I was going to do. I turned the TV on and waited for Chloe to come home. At about 10.30pm I heard her key on the lock and she came in. She seemed surprised to see me still downstairs.

"Oh hi," she said, "what have you been watching?"

"I watched some of the football but it wasn't much good and the news has just finished. How did the meeting go with the parents? Was it difficult?"

"No, it all went well, the lad realised he had been very silly and apologised to his parents and us. He promised to do better. I think the thought of exclusion and leaving the school where all his friends are was too much for him."

"Was it a long meeting? Did you manage to get to your team meeting?"

Fleetingly, she looked a little alarmed. Maybe she wondered if I was questioning her.

"Yes I managed to have a drink with them. With the end of term looming, they are all talking about their holidays."

I looked at her and wondered how she could lie to me so brazenly. What feelings could she have for me I pondered, sitting here chatting when just an hour or so ago, she had been fucking another big black cock.

"Oh well," I said, "Time for bed, we have to be up in the morning."

We went upstairs and got ready for bed. I went first and as I came out of the bathroom, I grabbed her round the waist and kissed her neck. You smell nice, good enough to eat!"

I peeled her dress off her shoulders and pushed it to the floor. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra and cupped her breasts in my hands and wondered if there were any bite marks.

"No," she said. "Not now, I have to be at school early in the morning."

I was not going to take no for an answer, even if it meant seeing at first hand, signs of her infidelity.

"Yes," I said. "We haven't had sex for over a week and I feel really horny seeing you like that and I really want you now."

"Oh alright, just let me have a shower then. "she said, realising I think, that I was going to be pushy about it.

"No," I said. "I want you just like you are. I want to savour that lovely smell of your natural body, not some perfumed soap."

I have to say, I really do like the smell of her, slightly sweaty and smelling like a woman rather than a perfume counter.

"Well, I need to go to the loo first," she said.

I couldn't reasonably say no, so I simply said, "Hurry up, I want you in that bed."

She took a little time in the toilet - I assumed she was trying to get rid of his cum from her pussy.

Finally, she came out.:"Let me have a shower," she said.

"No, I want you just the way you are.

She came to the bed and I pulled her down to me. This was not going to be a soft, loving husband and wife together. I was angry but hiding it well. I was going to fuck her as hard and as roughly as I could.

I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard, forcing the nipples to extrude and get hard. I twisted and screwed them and sucked the nipples hard. She gave a gasp and a small scream as I pulled and twisted her nipples. They were hard now and I grazes my teeth over the ends. She started to moan. She obviously liked that.

"James, what are you doing, you're being so rough."

"You don't seem to mind, in fact, I think you quite like it."

She didn't answer and it was just then I noticed the bruising on the underside of her tits. I thought to myself, she does obviously like it.

I was rock hard now and I cupped her pussy, no, I thought, her cunt, because that's what sluts' vaginas are called.

She was wet, in fact, she was very wet. Or was it his cum leaking out. I spread it round her lips, they were already very wet and slippery. I slid down to taste her. I wondered if it as his cum.

"No," she said. "Please just fuck me." She put her hands across her cunt. It seemed she didn't want me to perhaps find out that it was his cum.

I slid down and pushed her hands away. I lapped my tongue over her moist lips and heard her moan and felt a slight shudder. Maybe the thought of her husband licking her black lover's cum really turned her on.

I licked her softly and as I felt her cunt throbbing, the taste of her juices was changing. The sweet and flavoured taste of the pussy that I knew well gradually took on a slightly salty taste, thicker and more creamy than usual. Now I knew it was his cum.

I wanted no more of that so, I moved up and pushed her legs back to her shoulders and jammed my swollen cock in as hard as possible. I slid in easily but she was not as loose as I thought she might be..

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