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The 3 Prices You Pay


Hey everyone! It's me again, Alex!

Here's a true story that I've rarely told anyone, not even my husband. I choose to not tell this story because it's kind of embarrassing and makes me look less than desirable, but I had good reasons at the time. So here goes and bear with me! My dad always told me that in every choice you make there will always be 3 prices you pay, it's up to you to figure out which ones they are.

I'm currently 28 and married to a very wonderful man who loves and takes care of me very well. I work at a high school and coach the cheerleading squad in my spare time. I've always been petite and spritely. I am 5'3 and 115lbs, I have shoulder length brown hair, bright blue eyes and have been told my perky 34B breasts and small nipples are my best feature. I honestly think that my legs with my 5 ½ shoe size are my best feature but that's OK if others think otherwise.

I went to an all girls' Catholic school and was required to wear tights or nylons everyday. This never bothered me much because I loved the way they looked covering my legs. I'm probably the only girl on the planet who will admit to actually liking wearing pantyhose. I almost never wear panties with my pantyhose, this way I have no VPL (visible panty lines) and I figured that the pantyhose are covering up the essentials so what's the need? Plus, not to mention that I am always shaven 'down there' and the gentle rubbings of my nylons are a tender reminder of how sexy I am.

Let me set the stage. I had just turned 18 years old and was off on my way to college. I had decided to go to a large university as my parents said it would 'give me character'. My older brother had gone there and said it was the greatest days of his life; no parents, total freedom and all the beer you could drink. So, like any good college freshman I set out on my way and moved all my priceless junk into a dorm room I shared with some total stranger.

I got lucky with this stranger; she was extremely cute and adorable. She was a little taller than me with sandy blond hair and the most delightful smile. Her green eyes were very inviting and her pleasant demeanor made it easy to get along with her. She was fit and athletic like me and also came to college on her own not knowing what to expect. It wasn't long before we found out that we both were on cheerleading scholarships and would most likely be on the same squad! We both had just broken up with our boyfriends before we left for college and we were two single gals ready to take on college.

Her name she told me was Mika. She was an exchange student from Russia and looked exactly like all those Russian models that I kept seeing on TV. She had a slight accent but if you didn't listen carefully you'd never know she was from another country.

We unpacked our stuff and decorated the place with all of our girly pink ribbons, cards and random doo-dads that would make the place our own. We would go to parties all dressed up and try to impress guys, drink until we got sick and come home giggling the entire time. We spent too much money but it was all in good fun, you only go to college once right?

Well, the good times only lasted about a month before my credit card bills showed up. They actually want me to pay them back? What's up with that? I know, I know. I screwed up big time. That cheerleading scholarship I got didn't go as far as I hoped it would, the stipend barely got me books with nothing left over for food or clothes. I didn't know what to do, I was lost. I could get a part time job, but then I'd have to quit cheering and then I'd lose my scholarship. I couldn't turn to my parents because they don't really make that much money, let along enough extra to pay my bills.

I was stuck.

I knew I had to cut down on my spending but cutting down alone wouldn't help my problem. I needed money and fast. I racked my brain trying to figure out what to do, until one day I was reading the local school newspaper in my room and saw an ad that caught my eye. It read:

"Female Models wanted: No experience needed"

I threw the idea out of my brain instantly. That was a horrible idea, probably some skeezoid loser who only did porn or something. Besides even if it was legit models are stupid bimbos who only care about looking good and eating ice chips as entire meals and that certainly wasn't me. I continued to look through the job ads and decided that I didn't want to stand on street corners and petition people to save the whales or whatever they were peddling. That was no help so once again, I was screwed.

I threw the paper on my desk and decided it was a good time to sulk for a few days. I stayed in bed and rarely went to class. Mika was very sweet to me and stayed with me one day but had to get to class so she too didn't lose her scholarship.

About a week later I was able to manage the strength to get out of bed and face the music. I had to do something or I was sunk. I could always stand on the street corner and beg right? I don't think I'd make too much in my bright pink hoodie and manicured nails saying I was penniless. After all of my ideas flopped I finally broke down and called the damned number asking for models. I rationalized it by saying, 'hey I'm cute little cheerleader, they better like me!'

The phone rang as I nervously held the receiver to my ear.

"(edited out) Modeling agency", a male voice said curtly.

"Uhmm... Hi! I was uhh, calling about the ad" I blurted out anxiously.

"Sure thing sweetie, how old are you?" He queried in a non-threatening smooth tone.

"I just turned 18" I replied.

"Good! Excellent! You sound like you have a cute little body on you, why don't you stop by for an interview?" he said in a very forthright way.

"Uhh... Sure! That sounds great!" I smiled and giggled at the same time. I quickly jotted down the address he gave me. He told me to wear something cute that I would get paid for the interview so they wouldn't waste my time! I was so excited to finally have an option to pay my bills! I gave a cute girly, "Bye!" and bounced around my dorm room in excitement.

I was finally going to be able to pay off my credit cards and live responsibly which was incredibly difficult as my roommate was hounding me incessantly to party with her. I would have to just hunker down and stop spending so much!

For the next few days I was able to be worry free, knowing that this mess would soon be over. Finally, the day had come, I had it circled in my day planner and made sure it wouldn't conflict with my classes and study sessions. I planned it out so that I would go to class in the morning, run back to my room, get ready, dash off to the modeling gig and make it back in time to slip into my final class of the day.

I was nervous that day when I awoke. I had so much to do and had no clue what was in store for me. I went arduously to my first class half sleep walking. Went we were dismissed I bounded out of my seat and skipped gleefully to my dorm room to get ready. I dropped my stuff off in my room and headed for the shower to get ready. I made sure to shave everything per my usual routine, that is everything below my hips and I mean everything. I made sure to shave my legs extremely closely because I wanted them to look extra perfect. I imagined the camera had some magnifying lens on it.

I stepped back into my room with the towel wrapped tightly around my bosom. Mika had come back and was typing away on the computer to some guy over AIM or something. She turned to say 'hi' and asked me what I was doing showering mid day. I couldn't contain my excitement and had to share with her about the modeling gig I was going to. She jokingly said that if it went well I should pass her name on to them as well. I laughed and told her I would give it my best shot.

Mika sounded just as excited as I was. She helped me pick out the perfect outfit to give me the 'model' look. She even helped me paint my toe nails while I painted my fingers. We decided that a French manicure would look best and appeal to everyone. I let my nails dry for a bit and laid out my clothes.

After my nails were ready I put on a black halter top with a cute tie in the back and draped elegantly to the middle of my bare back. The top had a fairly long V down the front and gave a little peak of my breasts. I made sure the girls were firmly in place as there wasn't a bra to support them. I slipped into my blue silk skirt; it was just long enough and ended a few inches above my knees, showing plenty of leg. I really liked the skirt because it was wispy and thin. I did a quick pirouette in front of the mirror to see it flare out from my body and how it flowed and lay on my hips and thighs. I was pleased with the skirt; it was fun, spunky and said, "I'm fun and energetic!"

I sat down on the edge of the bed and opened a pair of Nearly Nude pantyhose from Victoria Secret. I really liked their nude color because it really did look like I wasn't wearing pantyhose and really evened out the skin tone on my legs. I bunched them up and slipped them over my toes and flittered them up past my hips and finally to my waist. I ran my hands up and down each leg making sure that the nylon was even and not clustered up too much in one area. Mika picked out a pair of strappy black heels for me that I happily put on and clasped the straps around my ankles. I stepped up to the mirror and gave myself one more glance. I was very excited and pleased with how cute my outfit was, the top was playful but not too trashy, the skirt was fun and flowing and my manicured toes looked adorable in my nude pantyhose and strappy high heels.

I told Mika goodbye and proceeded to find my car in the parking lot and off I went. I arrived at the address that was given to me and stared at the hotel neon sign and thought to myself, "This can't be right, it's a hotel!"

I took a deep breath and figured that this had to be the place. I got out of my car and walked pasted the front desk clerk who seemed to be a mid 20's guy who couldn't take his eyes off me as I strolled past him and hit the elevator button. The doors opened and I pressed floor number 4. The elevator sent me up and made a quaint 'ding' as the doors opened once more. I read the sign on the wall that pointed me to the left towards room #413.

I approached the door, took a deep breath and flattened out my skirt. To say I was nervous would have been an understatement, I'm sure I was shaking like a leaf. I managed enough courage to knock on the door 3 times lightly. A male voice behind the door asked who it was.

"It's Alex, I talked to Anthony abou—"

The door opened abruptly and I was greeted by a guy wielding a very expensive look video camera. I couldn't make out much of his face due to the camera; he seemed to be slightly muscular and very intent on watching me through the camera.

"Hey, Alex! Come on in!" he said soothingly, panning the camera from my head to my toes and back up again.

"Thanks" I said anxiously giggling to myself, clutching my handbag. I stepped in the room and the door latched behind me. I stood there trying to take in the hotel room. It was one of your typical rooms with 2 queen sized beds, a fairly large room. The average flowered bed spreads were neatly made and it looked like nothing had been touched. There was a camera bag over in the corner with its contents strewn about. As I investigated the room, standing still almost pressed against the door ready to bolt at a moments notice I saw another man sitting on the left side queen bed.

"That's John" Anthony said peering behind him, the camera still fixated on me. John stood up and reached out his hand, I in turn reached out mine and shook it smiling and introducing myself. He sat back down on his bed and motioned for me to sit down on the corner of the right side bed. John looked to be in his late 20's and about 5'10". He had short brown hair and 3 day stubble. He was attractive in an older guy way, he was confident and had a slightly larger muscular type build with a few tattoos I couldn't quite make out under his black t-shirt and jeans.

I sat down and crossed my legs, right over left. The nylon gliding easily against my thighs as I flattened my skirt over my legs. I sat up straight and waited for them to speak. An agonizing pause lasted a lifetime before John spoke up. He relayed to me that they were in town looking for possible models and using this hotel room as their main camp. He told me that I'd be paid $100 just for showing up and letting them take a few 'head shots' of me to send back to their supervisors. I nodded and told them that it sounded good and was willing to give it a shot.

John stood up and retrieved a camera from the case on the floor and began taking pictures of me just sitting there, all the while Anthony was in the back corner still filming all of this. John complimented me on my body and told me to pose a bit for him. I sheepishly smiled and put my handbag on the other bed. I made a very lady like pose and stared deeply into the camera trying to look as sexy as possible, but more likely came out looking sillier than anything else.

After a few more silly poses John asked me to stand up and model for him. He had me pretend to make a phone call on my cell phone, laughing and sharing a funny story with no one on the other end. He had me looking out the window gazing outside. He asked me to play innocent, to play mean, angry, sad and happy in various situations involving the hotel room and its contents. He continued to compliment me on everything, my hair, my legs, my clothes, and my smile and made sure I knew how well I was modeling for him. He seemed genuine and my nervousness subsided. It was easy to be comfortable with these two guys I had only met nearly an hour before. This really was beginning to be fun and I was really starting to get into it. Each pose became more and more playful, raising my skirt to show some thigh or lightheartedly pulling down my halter top to show off the tops of my breasts. I was sincerely having a good time and I'm sure it showed in the pictures. Plus the compliments John was giving me really emboldened me to be more daring. His words were soothing and made me fully believe that I was truly sexy.

John had me sit down again on the edge of the bed and I again crossed my legs, still trying to remain 'model like' for him. John put away his camera and sat down on the other bed across from me. Anthony positioned himself behind John never letting the camera rest for a second. John explained that the photo shoot was almost over and asked me to produce my driver's license so that they could have it on file and make sure I was really 18 like I said I was. I happily obliged and handed over my ID. John jotted down my information on a clipboard he had and handed over the clipboard to me.

John said that it was a standard release form that every model has to sign before they could get paid. He told me that the pictures would only be seen by his supervisor and would only be used if they decided to pick me up for more gigs. I trusted his words and hurriedly signed the lengthy form hoping to get paid. John thanked me and said that he wanted to take a few more pictures before I left to make sure he got all my 'good angles'.

He had me sit on the bed propped up with my back against the headboard and my legs stretched out in front of me with my ankles crossed. I playfully posed again, showing off some thigh by lifting my skirt slightly and making kissy faces at the camera. John asked me to look mischievous and pull down my top again to show off the tops of my boobs. I leaned forward and hooked both my hands into the V of my top and pulled it down. John hovered above me trying to get a good shot of my cleavage.

Suddenly I felt John's hand dancing around my neck and my halter top strap being swiftly untied. I reactively jerked my hands against my breasts making sure the top didn't tumble down. I looked up at John shocked and a little confused. John told me that even top models have to have the illusion of nudity sometimes. I held my top and breasts up with one arm and furrowed my hair with the other. The idea seemed legitimate to me, but a little perplexing, 'why now, why not before?' I thought. He complimented me again on my breasts and said that they looked perfect from 'his point of view'.

John stepped back and waved a $100 in front of me. He told me that this was my payment and placed it in front of me just far enough to wear I had to get up and stretch out to retrieve it. I bent over and stuffed it into my handbag only to look up and see John displaying another $100 bill in his hand. I stood there with my legs spread somewhat and wondered what he was up to.

"This is for you..." he trailed off. I reached out to take it from him and he took a step back and said, "...if you let that top drop". He smiled with the money in one hand and the camera in the other. Anthony repositioned himself again to get a better view of my response.

The words, 'what the hell' flew cross my mind as I begrudgingly lowered my hand holding up my halter top and let it flop down around my waist. I placed my hands on my hips and looked at John expectantly. Both men smiled and earnestly pointed their cameras at my breasts. John's camera clicked wildly all the while moaning to himself about how firm and supple they looked.

Finally the clicking stopped from his camera and he bent down to cram the money into my handbag. My breasts were now completely up for the taking as they were bare for the two men. The cool room instantly turned my nipples into tiny hard torpedoes at which John whispered, "Goddamn!"

I felt totally exposed. As I stood there I desperately wanted to cover my breasts but I fought the urge knowing that doing so might lose me the extra money. John stepped forward still viewing me through his camera and reached out with his free hand to brush his fingers against my left breast. His fingers circled my nipple as he gave it a light pinch. Almost instantly I felt my plumbing turn on full tilt as I sensed my pussy becoming wet. I still can't explain why that happened, maybe it was because I hadn't been with a guy in a while or perhaps it was the compliments John's kept giving or maybe it was the exciting and naughty experience of being filmed. Whatever the reason I didn't fight it.

John took a step back and asked me what size they were. I told him, "a full 34B!" John seemed pleased with that answer and told me again that they were amazing, soft and very tight. He asked me to grab them, squeeze them together and play for the camera. My body seemed to have a mind of its own as I felt my hands cup my breasts and do exactly that. I smiled and licked my lips seductively. I couldn't fathom that I was standing here in front of two men crazily filming me play with my breasts! I felt so bare; it was embarrassing and erotic all at the same time.

John instructed me to sit back down on the bed and lay back. I parked myself on the edge of the bed and laid down on the bed, my breasts jiggling and my nipples pointing to the ceiling. John quickly floated above me snapping shots of my bare breasts and smiling face. I crossed my arms under my breasts and compressed them together giving John a coy smile.

John clicked the camera when he found a good angle, which seemed to be just about every millisecond. He let his left hand fall from the zoom mechanism and snapped away with his right hand. I felt his left hand on the inside of my left thigh, his palm resting gently between the top and inside of my nyloned leg. He moved his hand higher and under my skirt. I stared at the camera and let out a faint sigh as I parted my legs for him. He finally reached the cotton panel of my pantyhose and danced his fingers firmly around my clitoris.

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