tagRomanceThe 7 Year Wait is Over

The 7 Year Wait is Over


Hi guys this is a true story which ends in a fantasy that happened to me a few days ago. The names have been changed to protect our identities, I'm Rohan and this about my amazing time with my colleague Sonali, and we work in the headquarters of a PSU bank in Bangalore.

The first time I saw Sonali was 7-8 years ago when she had just joined the, she was in her mid-twenties and I was in my early thirties. She was a fun loving girl, still is, I had an eye on her from that day. She had short curly hair and is around 5'5" and my guess of her figure was 34d-30-36 which she maintained very well even now after 2 kids, in my and most of my friend's eyes she is the hottest mom in our office.

We used to talk and chat once in a while but nothing happened till a few months ago.

A few months ago we just bumped into each other in the office and I felt more attracted towards her than ever before, we just casually chatted. Then one day a lot of us were supposed to stay back in the office so we were all looking for people to go back home with. I somehow got courage and asked her that does she want to share an Ola since we both stayed in Koramangala. She said okay sure and I was expecting she would ask who else, she didn't so I just booked the Ola for both of us. When meeting downstairs I greeted her with a smile and which she returned and then we got in the car, I noticed that she did not keep her bag on the seat so I sat next to her. We started talking and laughing, I just loved her laughter and attitude towards life. She was opposite of my wife who finds reasons to fight with me on anything. I was sharing with her about my wife. Slowly I moved a bit close to her to show some videos on my phone of my kids, our legs and arms were touching, it was giving me an instant hard-on. After a while she moved her legs and I was also relived as I was getting harder by the minute. Throughout the ride we did touch a few more times and I noticed she didn't seem to mind much, maybe she didn't know what has happening to me.

Soon the ride ended and we parted ways, while walking back home my brain was constantly trying to make up fantasies. My wife was out with the kids, so as soon as I reached home I took my pants off and held my cock and gave my first stroke I knew there was no going back. I kept on stroking slowly moving my hips with the rhythm of my hand thinking of her body, her curves, her sexy lips, her sexy ass. As stream after stream flew from the tip onto my chest and bed. I closed my eyes and felt the world disappear. I spent the next 10 mins completely spent in my orgasm. I have rarely had such intense orgasms.

I started talking regularly to her sharing with her how my wife was making my life hell, how she has issues even if I ii have to stay late for work. She was amazed and then said that she would encourage her husband to go out boys nigh out once in a while. The more I talked to her the more I was falling for her and I know I wanted her. I used to start looking out for her in the office, outside, in the canteen, in the juice shop outside the office. I used to constantly fantasize about her. One day in the morning we got in the same lift, the lift was packed and she almost squeezed into me. She was facing away from me so her back was touching me, I was getting a boner which I somehow hid but then I had to just relive myself in the office loo.

After a few days we were staying back again and we both had to co-incidentally go to MG road market in the evening so we decided to take the metro, the train was not crowded and we were just talking about our families etc and her outlook amazed me, I even told her a few days later that any guy would be lucky to have her in his life. When we got down from the train there was lot of crowd at the platform so I just held her hand to guide her out since she was not used the route, she did pull her hand away when the crowd ended. I don't know what got over me, after a few mins I held her again and noticed that she did not mind. I at that moment just thought to take her to a nice place and make love to her, and I have a feeling she did hear my thoughts. Anyways we parted and went our own ways.

My lucky day came a few weeks later it was near to Diwali she was wearing a new suit and she was looking stunning. It was a lower cut than she normally wears and also had buttons on the front. She was also very happy that day was telling me that it's their date night and she is going out with her husband and would be leaving early around 4, she has to pick up some stuff for Diwali and then they will go for a movie. The kids were at her cousin's place and would stay the night. I was secretly thinking it was me and her. At around 5 when I was about to leave I glanced at my messenger screen and she was still in office, I thought that she accidentally left it on. I just pinged her and she responded, I asked her what happened, you are still here. I went to her desk and she was a bit upset, I asked what happened and she said her husband had to stay late all of a sudden for a client call and will only be back late. She said generally it does not affect her but today was different she was thinking about this for a while, I said I can understand. In our talks we did not notice that it was past 5 and she missed the office bus, this made her even sadder. I had brought my car that day and asked if she does not mind I can drop her, she said okay.

I told her she was looking very good today and this lightened her mood a bit. On the way we were talking and laughing as usual, I shared that I had started playing the keyboard again, she was amazed. She jokingly put her hand on my and arm said when will she get to hear, this made a current go through my body and various thoughts started playing in my head, but I kept mum. I asked her does she still want to pick up the stuff, she said that she had to and I can drop her at Forum she will pick-up and then take a cab and go home. I said that I can help her, she said that I should go home my wife and kids would be waiting, I told her that they were out of station and only coming back tomorrow. She smiled and said okay, I think I sensed that she was happy to be in my company. After we picked up the stuff we were quite hungry, I asked dinner and she said that she doesn't mind. We went to Firangi Pani and then had a good meal, she was very happy now and was laughing her heart out. I told her that is the best evening I was having in a very long time and she said she is enjoying my company as well.

We left the mall and I held her hand till we got in my car, I thought this could be my chance. When we drove out I asked did she still want to hear me playing the keyboard, she said yes but how, I said we could go to my place. She thought a bit and then said okay we can but she can't stay long as she had to be home by 9:30, it was already past 8. Suddenly her phone rang, it was her husband and he said that he won't be home till midnight, she said its okay. My house was not far we drove there and went up.

I asked her if she does not mind that I change as the trousers were not very comfortable, she said sure go ahead and asked me that she can make coffee. I told her where the stuff was in the kitchen and then went to change, I quickly also relieved myself to prepare for what I had in mind. I sprayed some mild perfume on and then came out in shorts and t-shirt. She was finishing in the kitchen and I was glancing at her, she noticed and asked me what I am looking for. I said nothing just that how well she is able to do everything. She changed the topic and said okay you have coffee and asked me where the restroom is. I couldn't help compare how my wife would expect me to do stuff even after coming back from work and here she is a guest in my house and made coffee. I must admit I felt like falling on my knees and proposing to her at that moment.

When she came back I was already playing on my keyboard, I was playing "hello" by Lionel Ritchie she had washed her face and her hair from the front were a bit wet and she was looking out of the world. She sat next to me and was swaying to the music and hitting our shoulders to each other enjoying the melody. She clapped and I gave her a soft bow. Then she asked me if I could play Arijit Singh's "ae dil hai mushkil", I said I can try, I had practiced that song for a while so I knew I was good at it, then I played some more soft romantic songs and she was immersed in the music and she just kept her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

I reciprocated by putting the palm of my hand the top of her palm which was kept on her thighs. This was the start of something that was passing between me and her, there was a sexual tension in the air. I stopped playing and generally circled my finger on top of her palms

Meanwhile, she got her head closer to my shoulder ... And her lips and her breath almost touched my neck. . I was trying to play with one hand but thought let me just chuck it, I just played some soft music on my phone.

I moved my face downwards and our lips met. It was magical ...She has the softest lips I have ever kissed. Wet, soft as petals, no bad breath, beautiful teeth, I pushed my tongue between her lips and started playing with her tongue. I started licking her lips. Slowly I kissed her cheeks, her chin and her neck. She had started moaning.

Meanwhile, our fingers had inter twined and slowly but surely I was inching towards my palms trying to feel her thighs. And the tempo of things started increasing.

We carried on into this wild frenzy for almost 15 minutes. Slowly I started moving down to her cleavage, and slowly started unbuttoning her. She had started moaning softly. I very slowly unhooked her bra and it took my time to explore her busty breasts. Then she came and sat on my lap I had a raging hard-on and she started kissing my neck, I raised my arms as she pulled the t-shirt out and then kissed my neck slowly going down and kissing and sucking on my chest.

I lifted her and put her on the sofa, I pulled down her leggings & panties and got an amazing view of her well shaven pussy. I came over her started kissing her while my hand was playing with her clitoris and fingering her. As soon as my finger went in she moaned out load, i inserted another one. . I licked her navel and went till her clit I gave a soft kiss lick to her clit. It was very musky with a hint of sweet aroma. I saw her hands grabbing the sofa tight. I kissed her inner thighs and slowly kept coming towards her wet pussy. She held my head tight and pushed it between her thighs. I licked her pussy lips slowly inserting my tongue inside her. She held my head with her hands as I sucked on her clitoris and licked on her pussy . She started thrusting her hips into the air to meet my face.

After about 2 minutes she started kissing my chest again and slowly started moving, kissed my navel and started pulling at my shorts. I lifted my butt & she just went and grabbed the hem and pulled it down to expose my hard cock. She just looked in my eyes and just kissed the tip then her lips engulfed my cock. All the while looking into my eyes. I could feel her tongue moving inside her mouth teasing the length of my cock shaft. She kept moving her head slowly for around 10 minutes and then I lost my control and told her I could not hold any longer and to my surprise she tightened her grip on my cock and I shot my cum into her mouth and she took it all in, my wife would never do that( let alone give me a blowjob).

She kept on kissing and softly licking my cock and I was hard again in no time. I stood up and started thinking where can find a condom in the house, she asked me why I am moving around like a headless chicken. I said looking for a condom, to which she said come here baby, you won't need one. She started playing with my cock again and rubbing it on her breasts and I thought to myself that maybe I won't get to fuck her, little did I realize what was going through her mind. After a good minute or so of stroking me she pushed me down and just rode me, she looked in my eyes and said what were you thinking, I want you to fuck me raw baby. Her that statement brought out the raging bull in me, she rode me for a while, then I stood up and came on top of her.

I was licking her boobs as she let go of her legs and wrapped them around my back. I bit sucked on her breasts and bit her nipples. We kept licking each other I picked her up from the ground my cock still deep inside her and moved her to the sofa. I pulled my cock out and as if she read my mind she bend down in doggy style.

I slowly put my cock on her pussy and pushed it inside her, I spanked her ass. I held her waist and started thrusting deep into her pussy. My long deep strokes were matched by her pushing her thirsting hips on my cock. I had only heard that Bengali girls are great in bed till I experienced it for real.

I continued spanking her ass and it had become red. I continued ravaging her, calling her dirty names, biting her shoulder & fondling her boobs. Suddenly her whole body trembled as she had an intense orgasm. I pulled her closer into my arms and started thrusting into her pussy while she kept humping into me. Her juices were now leaking from her pussy and flowing through my balls. I was nearing an orgasm and thinking what to so, she sensed the tensing up of my dick and said "cummmm in me baby " The moment she said I started humping her even harder and shot stream after stream in her pussy. We both collapsed on the sofa.

After 15 mins she got up and went to the washroom and wore her clothes as I wrapped my towel around my waist. She kissed me and said that this is the best sex she has had in years and that her husband would never be so wild. I was thinking she might regret it so asked her, she said she knew what was going to happen when we came to my house and was prepared for it. She even said at the pace I was going we would have only gotten naked by this time, she gave me a soft kiss and said okay now drop me home.

On the way she asked me to wait at a chemist shop while she bought i-pill. Once we reached her apartment she leaned towards me, gave me a soft kiss and looked into my eyes and said that it's happened once and I shouldn't hope or want it to happen again because she won't. She then put her hand on my cock and said with a wink that though I can relieve myself by thinking about this evening whenever I want. The last part is a fantasy I hope she gets to read this and my fantasy can come true. I'll give anything in the world to experience her once.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/15/18


Seems that you are ON once again charming your woman back.

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by rohanverma_0203/13/18


Finally someone here understands what I have been saying for the longest of time. She knew it and I know she wanted it as well. I felt if I had made some more moves, she would have made the rest happen.more...

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by tazz31703/08/18


to make it an even "ONCE" TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous03/08/18

Golden opportunity

It looks like you did miss a golden opportunity, she was all ready for it as you say. I totally agree with you, people will do anything as long as no one else is aware of it or points fingers at them.more...

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by rohanverma_0202/27/18

A spade a spade

We both knew where it was heading to, all the touches and advances are not that of a colleague or even a friend. She was fine with all of it and I know she wanted it as much as I did... A random thirdmore...

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