tagRomanceThe 7 Year Wait is Over Pt. 03

The 7 Year Wait is Over Pt. 03


Hi guys,

It's me Rohan again with another story.

This story begins where my last one ended, here you can read it (https://www.literotica.com/s/the-7-year-wait-is-over-pt-02)

So the next day was Thursday, we met for breakfast in the morning and both of us were very very normal and it reminded me of her once telling me that she hardly regrets anything.

It was a long day at the plant and we got back almost around 9 and luckily the hotel manager said that we can order room service if we want and she jumped on it and ordered food to be delivered to her room as her room had 2 chairs and a table. We went to our rooms and I changed and went to her room, maybe I was quick she opened the door with a towel in her hand, she had just had a bath and was drying her hair and was wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts. If anyone saw her like that they would fall in love. The waiter arrived almost behind me and we sat down to have our dinner. I told her even though her room was bigger, mine was better as it was on a higher floor and had a balcony with a nice un-blocked sea view.

We were talking about random stuff our lives our college etc. and finished our food. She then said that she needs fresh air and we went down for a walk by the sea. We held hands and walked into the water, came out, sat by the beach and I played some music on my phone. We leaned and kissed, with a little bit of moonlight, her eyes were closed her distinctive scent, the look on her face, and the sounds of the waves.

We then walked back to the hotel and I was hoping for some action but did not say anything. I said to her that she is very tired and needs to sleep as she did not get her 8 hours yesterday with a wink, we said good night and parted ways. My plan was working, she was going deeper and deeper in believing I'm a very romantic guy.

The next day was the last day of our trip and the day went by better than the others, we were back by 7. We planned to meet at 7:30, she want to her room to change while I started making plans for the night. I ordered 2 bottles of wine from the hotel restaurant and took them to my room and put them in the fridge to chill. Next I tipped one of the hotel staff to send another mattress to my room discretely, I put that out in the balcony and set up some extra pillows there. Then I proceeded to have a quick shower and while bathing was reminded of the other night which gave me an immediate hard-on and I rubbed myself dreaming of coming on her lips this time. I didn't realize that ait was already 7:30, my room phone rang and I ran to pick it up from the bathroom. I was panting and she jokingly said "kya kar rahe they", to which I said "aapko yaad", she said "lagta hai yaadein kaafi achchi thhi and laughed".

We agreed to meet down in 10 minutes and my jaw dropped when I saw her, she was wearing a button down top with low cleavage and a nice sexy skirt, I couldn't control myself and said that she looked out of the world. We then proceeded to the nearby restaurant as the food was better there, we had a great time at dinner, laughing all the time. I had brought one of the bottles of wine and had already called the hotel before if they could help serve that with our meal. We finished the whole bottle. We then walked around the town area to see some sights and then to the beach, we never realised that it was almost 11. We returned back to the hotel and I said it's our last night here, she just held my hand and led me to my room. As soon as we entered the room our hands started moving all over each other, I ripped her shirt so all the buttons fell apart and then I proceeded to remove her bra and skirt swiftly and then tore her panties apart. She also helped me out of my clothes in a jiffy.

We had a long and passionate kiss, I then said I have a surprise for you and tied a piece of cloth on her eyes and made her stand facing the balcony. I then proceeded to quietly open the balcony curtain and door and slowly guided her near the door and then I opened the blindfold, she was stunned at the scenery and was also a bit scared of being naked out in the open. I assured her that I have seen and no one can peep in my balcony and also there is some thrill, anyways who know us here, to be honest I didn't care if anyone saw her like that. I don't know if it was what I said or the wine she gave me the most passionate kiss of my life, then she immediately went down on her knees and took my raging bull in her mouth and started sucking me like no tomorrow all the while playing with my balls and as always I came in her mouth and she drank all of it.. I then proceeded to get the wine from the fridge and gave her a glass while I poured some on her breasts, I spend my time licking it off her body there was a cool breeze blowing and the cold wine on her body had brought her to an edge. I moved down and was kissing all over her inner thighs and then gave a soft lick on her wet love mound and then kissed her clit, she just pushed my head down between her legs and came in no time. We took a break to have some more wine, lying on the mattress under the sheet looking out at the sea.

In no time we were hot again and I pulled her back to her feet and kissed her while reaching for her love hole and started rubbing her clit. She was already wet and aroused. She was moaning softly while I held on to her and started planting small kisses on her neck then I cupped her boobs while I penetrated her from behind making her lean on the balcony railings. I was spanking her ass and was slowly pouring out some lube on her behind while thrusting deep inside her making sure that she was on the edge but didn't orgasm. I slowly slid a finger in her other whole and with the lube and all it slid in easily and she shuddered and stopped for a while but did not stop me and soon started thrusting back on to me. I was getting bolder and she was getting louder in her moans, I slid another one inside and it went in as well, she was coming closer to an orgasm, she was moaning louder and her breasts were bouncing outside the balcony and she was now shouting "deeper rohan deeper" and I added another finger and inside my fingers and dick were touching like it was a double penetration for her. I was and was spanking her hard calling her dirty names and soon we both came. I had never come so much in my life and when I pulled out our fluids started to drip down her thighs and we just stood there like that. I was sure now that I'll take her ass before the night ends.

She said she needs fresh air and lets go to the beach, I said okay but what will you wear, she said give me a shirt of yours. Something struck me and I said okay but you've got to wear only the shirt nothing inside, she said okay and wore it, the shirt ended a few inches below her ass, she did not even bother to clean the cum of her thighs. I went and gave her a kiss and opened 2 buttons on the top. She only looked at me and said "why are you leaving the rest" pulled my hand and said "okay ab chalo" and we left the room like that, once we walked a bit past the hotel almost nearing the deserted beach I put my hand on her ass and squeezed her and said what a slut she is, and she looked into my eyes, opened the remaining buttons on the shirt and said "only for you baby".

We had a glass of wine each at the beach and had another session on the beach, and I made her walk back all the way without closing the buttons only fold her hands in the front of shirt. Once we entered the room she was out of her shirt before the door was closed, we had another glass of wine and were both high with passion and wine, I again tied a blindfold to her eyes and told her another surprise for her, then I brought her to the bed and tied her hands to the poles, then finally tied her legs to the other corners of the bed. Then I went to the fridge and got some ice cubes in a tray, and took an ice cube in my mouth and started rubbing it on her lips to ears, neckline armpits, cleavage and navel. She was shaking her legs and body shivering to the cold (she had told me that she feels colder even in setting winters of Delhi) and the excitement. I started rubbing it on her breasts and then on her nipples, and at same time from my finger I started rubbing her clit. Then I went and kissed her to pass on the ice cube to her and she took it from my mouth.

I took another ice cube and rubbed it all on her inner thighs and started breathing heavily near her pussy. Her legs were wide giving me full access and I was rubbing ice above her pussy now. She was restless and shaking her full body in ecstasy and I was rubbing her pussy and inserted the ice in her pussy and then I got on top of her in a 69 position and she started sucking on my dick like a hungry bitch while I played with the ice cube inside her pussy. I made sure that she did not come and withdrew my dick as well making her hungry for more.

Then I opened her feet and one of her hands reversed her on the bed facing down and then proceeded to tie her back, untied and tied the other hand as well. I propped a few pillows under her tummy so that her ass was protruding out, all the while making sure to give her breasts or pussy a rub or a kiss. I then took out a vibrator and put it on the pillows touching her clit and switched it on and slowly started increasing the pace a bit while I was lubing her ass and playing with her breasts. Then I moved to stand near the edge of the bed and she could feel my dick near her mouth and took it in, while slowly I was increasing the pace of the vibrator and was leaning with my hands on her side and was fingering her ass with the lube and almost had 3 fingers in no time, I could sense that she is getting beyond the edge and will do anything now. I removed my dick and the blindfold and reduced the intensity of the vibrator and at the same time took out my fingers. The look in her eyes were begging me to fuck her and give her an orgasm and I said "I want to fuck you from behind", she said "I don't care how or what just give me your dick and make me cum".

I went back and started lubing my dick and her ass to get us ready, and gently placed my dick at the entrance of her asshole and got ready to fuck her ass. Then I slid it slowly inside her asshole. It went inch by inch like a piston and got fully buried. At the same time I was using the vibrator on her pussy and fondling her breasts with one hand. I took my time before I started moving in and out of her very slowly also letting her get used to it , after a while I increased the pace a bit and she was also comfortable, then she stammered "oh! That's great. Move your tool deep inside of me. Come on! Fast! Fast! Oh! Yes! I want to be treated like a slut in sex, fuck me hard.". My mouth was busy on her neck and my left hand was playing with her breasts making her moan in joy. She was shouting with pain and pleasure and I continued thrusting my dick into her ass without for her loud moans, i stopped the vibrator and put a few fingers deep inside her pussy making sure that through the inner walls my fingers and dick were touching and she was getting the fun of a double penetration. She looked back and said to me"baby this feels like heaven and it seems that I'm having endless orgasms" I Said "you like something in both your holes you whore" and she said "yeah" and she had an orgasm, the look at that time in her eyes was if there was another guy in the room she would not have given a fuck but rather have him and me fuck her both holes. She was still very hot and was thrusting her ass on me and shouting "fuck me deeper, deeper with your lovely big dick, cum in me" I could sense both of us reaching a wonderful climax. My dick was about to shoot out heavy load inside her ass and her body shook because of a massive orgasm she was going to attain and we both came at the same time and just collapsed in bed.

I opened her arms and legs and we laid down like that for a while, she was lying on top of my shoulders and said to me "you made me discover a side of me I had never known and it feels so so good", I said it's the most amazing time I've had with her and this is beyond any of my fantasies. After a while we both slept in each other's arms with the cool breeze of the sea.

I was woken up in the morning by the chirping of birds, the sun and her lovely lips wrapped around my tool. I woke up and she looked in my eyes then said good morning I said "do you remember where my dick was last night, she said "don't worry baby I wiped it clean with wet wipes, now just stay back and relax" and went back to sucking my dick and I soon came which she licked clean off my dick. Then she made me hard again and started riding me know my dick touching her inner pussy walls and giving me strokes. We were in full swing and she was shouting to fuck more and more. We both came at the same time, hugged each other and kissed. We then took a shower together and she left to her room again in my shirt at 7 am to pack her bags, we met down again at 8 for breakfast and left for our flight.

So guys this is my fantasy, any advice on how to make it real are welcome. I feel I should start acting on some before it's too late.

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by Anonymous

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by jermartin04/12/18

Your last chance

Where I come from we believe in giving a chance to someone who comes clean and assures to not repeat. So if this is the last I hear from you, man to man I'll not do anything but be rest assured you aremore...

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by jermartin04/11/18

You are seriously sick

You asshole, you think that if you go anonymous or if you disguise as a French woman nobody will know.

What are you trying to prove by all this? You are sick and totally beyond remorse or repair andmore...

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by Anonymous04/11/18

Tous les hommes ne sont pas les mêmes

Jeremy, je ressens ta douleur mais tous les hommes ne sont pas comme l'autre gars.

En tant que femme, je peux dire que je vais continuer à parler à un gars qui veut avoir des relations sexuelles passionnéesmore...

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by jermartin04/09/18

You are sick

I'm posting your reply here so that if she is reading it she sees it. I'm sure if she still talks to you it's because she has to, for work.

"Hi Jeremy,

Well it's you who is delusional and not me. Shemore...

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by rohanverma_0204/09/18

Leave us alone

I don't know who you are or how you got my details but I'll stop as I don't want my family to be affected.

I've posted another story before your intrusions, so don't count that against me.

Before Imore...

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