tagRomanceThe 7 Year Wait is Over Pt. 04

The 7 Year Wait is Over Pt. 04


Hi guys..

Here is part 4 of my series with my slutty colleague.

After our last business trip we've been having sex regularly and have tried a lot of kinky stuff. Anal has become a given in every session and she always sucks me clean after. Whenever I get a chance I'll pinch her ass or rub my arm on her breasts even in the office.

We had planned a fake business trip and went to goa. The flight was uneventful though I did play with her boobs and had her hand inside my trousers all the time and made her rub me and when I came, she happily licked her fingers clean..

Our flight landed and by the time we reached our hotel it was already 4 pm, we went to our room and had a nice fuck. Had a shower together and then she asked me what shall I wear, since we had decided before the trip that I'll choose what she would or would not wear in the trip.

I gave her bag and she opened it with excitement, which converted to confusion later. All dresses were short and sexy. For the evening I chose a long top which is up to 6 inches below her vagina. And having very thin strings on top, with the deep neck. There were only strings on the back and I gave her bra with transparent strap and pink coloured net panty and slacks. She wore it and was looking damn sexy.

I kissed her but I stopped myself for the real game and we moved out. I saw guys drinking at swimming pool and looking at her assets. Her boobs were bouncing while she was walking, also they can see her smooth back covered with nothing, but she didn't notice them. We ordered a couple of glasses of wine and some snacks. I told her to look around and teased her that she is wearing a lot of clothes, looking at a few foreigners she said, she would wear shorts next time. I insisted her to go to the washroom and take off her leggings, as no one knows us here and it is easy to try new things. She agreed and went to the washroom. Looking at her one guy came out of the swimming pool and followed her till the washroom and entered the boy's room. She went to ladies and removed her leggings at the same time, the guy came out from the men's room and followed her and made some sexy comments which she liked. I could not hear but could make it out from her smile and her sudden openness when she came back and sat and did not bother to cross her legs.

We finished our wine and the snacks and headed out for a walk by the beach to see the sunset, we held hands and we sat in silence admiring the sunset. I must tell you guys I need to be romantic with her to get her slutty side out. We reached back to the hotel and planned to go out for dinner and clubbing. I send her back to the room and told her I'll join in a short while.

I chose the next dress for her for the night, the top was netted and blue colour and revealing her body through the net, there was some cover around her boobs near her nipples, but one can see the lower line of her breast. It was ending just below her breasts and showing long cleavage, there was one string on the neck and one string with one hook at back so her back was naked. Of-course there was no bra, only nipple stickers. The skirt was too small to cover her panty line to six inches of thighs from the front and two inches below her hips from the back. So I gave her thongs to wear, which was visible if she bends a little, her naval was inviting kisses. We went for dinner and I noticed the same guy was ogling at her. We had a light dinner but had 2 glasses of wine each to get her more open and in the mood.

We than walked to a club nearby and we were dancing very close to each other and I was playing with her body all the time. Suddenly the same guy also came to the club and he sat on the table next to ours, he introduced himself and told his name was Varun and he was here on a business trip. We asked him to join on our table and ordered a few drinks, after a while he asked Sonali for a dance, she looked at me and I said sure go ahead.

I took my mobile and went out from there so that she feels that I'm not there.

They started dancing and I put a hat and found another girl and went near to them for dancing and listening to them.

He started praising her,

Varun: you look pretty

Sonali: hmm

Varun: I always wanted a girlfriend like you, you are so hot..

After a while she started feeling a bit comfortable with him. Now it was time for them to come closer so I went to the DJ and give him INR 500 and ask him for slow romantic music. All the couples on the dance floor got closer and he kept both of his hands on her naked, curvy and smooth waist, he suddenly felt his strong palm at her waist and had to put her hands to his shoulders.

Now his face was just a few inches apart from her. I can see her facial expressions, she was now looking deep into his eyes and he came close to her face. Suddenly he came closer and brushed his lips on hers. To my surprise she started kissing him, she closed her eyes and was kissing him madly. He slid his one hand from waist to her bare back and pulled her towards him and her breast are getting pressed by his chest and with his second hand, he was squeezing her bum inside her skirt.

She broke the kiss and looked at the table and then towards the door to see me and on not finding me she wrapped her arms around him, stepped up on his toes and started kissing him passionately. Varun got surprised by her act and held both of her hips tightly, which she doesn't care at all. She climbed on his feet and tries to go close to him as much as possible. She can't control herself and is sucking on his tongue and grabbing him so no air can pass in between.

After 5 min she got into her senses and just leaves him and went back to our table, he followed her and again grabs her just before the table. She looked again in his thirsty eyes and jumped to him for another wild kissing session, this time I could see her lower lip being pulled by his teeth sometimes.

His dick knocked her tummy, he lifted her and her both legs were in the air and her thighs were in his strong grip. He knocked her pussy door with his hard dick in his trousers and her juices flow through her panty to his trousers in search of his dick. Her thirsty juicy pussy can't wait to get the rock hard hot rod inside.

But I want them to burn a little more and came back while speaking over the phone, so they can see me and they got apart. They just sit there like nothing happened, I ask both if they are okay for another drink. She says, she wants to go to the ladies.

After she goes, I plan to go real.

Me: hey Varun, how do you find Sonali.

Varun: She is hot man... Why didn't you tell her we know each other?

Here is what had happened earlier, once we had come back to the hotel from the beach I had seen the same guy again staring at her, I told her to go to the room and I'll join her in a short while. Once she left I went to the guy we introduced to each other, his name was Varun and he was from Delhi as well, was there on a business trip. He said that if I don't mind, my wife is very hot. I said thanks dude but she is not my wife but my slutty office colleague and made a plan for him to fuck her tonight.

Me: I want her to feel that a stranger is enjoying her body. Now next is you go to the hotel now and also ask her to make some excuse and go to the room so you two can enjoy.

Varun: will she agree?

Me: I saw how hungry she is, she would do anything to get fucked by you. Give me the spare key of your room, I'll be right behind you.

Varun: ok, I also go to the loo now, let me have one more kiss.

Varun walked towards the washroom, while she was coming back, he held her arm and took her to one side.

Varun: Sonali I can't resist any more I am waiting for you at the hotel

Sonali: par. (she tries to speak) mm mmhmm. But he gave a hard kiss and she again started passionately kissing him. He leaves her in between and she came to the table and asked me, when can we go to the hotel?

This question excites me, as things are happening as I planned,

Me: are abhi to party is just getting started, at least 2 - 3 hours.

Sonali: I am having headache so I'll go and sleep

Me: ok, I'll call you to open the door, bye

She goes to the hotel and is looking for him and walks towards the stairs and suddenly someone pulled her in the dark and started kissing her, she knows the taste now. She also passionately started kissing her back . He removed her panty on the stairs and puts his hand inside her skirt and they walked to his room..

As soon as they enter the room he pulled her skirt and touched her shaved pussy. She surrenders herself to him and asks for his dick.

Sonali: please aab mat satao, come park it inside.

He threw her on the bed and started kissing her legs and then her smooth thighs and made them red with strong kissing. He tore her top and started to suck and bite on her breasts and nipples.

She also pulled of all his clothes and held his dick, it was thicker than mine. She gave it a good suck and then he entered her pussy. Suddenly the door opened, and I came in and she got shocked by looking at me. She was hungry for the cock for the past 2 hours and now just before she gets it inside, I caught her red handed.

Me: you whore continue doing what you are doing.

Listening to this she got shocked, I pushed her on him and got her seated at his standing dick, and she was hot and wet, in no time she had his complete dick inside her pussy. I took off my clothes and also set up my phone to record the session. Then I went and gave her my cock to suck. We continued like this for 15 minutes and she had her first orgasm.

Then Varun made her in doggy style and was fucking her and also inserted his fingers in her ass, after all the anal sex we've had this was a piece of cake for her. He said he wants to fuck her ass, and I said lets double penetrate this whore. I lied down down and asked her to ride me and Varun then came from behind and put his dick inside her ass. She started screaming with pain and pleasure, both of us are in both her holes and pumping her with high speed and she became a sandwich in between us.

She was moaning and saying, "Oooh, Varun aah yes fuck me like a whore. Aah yesss hmmm. darling Thankssss aaah, I am cumming aaaaahhh yes". Then Varun said he is about to cum but does not want to come in her filthy ass, I said give it to her, she will suck it clean. He moved from her ass to her mouth and she started sucking him hungrily like the slut she was. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and a room service guy just opened the door and came in, actually I had ordered some drinks and told him that I will be in the shower so he can just come in.

He was shocked to see the action, Saloni could not see him as her back was to the door. I said to the guy what are you looking at, her ass is empty come fuck it. She was shocked but Varun's dick was in her mouth and he did not let her say a word. The waiter just came and started fucking her ass. Soon Varun came and he laid exhausted on the bed, I told the waiter I want to fuck her ass so he took his dick out and we swapped places, soon we both came, me in her ass and the waiter in her pussy and we made her clean our dicks.

The waiter then said, sir some foreigners have been ogling at your wife since the afternoon and they were asking me where they can get an Indian girl to fuck. I asked him how much they will pay, he said they are 4 of them, they could pay $500 each, I said if he can get them to pay $1,000 each, they could have Saloni for a day and do whatever they want with her.

Hearing me say this Saloni looked at me in anger and said, "What do you think I am?"

Me: You just fucked a stranger you just met today and let a waiter whose name you don't even know cum in your pussy and you sucked dicks that came out of your filthy ass. So you are a whore and if you can get paid for it why not.

Saloni: okay, but I'll keep all the money

Me: you slut you will only get what I give you, you will fuck anyone I ask you to and with this I just put my dick in her mouth gain and asked the other 2 guys to fuck her other holes.

There was a knock on the door and I just said come-in, it was the manager of the hotel and he was shocked to see the scene. He said he got suspicious because from the CCTV he could see she was accompanying another man and not me, then he found her panties on the stairs and now the room service guy had not returned for almost half an hour. I said what are you waiting for come join the action. He took of his clothes by the time the waiter fucking her ass was done so we swapped, Varun took her ass, and me her pussy and the manager started fucking her mouth. We all fucked her for the next 2 hours coming at-least once in each of her holes.

Finally went back to our room with her full body covered in cum and she was just wrapping a towel around her body, which I dropped outside our room.

The moment we entered the room she collapsed on the bed and she said she just loved it...

In the next part I'll describe how she had sex with over 20 people over the course of the week and we made good money out of it.

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by Anonymous

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by tz87604/16/18

Work on her

She can be your submissive , you should work on her - read this
https://www.literotica.com/s/june-the-exhibitioni st-slut

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by rohanverma_0204/08/18

Only if she desires

Well ofcourse any of this will happen only if she desires, but I'll encourage her to try and I'm sure she will like it.

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by rohanverma_0204/07/18

I know she will love it

I know she will love it, she might deny it to herself but there is this naughty side inside her.

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by rohanverma_0204/07/18

Four on one

And what would give her ecstasy would be to have all her holes pleasured by 3 well hung men at the same time.

I can take her there and I know there is a side of her which is waiting for all this to happen.more...

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by rohanverma_0204/07/18


Once I have her on the edge and invite another guy in, a threesome will surely happen and she would enjoy it the most.

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