tagNovels and NovellasThe 80/20 Solution Ch. 05-06

The 80/20 Solution Ch. 05-06


5. The Plot

At work Tuesday, Emily reviewed her thoughts again and felt that she was ready. She would try to leave a little early to set things up first. The rest of the day went by fairly quickly interrupted only once with a phone call from Sandra thanking her again and telling her that everything went well when she picked up her husband up. They chatted for only a short time, but it reminded Emily of how much she enjoyed Sandra's company. They tentatively agreed to meet for lunch Thursday or Friday if Sandra didn't have a job on one of those days.

Emily left work at four and stopped to pick up some things at the store. She decided that margaritas would be better than wine for tonight. She also bought some fruit and other snacks. She assumed that everyone would have eaten before they came.

Once home, it took her an hour to set things up and take a shower. She decided to dress casually and donned a pair of silky lounging pajama-like slacks and a simple, pullover top. She looked casual, yet sensual. For some reason she felt like this might help set the mood for her discussion. At 6:30, there was a knock at the door and Wendy entered carrying a cake.

"Hi, girlfriend." Her neighbor said as she entered. "I thought I'd come a little early and help if you needed any. Wow, I really like that outfit. You look great; very casual but very sexy." She gave Emily a hug when she had set the cake down. During the hug, both women were able to determine that the other was not wearing a bra. In all of the time that all of the friends had been together, there had never been any girl-girl flirting that Emily knew of, but she felt a tingle within her when she became aware that her breasts were pressed into Wendy's ample bust unhindered by underwear.

They chatted for a few minutes when there was another knock at the door and Paula and Nikki arrived together. They had brought some cheese and crackers to add to the growing buffet. Everyone gave each other a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Emily surprised the girls with the news that they would be having margaritas and set about making the first pitcher.

Since it was still light and fairly warm, they decided to start on the patio while it was still light. They would move inside when it started to get chilly. They settled into the patio chairs with an icy glass and plate of nibbles of their choice and just began the normal chatter and gossip that friends share when they get together.

There were a couple of references to the scavenger hunt since it was still fresh on everyone's mind. The references were mild and focused on the hunt and not what might have gone on inside the cars.

Finally, Paula asked their hostess what she wanted to talk about.

Emily began carefully. She decided that she needed to open the discussion slowly and move it along only as the responses dictated.

"Well, I'll start with the scavenger hunt. I summarized the questions I had you fill out. It seems like everyone had a good time and would want to do it again sometime. Does that fit with what you guys felt and said?"

The others looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

"It was also universal that we liked the partners we had Sunday and didn't want to change. Agreed?"

The others nodded in unison.

"And I would guess that based on what went on in our car, we all were a little more involved with our partner than we usually are on Friday nights."

There it was on the table. The others looked around at each other again but with a more apprehensive glance. Emily waited a little longer to continue allowing the memories and thoughts to sink in a little deeper.

"While this might be a little embarrassing to admit in a group but if we are honest with each other, we all made out with someone else's husband and we enjoyed it."

The furtive glances continued but smiles began to appear as each woman realized that their activities weren't a secret and that each husband had also been fully involved. So, they all shared a common secret. Once again, Emily let the thought sink in and settle into each girl's consciousness.

"I'm not here to spill any secrets and cause problems because frankly, sorry Paula, I really enjoyed myself with Jay. What I want to do is suggest some things that would allow this to continue and might keep us from doing something that will hurt our friendship and maybe hurt our marriages."

This time, there seemed to be a collective sigh of relief and several girls said things in agreement. Finally, they turned their attention once again to Emily.

"Why don't we refill our glasses and plates before we continue?" There were murmurs of agreement.

Emily went into the kitchen and made another pitcher of margaritas. The others followed and refilled their plates. As if by some silent agreement, they settled into Emily's den rather than returned to the patio. It was as if there might be ears listening outside, but inside they were safe to discuss more intimate subjects.

Once they were settled again, Emily continued, "Like I said, I don't want to hurt or be hurt by what goes on, but I did enjoy what went on and really want it to continue. Is everyone in agreement with this or should I stop now and let's just forget it?"

"Keep going; you're just now getting interesting." Wendy interjected.

Paula followed, "I certainly agree with what you have said so far. Let's hear more. Are you suggesting that we each have an affair with our friend's husbands?"

Nikki nodded with her signature giggle.

"Not exactly but sort of. And that is why I'm moving this along slowly. I want to see how everyone responds as we go on and to be able to stop it, if we cross anyone's boundary. Basically, everything I have to suggest has to have unanimous agreement or it won't work. If we can all agree without hesitation, then perhaps we can all have some fun, without a lot of guilt or potential problems."

Paula nodded and said "I can see what you are saying and totally agree. So let's hear it."

"As I see it, if we continue as we are, at least one or more of us will end up in an affair that we will probably try to keep secret. Of course, it won't remain a secret very long and then the anger and stuff starts spilling out. When that happens, I would think that our group would last no more than a week or two. And some of our marriages will end up in the sewer along with the group. Frankly, I like all of you too much to let that happen or be party to that. So last Friday night I had an image of how things might be. I've thought it through carefully and decided I would throw it out for us to consider. So here we are."

"Ok, Emily, you've drawn the lines and prepared the hors de ourves, I think we all see what you are saying so far, so let's get to the main course." Wendy said quite eagerly. Nikki giggled in anticipation. Paula nodded and said "Yes, let's hear it."

Emily responded more boldly than she had actually planned but she felt that everyone as ready. She crossed over to Paula and took the other girl's hand in hers.

"Paula, I want to borrow your husband every other weekend."

Paula looked shocked and sputtered "What?"

"I want to borrow your husband every other weekend. I want to feed him, care for him, go shopping with him, and, oh yes, I want to fuck him until he can't stand up and I can't sit down. Is that pretty clear?"

"Yes, that's clear. But exactly how do you think that you can do that?"

"Well it's pretty simple really. While I'm spending this time with Jay, you will be hosting Jim for the weekend. And Jim will be available because Nikki will be cooking up time with Jordan. And all of this time, Rod will be trying to drown himself in Wendy's cleavage. That's how I think I can do that." Emily fell silent.

It took about 30 seconds for this thought to sink in and then there were three voices talking all at once to nobody in particular and everybody in general. This went on for over a minute until Wendy's voice put the talk to an end by saying, "I need another drink; I'll make this round." And she rose and went to the kitchen. Nikki went to the restroom. Paula sat and looked at Emily. There weren't daggers in her eyes but Emily wasn't exactly sure what she saw there.

When Wendy returned with the fresh pitcher, she poured each girl another round. When Emily tasted hers, she found that it was twice as strong as the ones she had made. When Nikki returned, Wendy spoke for all of them, "OK Emily, after the shock wears off, I think we need a few more details. Swapping husbands is kind of a new concept for us, I think." The others nodded.

"If all of this was about was sex, I would agree with you. We would probably be better off sneaking around having an affair and trying to keep it a secret. I don't like the term husband swapping, because that sounds kind of shallow and meaningless. We've been getting together for over a year now and as we have gotten to know each other, we each have found shared interests with someone else's husband. To use Rod and I as an example, I like going to a Rangers game once or twice a year but Rod will probably get the tickets a dozen times this season. I don't mind if he finds someone else to go with, so why not Wendy who loves sports and would probably love to go with him."

"Damn right I would." Wendy interjected.

Emily continued, "I thought, so why not just agree to let each other date whichever husband they wanted to. But then the sexual attraction came in and we are back to 'who is doing what with who and where?' So it hit me, why don't we just borrow each other's husband for a weekend. Rod and Wendy can plan ahead on what they want to do like a date but they don't have to go home and feel guilty about it. I send Rod to Wendy on Friday and he comes home to me on Monday. What they do over the weekend is between them. They can plan a picnic and then a game. They can go to an out of town game together. They can sleep or make love or whatever they want. In short, he will be Wendy's every other weekend husband. She can even have him do chores if she wants. I have actually come to think of this arrangement as and 80/20 marriage. I am married to Rod 80 percent of the time and Jay for 20 percent of the time."

This time it was Paula who spoke up, "You know, when you explain it like that, it seems so much less threatening. It would be great to plan to go to a play with Jim and do it without a deadline or feeling like we are sneaking around. Now, if we go to a play, it is with someone else and all we can do is talk about it. And I agree with Emily that in this context, any sexual contact would be between the two of us and would be less likely to create problems because we would all know in general what is going on and no one would have to explain or justify what they feel or do. I think I kind of like this idea; maybe a lot."

Wendy then started, "Yes, I can see a lot of benefits to this. And as long as everyone is in full agreement, there shouldn't be any damage to our friendship. I can still see some pitfalls but I suspect that Emily has thought those out and has some solutions. Am I right, Emily?"

Emily smiled but turned to Nikki, "OK, Nik you haven't said a word yet. Let's hear what you think."

Nikki took a long sip from her drink and began "When we first started getting together, I was kind of jealous that Jim spent so much time and interest in Paula. I almost said that we should stop coming. They were animated and talking and dancing and doing all of their things, and I was sitting there alone as an observer. Then I began helping Jordan in the kitchen and we began to talk and share recipes and things. Now, I don't feel jealous about Paula and Jim because I don't feel left out anymore. I really enjoy the companionship I feel with Jordan. Oh, and he's not hard to look at and touch either." She giggled as expected. "As you guys were talking I was picturing Paula and Jim together for a weekend. I couldn't really see any details, but I could see them having a good time doing things that I might not enjoy as much as Jim does. But I could see Jordan and I going to restaurants and deli's looking for new foods. I can see us working in the garden to grow some stuff. And it's kind of funny, but I don't feel any jealousy at all. I kind of feel like this would fill some holes in both Jim and my life that we aren't getting satisfied now."

"You just want to fuck my husband. Admit it." Wendy said but with a big grin all over her face.

Nikki blushed, "OK, yes, I'd also like to fuck your husband. In fact, I'd like to fuck him in the kitchen, in the garden, and anywhere else that felt right. So there!" She stuck out her tongue at Wendy.

Everyone laughed at the banter and it was obvious that the earlier tension had dissolved.

"Actually, Nikki just touched on several things that have been going through my mind and I think she explained it better than I might have. So thank you Nikki. There are a couple of things that I think are absolute 'musts' that we have to agree on for something like this to work. The first, and maybe the most important one, is that we have to think of this as adding to our lives, not as losing part of it. As I look at Rod and I, I think that we have a pretty strong marriage and that we love each other a lot. But we share maybe 65-70 percent interests. If Rod can't get someone to go to a ball game, he turns to me. Either I go or he stays home and sulks a little. If I go, I put a damper on his enthusiasm. And then, and I really hate this part, he feels guilty enough that he feels he has to go along with me to a museum or shopping or whatever as a payback. So we have spoiled something for each other. If he can go with Wendy and have a great time and I can do something with Jay at the same time, then we both come out ahead. No guilt, greater enjoyment of life. So now instead of 65-70 percent, we each are up to 85 percent fulfillment. I like that idea. But it is based on looking at it as an addition to our lives and not a subtraction of something."

"Oh I agree, 100 per cent. I hate those guilt dates with Jay when he "has" to do something with me or I have to do something with him."

Wendy and Nikki both nodded in agreement. Emily continued.

"The second thing that I think is important is that I would be much happier with Rod going with Wendy who I know and trust, than with someone I don't know whether it is a woman or a man. I know that a couple of guys he took to a ball game ended up talking him into going to a strip club after the game. Although all they did was sit, drink, and look at naked bodies, it bothered me a lot about what might have happened or could happen in the future. I would feel safer knowing that Rod is with Wendy, even having sex with Wendy, than wondering if he was dallying around with some stranger. So the knowing and trusting who he is with is a big issue with me."

There were several nods in agreement. Nikki asked her first question, "Why did you come up with a Friday to Monday weekend and then every other weekend?"

"I can't say exactly about the Friday to Monday thing except that it feels right. We can continue to meet on Friday's like we usually do but then we go home with the guy we flirt with. One night seems too short. And if you have two full days together to plan and do things, that feels very satisfying. But spending two days enjoying time with Jay and then having Rod come home Sunday night just seems like a damper on the weekend. So, why not stay through Sunday night, and we both leave for work on Monday. We get back into the normal work week and come home to our husband Monday night; it just seems right. Do you see what I am saying?" Everyone nodded. "And the every other weekend is just practical. Every weekend would mean we have no relax time with our husband. Once a month or whatever, just seems like too little. Every other weekend gives each of us a balance of relax time to do the things we want to enjoy but also do the husband-wife things we need to do. Not too much and not too little."

"It also solves the problem of if tickets aren't available for Saturday night but are available for Sunday, we can still go to an event without disrupting things." Paula interjected.

"But it is close enough that we can still plan and look forward to things. I always hate to have to plan things a month in advance like a concert because you really don't know what is going to be going on a month from now." Nikki added.

Wendy finally piped up, "You're right, Emily, it does feel right. I like the idea. I can still see some possible conflicts, but this certainly reduces the potential conflicts."

"What conflicts do you see?" Nikki asked.

"OK, what if Rod can get tickets for a Wednesday night game but the team is out of town on the weekend. Can we go on a date outside of the weekend? Of what if something great comes up on the "off" weekend, can we reschedule things? Stuff like that."

"Oh, I hadn't thought about that." Nikki replied.

"Well, let's put that on hold. What I am actually proposing is that we do a short term trial to see if it works. Remember, even if we all agree, there are four guys who still have to buy into the idea." Emily added.

"We are talking about four fairly normal, horny men here, Emily. Do you think for a moment that any of them would turn down an opportunity to spend a sex filled weekend with any of us?" Wendy replied. Everyone laughed at the stereotype.

"No, I expect you are right about that Wendy. But remember, I suspect that each guy wouldn't have a problem with getting his dick wet with anyone of us; but he might have a problem with the idea that his loving wife is also getting her fill of one of those other cocks."

"Touche and point well taken. So how do we solve that little problem?"

"Before we address the how, let's touch on a couple of other hot buttons that could kill the whole thing. First, I know the guys are going to want to know how they compare with whoever we are with and probably we will be curious as well. That could lead to some big time jealousy. So I suggest that we don't discuss specifics, especially about anything sexual, with our spouse. In short, Rod doesn't need to know if he is bigger or smaller than Jay. He just needs to know that I enjoyed myself and that I am looking forward to fucking his brains out also. If we as girls want to discuss some details between ourselves, that might be ok as long as it isn't an in your face thing. Understand?" Nodding all around.

"Second, if we do this, there is a strong possibility that we will run into people somewhere that we know- from work or church or whatever. I think that we need to recognize this probability and be prepared with a safe story like, 'Emily was tied up and couldn't make it. This is our friend, Wendy.' Something safe and sanitary that will diffuse the issue and keep the potential gossip down."

"Third, I think it is possible that we will meet and possibly make friends with others who will know us as a couple. If that happens, I think that we should pursue that opportunity. If he is my 20 percent husband, we should have some friends if the opportunity arises. That will also enhance the event we are sharing together. But if we do, we don't need to explain exactly how our situation really is. They know us as a couple, so be it."

"As for the short term, if we do a trial period as I going to suggest, I think we need to limit things to the specific weekend only. After the trial period, if we all agree, perhaps we can expand that like the week day tickets, but only under agreed terms that we can work out later. Once we try it and find out if it can work, then there are several options that we might look at."

"What kind of options are you thinking, just so we can get our heads around some ideas?" Paula asked.

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