tagMatureThe ABC Game Ch. 01

The ABC Game Ch. 01


This is the story of what happens when you get bored. I have it all. The nice house, beautiful wife, two college aged children, who haven't given me too much trouble, and I make a very good living working for myself. I invested well when I was younger, so now I mostly manage my investments and play a couple rounds of golf every week. Not a bad life for a 45 year old if I do say so. The problem is there is no passion in my life. I love my wife and we have a healthy sex life, but it is like we are just going through the motions. She heads off to the school where she mentors young teens and I head off to my home office. I still have an office in town for meetings and the such, but I rarely have to work from there. Today was a work at home day, and the day my life changed.

I was sitting at my desk just staring out the window when all of a sudden I saw something flash across my yard, and a few seconds later I saw my neighbor's daughter, Jennifer, run after it. The it was their dog pebbles and she was running full speed after a squirrel. I decided to be nice and help Jennifer corral Pebbles before anything happened to the dog or the squirrel. Running out the back door I was able to head the dog off and catch her for Jen. By the time Jen caught up to me and the dog she was breathing rather heavily and had a nice sweat going on.

I laughed at her when she finally stopped by me and the dog and asked if she lost something. She took a couple deep breaths before explaining that Pebbles had gotten out while she was trying to bathe her. It was then that I notice her t-shirt, while not soaking wet, was definitely damp. This allowed a very nice view of her obviously braless tits. To say I was embarrassed is an under statement. There before me stood the beautiful friend of my own daughter, and I was trying hard not to look at the two very erect nipples that were visible under her wet shirt. The more I tried not to think about them the more I did. I kept wondering, what color are they? The next thing I knew I had helped her get her dog back to her yard, and for the life of me I couldn't remember a single thing we had talked about.

"Well Mr. Roberts what should I do?" asked Jennifer.

I stared at her for a couple seconds before I started to recall our conversation. Her parents had told her that they were not paying for her spring break trip because she got into some trouble. "I'm not sure what to tell you Jennifer. Have you tried looking for a job?" I finally managed to stumble through.

"Oh please!! I don't have any work experience, and who would hire me in this economy?" She said as she bent over to rub her dog's ears giving me the answer to the question I have had since I helped her catch the dog. Her nipples were eraser sized and light brown.

Thinking fast, or maybe not thinking, I said "I might can find some work for you to do. I have been looking to open my office in town for a few days a week. If you think you might like being my assistant. Maybe we can work out a deal."

"Oh thank you!!" She squealed. "That would be great!"

The next thing I knew she was pressed against me giving me the hug of my life. I'm sure she was saying something, but all I could do was pull her closer and enjoy the feel of those nipples pressing into me.

When she finally let go I told her that it was up to her parents to say yes or no. She agreed and said she would ask them as soon as they got home. I spent the rest of the day going over in my mind what I would, or rather, what I wouldn't do. Could I bring myself to make a move on my daughter's best friend? How would I do it? What would happen if she said no? Even more scary, what would happen if she said yes?

The next morning I was having breakfast with my family before they headed off in their various directions. I had already brought the subject of hiring Jennifer to my wife, Gabby, and she thought it would be a great idea. Gabby thought I needed a new challenge, and reopening my downtown office would be good for me. When Gabby brought up the idea of a new challenge I almost could feel myself turning red from embarrassment, but I also felt myself getting hard from the "new challenge" I really was after.

Within 10 minutes of my wife leaving I heard a soft knock on the kitchen door, and there stood my fantasy, or my nightmare, I haven't decided. Not knowing where this would lead I opened the door and let Jennifer in. She was dressed in her usual shorts, but today she also had on a low cut halter top that showed off more than her youthful C cup tits.

Once inside Jennifer told me she had asked her parents and they said it would be fine with them if she worked for me. She said they also told her not to take advantage of our families' friendship.

We both set at the table drinking coffee while I explained my investment company in general terms to her. I noticed the whole time she was running a finger around the top edge of the coffee cup with a smile on her face. I kept finding my gaze moving from her green eyes down her body to her tits. I tried, and thought I was doing a semi decent job of hiding it. I know I was glad to be sitting at a table because my body wasn't hiding the reaction she was having on me. I had gone from a semi hard cock, to a rock hard cock in less than a minute. I had all kinds of thoughts going through my mind as I talked to her.

Then Jennifer stopped me and said "can I ask you a question Mr. Roberts?"

"Sure" I replied.

Moving the coffee cup out of her way she leaned across the table and said "Do you want me? I mean I saw the way you looked at me yesterday, and the way your eyes are roaming over my body today tells me that there is more to this job than being your assistant."

Stunned, I just set there. I could feel my face turning every shade of red, and I had no idea how to respond.

Jennifer, sensing this said "Don't be embarrassed. I'm flattered, and more than a little turned on by the idea of being with my best friend's father."

With that Jennifer pushed back her chair and stood up. She helped me turn my chair away from the table and looking down at me smiled before telling me that we would have to make this a quick one because she had an early class.

The next thing I know Jennifer had slid down between my knees and was pulling my pajamas I was still wearing down. Once my cock popped out she said something about how this job is going to be very fun. She then reached up and gave my cock a couple quick strokes with her soft hands. Sliding up and down my shaft and letting her thumb slide over the head. My cock went from hard, to like a steel beam in a blink of an eye. I didn't think it could get any harder. Until she leaned down and ran her tongue across the head. I thought I was going to explode with that move alone, but then her lips closed around the head and I felt like I was in another world.

Looking down there was my daughter's 20 year old best friend between my knees. My cock sliding into her warm, soft mouth. Her lips wrapped around my cock. Her tongue dancing and stroking my cock as it slid in and out. I finally moved my hands from the arms of the chair, that I had been gripping the entire time, to stroke Jennifer's long blonde hair. I pulled her hair back so I could see her face as she gave me a blow job, She looked up into my eyes and she sank all the way down on my cock. Swallowing every bit of it until her nose was pressed against me. Then she started doing something that I had never experienced. She started swallowing while my cock was buried in her throat and the sensation was incredible. The next thing I knew I could feel my cock expanding. I grabbed Jennifer by her hair and held her as my balls exploded, sending one shot of cum after another down her throat. Jennifer didn't miss a beat as she kept swallowing every last drop. As the flow subsided she pulled slowly off my cock. Her tongue making sure to catch the last remaining drops before she leaned back on her knees and looked at me with a wicked grin, and I collapsed in my chair.

"Holy shit Mr. Roberts. That was fucking awesome!" She said.

All I could do was look down at her and smile. To be honest, I was so out of breath that I couldn't speak anyway. Sensing this she got up off the floor and set in my lap. She wrapped her arms around me and leaned in to give me the deepest french kiss I have ever had. Our tongues doing a magical dance. I slid my hand in her top to get a feel for those tits that started all this. As I captured her nipples between two fingers and played she broke the kiss.

"I hate to do this, but I really do have to go. I can't miss another class" She said as she slid off my lap and exposing my growing cock. She laughed as she looked down "Jesus Christ Mr. Roberts. Don't you ever get enough? You are going to have to save that for our first day of work. "

With that she was out the kitchen door and I was left there thinking about my plans. I had an idea, but I didn't know if it was too kinky for Jennifer or not. After this morning I was thinking we would be a perfect match.

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