tagFirst TimeThe Abduction Team - The Virgin

The Abduction Team - The Virgin


This story is the second tale of the Abduction Team, the first being "The Abduction Team, Tina's Story," which you might want to read first.


Tina looked at the phone number written on the small scrap of paper. She thought back to the amazing, erotic days she had spent with the team, and smiled to herself. Then she rang the number and waited nervously for an answer.

"Hello?" A voice answered her.

"Hi, err, this is Tina, err, I ... you probably don't remember me but ..."

"Tina! Hi there, honey, of course we remember you," the voice warmed instantly, and Tina recognised it with relief.

"Decker?" Tina asked, feeling almost near tears to hear his voice again.

"Yes, sweetie, what can we do for you? Are you ok?"

"Yes. I'm fine thanks," Tina replied. They exchanged small talk for a while, then Tina cleared her throat and came to the point.

"I was wondering if you could maybe help a friend of mine, Lucy. She's 22 and still a virgin. In fact, she's never really had a boyfriend. She's really nice, but gets nervous around men. Do you think ..." Tina trailed off, not really knowing how to ask what she was asking for.

"Ok," Decker said, all business now. "Firstly, is she a lesbian do you think?" Tina thought for a moment.

"No, I'm pretty sure she likes men, she just doesn't know how to talk to them, and then if they talk to her, she takes fright and backs off."

Decker asked a few more questions, then asked Tina to invite Lucy to stay for a couple of weeks, and then phone back with the dates.

"Let us know when and where she'll be arriving, and we'll take it from there. Bye sweetie."

They hung up, and Tina rubbed her sweating hands on her jeans. She hoped she was doing the right thing by asking the team to give their own special brand of help to her shy friend.


Lucy dragged her heavy suitcase out of the terminal and towards the exit. She was feeling happy at the thought of seeing her best friend again. Tina had moved away to go to a new job some months ago, and this would be Lucy's first visit.

As she reached the exit, she saw a man holding a card with her name on it. Tina must have organised a taxi for her, Lucy thought with relief. That would save her having to wait in line. She walked over to the man.

Mason had spotted Lucy from the pictures in the file. He whistled quietly to himself in appreciation. Tall, at least 5'8", with a figure that was slim but curvy, well proportioned. Blonde, with a natural looking tan. As the young woman walked confidently towards him, he couldn't believe that men weren't all over her -- she was stunning. She spoke hesitantly.

"Hi, I'm Lucy, are you waiting for me?"

The man smiled at her, and Lucy immediately looked down, blushing, realising how good looking he was.

Ah. There it was -- the men might be keen, but Lucy wasn't -- Mason thought.

"Yes, I'm waiting for you, Lucy. Let me take your case." The man reached for her case, and brushed her hand as he took it from her. Lucy quickly took her hand away. This guy was HOT -- and so, in Lucy's mind, impossible to interact with.

Mason led her to a waiting car, and put the case in the trunk. Then he opened the rear door for Lucy to get in. As they drove off, Lucy looked around at the scenery which was very different from her home town. The driver was saying something, but Lucy wasn't really listening. She avoided any eye contact in the rear-view mirror. They drove for around thirty minutes and cleared the suburbs. Then the car pulled over. Lucy sat up.

"Are we here?" she asked, looking around.

The rear door opened and a large, burly man got in beside her. Lucy gaped at him in surprise.

"Hey, this taxi is taken, sorry," she told him. He just smiled at her, and then the other door opened too, and another man squeezed in, trapping her between the two of them. Yet another man got into the front seat beside the driver, and they sped off again.

Lucy was annoyed. She spoke to the driver,

"What's going on? I didn't want to share a taxi! Can you please stop and let me out? I'm going to complain to your company about this!"

Mason continued to drive, and the burly man spoke to her instead.

"We're just borrowing you for a while, Lucy. Nothing to be concerned about." He smiled reassuringly at her, but Lucy wasn't reassured. The man, Brody, was muscled and had a shaven head and lots of tattoos. If Lucy had looked closer, she'd have seen the intelligent eyes had a look which belied his tough exterior.

"How do you know my name? Who are you? Driver -- let me OUT!" Lucy started raising her voice, and her breathing increased as she became more frightened. She got out her cell phone and started dialling.

"I'm calling the police! Let me out this minute!" Lucy felt tears threatening and blinked them away. This was no time to start crying.

Brody gently took the cell from her and pressed end call. Lucy sat back, bewildered and frightened, heart racing. She waited for a moment, and then, as the car slowed to take a tight corner, she made a surge for the door, but it was hopeless. She was sandwiched between two huge men. Lucy panicked, and started hitting out, climbing over Brody and trying to lunge for the handle.

She felt her arms taken and held tightly by the man on the other side of her, who had not as yet spoken. He spoke now.

"Calm down, Lucy. It's ok. You're not going to be hurt. We'll be there soon, and then we'll explain. My name is Decker, and this is Brody. Your driver is Mason, and the co-pilot is Callum. We're not going to hurt you."

Lucy was trembling. Decker relaxed his tight hold on her arms, and instead rubbed up and down them soothingly. The car was now driving along country lanes, and soon pulled up into a secluded driveway.

Callum got out and opened the door to a pretty cottage. As soon as he had it open, he came back and opened the back door. Decker got out and tried to help Lucy out. She hung back, refusing to leave the relative safety of the car.

"Come on, now, Lucy," Decker said to her, gently pulling at her arms. Lucy fought silently, using her feet and legs to kick out at the tall man. In the end, it took all four of the team to get Lucy out of the car and into the cottage. It was testament to their skill that they managed it without hurting her, or allowing her to hurt them, as Lucy fought tooth and nail, literally, to avoid being taken inside.

Once inside, Brody locked the door and secreted the key. They half-carried, half-dragged Lucy into the sitting room and sat her down. She stared at them, still silent. She had not spoken a word since Brody had taken her phone away. Tears were rolling down her face, and she made no move to wipe them away.

Callum and Decker moved into the kitchen and made coffee. They discussed Lucy in low voices. They weren't happy with the silent, almost catatonic, way Lucy was behaving. It would be more normal if she had screamed and ranted, rather than this quiet terror. Decker called Brody in.

"What do you think?" he asked quietly. Brody grimaced.

"She's pretty scared. She's shutting down on us. We need to get her talking somehow, so we can talk back to her."

"Do you think she'll come around?" Callum asked worriedly. They didn't want to traumatise Lucy; this was supposed to be an enjoyable experience for her eventually, but if they couldn't settle her down, that wasn't going to happen.

Brody nodded.

"Let's give her some time. Get that coffee down her. Let her relax a little without us bothering her. Decker, start making dinner. Callum, get her case and put it in her room. Just carry on with our jobs and let her talk to us if she wants answers. I'll tell Mason to back off - but guys? We need to watch her -- she's the sort who will bolt the first chance she gets, so be careful she doesn't hurt herself."

The others nodded their understanding. Brody didn't look it, with his tats and piercings, but he was a trained psychologist, specialising in sexual dysfunction. His day job was spent counselling singles and couples on their sexual problems in a more traditional way! The team were happy to let him take the lead with Lucy.

Brody went into the dining room and placed a coffee in front of Lucy, who ignored it. He made no comment, just sipped at his own and turned on the tv, flicking through to a sports channel. The team moved around the house quietly. Decker started preparing a meal, and soon the smell of frying onions and peppers started permeating the room. Callum took Lucy's case past her and out into the hallway. Lucy turned her head and watched it, the first movement she had made. All the team were ignoring her, chatting quietly amongst themselves. She could stand it no longer.

"Is somebody going to tell me just what is going on?" she asked icily.

Brody turned to her.

"Sure. What do you want to know?" He asked casually. Callum and Mason looked at each other in relief.

"What do I want to ...." Lucy repeated incredulously. "What do you think? Why am I here, who are you and what do you want with me?"

Brody replied in the same matter of fact tone as earlier.

"I've already introduced us all to you, and you're here so we can help you get over your fear of men and sex," he told her straightforwardly.

Lucy stared at him in disbelief. What on earth did he know about her sexual problems?

"Is this some kind of joke? What fear of men and sex? I don't know what you're talking about," she told them, but she couldn't look Brody in the eye, and it was evident to all of them, Lucy included, that she was lying.

"Don't worry about it for now, Lucy. Just relax for a while. We'll talk more after dinner." Brody told her quietly.

Decker poked his head into the room

"Lucy? Pasta or chilli?" he asked with a grin. He grinned wider as she refused to answer him. "I'll bring both," he told her, and disappeared back into the kitchen.

The dinner smelled delicious, but Lucy refused to even look at it. She was both furious and scared, and was determined not to co-operate with these lunatics who had abducted her. She was sure Tina would have reported her missing by now, and she just had to hold out until she was rescued.

"Lucy, don't cut off your nose to spite your face, love," Decker told her. "No one is going to force you to eat; it's you who will go hungry if you don't though," he added with a sympathetic smile.

The team finished their meal, chatting amongst themselves. They made no effort to include Lucy. Her stomach betrayed her and gave a loud rumble. Brody eyed her thoughtfully. He got up and held out his hand.

"Come with me, Lucy. I want to talk to you." Lucy refused to take his hand. Brody lifted her by her armpits and hoisted her over his shoulder, carrying her into the other room. He set her down on a soft chair.

"Lucy, you're going to be with us for quite a while. We're going to get to the root of your problems with men, and that may take some time. There's no point in you resisting like this. It's childish, and you're more sensible than that, surely?"

Lucy was unable to keep up her silent treatment in the face of this statement. She looked at Brody coldly.

"My friend will have reported me missing by now, and the police will be searching for me," she informed him, but her voice quavered.

Brody thought for a moment. He hadn't wanted to reveal Tina's involvement with Lucy's abduction so early, but now might be a good time if Lucy thought she was hanging on for rescue.

"Tina won't have reported you missing, Lucy. She knows where you are."

Lucy stared at him.

"You're lying," she whispered, knowing he was not.

"No, Lucy. I won't ever lie to you. Tina has been through this same thing, a few months ago. She recommended you to us."

"But Tina has no sexual hang-ups," protested Lucy. Brody grinned.

"Not any more," he agreed. He got up to leave, wanting to give Lucy time to process this new information.

"Make yourself comfortable -- use the shower if you like, get changed, then come on back to the sitting room." He left her to get on with it, and went back to tell the team what had been going on.

"Oh, well," said Decker to Brody, "You like a challenge!"


Lucy went to the bathroom and decided to take a shower. Her face was streaked with tears and she felt hot and bothered. She couldn't understand how Tina could set her up like this, and yet she believed Brody instantly. Tina was her best, closest friend -- and Lucy trusted her. As she showered, she thought about that. If she trusted Tina, and Tina had also been abducted by these men, then maybe they could do something for her after all? Lucy knew her fear of men and sex was not normal, but had thought she could live with it, and had never sought help. Perhaps she should see where this went. As she made this decision, Lucy felt her nervousness change direction. She was not now so frightened of the men; but instead felt her usual fear of sexual situations rear its head. She fought it down. The men had made no sexual moves so far.

Lucy finished showering and put on her heavy-duty cotton pyjamas. She was glad to have her case with all her belongings with her. She eyed the huge bed the case was sitting on.

Wandering back into the lounge area, Lucy went and sat opposite Brody. She looked at him.

"Are you going to kill me?" She asked in a low voice.

"No, sweetie. Of course not." Brody replied.

"Are you going to hurt me?"


"Rape me?"

Decker answered her.

"No, Lucy, we're not going to rape you."

Lucy thought for a moment, then re-phrased that.

"Are you going to have sex with me?"

"Yes. All of us will have sex with you before you leave." Brody answered gravely. "But not until you're ready. And we'll wait as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable. There's no hurry. Please try to trust us, and it will be easier for you."

Lucy nodded a little, then yawned hugely. She rolled her tense, stiff shoulders.

"I'm so tired. Can I go to sleep please?" Lucy asked, careful not to say bed.

"Of course. Try to get some sleep. It will all seem better in the morning." Brody promised her.

As she left the room, Decker looked at Brody.

"She was stiff as a board. Shall I massage her?"

"Not yet. Do it in the morning. I'm betting she won't sleep much, and she'll be more ready for it then."

Decker nodded agreement.

The team watched tv and chatted for a short while longer, then retired themselves. Lucy held her breath as they all came into the bedroom. She hadn't realised they were sharing a bed!

Decker and Brody got in to her bed, one each side of her. They were wearing boxers in order to make Lucy feel more comfortable. Lucy kept her eyes tight shut. Brody chuckled.

"Relax, Lucy." He snuggled up to her, putting an arm across her waist. Decker turned away, and Brody nudged her closer until they were all spooning together.

"Jesus, your feet are freezing!" Decker complained. He draped his hot legs over her feet and rubbed them until they started to warm up.

Lucy lay awake long after the team had fallen asleep. She tossed and turned most of the night, finally falling asleep just before dawn.


Next morning, Lucy awoke alone in the bed. She came awake immediately, and looked around wildly. She was alone. She quickly dressed, then went through to the kitchen. The team were having breakfast.

"Want some?" Callum asked. He went and got her a plate, and shovelled eggs and tomatoes onto it. Putting it in front of her, he filled her a mug of coffee. Lucy smiled gratefully.

"Thanks," she said. Callum raised his eyebrows at her.

"You sound a bit better," he told her, pleased.

"I feel a bit better," Lucy admitted. During her unsettled night, she had decided to try to co-operate more with Brody's suggestions.

Lucy ate her breakfast quickly. She felt starving! She rubbed her neck and groaned a little.

"I'm stiff though. I think I slept funny," she told them. Brody chuckled.

"You think?" He said wryly. "I was under the impression you didn't sleep at all." Lucy blushed.

"Sorry about all the tossing around," she said guiltily.

"That's ok, honey," said Decker, coming around and rubbing her shoulders. "I have just the thing for a sore neck -- come with me."

Lucy looked at him in surprise, then took his offered hand and let him lead her away. Decker took her into an annex, where she gasped to see a lovely pool, lounging area and sauna room. There was a massage table set up, and Decker led her to it. He patted it.

"Jump up here, Lucy. I'll give you a rub." He smiled at her nervous expression.

"Take it easy, it's just a massage, I promise," Decker told her seriously. He had asked Brody how to approach this, and Brody had told him to give a full body, deep muscle massage, but keep it non-sexual if possible.

Lucy started to get on the table, but Decker stopped her.

"Sorry, I forgot -- you need to get undressed first. Go into the sauna room, there are some towels in there."

Lucy gulped, but did as he said. She had never been in any intimate setting with a man, and her fear was rising once again. However, Decker acted very professionally, and as his hands worked their magic on her back, she started to relax. She even started to doze off a little, having had hardly any sleep. She didn't object when Decker moved the towel until she was barely covered.

Decker spent a lot of time on non-threatening parts, before eventually moving up her thighs. He admired Lucy's beautiful body, and started to imagine fucking her when Brody had got her ready. His hands moved in a more languorous rhythm, and he began moving towards her groin.

Lucy awoke, tensing immediately. Decker paused and crouched down beside her head.

"It's ok, sweetie. Just a massage, but I'll be massaging you everywhere -- and I mean everywhere. Just enjoy it."

Decker waited for an answer, but Lucy was silent. He continued, moving to her buttocks and pressing deeply and sensuously on her tight muscles. Then he moved to her shoulders and spent plenty of time on them until Lucy was once again relaxed. He gave her a pat.

"Turn over, let me do your front."

Lucy turned over, but kept her towel clutched to her. Decker smiled.

"Now how can I massage you, if you do that?" he teased. He gently took the towel away from her, and Lucy allowed it reluctantly. She was in two minds about her massage -- it was very pleasant, but she was unsure about the intimacy of the areas Decker was massaging!

Decker started on Lucy's feet this time, until she was obviously enjoying it. Then he moved up her calves and thighs, until eventually he moved her legs apart and started on her groin, occasionally and casually drifting his fingers against her folds as he did so. Every time, Lucy tensed. Decker ignored it and continued up her body, then started on her breasts. He found himself getting aroused at her lush curves. He excused himself for a moment to speak to Brody.

"She's making me hard. Shall I let her see that?" he queried.

Brody nodded.

"But keep it light."

Decker nipped into the sauna, undressed quickly and wrapped himself in a towel. He returned to Lucy and continued, moving to her neck for a while before coming back to her breasts. As he palmed them, he groaned and allowed the towel to fall, revealing his large erection. Lucy gasped, and couldn't look away. Decker watched her closely.

"Your beautiful body has made that happen," he told her with a smile. His smile faded as he saw Lucy's eyes fill with fear. He took her chin and made her look at him.

"You don't need to be frightened, Lucy. This will never hurt you, I promise."

Lucy looked away.

"I really don't see how that's possible," she said stiffly. Decker filed away that comment for later, and picked up his towel again. He finished the massage, and was pleased to feel Lucy relax again once he kept away from her breasts and groin.

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