tagBDSMThe Abyss Ch. 02-03

The Abyss Ch. 02-03


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18 when involved in sexual situations.

WARNING: This is a BDSM story that contains scenes depicting pain.

I think this finishes the tale. If there's enough interest maybe I'll give you the backstory on Sasha, Justine's husband and their relationship or tell you what additional adventures are in store for Justine.


Summary of Prologue and Chapter One

Justine is recounting her current scene with Mistress Laurine where her Mistress has used both pain and pleasure to push Justine into a dark abyss where she surrenders control to her Mistress.

Justine then recounts how she got there. Justine was once a partner in a Big Four accounting firm and was the engagement partner on a multinational client audit based in Paris. Justine, 43, married, with two adult children, usually would go to bed early instead of hitting the town with her younger team members when the work day was finished.

A flash of mid-life crisis encourages Justine to join her crew. Sasha, one of the team members, suggests they go to a BDSM club in the outer fringes of Paris that she heard about from some of her Paris colleagues. Sasha meets up with a mysterious woman while Justine bides her time before she calls it a day. When leaving, the woman, Laurine, invites Justine to join them. Laurine dispatches Sasha to get drinks and admits to Justine that she only befriended Sasha as a means to meet Justine. Justine tells Laurine that she is not interested in women, but Laurine gets Justine to admit that she is interested in Laurine.

Laurine convinces Justine to go to a private room for a 15 minute introduction into the BDSM world - no strings attached. Justine accepts, and ends up having one of the most violent orgasms of her life after Laurine teases and then hits Justine with a flogger.

Chapter Two

"Justine, my pet?"

I regained my senses. I had my full weight on my cuffs overhead and my ankles were sore from the awkward angle caused by my high heels no longer balancing on their tips but instead listing heavily to one side. I felt a stinging sensation in my breasts from Mistress's whip. Strangely, I was at peace with the world. I could still feel the residual effects of the most tumultuous orgasm I'd ever experienced in my life.

"Yes Mistress Laurine."

"Do you want to come home with me?"

"Please Mistress Laurine. More than anything I've ever wanted in my life."

"Tell me why I should take you home."

"Because Mistress has shown me a world I've haven't seen before. It's a world I know I belong in with you and not the world I'm from."

"What is that world my little slut?"

"It's a world of darkness Mistress."


"You helped me fall into a darkness; a great abyss. I lost control of my life and tumbled head over heels into a vast expanse. I wanted to lose control. I wanted to surrender. I wanted to surrender to you."

"And you will in time. For now you'll show the world your surrender to me by me leading you out of this club with my collar and leash, clad only in your heels."

I faltered. I knew I wanted this, but it was too sudden. I couldn't shame myself in front of Sasha and the rest of the team. I couldn't close my life out in a blink of an eye. "I . . . I can't."

"You can't what you ungrateful cunt?"

"I can't do that yet. I have my entire life I have to deal with before I can go with you."

"I can't be bothered with your meaningless life. Your life is forfeit to me if you want me. I don't think you want me."

I was devastated by her last statement. I wanted desperately for her to grant me that one small dispensation. "I do want you. I want you more than anything. I just need time to get my affairs in order."

She immediately replied in a huff, "You may need your precious time. I've shown you the world you want. I've kept my promise to you. Now you've insulted me." Mistress Laurine picked up my clothes and threw them out the door into the busy hallway. She unshackled me from my cuffs and without any fanfare shoved me out the door in the midst of a number of astonished club guests and locked the door behind me. I couldn't have been more humiliated as I clattered off balance on the stone floor wearing only my heels. I regained my footing and set about to retrieve my clothes that were scattered hither and yon. A helpful hand reached down to pick up and hand me my dress.

"Looks like someone had too much fun." It was Sasha! I crossed my arms across my breasts. Sasha couldn't help but laugh at the hilarity of my situation; her boss, wearing nothing but her slutty heels, hiding her red welted breasts when her soaked pussy was there for all to see. I quickly took my panties and pulled them up over my heels to recover what little dignity I had left. Sasha helped me pull on and zip up my skirt, much to the amusement of the crowd that had assembled. She took me by the hand and led me out of the club. I could feel my sopping wet panties clinging and rubbing against my pussy as I began the long ascent up the stairs to the exit of the club.

Sasha hailed a taxi and instructed the driver to go to the hotel.

"Thank you for rescuing me. . . . . Where are the boys?" I was shivering and in shock.

"They went back to the hotel already."

"Thank God they didn't see me. Can I trust you to hold this secret?"

"I don't know." Sasha turned to face me and gave me a dark look that I hadn't seen before. I thought she was a carefree girl, but I now knew that assumption wasn't true. "You know my secret and you hurt my feelings."

Of course! I had been so focused on my own predicament and not on her. "I didn't know you were a lesbian. Your secret is safe with me. And I'm so sorry I hurt your feelings."

"I'm not that worried about you outing me. What you did will end your career if I tell anyone. The boys on the team already know I'm a lesbian. Most of the people I trust already know."

Both the threat and the lack of trust hurt. "You can trust me," I assured her.

"I don't need to." She continued in a lecturing tone, "You'll keep your mouth shut. And as far as your apology goes, it's a false one. The minute you saw Laurine you were attracted to her. You knew I was attracted to her and you didn't give a second thought about pushing me out of the way and treating me like a drink waitress. It was humiliating for me."

I felt compelled to repeat my sincere apology. "I'm so sorry."

"Oh you will be," said Sasha in an ominous tone. I didn't like the tone of that last remark. My anxiety level escalated sharply upward. "Let's go to your room. I want to accept your apology in private."

We exited the cab and went into the hotel and up to my room. The short trip was taken in an uncomfortable and tense silence. I slipped my room card into the slot and opened the door. Sasha followed me into the room.

"I'm usually a bottom but I can be a top in certain situations," Sasha informed me.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I told her in all sincerity.

"Mistress Laurine was a dom or top. You were a submissive or a bottom. I saw it all through the window in the door." Her seeing me with Mistress Laurine was a revelation that heaped another healthy dose of humiliation on me.

"Ohhhh," was all I could come up with. My head was swimming. Not only was Sasha a witness to my humiliation, she was also a part of this dark world I was now discovering.

"I've ventured into the BDSM world. You clearly enjoyed Mistress Laurine's treatment of you. You enjoyed the humiliation, the loss of control, the pain that turned into pleasure, right?"

There was no use resisting Sasha. She saw it. "Yes I did," I admitted.

"I guessed as much. I thought you were a demanding bitch. But I was wrong. You are just a slut, and a slut that will trounce on others to satisfy her dripping cunt." There was clear contempt in her voice and an emphasis on the last word. Then cute sweet Sasha hit me with all the force she could muster with her open palm against the side of my face.

I reeled sideways from the force of the blow and lost my balance on my heels and crumpled to the floor on my knees, with my hands on the floor. I started to cry.

I saw my dark side earlier. Now I was seeing Sasha's. She approached me and used her hands to push my chest so I was lying flat on my back on the carpeted floor. My face was smarting from the blow and adrenaline was pumping through my body.

"Please don't hurt me." I was truly afraid of my little Sasha. I had lost control to someone else for the second time in one night, and this time it wasn't pleasant at all.

"I'm not going to hurt you, you stupid whore," Sasha said in a condescending tone. "I'm going to give you what you want and what I want. Talking to Mistress Laurine made me really horny, and when I was watching you submit to her I had to restrain myself from fingering myself in public." Sasha removed her clothes and stood before me with her glistening pussy revealing her level of excitement.

Sasha then knelt down, reached forward between my legs and put the palm of her hand against my sopping wet panties. "You're a naughty one. I didn't know before that you enjoyed pain. But you do, don't you?"

I nodded yes. There was no reason deny it. She saw the unvarnished truth in that room with Mistress Laurine. I was resigned to accept whatever Sasha had in store for me.

Lording over me on her knees next to my prone body Sasha unbuttoned my blouse and roughly handled my breasts when she lifted them over the cups of my bra. She then jerked my panties down to my ankles and pulled them over my heels. She held them in front of my face. "You may have told me lies about your happy marriage but your cunt tells the truth." She inhaled the heady aroma of my panties and stuffed them in my mouth. She then moved down my body, pushing up my skirt and descending on my needy cunt.

"This is what you want, isn't it slut? Tell me what a whore you are and what you want." She stuck her tongue out and curled it for me to see. I could feel her hot breath reacting with the moisture seeping from my cunt, making me forget that Sasha was a work subordinate and that our present situation was an HR's manager's worst nightmare. I wanted one thing and one thing only.

I spit the wet panties out of my mouth. "Please lick me."

"Lick what?"

"My cunt."

"And you are . . . "

"A whore."

Sasha dove into my cunt with the point of her tongue, mashing her lips against my nether lips, creating a delicious seal that intermixed her saliva and the sticky sweet discharge from my pussy. She emitted a low growl from deep in her chest evidencing her sexual satisfaction, and my thighs trembled betraying my wholehearted acceptance of her assault. Her hand wandered down to her own cunt to fulfill her needs as she brought me to an earth shattering climax.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" escaped my lips as Sasha continued to lave my cunt as the ripples of pleasure rolled through me. She tensed her body, but did not stop licking me, as my climax triggered hers as well. She mashed her face into my snatch and rubbed it back and forth in the frothy mixture between my legs as we descended from our mutual release.

I used my hands to pin her head against my crotch to continue the friction of her face against my sex, not wanting this coupling to end. Sasha broke free of my grip and moved up to kiss me violently, forcing the juices on her face into my mouth. I felt the warmth of her breasts as they pressed against mine. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths and our hands descended to masturbate each other to yet another orgasm.

This animalistic mating ended with us both falling asleep on the floor exhausted.

It wasn't until the knock on the door the next morning by the housekeeper that we awoke. We both regarded our new situation as we gathered our clothes off the floor and tried to regain some semblance of normalcy. Sasha dressed and left without so much as a goodbye. We both knew that we would never see each other in the same light again.

Chapter Three

In the cold light of the morning I sat in front of my room service breakfast and stared out an open window. The Parisian traffic was bustling on a summer day when the morning chill had long since departed and the heat of the day was already wafting into my room. I couldn't face Sasha. I couldn't face my team. I had to find Laurine.

I sent an e-mail to my team to proceed forward without me. I told them I would catch up with them later in the day. I then called the managing partner of the Paris office and luckily reached her during a free moment. I told her I had a personal emergency and had to take a few days or even a week leave of absence to attend to it. She understood and assigned a local partner from the Paris office to pick up with the audit team. I provided her with all of the contact information on my team. I knew that Sasha would know the real reason but I had to trust that she wouldn't tell anyone what had happened last night or what I might really be doing during my leave. I then called my husband, where it was mid-afternoon. I told him that I had an unexpected glitch in my work assignment and I might be delayed for a week or maybe more. It was such a routine call that he didn't think twice about it and wished me luck with resolving the work issue. He said he would tell the kids that they might not hear from me for a while.

I was surprised at how easy it was to put my life on hold. It confirmed to me that my suspicions last night about what I really wanted were true. If I was so attached to my current life, why would it be so easy to walk away from it? I was a disposable piece of my own life.

I found out the club I had met Laurine at the night before didn't open until 5 p.m. I went shopping and bought a couple new outfits and new shoes that flattered and revealed much more of my body. The heels I selected accentuated the line of my calves and the bras and tops left no doubt that my breasts were on display. I found the sluttiest underwear I could find. I didn't want to approach this endeavor halfway.

I arrived at the club promptly at 5 p.m. Other than the employees, I was the only person there. I went down the stairs to talk to the bartender. The bartender was busy cleaning glasses and stocking the bar refrigerator and didn't look up to acknowledge my presence. I took a bar glass and banged it on the bar. In heavily accented French, the bartender politely (I think) asked me what the fuck I wanted.

"I would like to find Laurine."

The bartender smiled. It was a smile of immediate recognition that I was a novice at this game and had swam like a guppy into the broad net cast by Mistress Laurine.

He didn't have to say anything. Given the time of the day and my appearance as a naive American he knew I was crawling back to Mistress Laurine and would do anything (and pay anything) to find her. He put his hand palm up on the bar.

I reached into my purse and pulled out a twenty euro note. I put it in his outstretched hand. He didn't move a muscle. After ten seconds of uncomfortable silence I went into my purse and retrieved three more twenty euro notes and put them in his palm. He closed his hand and stuffed the money in his pocket. He took a bar napkin and used a pen to scrawl a phone number on it. He had clearly been through this drill more than once. I thanked him in French (at least I think I did) and left.

I walked out on the sidewalk and dialed the number on my cell phone. I heard the phone answer. There was no greeting so I started to talk. "Hi, it's Justine. We met last night and I wanted to . . . " The line went dead. I tried calling again and the call went to a voice mail that gave some sort of generic message in French that I didn't understand. I wanted to go back down to the bar and get my money back but I knew that was going to be a fruitless exercise. I went back to the hotel fuming. I had put my life on hold, bought two new outfits, wasted eighty euros and immediately hit a dead end. Fuck!!

I went back to the hotel defeated, pulled an Evian out of the minibar, and was rubbing my feet when my phone buzzed indicating that I had received a text message. My heart started beating faster. The text simply gave me an address on Rue Rivay near the Parc de Planchette and said 10 p.m. I knew it was Mistress Laurine. I went down to the hotel bar and slammed down three glasses of champagne and boarded a cab at 9:30. I arrived at the address at 9:50. It was a two story residence in an affluent neighborhood near a large park. I'd been in that general area before to visit clients. The residence had four steps up to the front door. The windows facing the street were covered with elaborate grillwork and the stucco looked like it had been recently redone. As I approached the large wooden door I noticed there was an envelope taped to it. The envelope was addressed "Justine." The cream colored note card was written in a beautiful cursive and said "Enter the door. Take off all of your clothes except your shoes. Put on the blindfold that is on the hallway table and leave your clothes on that table. Wait."

I went into the doorway and followed the instructions. I felt like an idiot standing there naked except for my heels with a blindfold on. I waited. After about five minutes I was getting uncomfortable. I started shifting my weight from foot to foot to keep the blood circulating in my legs. I wasn't turned on by this, I was bored. Then I heard the clicking of heels on a hardwood floor. Adrenaline shot through my body. I heard successive clicks and saw flashes of light around the edges of my blindfold. I was being photographed. The tip of a rattan cane was laid in my hand. I closed my hand around it. I was then led away from the entrance. I could only hear the clattering of our heels on the hardwood as we went to another space. I felt my hands being shackled into leather cuffs, much like yesterday evening, and my body was stretched out with my arms above me. I then felt the tip of the rattan cane lightly tap the inside of my thighs, forcing me to widen my stance so that I was fully exposed.

I felt soft feminine hands part the cheeks of my ass from behind. I then felt the wetness of her tongue as she licked around and then in my anus, probing to push the tip of her tongue as deep inside me as she could. I had never experienced this before and the pleasant tingling in my ass reached a higher plateau when she was able to snake at least two inches of her tongue deep in my ass. I pushed back against her tongue urging her deeper. I then felt the breath of a woman standing not more than one foot in front of me. She took two of her fingers and inserted them into my vagina, taking the wetness from my vagina and spreading it liberally on my clitoris. The fingers then started rubbing on my clitoris, making my legs tremble and a low pitched groan emerge from my mouth. My heels wobbled as my body started shaking and my back arched pushing hard against the fingers while the woman behind me moved forward so as not to surrender her position inside my ass. The hot breath of the woman in front of me was near my ear when I heard Mistress Laurine whisper "Cum for me whore."

I shook violently, my wrists straining against the cuffs, and my body tossed back and forth between Mistress Laurine in front of me and the woman on her knees behind me. I felt successive orgasms roll through my body as the stimulation in my anus and clitoris continued until I had no more energy to shake and hung loosely from the ceiling. I didn't find the abyss. The climax was satisfying but I didn't feel as if I had totally surrendered to my Mistress and didn't feel a complete loss of control. I knew I was missing the pain as the prelude to my release. As I was gasping to catch my breath Mistress Laurine took off my blindfold. I saw her clad in a form fitting white silk blouse unbuttoned to her waist with no bra, a short black pencil skirt and five inch black heels. Mistress Laurine went behind me to retrieve the woman servicing my ass and pulled her by the hair to present her naked form to me for inspection. It was Sasha!

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