tagInterracial LoveThe Academy Ch. 3

The Academy Ch. 3

bySateema Lunasi©

Chapter 3: Safari

In all my time at The Academy, I have taken only one personal slave. I never meant to. If I could have it my way, I would never have something so personal, something so indulgent. But this was different. It struck me. The beauty of it, and the exotic nature of it. I always told myself this was a business, that it cannot be personal, and there I go, breaking the rules again.

It became obvious, I needed a vacation. I needed downtime. Daniel, one of my trainers, mentioned it to me one day after seeing me enter the guests’ lounge dressed in flannel pajamas. For me, a woman who makes her image by Vercace, DKNY, Vera Wang, and Chanel, flannel pajamas and uncombed hair in a scrunchie are not the norm. Daniel was right. I needed downtime. I called a meeting with the trainers and put Gabriel in charge in my absence. Arianna, my secretary and one of the former slaves in The Academy would accompany me on my vacation. She needed some time off as well. Now, where to go?

I called the man who owns The Academy; I will call him Michael, to arrange for me to have some time off. In the years that I have worked at The Academy, I have taken one other vacation, and that was a weekend leave and I never left London. Michael is first class though, and when the trainers need downtime, he provides for them, always lavishly.


“Yes? Lily dear, how are you darling?”

“Oh, everything is okay...”

“Lily...” his voice was dead pan. “If everything was okay, you wouldn’t be on the phone with me.”

“You’re right. You’re always right. Um...I don’t know how to ask this...I.... okay...I need some time off. I think I need some time off badly.”

“Are you okay, Lily?”

“Yeah, just tired. I am working so much, every day, no breaks and I just...I am getting migraine headaches, too much stress. I look like hell. I need out of here for a while.”

“All you have to do is ask, love. I can give you three weeks vacation; anywhere you want, dear. I will need you here in London for the auction on the 28th though.”

“Oh, perfect, really, thank you.”

Michael is Santa Claus. He is really too generous. He called Arianna and insisted we have full usage of the private jet, access to an expense account that he also insisted we spend every penny of, and first class arrangements made wherever we choose to go. A specialist drove up from Gatwick to go over options with Arianna and I. We looked over books and brochures of luxury cruises in Europe and the Mediterranean, beauty spas in Paris and St. Tropez, sailing in the Greek Isles, resorts in the tropics and retreats in the Swiss Alps. I wanted something adventurous. I am not the resting kind of person, even when I am tired. I needed something that would take me far from The Academy, far away from the lifestyle.

Something caught my eye.... Africa. It sounded wonderful to me, to be among nature and the true beauty of life. I made arrangements for a safari in Africa. Michael arranged for Arianna and I to have use of his private jet for the trip, and to stay at the private lodge that one of the investors own. Three weeks later, Arianna and I found ourselves on a private jet, flying over the plains of Africa. We touched down in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our guide, a lanky misplaced American named Sammy, introduced us to the servants who would be along for the trip. Once finished, we were shown to the lodge and introduced to the two other guests staying there in private rooms. A sweet Austrian couple met us as we walked in. Greta and Franz instantly went into telling me about their visits to the Academy and how they adored the place.

“Actually...” Greta said slowly, as if she had just thought of something. “My slave, a very sweet girl named Claudia, she has had problems learning.”

“Problems...with training?” I asked, genuinely interested.

“Yes. She is a good girl but has trouble learning grace, to learn obedience, to learn to service. I have an idea to maybe help her...but it involves you, Miss Lily.”

I sat Greta down on the sofa and listened to her tell me the problems with her slave. It sounded like a challenge, a good challenge. I could do it. I could train this girl properly in six weeks time to have her ready for an anniversary party the couple was having. I thought it over as Greta ordered her servant to pour champagne for her guests. Arianna sat quietly as quite possibly the most beautiful man I have ever seen brought obediently a bottle of Cristal champagne to fill our glasses. He was very tall, very muscular and dark black skinned. His dark skin covered with tribal inking and his clothing was nothing more than a loincloth. I could do nothing but stare at him, breathless as he moved gracefully across the room. His eyes were exotically slanted and his cheekbones high and perfectly set. I saw Greta smile as I looked him over.

“That is Taj. He is one of our slaves, and a fine one too, but to be honest, we prefer to keep only female slaves. Do you like him?”

“He is perfect.”

“Then perhaps we can come to an arrangement. Will you train our sweet Claudia in exchange for Taj? You may keep him as yours, of course.”

I agreed, without hesitation.

I met Claudia the next evening. I set about training her immediately. She was pretty, intelligent and willful to learn, but nothing took my mind away from Taj. I focused on Claudia, making her perfect. I taught her to walk gracefully, to speak melodically, to serve sensuously, and to always be a Goddess. Three weeks later, I left for London, with Claudia and Arianna. We would finish out the training at the Academy with Claudia. Another three weeks to go. Claudia made drastic improvement, and became a satisfying slave. When it came time to send her home to Vienna, I almost cried. She was my student now. But, I watched as she stepped aboard the plane sent for her. She kissed me goodbye, soft and sweet tongue mingling with mine. I saw her look at me from the window. She was gone then.

A week later, a letter arrived from Vienna.

My Dearest Miss Lily,

Claudia is all the better from her time with you and her training at the Academy. Our party was a sensational one and Claudia was a vision of beauty and perfection. We have you to thank and will hold you in our graces. I have sent Taj, as was our agreement and I hope you enjoy him. You will find him a beautiful and well-trained servant as well as a fantastic personal slave.

We thank you dearly,
Greta & Franz

I smiled reading through the letter and minutes later, when Arianna announced that Taj was here, I raced to the parlor to see him. He took my breath away. As I entered the room, he slipped the simple black silk robe he wore off his powerful shoulders and stood in naked beauty before me. I gasped at the sight of him. He had been prepared for me. My Austrian benefactors had sent him glittering with garnet jewels and gold decorations. Piercing in his navel, his nipples, his lips and patterns on his skin from gold and garnet jewels glittered and made an exotic piece of human art. His thighs were marked with black ink patterns and the dark thatch of wiry hair at the apex of his thighs glistened with gold dust. His cock stood rock hard from the curling hair and I marveled at its size.

“Are you my mistress?” his deep, resonant voice asked.

“Yes, that I am.”

“How may I serve?”

“Undress me.”

He obeyed me well. His large hands moved over my breasts and hips, removing the thin cotton dress I wore and then removing the panties and bra. I felt the cock against my belly grow harder and larger when I had not thought that possible. Then, to my ultimate shock, he did not wait for permission. He did not wait for orders. He lifted me up in his arms and he brought me down onto him, my legs apart and wrapped around his hips. His mouth on my nipples, his hands clinching my hips, and he devoured me. He caressed between my thighs until he was satisfied with the wetness there and he then pushed me down on him, impaling me with that immense cock until I screamed out, though I am not sure from pleasure or pain. He brought me down and then back up again, over and over until waves of pleasure crashed over me. With more abandon than I have ever felt, I rode him violently, clawing at him and pumping against him. The size of him was splitting me apart. The waves crashed and I soon felt as though I would faint. He caught me in his arms and carried me to the sofa, my body shaking as he did so.

He laid me back and I felt large, strong hands open my legs. I closed my eyes. His wet, warm tongue touched between my legs and he gently lapped at the wetness there, opening it with his fingers. I fell into his gentleness, his roughness, and his silky tongue. I closed my eyes and drifted. I thought of my new slave and his exotic beauty. I thought of how much pleasure he would bring. I thought of how he had taken me without permission. And I thought of how much delicious fun his punishment would be. I smiled and a gentle, deep, satisfying sleep overtook me. And I thought of how I was glad to be home.

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