tagNovels and NovellasThe Accident Ch. 01

The Accident Ch. 01


It was eight o'clock in the evening when 'the' call came. I had been working long and hard all-day and got home to a message on the answering machine at six. She had a meeting late tonight and wouldn't be home any time soon. She also said she would eat out so not to wait for her.

Sue, my wife is a wonderful wife. We have been married for about ten years. We have no kids as we both decided early in our marriage to not have any until we were settled in our lives and comfortable. That time hadn't come along yet, and as much as I was ready, I loved Sue enough to not press her.

Sue's job had unusual hours at times since she was involved in international business sales for the company she worked for. She was good at what she did and her beauty didn't hurt her ability to get contracts either. I was used to her being out late once in a while, but lately she had been doing that quite a bit. It seemed ever since her new supervisor had taken over.

Anyway...I digress...The call came in at eight o'clock. I remember because I was looking at the clock as I picked up the phone. The man on the other end of the phone was brusque and business like.

"Mr. Adams? John Adams?"

"Yes. This is he."

"Your wife has been involved in an accident. She is here at County General. She is going to be all right but she was banged up pretty good. We are going to keep her over night for observation. We thought you should know."

"Okay. Uh...I'll be right down. You're sure she's going to be okay though?"


After I hung up my mind was dazed. How could she have been in an accident? What had happened? I drove to the hospital in record time. I was surprised I didn't get a speeding ticket. I pushed the limits all the way.

Walking into the ER I found myself in front of the main desk. As I was waiting I could hear the doctor and nurse talking about the man in the room behind me.

"He is one lucky man. She could have bit it clean off. As it is he's going to have about fifteen stitches around the base of his penis."

"I find it hard to believe that she had him that far inside her mouth. Her teeth marks were right at the base, in his pubic hair."

"You mean where his pubic hair used to be?"

Laughing the nurse shook her head and walked into the room.

"Mr. Samuel's?"

I froze. That was Sue's boss's name. I was now stunned even more. What had happened? Had Sue been with him? If so...had she witnessed this woman almost biting him off? Then it hit me. Sue had been with him in the car. Had Sue been the one with her mouth down his cock and almost bit it off?

I was thinking hard now. It couldn't have been. Sue had in the past given me a blowjob, but she always considered my seven inches too long to take very far inside her mouth. Most certainly she couldn't have taken her boss's cock that far...unless...unless he had a really small cock.

About then the nurse came out of his room and went over to where the other nurses on shift were standing. I maneuvered in closer in time to hear them discussing his cock.

"Man, she had it all the way to the base? That thing is eight inches soft. How long and big around would it be hard?"

"I know. It's amazing. Where did she ever learn to take a cock that big that deep?"

"I'd love to ask her...but it's really none of our business."

"The ambulance drivers said that her bra and blouse were undone and she had no panties on either. They must have really been going at it."

"What are the odds that a drunk driver would sideswipe them and cause them to hit that fence like they did? They were lucky they didn't head on with that guy. She was lucky her guy didn't drive over that embankment. That alone would have killed them both."

"Her husband been called?"

"Yes. That's the other thing. How do you think he'll take it knowing that she was in a car wreck with her friend in there? Cheating on him like that then to have something like this happen. I'd not want to be in her shoes."

"Can I help you sir?"

One of the nurses had finally noticed me and turned to take care of me. The others kept talking in lower voices, until I announced that I was Mr. Adams. They looked at me guiltily and then moved apart and got real busy on things around them. The nurse helping me turned red in the face.

"Uh...you didn't hear...I mean to say..."

"Yes I heard. I know my wife was with her boss in his car. They had an accident and his penis was almost bit off. I guess that means she was...cheating on me then."

"I'm sorry. Uh...well...she's in room seven over there. To your right. You're not going to do anything rash are you Mr. Adams? I mean...your wife and her...friend and all."

"Look, I'd better not see her right now. She's going to survive right? I'll just stop by later...after I've had some time..."

"I'm sorry. It must be a double dose of shock. Are you all right?"

I wasn't all right as she asked, but what could I say to her? I just shook my head and turned to leave. As I walked past Sue's boss's room I had to resist an urge to go in there and stomp the holy living shit out of that bastard. The only thing that stopped me was the two policemen standing in there with him taking his statement.

I went home and just sat. Not a single light on in the house. I was stunned and hurt more than I had ever been in my entire life. My partner, my spouse, my one true love, my wife...had been cheating on me. How long? Why? I had lots of questions but no answers. None at all.

I remember the sun coming up. I was still sitting there, dressed, and not having slept at all. I called into my work and took some emergency leave. They had heard of Sue's accident and asked how she was. How was she? I didn't know. I hadn't gone to see her after finding out the shocking truth about her 'work' last night.

The phone rang about ten separate times before I came out of my daze and answered it.

"John? Where are you? Didn't someone call you last night? I need you. Please...I'm at the hospital...um...County General. Can you come get me please?"

"Oh, you want me to come get you? Why not ask your boss Mr. Samuel's? He got you to the hospital it seems. Oh by the way...I hope his cock works all right now. How bad of an accident was it that it caused your mouth to get into his pants and over his cock and almost bite it off?"

I waited...and heard gasping then crying. Sue was now sure I knew what she had been doing. Caught. Red handed.

"Please John. I can explain. Just come get me. Please?"

I slammed the phone down and went to take a shower. I heard the phone ringing lots of times but I ignored it. I had no interest in talking to my so-called wife at the moment. After showering I laid down and took a nap. I woke up later hearing the front door opening up.

"Thank you for coming and getting me mom. I'll be all right from here."

"Why on earth didn't John come and get you? He didn't even let you know he had been at the hospital. I know he knew because they told me they called him. The nurses said he was there last night. Why didn't he talk to you Sue? What's going on with you two?"

"Mom...I...I can't tell you right now. I need to talk to John and get some things straightened out first. Please? I'll be all right. I'll call you later okay?"

"Well, if you're sure. I'm worried about you and John, Sue. I really am."

Sue's mom was a sweetie. She had always been good to me. She had accepted me into the family with no reservations at all. I loved her almost as much as I loved my own mom. I could hear the worry in her voice. She knew that something bad had happened other than the car accident last night.

As soon as her mom left I heard Sue walking down the hall. Slowly and quietly.

"John? Are you here?"

"Yeah. Maybe not for long though."

"We need to talk. But I need to sit down. My legs...kind of hurting right now."

"Oh? You mean that maybe Bill Samuel's cock may have been elsewhere and made you sore there as well?"

"Please. Don't talk like that John."

"What? Talk like what? Speculate about last night and the 'hard work' you put in with your boss? So hard that his cock almost got bit off? That's what happened isn't it? You two were in a car wreck while you were giving him a blowjob weren't you? "

"Oh God...how much do you know?"

"Only what I overheard the doctor and nurses talking about. How Bill needed fifteen stitches? How you were found with your clothes all messed up, but not by the accident? How big his cock is? Around eight inches soft or so I heard."

Sue was crying hard now. Her guilt plain as day. I was angry and couldn't trust myself to not get violent so I left the room. In the kitchen I made up a pot of coffee and tried to calm down. Why had Sue done this to me? To us? What had made her want to be with her boss like that? I had doubts about myself and of course anger with Sue about this whole thing.

"John...I still need you. Only you. I...it...Oh God..."

Sobbing she collapsed into the chair she was standing by. I saw her shoulders shaking, her face in her hands. I stood there, cold and still. Inside I was boiling over. Outside I was calm. In my work I often had to control my emotions when in difficult situations and I was now in one of the most difficult situations I had ever been in.

"Why? Why Sue?"

"I...I...I'm not sure. It's all mixed up now."

"You got that right."

"Please John, you aren't helping me at all here."

"Oh, I'm not helping you? What about you Sue? How are you helping me? How is having an affair with that asshole helping me at all? Care to explain that to me?"

"I'm sorry. I know that sounds so trite now...especially after all that's happened. I am truly sorry though."

"Sorry that you got caught maybe. Certainly not sorry about fucking that...ass. How could you? Why would you? Wasn't I enough for you? Was I not doing something right for you? Couldn't you have talked to me about it before going out behind my back with your boss? Damn you Sue. You have no idea how much you have hurt me here."

I felt my anger rising and knew I couldn't hold it down. I slammed my cup down into the sink, breaking it into a thousand pieces. Just like my heart was at the moment. Broken. A Broken man. I left the room then, after some thought, threw together some things into my suitcase and left the house. I would find a motel to crash in for the mean time.

After getting a room in a motel across town I went down to a local tavern. There, for the first time in years, I proceeded to get on my lips drunk. I didn't talk to anyone. I just drank drink after drink. Nursing my anger, feeling the pain of betrayal.

Ten years. Ten good years shot to hell. I tried to think of when she could have started running around on me and realized that at any time in our life together she could have. I had trusted her implicitly, completely, and totally. I had never had any inkling of a doubt about my wife's faithfulness. Look where I was now.

I sat in the tavern until closing time. Several times a few women tried to get me started in a conversation, but I was not talking. They didn't stick around very long either. I wondered idly, if they were married and running around on their husbands too? Were all women like that?

I wasn't thinking too clearly when I was escorted out and headed in the direction of the motel. I stumbled along, eventually getting to my room. Inside, I barely made it to the toilet in time to lose most of what little I had eaten that day. I spent a long time in the bathroom worshipping the porcelain God. Later, after the sun had come up, I crashed in my bed.

I had bad dreams. Imagination can be a real bitch sometimes you know? Sue was the high point of them all. She was laughing at me, then going off, naked, in the arms of other men. Most of them had the general shape and size of that damned Bill Samuel's. I slept...poorly.

I woke up with a foul taste in my mouth. I showered and then went out for something to eat. Not a good idea I found out later, and after another visit to the 'God' I laid back down. What was I going to do now? I still loved my wife. Even after all this, I still loved her. I knew it.

She had betrayed me in the worst way, and she had been caught in the worst way as well. I had to find some direction in my life and soon. I knew I couldn't go on like this. I had to face her. We had to figure out where we were headed. Love her or not, I was prepared to leave her if she showed me no respect or remorse. That had to be the way it would be.

Even then, I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to trust her again. Would I ever be able to get over this? I didn't know. All I knew was I had to go home and we had to work this all out one way or the other. I checked out and drove home, a hangover clouding my mind as well as my thoughts of my formerly faithful wife.

At home, as I pulled up our street, I saw a strange car in our driveway. I slowed down as I passed, then parked up around the corner, out of sight. Walking into our yard I could hear voices coming out of the window in our living room.

Feeling like a sneak thief, I crept up close to our house, right under that open window. Inside, Bill and Sue were talking. He was dressed and standing by the door and Sue was sitting on our easy chair. I could see that they were both uncomfortable. At least I took it as if they were uncomfortable. Bill was holding his hands crossed in front of him, and his stance was one of a burden being carried.

"Look, what we were doing was wrong and we both knew it. Now, my husband and your wife know about us. What do you think they will do? I'm sure that John is going to leave me, if he doesn't kill me first. He has never been this upset. I tried all day to trace him down, but the cops were not very helpful. Once they found out who I was they told me that lots of times husbands do this in bad times. I know my husband. He's never done this before."

"Yeah...well my wife kicked me out last night after she finally found out what happened. Hard to hide fifteen stitches right there you know? After our blow-up, she told me to get out and stay away for a while. I'm at the Holiday Inn right now. I love my wife just as you love your husband. We screwed up big time Sue. Real big time."

"Well, no hard feelings Bill, but I do not love you. You are a good lover and you also have a wonderful cock, but there was never anything else there for me. I just loved the sex we had. Now...now I wish I'd never seen you before."

Sue started to cry. I stood there, in front of my house, listening to two people tell of their love for their respective spouses, yet knowing that they had been the ones to bring this all down. I had tears in my eyes. I kept them from running down my cheeks, but it was not easy.

I knew I had to make an entrance. I got back out to the sidewalk and then walked up to the front door. Without a warning, I just opened it wide and stepped into my home.

"Bill...Sue. I think you had better leave Bill. I would also recommend you never come here again. I have some things to talk over with my wife."

As he turned to leave I could see a certain fear in his eyes. I stood a bit taller than he, and maybe outweighed him by a few pounds of muscle, but we were actually close in size. He had a bit of a potbelly, and right now looked like a beaten man.

"For what it's worth John...I'm sorry about all of this. I truly am. I never meant to hurt anyone. You nor my wife."

"Yeah. Whatever. You should leave now."

I could feel my anger rising and as long as he stood there I knew he would be in grave danger. I had never wanted to kill someone in my life. Until now. He left quietly and I turned to my crying wife.

"Well, we have a lot of ground to cover Sue. First, you need to come clean with me. All the way back to our dating days, up till now."

"What? Why so long ago? This happened over the last few months, not years."

"Okay, lets put it this way then. When I married you, I trusted you completely. Totally, and without any doubts. Now, with all of this, you have opened all those years up to scrutiny. I have no idea of who you are anymore. You are like a total stranger to me."

"But...I've never cheated on you before. Bill, this was the first time John. You have got to believe me. I've never been with anyone else in our entire marriage. He's the only one ever, and I know that was wrong. I knew it was wrong too."

"Prove it."

"What? Prove it? How?"

"There. See what I'm getting at now? It's like I have never known you Sue. I trusted you. There was never a hint. Then I find out about this, the way I did. You have to see my side in this now. What else can I do but demand all the details of your life while you have been with me?"

"Oh God. I never imagined that...oh...I'm so sorry John. So very sorry."

I stood there and waited as she cried some more. I finally went and got her a box of tissue.

"Okay...I need details Sue."


"Yeah. I'm trying to understand why you would throw away or at least take a chance on throwing away our ten years for a fling with Bill like you did. I have to know everything. What you did, how you did it, where you did it, and most importantly, why."

"Oh, no. I can't tell you what we did. It's not...right."

"I'll tell you what's not right Sue. You cheating on me with him. You never gave me a hint that you weren't happy with me. You never mentioned that I wasn't pleasing you fully. Nothing. Then, this all happens. I need to know how it all started, how many times you met, what you did, detailed. Everything."

"I...I just can't John. It will hurt you. It's not worth it."

"Our marriage isn't worth it then Sue? If you can't tell me, I'm gone. We'll be divorced as soon as possible. Either you tell me everything I want to know or we are finished. No negotiation on any of this."

Sue wouldn't look at me and began to cry again. As she cried I got up and headed into our bedroom. Packing my things was not going to take long. I couldn't stand to be in there anymore anyway. I could only picture them...together on this bed, my marital bed, fucking each other. My home had been defiled.

I took my things into the living room. Two trips and I had all of my things sitting there. All I had to show for ten years just wasn't as much as I would have thought. Of course I had some tools in the garage. I'd get them later.

Sue just stared at me as I stood there, my stuff in a large pile.

"You're...you're leaving then?"

"I told you. All the details and we try to work it out. If you can't, then I'm gone. That's it Sue. All or nothing."

"Okay...all right...I'll do anything to keep you John. If you must...I'll tell you everything."

I sat down. She noted I left my things there where they were piled.

"Aren't you going to put your stuff away?"

"Later. We get this out of the way first. Then, if it can be worked out, I'll move it to the guest bedroom."

I could see that I had stung her with that last part about the guest bedroom. She blinked and a few tears began to course down her cheeks. I sat quietly, ready to get up and leave if required. I had to know. I had to try to see what had happened with us that she would cheat on me like she had. Even if it killed me, I had to know everything.

"It started about four months ago. We had been working together a lot. It was one of those late meetings, with a client. The client had been quite flirty with me all evening, and I was loving it. Bill...he...well, he joined in the flirting too. After we left, Bill drove me back to the office to get my car. He kept up with some flirting. I was eating it up. Mostly because I was feeling like an old woman and unattractive. You hadn't flirted with me in so long. I know that's no excuse, but in my mind...I guess I needed to hear that I was still pretty, still attractive, still desirable."

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