tagMind ControlThe Accident Ch. 01

The Accident Ch. 01


I don't recall a whole lot prior to waking up in the hospital bed. When I did finally wake up thought, I was in rough shape, but the worst was over, so they told me. It appears that I was in a car accident three months ago. They also told me I was the only person to survive, but they are not sure how or why. Aside from the massive trauma sustained, we also went into a frozen over lake and basically drowned. They found me after I floated up and somehow I was revived, but in a coma until recently. That's the bad news.

So here I am. When I woke up, all the doctors and nurses were amazed I that I did wake up and how good I was healing. I was still hooked up to a lot of machines though. The first non-hospital visitor I received was one of my oldest friends, Jon. Jon as it turns out also just finished law school and after the normal how are you doing's, informed me that I was going to be a wealthy young man when I walked out of the hospital. It turns out that my wreck was caused by a trucker hauling for a major retailer and that retailer was very generous in what they were offering for a settlement. I verbally agreed to allow Jon to be my personal lawyer, and went back to sleep feeling a little better.

Have you ever spent time in a hospital? It's boring! After a week of being awake, I was still being kept there for further healing, testing and soon rehab (thanks Jon!) The other think about being there is that they keep waking you up at weird times of the day! Well, I am a healthy young man, so to speak, and after being in the hospital for so long, I have not been able to relieve myself, and I would wake up with huge erections. Ever see someone with an erection in a hospital gown? It hides nothing! And those nurses keep doing their rounds. So I was treating them to a little bit of a show!

On this particular morning, my nurse came in at 5 am, again, but I was already awake. And so was my cock. I am a usually fit person. I'm 6'3" and slightly under 200 lbs. I do like to eat good food and drink. I also have an above average cock at a little more than 8 inches long and thick, so when it is up and at attention, it's not easy to hide. Needless to say, my nurse Jean could also see that I was fully awake.

"Good morning Thomas, I see that you are awake aleady" she said with a wink and a smile.

Jean is not a bad looking nurse. She's 35, married with two kids under 10 (we've talked before). My cock was throbbing this morning and I was thinking that if I didn't do something about this soon, I was going to really be uncomfortable. It's at that point that I thought I heard a woman's voice saying:

"Wow, he's really huge today! Someone needs to do something about that."

A little startled, I looked around and said to Jean, "Excuse me? I didn't hear you."

Jean looked at me and said, "I didn't say anything yet."

Weird. I laid back and let Jean do her job and I started to wonder what she looked like all dressed up. Wasn't the first time I thought that, but this morning, I was really wondering. I then wondered if she ever gave hand jobs to her patients. Throughout the checkup, I kept hearing what I thought was a buzzing noise, like people talking in the background. But when jean finished and asked if I was ok, I just told her that I was.

As she turned to walk out I thought in my head "I would be so much better if you could just jerk me off though!"

I saw Jean stumble a little once I thought that. Again, Weird. I settled back and just turned on the TV while I waited for the wonderful hospital breakfasts. It wasn't 15 minutes later that I heard the door open and then being closed, and locked? Jean walked in, took one look at me and said:

"Don't ever say anything to anyone!"

And she reached under my gown and grabbed my cock! It was semi hard when she first reached in, but sprang to life the minute she grabbed me. I was looking right at her when I heard "Nice". Again, that buzzing noise. Her mouth didn't move at all? She started stroking me, slowly at first, but once I was fully engorged, she started to squeeze harder and give longer strokes.

Shocked, I just laid back and enjoyed. It's had been a long time and I was not going to be long. I closed my eyes and wondered if she liked to suck cock too. It was then the buzzing noise cleared up a little and I heard:

"This is wrong! It's so wrong! But holy shit, this dick makes Mike's look tiny! I wonder if I could fit it in my mouth."

Jean was looking at me, but again she hadn't actually said anything, but I still heard it clearly. I was feeling good, but also a little scared. Was I hearing what she was thinking? I concentrated a little and I suddenly was able to feel Jeans thoughts! She was excited, she liked my cock a lot. She was scared, for her job and marriage because she was doing this. She was also extremely turned on. So to see what would happen, I sent a thought her way "This is good. Relax and suck me".

I'll be dammed if she didn't visibly relax and leaned in and licked my cock. She looked at me and said outloud: "This is between you and me, Okay?"

All I could do was nod my head and watch as she opened her mouth and began licking my cock. She never stopped stroking me and remember it has been a while for me, but once she took my head in her mouth, the pre-cum started flowing and my balls started jumping. Does she swallow, I wondered and I had to pull myself together to think and probed Jean a little.

I could hear some internal struggle still. She hadn't let anyone cum in her mouth since before her wedding (I felt a little sorry for Mike then). It has been a while for her and she was wondering what she was going to do when I did cum anyway. I sent her a thought anyway: "You like to suck cock and you really enjoy when they cum in your mouth." I didn't think about swallowing at the time.

Amazingly though right after sending that thought to her, she started to really suck on me. She was stroking me at the same time and well, I didn't last very long then. It was hard to be quiet, and I managed to only grunt after the first two spurts. It was wonderful! Jean was stroking me, sucking me and I was cumming so hard I was seeing stars! I could see cum was drooling out of the sides of her mouth, but she kept stroking me, squeezing at the right times. It really was fantastic!

After what seemed like orgasming forever, Jean finally stopped sucking me, though she hadn't let go of my cock yet and was giving it small strokes. After all I was still mostly hard. She didn't say anything to me, just had an amazed look on her face, but I was able to hear her now: "OMG, I can't believe I just did that. And I'm so wet too! What will he think of me? What will Mike think?? I'll lose my job!"

Before she started to lose her stuff, I sent a calming thought back to her "No one will say anything, ever. You enjoyed it, but you still love your husband. Your secret is safe with me forever."

I guess that worked. She smiled at me then and proceeded to lick all the cum off of her hands, my cock, and everywhere else before sponging me off so I was nice and clean. Neither of us could stop smiling, but she had to go then. As she left, she looked back at me, smiled and said "Hope you have a good day Thomas".

I was able to go back to sleep then, for a few hours and didn't wake up until my doctor came in to tell me that I was going to start my rehabilitation the next day. I looked over his shoulder and there was Jean, with a little smile on her face.

As they walked out of the room, I could hear the doctor talking to Jean, but she wasn't listen. I know this because I heard her thoughts "Never thought I would have liked that so much. I can't wait to get home and take care of myself."

This is going to be interesting I thought. Does this work on other people? How did this happen? With nothing else to do, I turned on the TV and dozed off again. It's amazing how good one sleeps after a good blowjob!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/09/17

shiver me timbers

Not just a novel concept; the depiction of the survivor guilt is poignant and harrowing.

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by C_frommn10/04/17

Nice Start

Now to see if it works on others. Maybe get into the Minds of the Trucking Company's Lawyer. Along with other Hosp. Staff.

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by acup10/04/17

A fair start

Could use a bit more fleshing out. Almost like an outline that only got three quarter finished. Keep going, you'll get it.

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by Thitabe10/03/17

Nice story

Please write another chapter

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by Anonymous10/03/17


Ch. 2 plz

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