The Accident Ch. 01


"Can I slip in here for a sec honey?"

I was looking at a beautiful young woman. Long blonde hair and a very nice body. A model's body but with a rather large chest. I felt a stirring in my pants as I moved over a bit allowing her in beside me. The perfume she was wearing danced in my nose and drew me to want to get to know her even more.

She glanced down at my left hand and smiled.

My wedding ring gleaming in the backlight of the bar.

"So, you're here, where's the wife?"


"I can see that you are married yet out at this club alone...makes me wonder where your wife is?"

"Oh. Uh...well...we are not...uh...She's home...I mean...I'm in my own"

"Relax honey. I'm not running away. Tough times then? Between you and your wife I mean."


Suddenly I didn't want to talk at all. I was losing interest. Damn Sue and her damned cheating on me. My life was fucked up and I didn't think I'd ever get over her now. Then, I go out and bump into a beautiful lady and Sue still manages to mess me up...and I haven't seen her in over a month.

I looked up and saw this beauty smiling at me as if waiting on an answer or something.

"I'm sorry. What did you say?"

"I wanted to know if you would dance with me. Out there...on the dance floor?"


I got up and taking her arm we headed out on the floor. It was then I noticed how she was dressed. A black silky slinky dress with almost no back and a plunging V in front. No Bra...the view between her almost showing breasts showed me that.

As we danced to the rather fast tune, she kept in pretty close to me. We couldn't talk much over the noise, but she smiled at me quite a few times. That number was over before I knew it. She grabbed my hand as I turned to leave and she held me there. A nice slow song started up.

"One more...please?"


I put one hand on her middle back and took her hand in my other. She had other ideas and moving in close to me, she used her elbow to move my arm that was around her back, down...a lot. Her other hand was placed on my chest. I felt my heart jump as the electricity between us became rarefied.

Leaning in close to me I could feel her breasts rubbing on my chest, on either side of her hand. The arm I had around her back was now low down and my hand was on naked flesh, just above her bottom.

"You are a handsome man."


"I said that you are a handsome man. Probably the most handsome man here tonight."

"Oh...I wouldn't know about that...I..."

"I do know about that. I know my men. You are quite handsome. Dark hair, chiseled face, strong hands, tall, rugged...yet a certain yielding in your eyes. Quite a catch."

I was uncomfortable with all this...praise from a woman I didn't even know.

"Um...thank you. You are quite beautiful too. Matter of fact, I think you are the most beautiful woman here too."

"There, two beautiful people dancing that is interesting. Don't you think?"


I was not smooth by any means. I was off step and unsure. I hadn't been in the dating loop for years and this sudden contact had unsettled me.

"I'm Nancy. Nancy Doogan. You?"

"Adams. John Adams."

"Any relation too..."

" relation to the President Adams. I wish though."

Her throaty laugh sent shivers down my spine. Her voice and laugh were sensual and very attractive.

"I was thinking more of Samuel Adams...the beer?"

The name Samuel caused me a brief anger...but it passed as soon as I realized that she had no way of knowing. Besides...Samuel Adams was a pretty good beer, not my favorite, but I had drank it before.

"I wish. I'd have my own special brew if I were."

Soon we were laughing and talking as we danced several dances in a row. I was forgetting all about my situation and loving just being with someone other than myself. Nancy was a good dancer, and quite attentive.

Before I knew it, over two hours had passed. I was getting a bit hungry and after asking Nancy, we decided to go out to a local restaurant for a bit to eat. As we walked down the block she took my arm and stepped in close to me. We were more like a close couple than the strangers we had been just a few hours ago.

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by Anonymous

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by carvohi08/14/17


I read this several years ago, didn't vote and didn't comment. Well it's a five, and I like it. I'll read the rest again now.

Jedd Clampett

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by Anonymous07/20/17

the numbers!

True the lover's cock was exceptionally long, but....
You describe it as being 4 inches around- the circumference. 4''=3.14(pi) x diameter
That means his penis was not even an inch and a quarter wide....thatmore...

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by Anonymous05/30/17

Good so far!

Please don't let this turn into a cucky RAAC

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